March 5th, 2013 | 257 Entries

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257 Entries for “flames”

  1. Curling, licking, sticking, biting my flesh and peeling, consuming, all feeling, drawn to the depths of my soul. Brooding and steeping, my inner soul is weeping, hades fires never burned so deeply. Infernal damnation, the call of our heart, and taking over it’s forever parts, lifeless and hopeless forever alone, in sin I sit in the dark I atone.

    By Kajsa on 03.05.2013

  2. heat causes the sweat to drip from my brow down into a pool of warm water that reflects exactly how i feel

    By cc on 03.05.2013

  3. i’m going up in flames and all I can think about is food. I smell like cooked food. Pork chops. I want to eat myself. Everyone around me has different thoughts. I’m a heathen. I would like to pour a thick gravy over myself.

    By Natasha on 03.05.2013

  4. The flames licked against the drapes and then leapt up them, hungrily, and the woman seemed frozen in fear and indecision.
    “Here!” cried the old man, gesturing frantically with one outstretched hand, “come to me, quickly!”
    She flicked panicked eyes at him, just for a moment, and then continued to stare at the rising flames around her.

    By Jay URL on 03.05.2013

  5. The fire licked the air lightly. It was bright, it’s source quickly depleting. I waiting for my friend to bring back some more firewood, watching it dance around as the wind kicked up above us. We had been sitting there, reminiscing the good times. I heard a crunch behind me and smiled.

    By Chelsey on 03.05.2013

  6. everything’s flammable even water

    By smorris URL on 03.05.2013

  7. When I walk into that room, pass those doors, see her in that corner, doing whatever it is she is doing; I burn. My body in flames. My world in flames. It burns me, but everyone walks but, untouched. Glaciers.

    By R.J. on 03.05.2013

  8. burning, spirit, light . Purification from all evil, from dualities. Reborn , into the Light. The heat is unbeareble, but it is as it has to be. Let go, and you will transcend.

    By hao on 03.05.2013

  9. tall pillars. the oil paint strokes in luscious curls and waves up and down the canvas. the sad maiden in chains, eyes heaven bound, hands poetic in their recognizance

    By gia.mfgon on 03.05.2013

  10. I’m engulfed by flames. They take my skin first, charred and burned, it falls to ash. The wind sweeps the ashes into the world. They disperse further than my body ever could. I’m freer this way; I go further.

    By Maddie on 03.05.2013

  11. When they’ve finished being beautiful, hypnotic, mesmerizing, all that’s left is ashes.

    By Celia Micklefield URL on 03.05.2013

  12. flames. fire. heat and fear and the smell of burning and memories of being rudely awakened by a screaming alarm that saved the house and the lives but burned a sound in the mind that terrifies in the years to come even when it’s just a reminder to change the battery.

    By Julia Anastasia URL on 03.06.2013

  13. she woke up in the flames of the fire
    lighting the path across her bed
    to her feet, warming her knees
    she smiled
    what had she started?
    where nothing was wet
    but the kiss on her cheek
    all those years ago
    just a moment in the past
    a brief sigh, a sign of the times
    “how time flies”, declared decades
    today’s decaf lattes
    and strange regrets
    burn them to the ground.

    By Matty M. on 03.06.2013

  14. Flames licking her legs. Pain beyond words shooting through her. A shriek punctures the sky. Smoke suffocates her, she faints.

    By Selfpoise on 03.06.2013

  15. Live Love Laugh ! Because life is beautiful in the morning ! And when you breathing , you will happy with all this things! Live your life cause youre young!

    By Aybüke Beren on 03.06.2013

  16. When they’ve finished dancing, beautiful, hypnotic, mesmerizing, all that’s left is ash.

    By Celia URL on 03.06.2013

  17. burn

    By emrah on 03.06.2013

  18. The blue flames dances in front of me. Slowly it took the form of a man. He looked at me and held out his hand as he’s saying, “Take my hand and come with me”. I looked at him and took his hand. Together we went to discover parts of the world that has never been discovered before.
    Before I knew it, I woke up in my bed. Sweats trickled down my chin. Huh, just a dream, just another day….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 03.06.2013

  19. Her eyes widened. The vehicle crashed into flames in a mere instant. She stood there, completely immobilized. Because of her, two more innocent people had died.

    By Tes on 03.06.2013

  20. Michelle couldn’t forget that day, where redness decorated her own house. She has lost everything; her sister, her mother, everything.

    By Erin on 03.06.2013

  21. flames can be bright and hot,

    Flames from fire camp

    Flames from on stove

    By sarah miller URL on 03.06.2013

  22. They spark in every heart…
    They light every dream.

    Let the flame inside you burn.
    Let the child inside you scream.

    By Ravi on 03.06.2013

  23. The vibrant flames danced before my eyes and roared and cackled. It was soaking in every bit of oxygen in the hair, hungry for more every time, like an addict. I watched it show off its dazzling colours and power, and then I stood up. The flame rose higher in response and died down again as I turned my back to it. I could feel the warmth and call of the fire behind me, tempting me turn back. I hesitated and stood there for a while until a breeze blew and aroused my senses.

    By OneJen URL on 03.06.2013

  24. The vibrant flames danced before my eyes and roared and cackled. It was soaking in every bit of oxygen in the air, hungry for more every time, like an addict. I watched it show off its dazzling colours and power, and then I stood up. The flame rose higher in response and died down again as I turned my back to it. I could feel the warmth and call of the fire behind me, tempting me turn back. I hesitated and stood there for a while until a breeze blew and aroused my senses.

    By OneJen URL on 03.06.2013

  25. we like hot flames can never die

    By NESISA JAY MOYO URL on 03.06.2013

  26. flames are the way that fire is shown in the surface
    flames can be understood in a way of passion or danger which in some cases connect also. the word flames is used in songs, poems and writings as a mettafore to feelings or destruction.

    By sara on 03.06.2013

  27. She wrote a letter to her unrequited lover for hours on end. One look at all her feelings finally put into words, and she knew what she had to do. A cigarette lighter nearby helped her keep her love unrequited.

    By Faye URL on 03.06.2013

  28. Your dimpled smile,
    Is the flame that warms me when I’m cold.

    You’re the beautiful dream,
    That turns my grey, dead world to gold.

    You’re my eternity, my today, tomorrow and everyday.
    The magical candle, that drives dark shadows away.

    By RashmiSasi URL on 03.06.2013

  29. flames from a fire are hot. sometimes they are a beautiful color. if they get out of hand they will be terribly dangerous.

    By marie on 03.06.2013

  30. Burning all around. Drowning me. Suffocating me. Like all the dreams I had. It does not stop there it goes on forever; an endless chain of flames. That killed me. That killed them but it doesn’t stop there.

    By vicky URL on 03.06.2013

  31. It burned bright in the night, dimly in the morning and finally pitifully in the afternoon. This is how the flame progressed, as well as his ambition.

    By Llewelyn de Beer on 03.06.2013

  32. The flames got higher and higher, as the wind got stronger. We were afraid that our house would be burned down to the ground, since the fire truck did not arrived in time. Fortunately for us a heavy downpour of rain did the job, and quickly out the flames.

    By victor URL on 03.06.2013

  33. the flames licked at the young girls dress, eating away hungrily at her hem. tears streamed down her ash blackened cheeks, pouring rivers as if they would be enough to extinguish the fire burning at her feet, witch witch! the towns people cried and oh how she wished she could remember the spell she needed to save herself.

    By Rose URL on 03.06.2013

  34. flames is caused by fire. there is a college in pune called flames. flames look like yellow and orange. flames is cause when u light up something. i think flamingo has its name and some relation to flames.flames are hot. flames c

    By Shraddha Bhandari on 03.06.2013

  35. The flames of conflict and doubt lashed out at me in hopelessness. Would I be happy staying this way if I convinced myself that things would get better? When would they get better? How could I get better hoping for something the flames always burned away and turned to ash! My dispair is the only thing the flames cannot extinguish.

    By Sunny on 03.06.2013

  36. fire

    By Joseph URL on 03.06.2013

  37. Going up in flames! Burning out, blowing your big chance, seeing your future reduced to embers, all because of a hot headed nature…heat is seen as so evil but really the flames can be cleansing and pure and allow for new growth. Don’t fear the fire, embrace it, and it hurts, oh hell yes it hurts, but then there is cleanliness, after the ashes are cleared away.

    By Ara URL on 03.06.2013

  38. She couldn’t bear the heat. It was too hot! The desert was far to dangerous for adventures this long. Of course she was just being dramatic, but it was hot. The air was dry and hot. She felt she could burst into flames at any moment and it was killing her. She needed more water, even though she already had three bottles. It was just way too hot for her to continues, but she was not going to just sit there and wait for someone to rescue her either.

    By Alex on 03.06.2013

  39. they are bright red and orange, hot and flickering, licking up the air as they dance around their subject with a passionate glow.

    By alex on 03.06.2013

  40. hot flames fueled by the gasoline engulfed me. what was once a pleasant puddle full of oily rainbows was now full of fiery tongues licking away at me.

    By Lindsey Tabor on 03.06.2013