July 23rd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fuses”

  1. in liquid memory, our bodies fused together,
    a distant memory now you look at another girl, you hold her in your arms and i wonder if she is who you love now am i a memory? while i sit here and dream of you are you happy in her arms? then im glad your happiness gives
    me hope to move on.
    in my dreams… tell me you love me, just one last time, once more and i will pretend that i am satisfied, once more and i will never dream again, once more and i swear… i will give up.

    By jessica on 07.24.2012

  2. light switches
    what sparks in our minds at first thought is what we really want
    fuses are what connects use. through fuses we connect to each other.
    fuses are connected to the dark. for without fuses we wouldn’t be able to connect to the things that mean the most to us.

    By Josh on 07.24.2012

  3. fuses. collide. bombs. light-bulbs, people. some people just fuses together easily like if you meet someone, you can easily connect and “fuses” with them. but some others, its just full of awkward moments. maybe its just not meant to be.

    By ariel URL on 07.24.2012

  4. these can be found in a plug. Fuses is a plural countable noun. It could also be a verb meaning to bind something together. There are many different uses of the word. It contains just two lll

    By steven on 07.24.2012

  5. flame, tubes, ambition, fast peace, go, run, action, catalyst, red,negative

    By fffff on 07.24.2012

  6. i dont know what fuses mean but it feels like a puppys smell . i dont really know what it is im gonna search it. it means sigorta in my languege .. not like a puppy .. i dont know how i thinked that . i think because of the fluffy

    By mena on 07.24.2012

  7. I guess the whole idea about everyone having a fuse makes sense. Metaphorically, at least. It’s really quite… philosophical. It’s… so fabulous,in everything you can relate it too\o. People, life. We’re all on a fuse and one day the fuse will hit the bomb, and that’s it. That’s all.

    By Beth on 07.24.2012

  8. i used to watch that tv show fuse all day with my friends when i was in eighth grade. it’s funny, i used to feel so young and i couldn’t wait to grow up and i was in a town i didn’t love and i had such low self-esteem, and now that i look back i want nothing more to go back to that. and just sit. i remember the smell of ariel’s house and man, i just miss it. spending all day there in the summer. sleeping on the trampoline. things were so simple. and we all wanted out so bad. but now i’m here and i want back in.

    By erin on 07.24.2012

  9. Fuses…… The memories in our brain are fuses and once one of it is cut that memory is cut… I guess…

    By tit on 07.24.2012

  10. Some are long. Some are short. But eventually when the fuse burns down there’s a tremendous explosion. Light the fuse and accept the consequences.

    By Dennis on 07.24.2012

  11. Was hält uns auf?
    Wo ist unsere Sicherheitsleine?
    Hält uns jemand fest,
    wenn wir fallen?

    Oder sind wir ganz auf uns gestellt?

    By anuri URL on 07.24.2012

  12. His fingers were blackened and stung by loose wires and he could not locate any burnt fuses, so he sniffed around for edibles other than coffee.

    By Wala URL on 07.24.2012

  13. electrical fuses? Interestingly boring little devices that constitute a key part of the wring in every home or office.

    By Batul KS on 07.24.2012

  14. mixed feelings that bled together in orange drinks that splash across an empty room with a red mirror on the wall and a ghost in a corner.

    By Corina on 07.24.2012

  15. Fuses. I don’t know what fuses are. I’m German, lived here all my live. Here is near Munich and my english is not bad, but what the hell are fuses?
    Maybe some sort of dirt or an illness…

    By 6rapha on 07.24.2012

  16. Fuses lit
    Can burn hot and bright
    But only for a few moments
    Until It’s gone forever

    By Ariel Suarez on 07.24.2012

  17. Fuses connect
    Fuses bind
    Fuses improve
    Fuses destroy
    Fuses create
    Fuses restrict
    Fuses begin
    Fuses end

    By Ria mooij on 07.24.2012

  18. Figures of three trees: always, never, sometimes. Then, one giant explosion of infinity. Where once was a boat.t

    By Patrick on 07.24.2012

  19. the fusion of sperm and ovum gives as a kid. nuclear fusion leads to tremendous amount of energy emission. fusion of two genes can cure diseases.

    By karuna on 07.24.2012

  20. The lights flickered one and then the room went dark. The wind howled outside as branches brushed against the side of the house. I fumbled my way to the cupboard to where I knew the flashlight was kept. It was empty. Blinding making my way to the breaker box I opened the door, a zillion, unlabeled fuses – I was screwed.

    By sheila Good URL on 07.24.2012

  21. spark.



    By Tess on 07.24.2012

  22. The fuses were lit, all they needed was a trigger. She shared one final, brave glance with her lover before her thumb gently increased pressure on the button.
    A moment of weighted silence, then…


    By Jade on 07.24.2012

  23. When i was a kid i wanted to be a mechanic. I did it mostly out of a desire to break gender norms, and also, sort of stupidly, because my favourite video game character was Keira from Jak and Daxter. I wanted to repair cars. The first time i tried to learn about it, i had a panic attack. Technical terms still sort of creep me out to this day.

    By Eva URL on 07.24.2012

  24. The connectors, the spark, the plural of the name of the company where I work. So loaded after 10 years, a melding together (a fusing, as it were) of personal and professional life. I’d like to de-fuse them, separate them, move them apart, maybe sever forever.

    By Ara URL on 07.24.2012

  25. agar fuse udd gaya toh light chali jaati hai! :P when two things fuse they become one.

    By bsb on 07.24.2012

  26. This was yesterday’s inspiration
    looking for some motivation

    By Mary Hawt Mama Sheys URL on 07.24.2012

  27. It was a difficult time at the office. The third day in a row that i needed to bring fuses down to the basement. They never tell me what they’re doing or why they need the fuses They always just shoo me away.

    By Christopher Diehl on 07.24.2012

  28. there was once a giant turtle in the sky he was an insanely cool dude. then one day he met a giant panda bear. they fused together and became jim the cinese panda turtle kung-fu knight. they went and rid the world of all evill

    By Sahil x Suri on 07.24.2012

  29. when will my fuses go off? what happens when i reach the end of my fuse? and how far long is that spark? am i half way yet? 40/50 years old is generally ‘middle age’, but what if i’ve already passed my middle age?

    By Scarlet URL on 07.24.2012

  30. Some people seem to have short fuses: Whenever they are crossed they blow, just like the breakers in the electric panel, but fuses melt and are useless

    By L. B. Voyles on 07.24.2012

  31. Fuses can be used in many different sinarios. You can fuss over your looks or clothes, or you can fuss about something you don’t want to do! Fuses is just another way to say “whining” or “complaining” about something.

    By carly dammann on 07.24.2012

  32. The first time I tried magik, I blew the fuse in the kitchen. Dad laughed.

    By Solo Rae URL on 07.24.2012

  33. The process of conversion of liquid to a solid is called fusion.
    Fuses means to join.
    A fuse is used in a household circuit.

    By Saanchi on 07.24.2012

  34. The fuses burned slowly. Too slowly, if anybody had asked him. The anticipation grew as he watched his explosive creation come closer and closer to its real life and death. Funny how the true “life” of a bomb is also the “death” of it. He felt he could relate to the shrapnel waiting to happen on account of that fact.

    By Shae URL on 07.24.2012

  35. This term is usually usually used on bombs or things that explode based of fire. On a bomb, or cannon, or whatever, they have little stirings called the fuse. When you light it, it burns the rope down till there’s nothing left, and the bomb blows!


    By Carly URL on 07.24.2012

  36. The lights went out and she looked in the fuse book to realize that she need a new fuse. Where to find fuses? she searched all of the drawers, all were empty. So she sat in the dark, and contemplated.

    By Kendra on 07.24.2012

  37. bombs. Destruction. You light it with fire. Someone with a short fuse. I have a long fuse if that’s the case. Cord string anything can be used to make it.

    By Hannah on 07.24.2012

  38. The light sparked bright, then went out. I thought, at first, that it was just the lightbulb burning out, but then I looked out onto Los Angeles from my window, and saw that in a single instant, everything had gone dark. Everything. The stars still shone, more brightly than ever I had seen them over L.A., without the light pollution, the sky sprawled like a reflection of the city, if it weren’t dark. Los Angeles with one giant blown fuse, and the night sky. I didn’t think long before I dragged a blanket out to the balcony to lie beneath the stars. They would be gone in the morning, and Los Angeles would continue as if this moment of magic had never occurred.

    By Catori URL on 07.24.2012

  39. What fuses life together? Is it love? The unseparatable desires that courses through our veins? What fuses us to our shadows and broken places? Shaking out my soul there is enough dirty laundry their fuses to both the good and bad that truth becomes a mess that is impossible to untangle.

    By brandi (friesen) thorpe on 07.24.2012

  40. Fuses are objects that can help run or shut off power supplies. Like in a car or a house.

    By Orion URL on 07.24.2012