June 17th, 2012 | 266 Entries

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266 Entries for “framework”

  1. framework is an interesting word even though i have no idea what to write about it. i guess the framework of things is what keeps everything together, it holds things in place. the framework of a house keeps it together, same with cars and other vehicles. framework keeps things together.

    By sabrina on 06.17.2012

  2. The framework of the car was exceptional. Its craftsmanship was unlike anything He had ever seen before. Johhny asked about how it was made but he old mechanic just looked over his shoulder and smiled. It was his masterpiece.

    By Mj Verdeja on 06.17.2012

  3. We knew. We always knew we’d need to create structure to our lives. A framework to work within. A roadmap of where we wanted to go. That would be the only way to know, for near certainty, that we would get there.

    By michelle a.m. URL on 06.17.2012

  4. My life has been just a framework for failure. That was a pretty harsh evaluation, but it’s true, and it’s how it was supposed to be. I mean really, who is supposed to succeed. When we leave nothing is ever better, everything remains the same kind of terrible.

    By Sam Claney on 06.17.2012

  5. I don’t know what else to say but i think that somehow this exercise is meant to help unleash creativity. the word framework however, offers little in the way of opening any doors to vast depths of pure original thought.

    By rory on 06.17.2012

  6. to work in a frame is the wrong idea, but how complicated it is. it can be lovely and fantastic creativity can arise from a simple frame but others feel trapped. personally frames are fun to me. but I like to create my own. other people make lame frames and then you’re just stuck and have to make something so cool out of this lame idea, which is also pretty fun in the end I guess.

    By Tori Seitelman on 06.17.2012

  7. In this picture, I see us laying
    arms embracing
    grabbing at nothing
    twisting tightly just for the sake of doing so.

    By kaitlin on 06.17.2012

  8. the irony is too much. Frameworks are fantastic because they produce this intense creativity, and after all isn’t that what this whole website is about?

    By Tori Seitelman URL on 06.17.2012

  9. Framework. The layout and planning of the world, your home, society. The outermost ideas of everything we think, our government, our religions. Every little detail and thing we believe in, our innermost thoughts is born from the framework of our world.

    By Haleigh URL on 06.17.2012

  10. The framework of the painting was simple black ebony, with a dull shine running down its length. He gently stroked the wood, staring at the picture inside of it with his eyes brimming with tears. His wife, his six year old little girl, smiling cheerily at the camera as they posed on top of their favorite picnik site, a little hill in the park. With a heavy sigh, he set the picture aside and prepared himself for the trip to Iraq.

    By Jules URL on 06.17.2012

  11. It’s an interesting thing to start building something from the ground up without any framework. We wanted something massive, something gigantic that people would stare at in awe and wonder, but we had no idea what we were going to build. We just, kinda, started building it. Of course by now you must realize that I’m not strictly speaking about a building.

    By Sam URL on 06.17.2012

  12. The framework of the mind is a fragile thing. Electrical synapses zapping by at the speed of light, holding together the delicate thought processes which control each of our thoughts and functions.

    By Tyler Toutonghi on 06.17.2012

  13. framework for existence. framework for my life. framework for all that is non-physical to fit into a form, a structure. a framework for belief. a framework for thought. a framework for feeling. for emotion. for desire. a framework for humanness.

    By human on 06.17.2012

  14. the lattice of an experience – where the feelings go, the laughter, the fuck-yous.
    how does this work? where does this go?
    how does this HAPPEN?

    By jamzerz on 06.17.2012

  15. i dont know what framework means so i am just going to say the framework is the stone to the sculpture, the water to the river. it is what make you you

    By erica on 06.17.2012

  16. Framework is interesting the picture is the center of attention and although people put so much into the framework, most people don’t even notice the framework.strange how something that people stress over soo much can be so meaningless in retrospect.

    By Tyra on 06.17.2012

  17. I need to get a frame for a picture I just took. The picture is so beautiful. The frame will definitely have to be decorated to make it unique. Arts and crafts time is due soon.

    By Emily URL on 06.17.2012

  18. The framework of my life is crashing before me. What is expected of me is not what I want to do. I have no idea what is coming next or what I will do. I have nothing planned but my dreams.

    By Emily URL on 06.17.2012

  19. There is a frame in my bedroom. It has a picture. A picture I made, for you. I worked hard. I though you would love it. I did. Unfortunately you didn’t love me. That made it hard to love the things I did for you.

    By Andrea on 06.17.2012

  20. The framework of the house was simple. It wasn’t sky high, it didn’t have a golden chandelier and a huge spiral staircase, but it was ours.

    By JanineMRioux URL on 06.17.2012

  21. i dont really know what that word means, but, breaking the word apart i see fram, and i see work. Now frames are constricting, unhappy containers, yes they can be beautiful/ornate, but that element of constriction is too- well, constricting.

    By Sydney Violet URL on 06.17.2012

  22. Framework can refer to family, friends, life, building. The framework of a family, of a marriage. Framework of family. Framework shapes our lives, for better or worse. we cant change it.

    By Sara on 06.17.2012

  23. Fatherless framework forges folly in fawns.

    By Marianne URL on 06.17.2012

  24. the framework of life is simple. Do as many things as possible that make you happy. Make as many people as you possibly can happy. Wake up every day and love life. At the very least, wake up believing you can make it through. Make lots of money some of the time.

    By Emma Kauffman URL on 06.17.2012

  25. i have no clue what framework is. I think it is like the framing of a picture or maybe the framing of a wall. it really doesn’t mean much to me.

    By Kendra S. on 06.17.2012

  26. The picture was enclosed by the restraining black line. Within it, other lines, some curvy, others straight, came together to form an image that can be seen and interpreted by the mind. That is all. I looked behind the frame, but saw only a blank wall. So it is nothing. There was nothing to find meaning in, or to admire. All I see is what I had created with my own hands.

    By Sara URL on 06.17.2012

  27. The framework of our being
    is lost in the cycle of the climactic
    simplistic altruism that nobody
    seems to understand. Our eyes
    are blinded by the bright lights
    of the city and our lungs suppressed by
    gunfire and pollution casting their
    empty smoking shells amongst the
    gravel and dirt.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 06.17.2012

  28. Should I feel something other than pure carelessness? I’ve been stabbed in the spine more than once, and my bones feel numb against the feeble framework of old friendships that meant nothing more than the dust they thrive in. I’m done with the fires inside of my soul and the anger in my veins. Let them wallow in their falsities and plastic covers. I’m the stronger one, walking away from the blazes of friends that never cared enough to ask.

    By Marissa URL on 06.17.2012

  29. a framework, a dilimited mental space.

    By lyann on 06.17.2012

  30. The beautiful framework accentuated the painting perfectly. He stood back from the wall and stared.
    “Lovely, isn’t it?” she said, facing the painting.
    “The painting or the frame?” Neither turned to looked at the other.

    By Raiine URL on 06.17.2012

  31. there is no limits between this two lines, but there is a framework for your life. Like a garden where in each water drop is the same garden, and so on.

    By Gustavo URL on 06.17.2012

  32. framwork is a word that we use to refer our parents when we are drunk and alone, and we feel that all is falling apart from us. did you feel it?

    By tef on 06.17.2012

  33. the general outline. the structure behind a home. the backbone. what gives a building its strength to stay up in the roughest of storms.

    By Emily Clark on 06.17.2012

  34. framework, i don’t know what it means, I have a pretty good english, but it’s not my main language. I’m from Chile, in South america, we speak spanish. So no, i dont know what framework really means…

    By Pía on 06.17.2012

  35. The framework of my body is my skeletal system. This is thinking literally, of course. The framework of my being is my spirituality. Christianity is the framework of my life. Without it I am nothing- hence

    By Veronica on 06.17.2012

  36. framework is what holds it all together. It is the basis of all things, both good and bad. It creates the basic structure for any number of ideas and thoughts. All things have their own framework. It is created by the individual as a basis for thought or design. In a literal sense it is the structure that you build upon.

    By Bianca on 06.17.2012

  37. Always trying to find the best framework, hoping that the same picture will become something new and necessary if I put it in the right sized square, always hoping to escape the boundaries I am laying down.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 06.17.2012

  38. It had taken him eighteen years to finish the framework.

    Now it was time to start his painting.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 06.17.2012

  39. framework is a masterpiece to the art it makes it stand out more and completes a picture. framework enhances the beauty of a picture.

    By haeley URL on 06.17.2012

  40. The framework of the soul is delicate. Incredibly so. However, it is strong enough to bear the pain of our existence. The extraordinary toll such a weight is on ourselves, yet the framework bends and groans until it is stable enough to support it. Why? Because it is the foundation in the framework. Without grief, we cannot know happiness. Without hate, we cannot know love. As is the way with yin and yang, the world needs opposites to know the true nature of a thing. So we beat our burdens, beating them back against the tide of humanity.

    By Julia M URL on 06.17.2012