June 17th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “framework”

  1. Framework. the basis of all structures. you need a framework, a foundation, then you can build. the same goes for your body, your mind. you need to make the framework. get yourself in the right place, before you can make the change.

    By Ashley Cranston on 06.17.2012

  2. framework reminds me of how you should see yourself as. what lines will define you and your perception of reality whatever that may be.

    By Tiare on 06.17.2012

  3. Old, brown and dusty. It was sitting at the bottom of a creeky set of stairs in the basement of my workplace, Arts. I was instantly drawn to the picture of the girl, no more than 16, holding a sweet baby boy. Its intricate hand carved lines were beautiful and I ran my fingers lightly over the edge of it

    By Brenna on 06.17.2012

  4. I don’t really know what framework is but I’m guessing it has something to do with frames like framing a picture which is very important if you have a good picture that you want to be hilighted with something like a frame to draw attention to the picture and embellish it too.

    By jordan on 06.17.2012

  5. The framework of the house was unlike anything Alice had ever seen before. It was delicate, curved like a seashell. The whole entire house was a swirling landscape with no corners, but the weirdest part, the part that puzzled Alice the most, was the closet under the staircase, the closet with the triangular door.

    By jval URL on 06.17.2012

  6. The structure of the beauty of the object. What holds it together. It’s more than what you see.

    ~Clarity~ <3

    By Tarissa Liss on 06.17.2012

  7. frame work is just like life. Life is a frame that needs work. We are the work to the frame. We build our frame through love and trust of friends and family. We make mistakes and sometimes the frame will crack, sometimes we don’t have enough to finish the frame but you give us time and we get it done.

    By Teanna on 06.17.2012

  8. Everything hurts. Everywhere, from everyone. The simplest of stares has me feeling like they’re judging and laughing. I feel like I’m balancing on a thin foundation of mistrust and deceit. They’ve set up some stereotype for me; some guidelines that I sort of follow by simply by being me. It’s like framework for some pathetic teenager who can’t even get through watching Harry Potter without crying.

    By elinmacrae on 06.17.2012

  9. His hands and feet were tied across the framework. Each limb laced delicately to the rusty steel lattice. Below, in the far most he could see the people going about their daily life’s unknowing of the perils that unfold above them. Casually he laughe, and spat, as a kids would do looking over a daunting height. Was it to taunt fear or to test it. For him it was neither but his fate on top of the sears building.

    By Sir Profligacy on 06.17.2012

  10. I have no idea to use the word framework. I’m not even sure what it really is. Is it life framing a picture or something? I’m not really sure. Well, I don’t know what else to say. So, I am just writing randomness because I don’t know what to do.

    By Olivia on 06.17.2012

  11. Mr. Vince worked on that frame for quite a while. He carved it, sanded it, put time and thought into those intricate designs that emphasized the wondrous image it bordered.

    By Awkward URL on 06.17.2012

  12. the framework of my life would definitely be: my family, dance, and my boyfriend. my family supports me and guides me. they love me unconditionally and I wouldn’t be who I am without them. Dance is my outlet. I have so much fun when I dance and I feel most connected with my purpose in life when I’m on the stage. Lastly, my boyfriend. He is incredible. I hate to be all lovey-dovey but he seriously is the best. He is supportive, sweet, kind, intelligent, and strong (but physically but emotionally) He is definitely one of my role models and I love him so much.

    I definitely went over one minute with this entry… but I just had too.

    By Kailey URL on 06.17.2012

  13. the outline of the play needs work. i feel like there is a disconnect between us. you talk cryptically where i want to say too much. this usually allows a really pretty picture to be created. but maybe you’re just interested in buying a new frame.

    By brose URL on 06.17.2012

  14. Sometimes I have to get into the right framework, you know, now to think about it I don’t exactly know what framework really means. meh screw it. I don’t want to keep writing about this word. Adios.

    By Erin on 06.17.2012

  15. In order to write a good essay, you need a good framework. This tends to generally follow this order: an intro, body paragraphs and a conclusion. In writing your intro, you should provide a hook, and structure your argument with the most powerful point last. Once you have this frame, you can start writing! Good luck!

    By Nika on 06.17.2012

  16. I got this word twice. How disappointing, whatever. I am just going to keep writing because that is the rules of the game. So what should I tell you? I am in my living room on father’s day typing a story and that sounds pretty boring to me, does it to you? Damn this summer is pretty lamesauce. Peace.

    By Erin on 06.17.2012

  17. The framework of the universe lies in physics. Nothing would be the same without basic newtonian mechanics, electricity, fluid dynamics, etc. Physics is my favorite subject and studying this framework of the universe is nothing less than exciting.

    By Matt URL on 06.17.2012

  18. Framework is the start of everything. The base of everything. Everything needs good framework to have anything built around it, especially relationships. You have to have a good beginning for anything.

    By Kerry URL on 06.17.2012

  19. bird eye
    ice cream

    By kate on 06.17.2012

  20. When I think of framework, I think of architecture or a sense of structure. I think of buildings and of layouts and of blueprints and of the design behind something that may or may not be beautiful. I think of ceaseless planning or maybe not much at all. Often collaboration. Was there framework for our lives? Do we plan lives the way we plan buildings? Or are they entirely different. I would like to think they are more similar than not.

    By Colin on 06.17.2012

  21. The framework is as nice as it always is, perfect in the most literal sense.
    It is a great mystery to my small mind of how some can make the most pitiful of objects beautiful. As if they were returning them to their purest and simplest form.

    By leah URL on 06.17.2012

  22. On the tip of the tongue on the top of the ladder at the edge of the room on the third floor of your soul, stop and stare. Admire the framework in the architecture of something hidden, something you’ve stowed away years upon years ago. Then move on: Exhibit G.

    By Myona on 06.17.2012

  23. As the days pass, I remember when you gave me our photo. You looked good and I looked happy, i still have that photo on the frame work of memories we create for the happiness will never meet again. A non existent framework of emotions.

    By M on 06.17.2012

  24. A framework is more than an outline. It sets up an image, a story to be told. It isn’t stationary, many things flow from it. It changes based on who views it and what they interpret, yet it lays the same ground work for everyone.

    By Katie on 06.17.2012

  25. A house’s framework is like an emotional wall. They keep one steady and inline. Huge storms rim them down, yet the gentle touch of nature brings it down piece by piece.

    By Liz on 06.17.2012

  26. The needle goes up and down. It stabs me and I see a bead of blood. The sense of achievement when I finish this is wonderful and it’s in a frame which makes it look perfect. My own piece of framework. :)

    By Chrissie :) URL on 06.17.2012

  27. Framework. I always see frames and stuff at Aaron brothers. I really don’t have much to say about it as this minute goes to waste. soooo yah… enjoy this short paragraph thingy

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.17.2012

  28. So there was a frame without a picture inside, but it didn’t seem to be working as a visual inspiration zone. I wished that the frame had something in it, but I suppose it looks nice as is.

    By Brent on 06.17.2012

  29. Structure is something I consider necessary. Without it, I don’t know what the fuck i’d do with my life. I need structure. And i think everything needs some kind of order to it. Without some type of order or structure, we wouldn’t know what to do. We wouldn’t know how to get where wherever it is that we’re heading. We wouldn’t know how to start or how to finish or how to do anything in between. We’d fall apart.

    By Hurricane Katrina URL on 06.17.2012

  30. the framework of this
    won’t make sense.
    then agian,
    what does?

    By Kelsey Painter URL on 06.17.2012

  31. I once framed a number of pictures that had been lying in wait to be seen for ages. At the time it was one of the most creative monmentsi I had enjoyed in some time. I did very well, especially on one particular set of extrordinary drawings.

    By Terry on 06.17.2012

  32. alive in a Space we are given. Alive inside this Frame. We are the Art. We are its Creation. And we are given te choice to alter its image. to chage its beauty with our every decision.

    By Just Josh on 06.17.2012

  33. the mold for everything you know. the basis on which you have to build from. Setting guidelines for yourself, for a goal, for someone, for a belief. Working within those lines. Sometimes working outside them. The foundation of some knowledge, a working through of a discussion. Understanding, failing to understand.

    By Erica on 06.17.2012

  34. What is the framework of my mind? Often I think it’s jumbled, jerry-rigged system of pipes that that leak out everything I want to keep.

    By Jean on 06.17.2012

  35. framework dame work in the set of mind where you want to be that guy love me for tonight if only for till the morning what are you yearning for? cotton month got you sore? tell me what’s on your mind tell the working of your head and the dimensions of your bed

    By M.Z. URL on 06.17.2012

  36. opening up, speaking of my past, and building a friendship. what i see is the framework for the beginning of happiness.

    By t URL on 06.17.2012

  37. Framework makes no sense. I barely know what it means. I don’t really think it applies to my life, because my life lacks framework. I kind of just do what ever I want, I don’t really have a plan. I sort of wish that I had more framework in my life.

    By Libby URL on 06.17.2012

  38. The framework of our lives consists of work, receiving payment, working more, and receiving payment, until laying in our death beds thinking about were the time went. I don’t like this type of life-framework, I’d rather live a more fulfilling life. Sure, I’ll have to do a bit of work to first make it there, but I certainly do not want to wind up wasting away, not fulfilling all of the dreams I had as a child, when I thought time was endless.

    By Erin Braxton URL on 06.17.2012

  39. The framework of society is highly correlated with the way we, as people, treat those who are defenseless. Once we, as a society, have decided that those who are weak are worthless, we will soon begin to see our framework as a society fall away.

    By Christa on 06.17.2012

  40. The framework of Louis’ body is perfect. He’s just tall enough, slender enough, beautiful. Everything that Liam doesn’t attribute to himself or really, any other guy he’s ever met before. Louis is something else, all on his own.

    By Cassie URL on 06.17.2012