July 23rd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fuses”

  1. Sparks grow as if they never had any limits
    Enraged they take over the conscious mind
    revolution starts
    people changes
    make you sparks note worthy
    otherwise you are just blowing smoke
    spark me up and make it worth it
    yet make it something worthwhile. sparks are chances, not guarantees

    By Mike marina URL on 07.23.2012

  2. It’s me and my love now, only us. Not only our souls, but our destinies are fused together. The joy is too much to take, what more will these fuses elate for me?

    By Ariel Suarez on 07.23.2012

  3. fuses, like in a circuit breaker box. that was about 100 typos before i could type the word box, sometimes when i like try and do something, it just takes about 5 times before i get it right. makes me feel like a douche. Dammit, it sucks. That’s it. Time is running out. Let’s do this again, one word.

    By Tony on 07.23.2012

  4. lamps. always with the lames. then FUSES what.. those things with the lighting they are always everywhere and then never work when you need them… its like man. fuses. white, long, sparky. lamp… more lamps light

    By Danyell on 07.23.2012

  5. it lit up, and it sparked a million sparks. dancing all around with it’s arms in a bright orange flurry. it’s flowing from his and her hands and it was felt in his head. and when it reached his heart the fuse let out the biggest explosion inside of him that nothing that the universe ever heard or ever contained. and it was only silent.

    By a boy named francisco URL on 07.23.2012

  6. fuses are used to protect electronic circuits from catastrophic destruction due to the failure of any single component. They are burned under over current or short circuit

    By Yuval on 07.23.2012

  7. In my life friendship has always been this dividing line of me caring and going to great lengths for people, emotional support when I really needed to be doing other things, drives to be there for someone at three in the morning, and of other people not giving a damn about me other than how I can benefit them. Some how this parasitic need is what fuses me with those I say are the closes to me. Some how, it forces me to smile and plead for someones sanity with the full knowledge that they’re planning to repay me with a kick in the teeth.

    By Mary Pinkerton URL on 07.23.2012

  8. Fuses come in all forms. Some are used in electrical appliances. Others can be found in humans – as in people with short fuses.

    By phekmui URL on 07.23.2012

  9. Bombs. I hate bombs. and killing. And loud noises. In fact, I have to wear ear plugs on the fourth of July because of the explosions. ugh. It can be so awkward. but I also think of people who get pissed off easily. It reminds me of Tanner and how I really don’t like making him mad because then he wont talk to me.

    By Marie Trudel URL on 07.23.2012

  10. fuses, are extremely short for most people. sometimes they can be long, and don’t burn easy. My fathers fuse, however, is extremely short, and very flammable… this has been a huge problem for us since i was a child. still is a problem.

    By Meagan on 07.23.2012

  11. fuses are loose things that when one releases one can never control. some people have short ones other people have long whatever fuse you decide to have when let lose things that you would never imagined could happen. because a fuse can only be found on the way to anger.

    By ariana on 07.23.2012

  12. “It’s the fuses, it’s the fuses” she shouted when all the lights went out. The guests were screaming and running amuck and she realized that the house was old and the fuses were blowing all the time. Unfortunately this time they blew at the wrong time.

    By coramie URL on 07.23.2012

  13. a short fuse or a long fuse it doesnt matter it always ends on the road to anger when ones fuse has been let loose. the greatest lesson in life is to learn how to defuse. That way when your fuse has been unleashed no harm can be done to you or your loved ones.

    By lollypop URL on 07.23.2012

  14. They were the pair of wineglasses gifted to her on her twenty-first birthday.
    But she didn’t need wine.
    She needed more time.
    So she got the glasses remolded, as one, and filled the fragile structure with sand in her favorite color.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 07.23.2012

  15. rhymes with the word muse, an entity that most poets are inspired and moved by
    makes me think of heat, sparks, a hungry mouth gaping black cinders and orange cigarette kisses. warm, and passionatly distressed.
    it would eat the whole world if it could. it would swallow a black whole if it could.
    it would numb itself, sedate its soul to be anything but hungry if it could

    By Camille URL on 07.23.2012

  16. I’m at the end of my fuse with you.
    Do you know that the end feels like?
    There’s this rushing, fleeting BrighT LighT ThaT FadeS In aNd Out Like The BeacoN LighT Of a LightHousE.
    Leading us to the end,
    WherE The LighT BecomeS DarK And wE FinD Our True SelveS.

    By Alex Sharp on 07.23.2012

  17. the fuses connecting the house to the power lines exploded causing a black out and fires. no one was hurt but everyone was shocked. most people stayed with other family for power.

    By Emma on 07.23.2012

  18. I’m at the end of my fuse with you.
    I feel like my footsteps are pre-destined.
    The BrighT LighT Of thE FuturE SlideS In anD Out LikE The BeacoN Light Of a LightHousE.
    Calling me in.
    Toward the ImminenT DarknesS.
    Everything will be okay.
    It will all be okay.
    We are n
    But we are certainly something.

    By Alex# URL on 07.23.2012

  19. combination of items as a river joins a sea, as a person finds pleasure when joining someone else´s body, this ability produces lots of possibilities, satisfaction and mistakes.

    By Juan URL on 07.23.2012

  20. Complete,empty blackness.Not a spot of light anywhere! I’m in an unfamiliar room and the fuses have just blown. EEEEK! I can wander around with my arms stretched out and try not to fall over. I can sit down and wait – but it’s a concrete floor and I don’t fancy waiting around for help. After all, no-one knows I’m down here. ..

    By Betty Barker on 07.23.2012

  21. It reminded her of a better time. A period when her family were all gathered up around the front gate of their tiny yet large enough home, awaiting the lighting of the red popping fireworks. This was a time when they were all together. One big happy family. Oh how she wished she could go back.

    By Vy Tran URL on 07.23.2012

  22. I wonder if the reason I can’t make the plugs on the porch work has something to do with the electrical fuses. I don’t know much at all about electricity, but no one else seems to understand what the problem is with the sockets. I guess I’ll at last have to call an electrician.

    By Lucinda on 07.23.2012

  23. the fuses are coming undone. from every corner and every aspect of her life she can feel it unwinding and laying on the floor in a pile with all the other mess. how did this happen? so fast and so suddenly. it came out of no where and just knocked her off of her feet. now there was nothing more to think

    By remaincalmxx on 07.23.2012

  24. Fuses are the lights in darkness. It illuminates the paths of those who falter, and will therefore not come to ruin. Fuses once an item of destruction light the paths of our offsprings.

    By Cuddles on 07.23.2012

  25. She is a short fuse, filled to the brim with light and thievery and deceit. You hold your ground in the form of flipped coins and the sweet sweet scent of JUSTICE. You and her are fuses that are crossed so tightly together you spark and clash all the god damned time.

    By cam URL on 07.24.2012

  26. Hey raks if there is no power how bore this world will be. But we too have fun, love, romance, life at any time of this world. I can make you enthu by our love. I can make you energetic by our love. Am i right dear.

    By laxmi on 07.24.2012

  27. I lit up fuses for her so she could see the world. Fireworks blazed across the night sky, showing her things that she could only imagine, flickers of places that she could only dream of visiting.
    But, at the end, the light always ran out. And so, the world was dark until I found a fuse again.

    By emlex URL on 07.24.2012

  28. I like fuses. They represent something deeper than the first simple look. They are symbolic of something dark and hidden inside each of us. What sets us off? Light the fuse and find out. Sometimes, we don’t even know, but the fuse is ready to burn its last fibers and out of nowhere, we are different. Changed into something that was there all along, but something we never knew we were before.

    By pete on 07.24.2012

  29. this website keeps giving me the word fuses. i don’t know what the word ‘fuses’ is supposed to mean. according to the dictionary, it means something relating to a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts

    By Michelle Lei on 07.24.2012

  30. I am gratified to hear of your promotion
    You have surely worked hard in your field
    All the skills you have used as premonition
    You have lit the job’s fuse while we’ve reeled

    By gsk URL on 07.24.2012

  31. I went downstairs to check the fuses in total blackout darkness. I could feel breathing on my neck and turned around but no one was there. Was it the darkness breathing on my neck letting me know I wasn’t alone, or was it him, telling me I wasn’t alone?

    By Annie Shay on 07.24.2012

  32. fuses the things in your car that blow
    the things that make your lights and stuff work
    the stem of a bomb
    the thing you light to make the bomb go BOOM!
    fuses… my temper..
    i have a short fuse for my temper!!!!!!!!!

    By brittany on 07.24.2012

  33. a thousand candles flickering in my chest and I exhale, hot breath, hot smoke, dripping heavy candlewax dribbling and melting together into a bouquet of flames and as you catch my eye something catches in my throat tick tick tick boom.

    By Miss-li-ding URL on 07.24.2012

  34. Horst nickte nachdenklich und betrachtete die Dose von unten. Dann stellte er sie auf den metallenen Tisch und steckte seine Hände in die -zig Taschen seiner Zimmermannshose. Er legte einen Zollstock, einen Flaschenöffner, sieben Kronkorken und ein Stück Schnur auf den Tisch, bis er schließlich eine zerdrückte Packung Streichhölzer fand. Er lächelte.

    By Eli URL on 07.24.2012

  35. What does that even mean?

    By rdfjk on 07.24.2012

  36. The fuse on this man was short. Like a terrier after a turkey, the man would spring on any human who happened across his path when his mood had turned sour. This stubborn bulled headed fellow is unfortunately the protagonist of my novel…It is hard to comprehend what the universe could have in store for such a man with zero patience and severe lack of Hygiene…But alas my readers thus enters the most powerful force against all types of men, suave and mannered or in our case an angst filled man. This dazzling force was named Juniper, Juniper Manson.

    By Alesha URL on 07.24.2012

  37. My fuse is about to blow
    You have no idea what you’ve done
    Blood slides off me
    The bathroom smells of vomit
    Because of your ignorance
    Your cruelty
    How could you betray me?
    How could you fake what I’ve wanted for so long?
    How could you wrap me around your little finger
    Then crush me under your thumb?
    She sleeps
    But she does not wake
    In the cold ground
    Of a London graveyard
    Because of you
    How did I believe you?
    It was my own stupidity
    My own naivety
    Fucking idiot
    I deserved this
    I deserve the punishment for believing your lies
    Your transparent douchebaggery
    Three people down
    How many more to go?
    Am I to be the next one buried?
    Is there a list?
    Can I see it?

    By Cameron-Audrey on 07.24.2012

  38. I asked her,
    “Why do you know so much about things like, changing the doorknob and removing the circuit fuse?”
    She said,
    When you father leaves your mom at 8,
    you start trying to do things that he used to.

    By Franchesca on 07.24.2012

  39. Fuses is not a word that i know but if i had time i would have googled it up and written better stuff here. Fuses i guess is related with the biology that i studied in school or maybe I am wrong. time is almost up and I have not written anything worthwhile.

    By aastha on 07.24.2012

  40. Oh wow. I didn’t even know that word so I had to close the window and look it up and then come back to write about it. Now knowing what it means I actually have to say I don’t have any thoughts on that whatsoever. There have been better words, oneword, I must tell you. Icing was a tough one already but this totally tops it off.
    I’ll come back for more (and better, hopefully) tomorrow.

    By Diana Mooncrown URL on 07.24.2012