March 4th, 2013 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “lamb”

  1. He looks around a brand new world, with even newer eyes.
    He sees his flock and family, ‘neath bright and cloudy skies.
    A shiver creeps up hairless back, his wool is not yet grown,
    He snuggles into Mother’s warmth. He can not make his own.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.05.2013

  2. You’re lovely and new in your lamb’s pink skirt and I just want to get to know you. Kiss your knees with my arms wrapped around your back, get to know the skin that holds your blood inside. I want to be a part of your mind, sliding through your thoughts as easy as your own name.

    By genahtastic on 03.05.2013

  3. The wide eyes looked towards me, a froze in place, not knowing what to do. How could something so innocent do that? I was puzzled and afraid, but mostly intrigued.

    By Steven Lobsey on 03.05.2013

  4. i would like to buy a lamb so that i can have fur and meat. lamb is cute.
    lamb should be white. bahhhhhhhhhh.

    By Rameez on 03.05.2013

  5. There was this creature in my garden once. I believe it’s called a ‘lamb’. It was really beautiful. This soft white fleece. Oh, you gorgeous little white lamb, what a graceful creation you are! Who could have imagined an animal this wonderful, but God himself.

    By Vladimir on 03.05.2013

  6. Silence. Everything was silent. You could hear the heart beat of a thousand men. But the silence made by a million more that have stopped beating was much louder.

    By Kate on 03.05.2013

  7. Lamby is the name of my son’s favorite toy, a backpack in the shape of a giant lamb’s head. Before he could clearly say the word, it sounded like “mamby” which of course sounds like Miami…and thus Miami Vice was born. When he wants he now says “where’s Miami vice?”

    By Ara on 03.05.2013

  8. She looked up at me, with wide dewy eyes framed with long lush lashes. Her skin was baby smooth, her nose a cute button and cheeks rosy red. Sitting in the afternoon sun,with the wind in her hair and the grass surrounding her. She was wearing a pink checkered frock and a ribbon in her hair; the very image of innocence and childhood, except that her mouth and hands were covered in blood.

    In the corner, her playmate lay dying; with crimson blood spreading like the sea upon it’s snowy white wool.

    The vampire child blinked and her eyes flashed a glowing red.

    By dramarie URL on 03.05.2013

  9. The Lamb of God, she thought dizzily in the few moments before she fainted.

    When she woke hours later, he–excuse her, He–was still standing, waiting patiently in her living room for an audience.

    By Nikki URL on 03.05.2013

  10. Easily led by the crowd, she only hesitated a moment before taking the pipe in her hand. They were all staring, and this was her moment. Casey had offered her a chance to become one of them, to be cool. Her mother said that there were leaders and followers, and that followers usually had to sacrifice their integrity to stay behind. She place her lips on the pipe, and inhaled.

    By Soft URL on 03.05.2013

  11. Jesus is the lamb of God. That’s what came to my mind. Rather than writing about white furry animals mostly inhabiting New Zealand, I think it’d be more self-fulfilling if I write about God. Having saved us all from our sins, I think that’s more than fair enough.

    By Sweet Bethany on 03.05.2013

  12. Mary had a little lamb, who fur was white as snow. Ive always been jealous of Mary, my parents never bought me a lamb. Ive always asked for one, but they always said no. Maybe when i get older, ill buy my own lamb. That would be awesome!!!!

    By Donisha Wilburn on 03.05.2013

  13. I saw a lamb at the parade yesterday, and it was the most beautiful lamb I’ve ever seen, it was black, orange and purple, with white stripes. Eating pizza on a table.

    By Janine on 03.05.2013

  14. a lamb is a creature that many people equate with meekness. It is a soft and gentle creature and his representative of some sort of spiritual background for Christians. A lamb is not to be confused with a ram which is repres

    By kms URL on 03.05.2013

  15. The lamb is the cutest thing ever it hangs around with people and is pretty dumb. It also doesn’t really care about it’s other kind. If a lamb is killed in front of a bunch of other lambs and then the butcher begins the same motions towards the lambs the lambs don’t respond. They just stand there and get butchered. Silence of the lambs.

    By Shiloh on 03.05.2013

  16. The Good Sheperd ran over the waving, grassy fields, looking for His lamb. Emma had wandered off again, this time farther than ever before. He stopped and listened. A faint cry, down by the precipice, “Jesus? Father! Help me! I’m lost.” He smiled. There was the call He was waiting for.

    By Emma Travis on 03.05.2013

  17. The lamb looked up at her curiously. The small animal looked so fragile and innocent. After all, it was only a baby. Sheep even as they grew older retained their innocence. She couldn’t look at the lamb. It reminded her too much of what she had lost in order to gain what she had now. The childish innocence of the lamb was just too much for her.

    By Sabrina URL on 03.05.2013

  18. Little lambs lament at their labor, not knowing that it will strengthen their sabers.

    By Marianne URL on 03.05.2013

  19. The lamb brayed. It whined and pulled at the hem of my shirt. It was tiny, so tiny and it looked so soft, though I rather thought that its fur would become coarse soon enough.

    By Kelsey on 03.05.2013

  20. The first time I had lamb chops I ate 12.
    I saw a video yesterday of extreme sheep herding. Talk about human ingenuity. It was amazing.
    Also, there are all these videos going around of “screaming goats” too bad most of them are of sheep.

    By Bobbi B on 03.05.2013

  21. They cover the Welsh fields, white and fluffy bundles of wool. It’s not something I really think about. Used for wool as they grow older, for meat even. Lamb is far better than mutton. Mutton has too strong of a flavor, and is often tougher. Lamb, is tender and soft. Merf. I don’t really like the flavor though. Except for sheeps head stew.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.05.2013

  22. A baby sheep.
    Lost from the heard.
    The Sheppard wasn’t watching and something got him.
    A wolf maybe or something else.
    But he’s gone now

    By Jeana on 03.05.2013

  23. bleeting and belting, inturrupting music, and keeping their towers locked from the human interest, I saw the lambs with the goats. This, to me was unusual for I had always seen them as two different sides of the same coin. one of violence, and one of fear. Where then, did this lamb come from?

    By dorf on 03.05.2013

  24. The lamb sat down in a heap on the floor, its bloody wool torn around its stomach. From outside came the sound of a men stamping their feet on the asphalt. The lamb knew this was its last day

    By caleb on 03.05.2013

  25. the silence of the lambs screams against my ears. A pure lamb led to slaughter keeps the world from falling into darkness. A pure lamb walking to slaughter leads the world into light. The lamb is mightier than the lion.

    By matt on 03.05.2013

  26. Little lamb sitting there. The way you graze quietly intimidates me. I watch you. You are too quiet. Little lamb, are you graceful? I have never seen you dance. It is impossible to tell.

    By Jordan on 03.05.2013

  27. little silly lamb ambling on through the pasture. why do you follow man so willingly? because he leads with a long stick and a strong voice? because on your hind legs you amount to half of him? don’t you realize that your halfing body provide his life with all that it is? your wool clothes him, your milk feeds him, do not let him reduce you to nothing.

    By talia on 03.05.2013

  28. oh the precious lamb of God
    the lion and the lamb?
    silence of said lambs?
    i know thats not exactly how you say it
    im not thinking just typing. unfortunatly i have to back space cause i can’t stand spelling errors. they bug me to no end.
    lambchop the lamb ?
    now the word lamb looks weird
    whoever thought to put m and b together?

    By Nadia on 03.05.2013

  29. a lamb is an animal but a baby one of that. I think they are quite cute and it reminds me of the world how it used to be alot more natural things and i feel we should go back to that. Lambs are beautiful animals and taste lovely too

    By Sallyanne on 03.05.2013

  30. LIttle Lamb. Oh the gentle species that it represents! When strong, passionate, divine Jesus held the little lamb -what a representation. Then, the Lion and the Lamb.

    By Shyla Marie on 03.05.2013

  31. The little girl smiled unseeingly, gripping her stuffed lamb closer to her chest. Mommy had given that to her, before daddy started upsetting her and she had to get better. “It’s good that Daddy’s gone,” she thought, “Now I have mommy all to myself.”

    So she climbed into her mommy’s bed and knocked her pills aside to hug her close. And the lamb stayed between, shielding the little girl from the cold, harsh reality.

    By Anais Negulescu on 03.05.2013

  32. Jesus was the lamb, for our sins. WAZZZ UPPP.

    By Elliott on 03.05.2013

  33. Mary had a little lamb whose flees was as white as snow and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.
    One of my friends is a pink lamb and is going to marry Mary someday and I am going to plan the wedding. The theme will be Lamb and Roses. Sebastian is going to be the best man and is going to be dressed up as a lamb and the wedding gown is going to be like the one that the lady in Toy Story (the one in pink) has.

    By Isabel on 03.05.2013

  34. the meat is delicious, sure
    (succulent, rare, goes better
    with red)

    but he finds more joy in slaughter
    (especially succulent are blood-red

    By isa on 03.05.2013

  35. A small, fluffy animal leaps and bounds about a pasture imbued with greenery and salient warmth. The winter months were quite abysmal, and the sudden turn of environmental fortune was most welcome by the smallest of the pastures inhabitants.

    By Jason on 03.05.2013

  36. They say if March comes in like a lamb (mild and quiet, with a frolick) – it will go out like a lion (with a roar – stormy weather). Or vice-versa – in like a lion, out like a lamb. I don’t know which I prefer, maybe just the lamb, all lamb, all frolicking around green fields and little baa giggles and oodles and everything light.

    By siobhan347 URL on 03.05.2013

  37. Lion and the lamb
    so courageous and small
    adorable and frail
    strong symbolically.
    What it is to be slung over the Shepherd’s shoulder
    to be praised
    and loved.
    I find it odd, how you represent a plant.
    Nature in all aspects.

    By Jordan Barker on 03.05.2013

  38. sheep ba ba ba ba black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir 3 bags full one for my master one for my

    By xyz on 03.05.2013