April 22nd, 2011 | 400 Entries

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400 Entries for “styrofoam”

  1. What is styrofoam? any idea? I know about foam…but what is styrofoam…can anyone explain me this? Does it have any meaning….I cant think of anything.

    By Sneha on 04.23.2011

  2. styrofoam is hilarious to play with, crunch a bunch up into tiny pieces and then run up to your friend and dump it on their head. sticks like crazzzyy. have fun :)

    By Julia Collins on 04.23.2011

  3. styrofoam is bad for the enviroment…it takes likes a hundred years or more for it to decompose. so DONT throw styrofoam into the enviroment because mother nature will hate you forever. and may possibly curse your life with tornadoes and storms.

    By ashley URL on 04.23.2011

  4. n

    By kgrace9 URL on 04.23.2011

  5. styrofoam. you can rip it, but it’s not as fun bubble wrap or the styrofoam peanuts. the hard-packed styrofoam, no one likes to play with.

    By Jaymie on 04.23.2011

  6. this is something that comes in packages and its white and i like to break it into pieces. its really awesome because it looks like snow sometimes but you can also break it into big pices. sometimes the big pieces can be used to build something like a little house or something. usually theres a lot in those big boxes like for my tv

    By Claire on 04.23.2011

  7. “it’s still there!”
    “what’s still there?”
    “the styrofoam!”
    “what styrofoam?”
    “in the bottom of the trash, it didn’t go into the dumpster again…it’s just stuck there.”
    “oh, well, can you reach it?”
    “no, it’s just stuck.”
    “then leave it.”

    By izzy URL on 04.23.2011

  8. i don’t understand the purpose of styrofoam other than to house food and drink at lame parties. it’s scrapable and extremely annoying and the texture of it is just plain weird. i don’t understand why people are so in love with it, it feels like a cat’s tongue. i hate the sound of it being cut by knives and forks and it just makes me cringe. blurgh i hate styrofoam with a passion.

    By beccagiz URL on 04.23.2011

  9. Each small citrus-like segment rubs shoulders with its neighbours, vying for space in a lightweight world.

    By chethers on 04.23.2011

  10. styrofoam pellets. The kind where you open something new and they go EVERYWHERE. I’m pretty sure they’re each specially manufactured to stick to any and every surface including the carpet, your clothes, and your dog who will then proceed to run around half crazed trying to get the little white aliens of its back.

    By Jules URL on 04.23.2011

  11. crackling peanuts of white fill the room with the red carpet, and the moms are mad, but the children are happy, cloaked in white and playing in the room that is snow, snow on blood, snow on apples and cherries and healing potion

    By Anna URL on 04.23.2011

  12. Styrofoam…that’s what they serve our food on at school. I hate it. it’s just white and meaningless in it’s total articialness. The school could do better than styrofoam. IT reminds me of deprivement. I hate it.

    By Krystal URL on 04.23.2011

  13. dim sum
    organic chemistry misses
    the point, if pointing
    is your bliss, point west
    she misses the point all
    the time: grasp the tear
    animate the wound
    time gathers you to
    her womb.

    By paschal URL on 04.23.2011

  14. it is a funny thing it is stiff yet crunchy and messy soooo much fun to play with i love uses i for art big presents come wrapped in it..oh joy! the little beads are messy

    By b on 04.23.2011

  15. I saw the four letter word. The frightening letters that together spelled my feelings. The ma next to me had no clue. I was frightened, so I took a sharpie and blacked it out, and I smelled the intoxicating pen fumes and sat back. I looked at the man and he smiled.

    By olivia URL on 04.23.2011

  16. Hmm, styrofoam can be a very useful substance if you use your imagination. It can be a wind breaker to keep you warm and insulate from the cold, and you can even build a boat with it!

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.23.2011

  17. Styrofoam is candy for the other senses!

    Twisty, squeezy, bouncy, floaty, and deliciously crunchy to the ears.

    Light to touch, and just the thing to forget serious things in the world.

    One of life’s simple pleasures, I say.

    By yetihk URL on 04.23.2011

  18. The styrofoam cups bobbed up and down in the lake like soapy bubbles. They washed up onto by beach, slimy and filled with sand. I threw them into the trash where they filled up the landfill, never to disintegrate.

    By Kris Rogers on 04.23.2011

  19. We held the cups, warming our hands, cheap styrofoam things; they don’t do proper china in this country. The white puffs of your breath mingled with mine as we looked at each other and I wanted to inhale them; it was the only way you and I could still be together.

    By Lucie URL on 04.23.2011

  20. styrofoam is what was used in the residence halls in college. My roommate, Kristina, is into recycling and the environment. Despite the fact we were both addicted to coffee, she started to boycott the foam containers provided.

    By Stephanie Maloney on 04.23.2011

  21. styrofoam is bad for the environment went you bite it and tear it to pieces like I used to do in the dug out while I cheered on the girls who weren’t horrible at the sport that their dads were proud to say their little one was playing.

    By madi on 04.23.2011

  22. fake plastic. earth killing material. used for so many things. cups, plates, anything reusable and cheap. the cheaper method is never the one best for the earth or your body. life is never fair that way.

    By kate the great URL on 04.23.2011

  23. Styrofoam. i’mnot quiite sure what it is actually. Someimes its squishy, sometimes is rock solid. Styofoam is itself. I is all it ees to be. Why cant we be like that? Why can’t we just be styrofoam, and except that we’re different, but still be known as one? Why can’t people be like styrofoam?

    By Justme on 04.23.2011

  24. Meetings. Meetings with people in H&M clothing. A future I’ve done my best to not let my imaginings digest before it is so.

    By Jane on 04.23.2011

  25. soft and pliable and easy to make into planets or school projects. fun to play with and look at when you’re at the craft store. the main ingredient in a lot of things

    By Gabi on 04.23.2011

  26. In a way, the door is always closing around us. Microcosm of guilt, years of misuse of the earth, baffling complexity in the science of the thing. We built the room and we must secure it. Fuel it. Package it to go, in whatever vehicle we have invented for the next generation. Movers and shakers, always packaged to go.

    The fields are tamed for food, the food is fed to become more food. Fossils gripped, removed, recycled, turned from the immortal into the indestructible. Even God cannot recreate this one. Years and humans long gone, the garbage sails on, ever growing, across the sea.

    By emay URL on 04.23.2011

  27. Belived that people was running through the woods. But styrofoam was wrong. The people was just having fun. Yep.

    By Jaloko URL on 04.23.2011

  28. Opening the box a small green eggshell popped out. The stuffing that held a prized object couldn’t contain itself. His arms went deep in as they yearned to grasp something other than fluff. And then there it was..

    By Amanda URL on 04.23.2011

  29. Styrofoam is nice and light, perfect to package things in to keep from getting damaged. Kid’s also love to play with it when their parents get a nice big package used with that. It sure makes a mess though when they crumble it. I used to like to use it for crafts and paint it. Its got such an interesting texture and shape!

    By Hannah on 04.23.2011

  30. Styrofoam is fun to play with; however, it gets stuck to your clothes and you often have a tough time getting it off of you. It’s used to protect things in little boxes or even big boxes.

    By Courteney Fentz on 04.23.2011

  31. a flexible yet sturdy material. terrible for the environment except we all use it. dunkin donuts. take out. late night food. feel guilty for using it but unavoidable. so much for going green.

    By Gaby on 04.23.2011

  32. It was everywhere, popping everywhere. It was a sea of white Styrofoam, packing the children together. Hands popped up, screaming lips fought for air. Some were laughing, a crazed laughter that echoed of the linoleum walls and aluminum floors.

    By Annika on 04.23.2011

  33. styrofoam. doesnt it just look like brand new fallen snow on a quiet sunday morning at big bear mountain? i know it does. because i’ve a) played with styrofoam and b) seen brand new fallen snow at big bear. let me just tell you though, it is soooo beautiful. i think it was the first time i remember seeing snow. i was quite young. i guess styrofoam is a new concept in this world as well, whereas snow has been here forever.

    By Ana Corral URL on 04.23.2011

  34. Making a mess every time its touched the little white pearls of mass irritation spontaneously make their way around the floor as my toddler begins to bite off chunks of the white Styrofoam. My anger strikes me at it’s worst I am about to raise my hand to given to my blood thirst, then a bit of Styrofoam creeps up into the fan like snow flakes fluttering down my anger melts away.

    By Sydney van Lienen on 04.23.2011

  35. lightweight, white, and fluffy. seemingly useless, yet it protects our most precious possessions. its annoying, and it sticks to you everywhere, yet without it, we wouldn’t have valuables to cherish. necessary, yet useless.

    By kathryn on 04.23.2011

  36. Puffy cushions are made of syrofoam, and so are all the most comfy things that can be put in a bedroom, living room. Styrofoam is useful in craftivity, arts, and all kind of fun stuff.

    Styrofoam can be painted, but not with spray paint because material will disintegrate.

    By Nancy Lopez on 04.23.2011

  37. Styrofoam. Makes me think of projects when I was a kid, the nasty taste when you’d have to drink water out of one, and those huge balls at the art store that I still don’t understand a purpose for.

    By M on 04.23.2011

  38. styrofoam is one of the banes of humanity. It causes huge piles of mass in landfills and will take thousands of years to disappear from the environment. There are other, better methods of packaging that should be explored before using styrofoam.

    By Margaret on 04.23.2011

  39. so white so hot it burns my fingers but makes the snow fun to look at. Hot coffee, how amazing you are! i wish you would burn my fingers only not my tongue. But i will take the fire.

    By Anna on 04.23.2011

  40. styrofoam is amazing. you can do almost anything with it. It can make your life better! IF you have a box of styrofoam, you can make a fort, or entertain some friends. It is the ULTIMATE entertainment. Besides bubble wrap of course, but nothing beats that. Styrofoam is a mess though. Oh look, I get to go again! But anyway, after you get all the little pellets on the floor, it’s annoying to get it off. Sweepers barely work, and anything else requires so much time. It’s fun otherwise though. So yeah. There’s my paper. Do I get an A+?

    By Logan on 04.23.2011