July 23rd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fuses”

  1. Fussing with fuses, he amuses and schmoozes the muses.

    By Marianne URL on 07.23.2012

  2. Bomb, my life is a bomb. Tick. Tick. Ticking away, my fuse is short. Nonexistent. Waiting to erupt at any minu

    By Larissa on 07.23.2012

  3. The fuses were lit. Time was ticking down. Now there was just one thing left to do: Run.

    By Hannah on 07.23.2012

  4. Fuses are the best part of the stove. They come from fire, which come in different colors: red, blue, and orange. I like fuses. They are the most interesting things in the world. They have the tendency to smell pretty bad

    By Rogelio on 07.23.2012

  5. Sometimes I feel as though I am made of a bundle of fuses, attached to pounds upon pounds of explosives. Which fuse will some random comment light? The smiley face firework, or a kilo of TNT? Your words are matches. Your touches are sparks. Light me.

    By Destiny Shackleford on 07.23.2012

  6. The word fuse is to come together and unite. Coming together like a family or group of friends or a collection of individuals who are unique and priceless.
    And full of beauty.
    When people fuse ideas, it becomes better for the creative.

    By Rita McCloud on 07.23.2012

  7. fuses, so much fire in the earth. better yet so much fire in the heart. with one kiss the fuse goes off, the mind goes deep within the fire and so does the heart. this fuse is what sets the soul to fall in love, to fall deep into the daring fire. with your eyes shut close you don’t look but you just go into the burning fire and fall in love.

    By estefania on 07.23.2012

  8. Reminds me of a character in the book I’m reading right now (The Stand by Stephen King) named Trashcan Man. His real name is Donald Erwin Melbert but is called Trashcan Man by just about everyone, and this dude has a serious thing for lighting things on fire. He lights up mailboxes and stuff it’s kind of freaky.

    By Emilia URL on 07.23.2012

  9. Sometimes I think the most creative projects to help the world are created with groups of fuses. The world is a big place to make fuses and create something that takes two to become something bigger….

    By Rita McCloud on 07.23.2012

  10. you fucking bitch!
    stop running your mouth!
    this is my world
    my north west and south
    yo ucan have the east, its no use to me anyways
    stop touching my fuses, im sick of blowing up day after day
    you fucking bitch!
    just leave me alone
    this is not your home.
    this is mine, and id be willing to share
    but only if you decide to care.

    By sydney on 07.23.2012

  11. The rain was sweeping the tin roof in waves, splattering on the windows, soaking into the raw log walls. Thunder still rolled and rumbled, but now it was less violent, and sounded like it was coming from up behind the mountain.
    “I think the fuses must have blown!” yells Tim as he leaps back through the open door with a spray of drips, holding his jacket over his head with one arm, trying to keep a part of himself dry.
    It didn’t matter, the sun was now breaking from behind the dark stormfront, illuminating the passing showers.

    By matty on 07.23.2012

  12. fuses exist to make our lives more complicated. they blow out, overload and cease to work for the slightest of reasons. they are fickle for no other reason than for the sake of being so, they are always located in the most inconvenient places, behind a cramped pantry door or behind that awkwardly placed basement door. Then in order to turn them back on, you have to turn them all off as they are almost always mislabeled.

    By angie on 07.23.2012

  13. it lights up
    it burns out
    over and over
    you replace them
    and they let you down
    toss away the ashes
    like you were meant to do
    you’re a fool
    to throw away the sparks
    that could have lit this world
    and sent it into a new age
    you lost it!
    and it would have been so good

    it lights up
    it burns out
    it lights up
    it burns down
    it sinks to the ground
    and blows up the whole circuit

    By Christoferus URL on 07.23.2012

  14. All the lights where out. I just thought: Well, or am I dead or the fuses are burned.

    By Felipe on 07.23.2012

  15. heat fuses my thoughts into a nest of sweaty confusion. I don’t know whwere to go but I want to be cool. Cool, like a breeze, cool like the hip kid. I want to be cool and cool and fuse them into me.

    By rikki on 07.23.2012

  16. People’s fuses. Growing short. Mine is. With this relationship. Not short in the sense that I’m angry, just short in the sense that I can’t take any more. Emotionally, I mean. The uncertainty. Too soon. Too much for both of us, I guess.

    By christina on 07.23.2012

  17. The fuses were working well providing light and electrical power throguht out hte house. As the storm intensified, the thunder became louder, the lightning stronger. It hit; the lights went out – the fuses went out.

    By dunc on 07.23.2012

  18. The new girl on math team wasn’t doing so well. Actually, she got one of the medium problems and none of the easy or hard ones. Brian watched her in the last two minutes of the practice test, when he was all finished. She spun her pencil, completely unconcerned by the countdown of Mr. Monroe’s atomic timer, and her lips moved as if she were singing a song to herself.

    As team captain, it was Brian’s job to beat his members into shape. Not getting correct solutions was reasonable, but not trying was never reasonable.
    “I don’t like thinking too hard,” the girl said before Brian could speak.
    “Well,” Brian said, “I know these problems are more challenging than the ones you usually see in class, but – ”
    “Because I might blow a fuse.”
    ” – if you work hard you’ll eventually – what?”
    “That’s what makes scientists go crazy, thinking too hard. You guys should eat ice cream together sometime. Or go bicycling. Only psychiatrists can replace brain fuses.”

    By Holden URL on 07.23.2012

  19. She brought her hand to cover the sunlight. No more trees or thrown away bushes in from the height she’s at right now. The could fuses into abstract form she can’t decipher, much like her life right now

    By fadetosilence on 07.23.2012

  20. I have a fuse box in my apartment. Seriously. Who still sells fuses? I think my mom buys them off ebay.

    By Nia URL on 07.23.2012

  21. Some short, some long. Triggered easily by some things, and hardly bothered by others. But a practical guarantee to set one off is an overload. Of mostly unpleasantness.

    By D. Chan on 07.23.2012

  22. fuses. the force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my being. i don’t remember the exact words of the poem, or who wrote it–whitman? but that we could see the new science, the new interest in knowing how things work and not merely that a god–God–created them and that they were unknowable to us. We could know, we could learn, soon we would have no need of God and other creation myths.

    By ruth URL on 07.23.2012

  23. Everything fell apart once, but I didn’t regret it nor did I want it all back the way it was. It never can be that way anyway… But then I made some more mistakes, and few others that weren’t so bad… These experiences have fused my heart back together and showed me that there is more out there and I’m worth more than what you thought.

    By Jes on 07.23.2012

  24. The fuses had been lit between us, and there was no turning back. When you light a fuse, whether it be theoretical or literal, it can never be put out. And that was what we had done; we lit a friendship fuse. I don’t know if we’ll regret it, but for now, we’ve just lit it.

    By fghgjkhkjh on 07.23.2012

  25. are hard to deal with. I like to use fuses to cook bacon and other random food item’s around my house. A vacume would love to marry a fuse. They would have nice baby fuses. All day every day fuse nasty.

    By zac g on 07.23.2012

  26. His fuse was short. He was defiant. He had a fiery temper, and little patience, which was something that didn’t always work for him, although he never really tried to make it.

    By Sarah on 07.23.2012

  27. His mind was a time-bomb —
    He was just waiting for the right flame to make him go off. The right burn, the one that would start a spark and turn the ticking into something bigger, than himself, than anyone.
    He was always ticking, ticking, ticking.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 07.23.2012

  28. fuses. this is an electrical term for something that has electricity that runs through it. one time i was trying to unplug an air conditioner and it shocked me and i yelled “OW!” and jumped back. it startled me soo much! i think that was a fuse

    By Matthew James Hoelter URL on 07.23.2012

  29. Click click.


    The smoke chokes his lungs, and he feels the warm drip-drip-dripdrip of blood trailing through his hair and down his face to drip off his cheek. He curses once twice and a third time before he spoke.

    “God dammit, I mixed up the wrong fuses. Well, back to the drawing board!” he cackles with a hysterical choke whine of his laugh.

    By cam URL on 07.23.2012

  30. fuses. a spark. in your brain. in your heart. the start of a grand something. maybe an idea. a love. something special. it connects with you, travels through your body, you can feel it all over. its all these things. and this is what makes you, you. you are your own person. a collection of fuses compiled for yourself.

    By Grace Gius URL on 07.23.2012

  31. She told him to go down and check the fuse box, for that was why all the lights had gone out. Little did he know, she had also hired a hitman who was waiting just in the shadows behind the fuse box. He crossed the room slowly, clumsy in the dark. Just as he went to flip the fuse…. WHAM

    By Sam URL on 07.23.2012

  32. drama, mother, friends, grandparents, cats, mess, ppffft, annoying, storyofmylife, fml, ftw, boys, toys

    By Milly on 07.23.2012

  33. Today, I blew a fuse while blow drying my hair. The entire power was out in my room! There was no wifi to use my computer and no air conditioning to keep me cool on this 95 degree day. My dad didn’t know what happened either but reset the box and saved the day :)

    By Kayleigh on 07.23.2012

  34. light fuses with electricity as my heart fuses with yours souls fuse together when in love and eyes fuse to gory scenes as if they were watching a horror movie and loving every nasty detail fuses allow us to power dreams thoughts wishes and shape dreams in their wake i fuse you with a smoldering glance as you leave me gasping for air with your smile fusion occurs only when two of anything meld together like some giant amorphous one celled organism let that be us as our emotionfuses with our intellect perfect fusion of heart mind body and soul as we sleep tonight and wait until morning

    By Jeanne on 07.23.2012

  35. fuses together, the thoughts and dreams of before and beyond. Yours and mine and theirs and hers. We are all here on this earth irrevocably together–no teasing apart these melded strands–we need to follow them together to their ends and quietly laugh, having doen

    By Sara on 07.23.2012

  36. fuses. everything about this word. i hate it. it’s positive, happy. it reminds me of the best time of my life. but thats the past. and i dont like thinking about the past. connections to people, ideas, all of that. hate it. so much. i have to keep moving forward and not stop. wish me luck.

    By Grace on 07.23.2012

  37. Light the fuses, wicks soaked in kerosene. Strike the matches, let it spark. A small ember flickers into fire, and you let it go. Down onto the pile of leaves, branches, tinder, and watch it explode.

    By Ashi URL on 07.23.2012

  38. together and creates a new entity. He never thought he could feel as complete that as he did that day… He could see the entirety of his past and the eternity ahead of him. He was void.

    By Dylan on 07.23.2012

  39. my world fuses when you come around.
    Just like my mind is blown by your smile,
    You came to made my goodbye a happy one.

    By Claudia on 07.23.2012

  40. I plugged the charger into the wall, praying with my most secret god-beliving powers that my phone would suddenly begin to work again, after its run-in with the bathtub. The possibility of a message from Jenna also tickled the depths of my belly as I waited to see if my phone would suddenly come back to life.

    By aria autumn on 07.23.2012