March 5th, 2013 | 257 Entries

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257 Entries for “flames”

  1. “Well, you see,” he said, clearing his throat and shifting from foot to foot. “There was a fire.”
    Juliet, the manager on duty, looked taken aback. “I’m sorry, what?”
    “A fire!” he said again, taking what had popped into his head and rolling with it. “In the apartment next to mine. It was a big mess. Fortunately it didn’t spread, but I had to stick around until everything was contained.”
    Never let it be said that he wasn’t a creative liar. Then again, he’d used up every plausible excuse in the book ages ago.

    By hannah URL on 03.05.2013

  2. the flames were blazing—-i watched intently. there was a scurry to quiet the flame. i moved not a muscle. just watched. in awe—marveling. i didnt want the flames to destroy but i didnt want to stop watching. i hoped it would stop itself before any real harm was done. in the meantime, watched.

    By Safon URL on 03.05.2013

  3. The wind made the sand rise past her ankles and whip her shins like the flames had risen past the logs on the bonfire they’d extinguished earlier that evening. Pressing her head down she made her way back up along the beach, the pebbles and sand making her journey harder, the darkness seeming to fall far too quickly. “Not much further” she shouted, but her voice was dragged off in the other direction. She turned a corner so a cliff face could act as a breaker to the wind. A few minutes later she stepped back into the cold, suddenly deafened by the howls of the gale. Surely they would have caught her up by now. The beach was deserted. They were gone. She was alone.

    By Grace URL on 03.05.2013

  4. The flames went up in an instant, scorching everything within a 5 meter radius. It was over, done. Burning, everything he had accomplished

    By Pauli Putkiranta on 03.05.2013

  5. Flames engulf me with every pang of emotion. Happiness. Sadness. Loneliness. Longing. Everything. No matter what I feel, it burns so strongly that I can never really shake it until new flames come and burn the old feeling away.

    By Alexis URL on 03.05.2013

  6. heat like sun beams rain down
    sweat beads like ice cubes
    dribbling down the side of your back
    it’s harder to fan the flames
    when the flicker’s barely there

    By Matty M. on 03.05.2013

  7. They lick at my feet pulling and grasping

    What can I do, they burn me sweetly
    I singe and blister, my what a sweaty embrace
    There is no hope for me to accept other than this
    Pain is not quantifiable.

    By jonathon URL on 03.05.2013

  8. The flames rushed down the edge of the pire. Jane looked to the sky hoping for a miracle. She didn’t see one, so she resigned herself to her fate.

    By Jordan on 03.05.2013

  9. everything went up in flames
    before you were even able to toss the match.
    flames engulfing all that used to be here,
    all that we had and who we were.
    and we could only dance in front of them.

    By Courtney on 03.05.2013

  10. I am the fire. I am the fighter. I am not the fire fighter. I let the fire overtake me. I sit in the crumbling house and wait for the flames to swallow me and bring me back to where I started.

    By Grace URL on 03.05.2013

  11. The flames engulfed his head as he cried out his final warning. “Please, don’t go to the lakeshore, and just enjoy your life!” he said something else, too, but all john could hear was his mother’s name, beatrice, and the sound of a wisp of of fire and a crackle of smoke.

    By skh on 03.05.2013

  12. burning the books into an engulfing light. pages flying into the air like birds. blue, green. goblet of fire. fire in her heart. the torch lights the woman on fire as she pleads, I am not a…

    By Sarah on 03.05.2013

  13. Flickering in the dark, so very small. The wick of the candle like a blade of grass that grew white and black. The flame a seed of light. So fragile. Yet, they cast such giant shadows.

    By Erin Bennett on 03.05.2013

  14. The small flame roared up in the corner of the room, leaving Ana cowering as it grew and grew. It was 5 feet tall within half a minute, and its growth did not cease, in fact, it only became larger.

    By Kai Cheon on 03.05.2013

  15. As the fire licked the shadows, her eyes became low and sultry. Her hair went from brown to a deep burgundy, and the night became a vision. I couldn’t believe it. She was not only a girl on fire, she was mine.

    By Anna Campion on 03.05.2013

  16. The thought of the uniformed man doing the unspeakable finally dawned on the younger man’s face. With growing horror, he started to shout and struggle against the multiple formidable soldiers holding him in place, but his efforts were futile. The older man slowly turned around and threw the papers that he held in his hand deliberately into the crackling flames of the bonfire.

    With a sadistic smile, he turned around and strode away, back towards the barracks.
    The only sound was the young man’s sobbing and soft crinkling of burning paper.

    By Nicole on 03.05.2013

  17. I don’t like all this anger filling up like a fire inside of me. I love them, why am I so angry with them? I want what’s best for them, why is this anger so fiery?

    By Anna Campion URL on 03.05.2013

  18. you never went to church
    but you told me you were baptized
    in a way that cost you
    but allowed you to mold yourself
    like hot wax
    streaked with ash

    By smnthbll on 03.05.2013

  19. unforgiving beauty that strikes the hand while hot not holding anything back, not caring and unforgiving. It will take your baby and your car. Simple elegant but chemically arousing, crossing between the physical and spiritual plane into oblivion.

    By Jessie on 03.05.2013

  20. Busyness is a fire.
    life burns
    and what is found in tune within
    is seemless work.
    I don’t know what it is
    to rest;
    i only know fire.
    i only know work.
    and the flames burn
    my flesh to cinders
    and my soul to ash.

    By t44 URL on 03.05.2013

  21. The building rose in flames and golden embers swallowed it up. The smoke began to hang in the air like a scarf; some people were pouring out of the main door to frantic relatives, others scurried towards normality.

    By Katherine on 03.05.2013

  22. Flames surround and about. Up all around. Licking my feet and tickling my face. My hair, singed but grows on. With abandon like the grasses of the prairie. these flames do not bother me or hinder my growth. bring them on and I will flourish.

    By Duncan on 03.05.2013

  23. Flames cover her already scorched body
    bursting out from her mouth
    her pores
    her eyes
    and she screams and
    making them fan out
    higher and hotter
    into the nightsky
    blotting out the stars
    with their light
    and warming the night

    By Will on 03.05.2013

  24. it’s really hot in here because of the weather i think i need water cause i’m thirsty but ineed first a river since i’m living in an island

    By ozden on 03.05.2013

  25. Fire is hot at water is wet, it makes happy light, but it burns my hand.

    By David on 03.05.2013

  26. they can burn you as long as you let it effect you, a bright flash can be a curse or it can also be a revelation. An eternal flame or a lingering burn?

    By Peter on 03.05.2013

  27. Their is a grate inside my chest that has laid cold and bare and ashen for such a long time, and yet sometimes it flares. A flame will dart out, and flicker, and die, sometimes. Because isn’t it easy to fall in love for just a minute or two? With complete strangers. With the girl on the train who is reading your favourite book, or the dark-haired woman who laughs like music, or anyone, anyone at all?

    By F on 03.05.2013

  28. And today is the day,
    I said.
    Today is the day I go down in flames,
    And my heart melts and drips down to the bottom of my feet
    It burns, so I jump away into another smoky room
    Where he waits, as always, with the same patient smile.
    I’m sorry,
    I say.
    I want to be with you. Just not yet, not yet. Just wait a little longer.
    And he smiles a sad smile and extinguishes the flames and watches as my heart solidifies and jumps back into place in my chest, thump thumping away as it did before he was gone.

    By Hazel on 03.05.2013

  29. Flames ignite in your soul. You feel them after your heart has broken to pieces. You feel them when you’re ready for all to end. You feel them when you’re suffering. In the middle of the night, when you wake up in tears. You feel the flames in your heart.

    By Kayla URL on 03.05.2013

  30. Tell me, would you listen? I’d walk around the streets without a clue just to find you. And honestly, I must admit the truth. Lately i’ve been feeling black and blue. I never knew that you were just bad news. Maybe I was wrong to make you choose. But I never thought i’d see this side of you. I know, I know, that’s what I wanted. I know, I know, that’s what I wanted. But the rain is coming. And the sky is falling down. Can you see all of the lights and hear the stunning sounds? There’s a tailwind blowing thirty miles south. I never wanted anything, so please just hear me out. Tell me, would you be there? Through the nervous nights? And the shitty flights I flew just to see you? I was unaware. I guess I never knew that your life’s defined by the things you never do. I know, I know, that’s what I wanted. But the sky is falling and this picture is coming down. Can you see all of the lights and hear the stunning sounds? There’s a tailwind blowing thirty miles south. I never wanted anything so please just hear me out. Please just hear me out. You’re killing time, you’re changing face. You made me feel so out of place. I always thought that we could stay the same. That you and I could never change. I never thought that we would fade away but I had my doubts. I always thought that you could turn the page but I had my doubts. The flame in me that burned for you is gone, I put it out.

    By Tony Geravesh URL on 03.05.2013

  31. Fire burning down something; not a candle, but a full, roaring, unintentional fire. This sounds bad enough. Be careful around fire.

    By anon on 03.05.2013

  32. Flames. It’s a powerful thing. It can help you to survive, or it can destroy you with out any sympathy. Why rely on something that could easily kill us? I guess that’s just how things work in this world. Risks are what we rely on on to survive. Kind of ironic.

    By Kyra URL on 03.05.2013

  33. The burning flames were rising higher in the hearth. Janet walked towards them entranced by the dancing embers as they crackled into the air and floated to find freedom. She longed to be those embers escaping the harsh fire for the cool nothingness of the night air.

    By Rachel on 03.05.2013

  34. I burst into flames when I think about all of the times my whole life has seemed to crash and burn. Over men …career.

    By Sandra Cowherd on 03.05.2013

  35. flames something that comes from fire. something one might say there heart is in. and example the house is in flames. flames generally burn you. A CANDLE PRODUCES FLAMES.

    By robin tucker on 03.05.2013

  36. The flames licked up his past. He smiled, bathed in the flickering light, as he watched his dreams burn to smoke and ash. He didn’t have anywhere to turn, but that didn’t matter now. He was free of it all – material dreams and hopeless romances that had kept him chained to his dying soul.

    By Archori URL on 03.05.2013

  37. The burning was too much for her, but at the same time she couldn’t resist the flames that brought the two of them together– they engulfed her until her sense was ashes.

    By Kelly T URL on 03.05.2013

  38. tame
    window pane
    mark twain

    By giovanni URL on 03.05.2013

  39. tame
    window pane
    mark twain

    By giovanni URL on 03.05.2013

  40. flames try to engulf her but she screams and kicks the ground to find the heart of the fire an snuff it out with her boot. she won’t let it take over or burn her but meanwhile she’ll kill and scream until the pain is gone.

    By Park URL on 03.05.2013