August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. there is so much value of half. it is negative to say half empty and so positive to think it is half full. LETS CONSIDER hslf fuul and move on with our beautiful life.

    By brij URL on 08.22.2012

  2. my other half is someone who i love so much…but i have yet to find my another half. Will i find it? or will i have to meet a few people who i think it’s my another half before i meet my actual half? when you talk about half, zayn appears in my mind. but oh well

    By Masturaho on 08.22.2012

  3. He sat there in the dark corner of the room playing some old tunes from the 1940’s. He talked how ugly the world was. As I got up he got up. Before I could realize it was my other half, he had already taken control of me.

    By Armando on 08.22.2012

  4. Half the room is crazy and the other half, their heads spin if I try and talk to them. Why you come to these meeting is something I will never understand. It makes me think about which group you belong in and why I have anything to do with you. And there it is, you have just seen an example of my head spinning.

    By Meredyth URL on 08.22.2012

  5. half n half. Missing. When is the rest coming, billowing in on a thunderhead, half the sky filled with white bulbous softness. Half shark-alligator, half man, is Mr.Gerbick.

    By Ara on 08.22.2012

  6. We are all pieces to a puzzle, halves to a whole, we are constantly searching for the other piece or pieces to the puzzle that will fill our need for interaction and connection to the others around us. We are incomplete, we are a prototype, and only with the right parts can we become a finished product.

    By Sister Ginger URL on 08.22.2012

  7. half cup of water is not empty,half day is 12 hrs,half cool ,

    By Mahmoud on 08.22.2012

  8. half. hmm. half of 2 is 1. half of 80 is 40. i wish we could get out of vball practice a half a hour early. or in a hour and a half i will be riding my bike to the library, half a mile away.

    By janaye on 08.22.2012

  9. Half ! The half which you have or that half which is remaining??? Your happiness depends on which half you concentrate on and your success and prosperity depends on exactly the other half .

    By Virendra - words URL on 08.22.2012

  10. half an hour ago i had lunch and then a penguin came in and stole my cookies. i chased after him but he suddenly transformed into a bear and as a result i became the victim and he became the hunter.

    By maria on 08.22.2012

  11. I like to go half the way when i am writing.
    Half is like a peace of candy

    By angelique on 08.22.2012

  12. What exactly does a half have to do with anything. I mean it sucks to have half of anything i rather have the full meal than half. Some things that’s are half are good but others you can’t tease yourself like that.

    By Tattty on 08.22.2012

  13. i was born with half a mind.

    By Mercedes on 08.22.2012

  14. Half baked, half wit, half pint. Why is there an “l” in half? I do not know. It rhymes with calf, it means medio from Spanish. I wish we had half a day today! I only got half the sleep I needed last night. I could use half the problems.

    By Mr. Eric (The Teacher) on 08.22.2012

  15. I woke up this morning and i felt that i was half asleep. i know i was because I kinda feel out of my bed because i forgot where is I was stepping. I think it was crazy.

    By justin jackson URL on 08.22.2012

  16. I walked half way down the street to get a half from my half brother.But i only had half of the money so i told my uncle to meet me half way down the street to give me the other half of the cash. MOOKIE GOT HALF OF Days

    By Ron on 08.22.2012

  17. I went half with my friend on a apartment. We worked it find and didnt have any money problems. We go half on the rent to so none of want have to go full price.

    By Jhayln on 08.22.2012

  18. a certain amount of something
    half a pound
    we both had an half of pizza
    half of orange
    half a brick

    By KeVanna on 08.22.2012

  19. I got half a dollar in my pocket a twenty dollar bill in my wallet

    By Chris on 08.22.2012

  20. Cut the orange in half and you have two oranges. I have a half sister and half brother. I was half sleep this morning.Half half half half.

    By christina on 08.22.2012

  21. half of pound
    half a gram
    half of brick
    half of something
    i got a half of my money
    half of the rent
    i walked half way home

    By macy on 08.22.2012

  22. Half doesn’t sound like a real word when you say it too many a time in a row. Not many words end in “lf” or with an “f” at all. It is hard for people with a lisp to say half. Half my day will probably be spent in the house.

    By Erin URL on 08.22.2012

  23. One and a half seconds
    and he goes in to kiss me.
    I don’t like where this is going.

    Half of me wants to be
    in a hot air balloon sailing
    the skies,
    soaring past mountains,
    adrift in the clouds,
    seeing the sunsets.

    Spending the night
    with the fire overhead
    igniting our passage
    as we gaze at the towns
    letting the stars
    determine our course.

    With our supplies in
    a picnic basket
    we sail the world.

    Pull away from me,
    town boy.
    I’ll not be held back.

    Then again,
    come with me.
    And learn what it means
    to kiss.

    By Effie Felix URL on 08.22.2012

  24. Half the milk was gone by the time I got back. It was infuriating. It was clear my new house-mate could not respect my boundaries. I should definitely talk to him about it but somehow also got distracted by his eyes. Why did he have to look so good?

    By Bella on 08.22.2012

  25. “Got any spare change?” She asked a passing man. He looked in a hurry, ear on phone and all, so she left him alone.

    A blonde passed by, “Spare change?” She looked at her eyes and can see the distinct view of disgust and displeasure, so she left her alone.

    This time, a dwarf man passed by. She hesitated to ask, “Spare change, sir?” Her voice was considerably weaker. Is she tired? Is she taking pity as well? She doesn’t know.

    All of a sudden, the man reached for his coat and took out some coins. He stretched his arm and opened his palm, rusty coins on hand, “Half a pound. Is that enough for ‘ya?”

    The girl didn’t know what to say. She looked at the man’s hand and into his face again. Finally, she opened her two hands and soon, it was filled with more money than she ever had.

    The girl smiled at him and nodded while the other did the same. The man walked away, his stout legs making him sway side to side. He had such a kind heart, so he left him alone.

    By teddygit URL on 08.22.2012

  26. It’ll be a long time since I feel that way again. Wish I could say that for sure. But I can’t. Until I find out, I’ll only be half as much as I was.

    By Grace on 08.22.2012

  27. something unfinished. not whole. not complete. something that has diminished from its original shape. lost itself in some way, amnesiac of it’s former properties. believes itself complete

    By meliora URL on 08.22.2012

  28. past nine, cake, in the half of century, half brown, half nelson, half of my heart, half of your soul, half of my sister

    By Beata on 08.22.2012

  29. Half. I’m half me, half not me. It happens sometimes, when you don’t try to keep yourself all in together. Part of me fell out, so I tried to replace it. I DID replace it, in fact. But not with me.

    By Zane on 08.22.2012

  30. Half and a whole
    All of me and half of you
    With everything that is
    And with everything I do
    All I can be is half
    Half of you

    By Gianni URL on 08.22.2012

  31. Cutting something in half is hard. Maybe not if you just make one clean cut. But the way Jenny cut the cake, slowly, veering to one side and then the other to keep the two sides balanced, with her new friend Julie’s eyes on her all the time, with chocolate crumbs tumbling off the edges… it was the kind of absurdly easy thing to do, that nevertheless worked Jenny up in a sweat.

    By Holden URL on 08.22.2012

  32. i plucked twenty two and a half petals
    from the face of a sunflower

    is it (am i) still good enough for you?

    By h. b. URL on 08.22.2012

  33. I only have half a heart, half a soul, half a mind. The other half is owned by the other one; he whispers in the dark, tells me tales of blood and pain and breaking bones, innocent flesh bound in shackles to be destroyed and devoured.

    By Lucie URL on 08.22.2012

  34. She was his other half. They couldn’t live without each other. They say when the gods made the world, every person had four arms, four legs and two faces. When the gods realized the humans were too strong, they split them in half, and these two now came to realize that they had found their other half.

    By Frances on 08.22.2012

  35. I have half a cup of milk but I still need more milk to finish my cereal. So I l start looking for another half cup of milk. But what if I can’t find half of milk and I put to much milk? Then what?

    By Omar on 08.22.2012

  36. There’s an absolute hunger in me, given to half-rations of love and even lust. Spent like bent gold coins, and picked up in gutters around the world. Where is the full plate? Where is the table overflowing with kindness? In these halls, carved on my own from rib bones and sweet kindling, there is only shadow and want.

    By RS Bohn URL on 08.22.2012

  37. It is not full. It’s not empty either. It’s exactly the middle of full.
    Sometimes half is not considered good. As we have heard many a times about half knowledge is worse than none. But half is also a optimists way to see positive side of ways, so also a pessimists way to see half empty side of life and be very negative about life.

    By Lekha URL on 08.22.2012

  38. please leave me some of your loving, some of your time. spare me just a fraction of your lips, for a quick kiss, and you can use the rest to sip from that bottle. please spare me a couple words sometimes, i don’t want a whole book, i just want

    you, actually

    even just a little bit

    By Mint M URL on 08.22.2012

  39. half a dozen eggs were used to make the cake although later on we needed some more, the supermarket was closed, and guess what? we didn’t use them. the result was pretty good, though, the cake was exquisit and everybody enjoyed it.

    By leticia URL on 08.22.2012

  40. i’m torn in half
    i’m torn apart

    i hope i’ll find my other half

    By amirah URL on 08.22.2012