April 6th, 2013 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “flour”

  1. Flour hour,
    On the power Flower.
    Don’t forget to breathe.

    By Stranger Than Fiction URL on 04.06.2013

  2. the flour had been taken. The recipe is incomplete, wee need it for the good of the kingom! the great warrios must go to the Vanished Realm where de Dark King will be forced to bring us the flour. It is our destiny, its our people.

    By Williams Antonio González González on 04.06.2013

  3. this flour could kill you
    Don’t eat the bread
    the rye is demented
    choose sanity instead

    By Aley URL on 04.06.2013

  4. Flour
    used for bread and cake
    could i make a dress out of flour?
    i could scatter it on a persons body
    even on my own
    but it would fall of
    there may would stick a little in my hair
    on my shoulders
    on my breasts
    on my feet
    on my nose
    but the rest would fall on the ground
    sooner or later all white would be gone
    like snow
    if i would write ‘flour’ on
    pieces of paper
    pieces of fabric
    sew it together
    or just write it on my skin
    it would cover me

    but who thinks so much about flour
    senseless white is not needed

    By Daniela on 04.06.2013

  5. I used to love baking but since I went off to college I don’t get the chance to as often as I’d like. All the mess of baking is so much fun! The flour and eggs, the sound of the mixer. It’s all worth it in the end when you get to taste a little piece of heaven you’ve created.

    By Awesomeness URL on 04.06.2013

  6. flour fun
    sex in the kitchen
    leaving evidence
    allover the counters
    taste testing your sweet pie
    taking my time
    sipping on your sweet sticky
    syrupy goodness
    hoping i have room left
    for seconds

    By leslie on 04.06.2013

  7. Flour is the main ingredient that makes bread and pastries. We all love bread that is made with white flower, however we have been made aware of the health risk involve, and to switch to brown flour that has a greater nutritional value.

    By victor URL on 04.06.2013

  8. Flour is the essence of creativity. It is sprinkled over the pastries of vitality.

    By Jordan Hall on 04.06.2013

  9. he spilled the flour all over the kitchen floor, the shirt, his hands. but still he smiled, bearing in mind the face she was going to make once she saw the cake

    By helene URL on 04.06.2013

  10. Her words are coated with flour. They are making words, finishing words. When she speaks the particles fly out of her mouth, settling on me like a home.

    By Maddie URL on 04.06.2013

  11. Flour was everywhere, dusting everything with a thin white coat.
    She looked up with a morose, dejected glance.
    I could smell the depression that wafted off of her (that smelled suspiciously of smoke and burn sugar).
    She held several burnt cookies in her hand.
    “I tried.” She whispered, looking for all the world as though she were about to burst into tears.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 04.06.2013

  12. if i would stand over there
    through flour over my naked body
    there may stay some white on
    my hair
    my eyebrows
    my nose
    my shoulders
    my breasts
    my feet

    instead i sit here and think of you
    not understanding
    my affair of white experiences

    senseless thoughts.

    By Daniela on 04.06.2013

  13. It was everywhere, on the walls, on the floor. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to find little Billy. This was turning out to be the worst babysitting job I had ever had. After sifting through mounds and mounds of flour I finally uncovered him, in the bag.

    By Nicki on 04.06.2013

  14. Its a white powder. Not my fave white powder but it does the trick if your making bread.
    I like bread. Im not a duck though, im a normal….. well 80% normal person

    By aaron on 04.06.2013

  15. Flour is a grainy substance that make cooking and back possible. It comes from plants.

    By Apple toast on 04.06.2013

  16. Flour. Bread. Minecraft!!

    By Jason URL on 04.06.2013

  17. Years of hard, back breaking work at the mills had caused his health to deteriate and for his clothes to be permanently covered in a powdery layer of flour, the building block of his livelihood.

    By Nicole on 04.06.2013

  18. Flour is used for baking. It’s bitter, but is in a lot of sweet things. Flour is a homophone for flower; it’s spelled differently but sounds the same. Flowers bloom in the spring. Flour is white and powdery.

    By Jamie Ewing on 04.06.2013

  19. The flour caked the floor of the bakery. Maria should have expected this. Bringing in her 2 year old twin nephews to the bakery obviously had not been a very good idea, the boys had found the flour sack and had a fight with it’s contents.

    By Liz Vos on 04.06.2013

  20. Tomé una taza llena de harina mientras esperaba a que dijera algo. “¿Cómo te sientes?” me dijo. “Muy sucia” respondía yo. Nos abrazamos hasta que el amanecer invadía la habitación.

    By Mar Coba URL on 04.06.2013

  21. flower/flour

    grinding grains
    once growing
    organic matter

    By Perri URL on 04.06.2013

  22. The sprinkle of flour on her nose only made her more endearing to him as she whirled around after he tapped her shoulder. He studied the freckled, powder-dusted face before him, and deciding once again that he’d never seen anything more beautiful (even after all these years), he gently placed his lips on her surprised ones.

    By Christinymous URL on 04.06.2013

  23. Flour is used in cakes. I love cakes. Cakes make me happy. Especially chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes with icing just make me want to sing with joy at how happy they make me feel. Birthday cake is the best of all cakes, it combines two joys.

    By Jo on 04.06.2013

  24. A gigantic cloud of powder fell over me. “James!” I sceamed, running at him.
    He laughed and jumped away from me, laughing as I tried to wipe the flour on him.

    By DeionDakota URL on 04.06.2013

  25. I baked and baked. It was a crazy day but an important one. We had to have all the cakes done. Especially the wedding cake. It was going to be a beautiful day and it was my job to make the food what every bride has always wanted for the most important day of their life. Throw the rolls in the oven. Only four more hours.

    By Emma on 04.06.2013

  26. I signed in relief, but my worries weren’t over when I turned around. A kitchen! I crouched into a corner just as a short, plump lady ran past and boomed her growling voice.

    By OneJen URL on 04.06.2013

  27. The flour covered everything. It was all over the floor, my dress, our faces, his hair. I reached up and brushed some of it out of his eyes. He grabbed my hand and smiled at me, and I knew what he was going to do. Cleaning up the flour could wait.

    By Iam Me URL on 04.06.2013

  28. With laughter like a bubbling stream, you were in my kitchen baking with cookies with flour on your nose and in your soft, brown hair.

    By Adrianna on 04.06.2013

  29. The bread rises as it bakes, expanding to fill the pan. Spilling over the brim. It sits in a display for twelve hours. Then it’s thrown out to be prayed upon by the vagrants. So it goes.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.06.2013

  30. The flour bag exploded all over the table, floor and my body. It was a mess…and when mom comes home, she’s going to be a mess too. I’d tell her it was an accident, and she’d ask me why I had the flour out in the first place. I wouldn’t tell her the truth though. I’d have to think of a lie. Oh why must life be so complicated?

    By Rachel URL on 04.06.2013

  31. The flour on the table was spilled all over the place. The kids had just gone into the living room after creating this mess all over the place. I stood there with my hands on my hips wondering how in the past 20 years of my life i have come to this, cleaning up after two ungrateful kids.

    By Palmer Richmond on 04.06.2013

  32. dusty white chalkboard baby. even teachers learn to howl. one two, drenched in glue, in oil, in soaps, in massage lotions. green angry paws, blackberry feet. i’m a mess, you’re a mess. the worst is when you try to hide it.

    By gia.mfgon on 04.06.2013

  33. A little bit of flour, a teaspoon of vanilla, and an excessive amount of sugar was all it took to bake the cake. Carlos drew it out of the oven, smoldering hot, and set it down. His hungry Corgi, Martin the Sixth, licked his pink gums, waiting for a crumb or morsel or chunk to descend into his mouth.

    Carlos cut the cake into very, very thin slices. He set a place for himself at the table, then a place for his wife. This was her favorite cake.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.06.2013

  34. On a bad day: flour makes me think of flowers which makes me think of romance which makes me think of love which makes me think how very much I feel deprived in that department.

    On a good day: flour makes me think of baking which makes me think of chocolate chip cookies!

    By aura.rayne URL on 04.06.2013

  35. Christmas cake and the smell of sherry and hot mince pies from the Aga.

    Children, my babies, it seems so long ago, in other lives, when we stirred wishes the cake.

    Dreams that I damned and wishes whose wings I tore off

    A family fairytale home in Suffolk

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.06.2013

  36. there were specks of flour scattered about her clothes and face. the smell of bread permeated the entire house. brushing the white powder from her brow i could not help but think how peaceful she looked lying there.

    By Analisa URL on 04.06.2013

  37. her hands
    dusted with flour
    wipe at her brow and keep working
    she takes a moment
    stares out the window
    at the finches
    and the cardinals
    calling to her in song

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.06.2013

  38. Standing in the kitchen, I was getting bored. I had been there for three hours, making dinner for the family. I was done with main meal and working on desert when my husband got home. He worked all day, then went to the gym. Since I knew he would be wearing nothing important, I kept my back turned put grabbed a hand full flour. I waited for him to be just two feet from me and turned, quickly tossing it, then grabbing the entire bag and dodging away from him. Two handfuls later, he got the bag from me. Our goofy moment resulted in a big mess to clean up, and me lacking flour to make desert.

    By AnnieB URL on 04.06.2013

  39. FLOUR. when mixed with sugar, shortening, and other flavors, it could make you real fat. I hate being fat! and while flour is really a bit distant, I just can’t help but associate this with my current dissatisfaction of what my body has become. oh boy!

    By greengabberglob URL on 04.06.2013

  40. Flour rhymes with our. It’s said as “fla-were”. Flower, is said as “flauw”.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 04.06.2013