April 21st, 2011 | 473 Entries

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473 Entries for “foreign”

  1. I love going abroad. I love different cultures. I recently went to China, as there’s something about seeing a different culture that never ceases to fascinate me. Travel is important – be foreign. Go somewhere you’ve never been. You won’t regret it for a minute when you look back.

    By James on 04.21.2011

  2. foreign words
    don’t understand
    hard to comprehend
    but you’re speaking my language
    and I still feel lost
    and so out of place
    can we get back to how it was?
    stop with all the foreign behavior
    I just want you back
    to how you were before.

    By meredith on 04.21.2011

  3. He cried a little and looked back at his homeland, his scorched rotten patch where his dead lay buried and his seed had been spilled.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 04.21.2011

  4. I love France. C’est tres belle :] I’m going there with my fiancee some day. We’ll eat lots of pain et fromage et les croque monsieurs! We’ll also take lots of pictures & maybe paint. :D

    By Marissa on 04.21.2011

  5. Don’t doubt that when you enter my country you wont die. You will be shot, mutilated, sicced by leeches and much more. Now YOU will die. Dont come to my country.

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya on 04.21.2011

  6. alien from an overseas country or planet, strange things, something I don’t understand. Weird or not of something I know. Different from me or my things or thinking.

    By Janet Williams on 04.21.2011

  7. something or someone that is from another country or unusual to your own habits or culture.

    By rachel on 04.21.2011

  8. Different people, different places
    New sounds and strange faces
    Swirling patterns that surround you
    Astounding sights to spin through
    No one knows you and no one cares
    All that matters is that you’re there.

    By Deanna on 04.21.2011

  9. I have seen you before. You don’t deserve it. Get out of my country. My cows are dangerous. You dont want to deal with them. Leave while you have the chance. The cows are dangerous. They will kill you.

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya on 04.21.2011

  10. I would love to travel anywhere. Its so inspiring to see new places and to meet new people. You see things that you never would have thought and known about until you traveled to such a place. Such a place that is so different than what you’re used to.

    By Dallin Butterworth on 04.21.2011

  11. different country that leads you to a forest that have goblins living in there. But do not fear, they live far from human civilization and will not let travelers discover them. Their foods are dew and cakes.

    By Samantha on 04.21.2011

  12. foreign. Anything that isn’t from here.
    To me, this is like the promised land
    that land thats better than here
    anywhere is better than here i suppose
    but seriously
    get me out
    its small town hell here
    I want some foreign flavor
    in. my. life.
    please oh god please

    By Willow URL on 04.21.2011

  13. The land that is mine.
    Is no yours.
    But I will let you in.
    If you defeat the COW.
    The COW is blue.
    The COW is red.
    The COW will make sure that you are dead.

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya on 04.21.2011

  14. Foreign countries are so beautiful in their own way. I wish I could visit them. They have culture, people, food, traditions, memories, and beauty. They have landscape to take your breath away.

    By Kayla URL on 04.21.2011

  15. shyrthaebhs

    By James on 04.21.2011

  16. this strength is foreign but it’s here to stay.

    By claireg URL on 04.21.2011

  17. Do I look foreign to you? Well, I’m not. I’m a United States Citizen. I was born in the Commonwealth (code for colony) of Puerto Rico. We are exotic and speak Spanish and dance Bomba (African dance) but we are Americans as well.

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.21.2011

  18. i know this seems strange a time i never for saw that would leave me undone a time that will never come an idea that will never be know by me our you.foreign

    By kaleb holcomb on 04.21.2011

  19. My wife is a foreign terrorist. She came from Afghanistan to Canada to bomb my child’s school. She hid the bomb in her underwear and almost got caught. She is also a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    By James on 04.21.2011

  20. I do not know this word but it seems powerful, with meanings and reasons. It sounds like it has a peaceful meaning to give someone freedom and/or power. Love, meaning, peaceful, power, reasons, life and ect. An sentance example for what i think the word means: As a flower blooms, a sun sets, when the sun goes down, a seed falls, a new flower starts a new life for a new and happy day. A special day of freedom and a day that gives us reason to live.

    By Kaite on 04.21.2011

  21. Foreign things are always exciting. Its fun to experience other cultures. Wow im sounding so cliche arent I. well whatever..

    By Amanda I URL on 04.21.2011

  22. I feel foreign in my own body. As I feel her lips press against mine I don’t know just who I am. I am drawn into her, it feels so right to have this woman so close to me.
    Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. and that is what I plan to do!

    By Katanya URL on 04.21.2011

  23. Being foreign isn’t so hard. I’ve been living in America for Month’s now and the Zombie infestation is definitely not as bad as it was in Germany. They keep their zombies on leashes and they even game them names. I like it here, being have zombie half human won’t be so bad in America.

    By Dani on 04.21.2011

  24. I am stuck here, in a place of loneliness, simply waiting for someone not so foreign to come along.

    By leslie URL on 04.21.2011

  25. She sat upon a wooden stool, staring dully in the air. Then suddenly, she whiffed of something awfully disgusting. It smelled like a skunk had erupted it’s nasty aroma around the corner. It stung her nose: a foreign smell interrupting the clean air of the day.

    By Sasha Greenwood on 04.21.2011

  26. In a world of injustice, where nothing makes sense or works out as planned. My mind lives in logic, and when I wake up from my constructed dream, reality seems so

    By used URL on 04.21.2011

  27. what would you do, how would you feel, if you perpetually feel foreign to the country you were born and grew up in? you’ve got to accept the destiny, but easier said than done.

    By Kaorita on 04.21.2011

  28. Hot, wet and damp.
    Rain, clouds and running watter phase this hostel environment without a trace

    By Maddie on 04.21.2011

  29. sex love people secrets alcohol drogas miedo bailae tu el yo paises
    todo chocolate you

    By laura on 04.21.2011

  30. The boat pulled up to the dock and he watched eagerly for the woman who had been sending the letters to step out. Now he would no longer be alone in a foreign country. They would be together. They went to the city hall and got married right away and later they went out for ice cream.

    By Sarah URL on 04.21.2011

  31. I would like to one day learn a foreign language. A language from a far away place, maybe from a place like Mars. I’ve always thought about living in the clouds or high in the sky like the stars.

    By Charlie Kohl on 04.21.2011

  32. a foreigner is someone who’s not at home wherever he is. He tends to look up and get mugged a lot simply because he’s different and naive. But also because He’s just plain old stupid with his money. He buys things that natives think are ugly and calls them ‘interesting’. Being foreign is however a totally different thing. That means native girls like you better even if you have a pot belly, all that matters is the size of that crocodile wallet you have in your back pocket.

    Being foreign is simply better then being native.

    By Benedikt Johannesson on 04.21.2011

  33. foreign guys make me melt. i never want to admit to being a typical girl, one who can be enticed with roses and chocolate and sweet words, but my weakness is accents. eloquence is beautiful, but foreign eloquence is exquisite. sweet nothings in british accents are somehow transformed into romantic sonnets, compliments into epic poems and the lightest touches into caresses of love.

    By meghna rao URL on 04.21.2011

  34. pretty much every thing can be foreign…just cuase foreign means we dont know about it…and we dont truly know all about anything…so if everything is foreign and we dont know of anything about everything…we know all…yes this is twised logic if you think about it…so just dont think about it…just do…do all that you love and dont give a care to the world…for you know not of it…and it knows not of you. Think to give all youi can to the world…learn of it…but keep in mind that you will know nothing of it until it knows all of you.

    By dominic on 04.21.2011

  35. my boyfriend is a foreign exchange student. he’s from germany. i sometimes wish that we didn’t start going out because i know he’s going back home soon. it’s really depressing. i love him a lot, and it’s not fair at all. i wish he wasn’t from germany. i wish he lived here all the time so he wouldn’t leave me. i cry a lot when i think about it.

    By lex on 04.21.2011

  36. Fitting that walking through the corridor en route to my destination that a foreign sight befell me. What happened afterwards turned the most clever disguises in to foolish fondling.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 04.21.2011

  37. Wow…my whole life seems this way right now. Who am i…who are they…and what it this? I thought I was right at home but everything in my life seems so damn….foreign these days. Maybe I need a vacation to a “foreign” place.

    By Jason Jones on 04.21.2011

  38. I didn’t come up with goblins for “foreign.” No, a girl called, “Samantha” did. But what is the difference between inspiration and copying? i shall say that samantha inspired me, not that I am copying her.

    So, let me write my story about goblins. I shall add to it each day.

    Accross seas that roll like breath – white and blue breath on a cold day – is a wood. The wood is dark on the edges; children with their hand shovels and striped beach hats pass it with no more than a wary glance.

    But in this dark wood, there is a magical center. The light, it seems, comes from a golden-red sun – everything has a rose tint to it. And in these

    ah, I fear I have gone quite past a minute.

    By Anna Winslow URL on 04.21.2011

  39. Somewhere, a twig snapped.
    Ellen stopped. Her heart skipped a beat. These forests were dangerous at night, and the dark was quickly falling. The shadows made perfect cover for predators and bandits. Still holding her breath, Ellen tip-toed behind a tree in a low crouch, and pursed her lips as the stubbed her toe on a tree root. Did she make a sound? She thought not. She hoped not…
    There! She could hear it clearly, a rustling sound in the brush just on the other side of the tree. Heavy grunting and snorting noises made her realize that she was still holding her breath. Were they coming closer?
    Suddenly the creature let out a loud, hideous squeal and the bushes exploded in a rush as an enormous boar came hurtling into the clearing, gushing blood across the forest floor from where a huge, black spear protruded from its leg. Ellen was captivated by the sight, and held herself utterly still, unwilling to breath, until the breath she was holding finally released itself in a scream as she was startled by the appearance of a large, foreign boot beside her.

    By Autumn Reds and Golds URL on 04.21.2011

  40. Ew, this green stuff is gross!
    I don’t wanna eat it!
    Who would even eat something like that anyway?
    Could I just get some pasta?
    No, plain please.
    I hate traveling.

    By Glam Girl URL on 04.21.2011