March 6th, 2013 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “signals”

  1. “Look, you’re really sweet and I’m sorry but I’m not…” I looked into her eyes, feeling redness tinge my cheeks. “Oh,” I said simply, my chin falling into my chest. “Hey, hey, it’s ok! We can still be friends and everything. It’s all good,” I forced myself to smile, though I’m sure it came out as more of a grimace. “Yeah, sure,” “Ok, well uh…I’m gonna go. Call you later, ok?” I nodded. She left then and, as she walked away, I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth our signals had gotten so crossed.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.07.2013

  2. I don’t know what he is trying to say. He pulls at his shirt, messes his hair
    looks quick
    looks down
    looks up and away
    But then remains so unabashedly cool

    By Erin Bennett on 03.07.2013

  3. Trafiic lights have an inestimable habit of going to red just as you approach them. If you find this is usually your sitution don’t worry, you are just one of many.
    Why is this so? Is there a universal truth in all things caugin you to

    By Rob Steward on 03.07.2013

  4. red yellow green hand eye alone why inspiration sex different mixed feelings

    By Denitsa on 03.07.2013

  5. She sends sorry signals; silky sighs of sex to simulate sensation.

    By Marianne URL on 03.07.2013

  6. I’m getting the signal that I’m about to be cut off, but that can’t happen, the world must know the truth. They can’t cut me off. They just can’t. I don’t care if I get fired, I’m going to fucking say it.

    By Alex on 03.07.2013

  7. The signals that never got understood. The rejected actions that stayed stationed into the atmosphere. Those were the loneliest days of my life.

    By Victoria on 03.07.2013

  8. The light grew brighter. It flashed in the distance. Then it faded and the light spun away again. The waves lapped the keel and the hull, and the distant signals from shore meant nothing. All that was important was the here and now of the sails and the sea. The signals would only matter when they reached them.

    By Missy on 03.07.2013

  9. one two signalled the driver and off he wentwithout appearing again.Again and gain some more – all! Yes,exceed and the element of surprise will do the rest.

    By Gergo on 03.07.2013

  10. The signal flares flashed in the sky. Someone else was lost at sea, too? Man, tonight the sea was crowded. Oh, I had plenty of signal flares in that little cabinet under the bench on my lifeboat. The thing was, I kind of wanted to get lost. I was the one that drilled the hole in the bottom of that cruise ship.
    I wanted something dramatic to happen to me.
    Something that would make my life an adventure.

    By Isis on 03.07.2013

  11. She was signing manically in the direction of her friend. Sarah needed to tell her this instant. Maggie just looked at Sarah with confusion, and walked into the class room.

    By Kate on 03.07.2013

  12. The sea washes me ashore and I reach toward the light spinning above me, shining across distant waters. I can no longer see the waves that brought me in but I know the light reflects off of them like it has so many years in the past. The lighthouse keeps the boats and darkness at bay, and perhaps it is for the best.

    By Missy on 03.07.2013

  13. Mixed signals. The bane of every relationship. Are they happy? Are hey frustrated? Do they want me? Do they want me to jump in a pit of lava? Mixed signals are like traffic lights, you never know which signal they’re going to give next.

    By Shania URL on 03.07.2013

  14. One points this way the other that way. Which way to go I don’t know. One path is good the other bad. Which one to chose I don’t know.

    By vicky on 03.07.2013

  15. Symbolism, streets, eye contact, gestures, astrology, destiny, fate. Shows an interaction in the universe. Sincronicity of events, deja vu.

    By natalia on 03.07.2013

  16. The signals are right. We are perfect for each other. No wait the signals are gone. I have to go. Goodbye.

    By teeda URL on 03.07.2013

  17. you batted your lashes at me
    so i came over
    and crushed your jugular

    i’m sorry; in my culture that
    was code for
    ‘i’m inviting you to kill me

    in the best way you know how.’
    (that wasn’t mine,
    but you weren’t worth the mess.)

    By isa on 03.07.2013

  18. He was reading her signals all wrong. He thought that she loved him, but the look in her eyes now suggested it was the opposite. “What do you want to do now, Val?”

    He watched her eyes drop to the floor. “I-I’m not sure.”

    “Well just let me know when you’re ‘sure’,” he said, tongue like venom.

    By Monica on 03.07.2013

  19. Such strong signals.
    So little time.
    Why can we sense some and others remain untouched?
    It’s so simplistic yet so demanding.
    it’ll rip out your soul or complete it.
    Something one can never describe in words.
    I feel the most.

    By Jordan Barker on 03.07.2013

  20. I found that I was standing in a crowd. The music was overwhelmingly loud. Everyone around me was there, jumping up and down, opening there mouths to make sounds that I would never here. In this universal chaos, in the middle of everyone blissfully intoxicated by the sounds, all I could make out of the whole thing was his signals.

    By Macha on 03.07.2013

  21. signals can be good or bad. sometimes we see signals that doesn’t exist, we make ourselves believe that someone likes us, or that someone is doing something bad, but mostly we are wrong… big time

    By Martina on 03.07.2013

  22. Sending all the wrong signals. Great. Allabaster rolled her silvery eyes skyward. Why was it every time a nice young merman asked to share a trout she had to scare him off?

    Must be the shark teeth…

    By Zac Katz-Stein on 03.07.2013

  23. She slouched uncomfortably in her seat. The clock ticked slowly as it could, dragging each minute to feel like hours.
    “Find x, then give me an example of how it relates to y,” called a just-as-slow math teacher. She raised her hand quietly. Then the bell rang.

    By Ashlairi Starshryne on 03.07.2013

  24. Signals send you place. Signals are a guide for you, whether you are in your car, on a bus, or on a plane. You are going somewhere and they are pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes people can’t read signals, like body-language or relationship signals. That’s okay. People just need practice. Signals are the life blood of adventure. Adventure is the life blood of success.

    By Krisha URL on 03.07.2013

  25. I wandered around until the signals came into my head like a blast of lightening! It terrified me! I will never be the same and worry that I cannot understand the final message written upon my mind from the universe

    By Cheryle Linturn URL on 03.07.2013

  26. sea gulls sea guilt
    signal bird is out of range.]\
    our time has come, say the seagulls,
    to recaim the lands and
    alien signal to the seagulls:
    [what youve done is wrong]
    [give the seagulls back]
    give sea gulls back their rightful lands]
    aliens raped the lands the seagulls loved
    They RAPED them.
    And they let them go.

    By melanie on 03.07.2013