March 5th, 2013 | 257 Entries

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257 Entries for “flames”

  1. The flames lunged up the walls with a vengence. Its fury was unleashed on curtains, pictures, moulding. Nothing within reach was safe. Reaching the ceiling, the flames curled and began reaching towards one another, giant red arms reaching to embrace the room fully.

    By Carla URL on 03.05.2013

  2. into the flames came my growing pain of mark twains restrain i ate some grains they became rain an fell from the sky onto my jeans an left a stain it was so insane

    By giovanni on 03.05.2013

  3. Her hair was golden red, like the flames down the side of a hot rod
    and she was just as fast.

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 03.05.2013

  4. i awoke to find myself in a framed picture
    under glass, frozen and small in stature
    that smile plastered on my face like makeup
    wondering if we’d ever make up
    you’ve changed old flame
    but i’ll remember you as you are
    in bed, with me, wondering how it got this far.

    By Matty M. on 03.05.2013

  5. Flames are wonderful pets. I pet them with the back of my hand. The dog gets his fur caught in the bumper of the car and the flames hurt him. It’s not going well for the dog today. It will be better tomorrow.

    By Rodan on 03.05.2013

  6. The flames of my anger flowed though me in fits and bouts of rage. The tormented soul that lied within me sweating to escape. There is nothing that could cool down the roaring lot of embers. Oh what beauty it would be to shout and scream out to the heavens all the tumult that is within and extinguish the flames.

    By neen1794 on 03.05.2013

  7. washing over the scabs
    creates an acidic burn
    not unlike the red flames that stung
    our homes like
    howling wraiths with a vengeance

    By Kairn on 03.05.2013

  8. The flames continued to lick the sky. The building was not having a good day. The heartburn from the flames caused the liquor to spill out and the homeys were proud. “One day I want to be just like that!” The son said to his father.

    By Rover on 03.05.2013

  9. The flames flickered in the distance, they danced against the reflection in the mirror. I watched them intently, lost in my thoughts and the heat of the fire on my back. It felt good, the fire; not the thoughts. The thoughts hurt; they were almost as painful as that fire could be on my skin. They might have done even more damage than the fire could.

    By Vanessa on 03.05.2013

  10. I was drowning. As the realization sunk in i attempted to grasp a solid frame in attempt of keeping my head above water. I thought my death would be by flames, just like all the loved ones who left me. Looks like i was to be unique.

    By Pink and Hideous on 03.05.2013

  11. I was drowning. The realization had finally sunk in as i tried to claw my self to saftey. Attempting to grasp any thing solid to heave my self up I thought about what was happening to me. I thought about how he was wrong. No, my death wasn’t to be by flames…but by its enemy.

    By Pink and Hideous on 03.05.2013

  12. orange shadows dancing around the walls in a dark castle on a hold night steam rising from the flames

    By anthony on 03.05.2013

  13. I saw flames everywhere as i passed out.

    By Brayden on 03.05.2013

  14. Engulf me completely and I’m staring at you, pleading with you, mouth sealed shut to help me to rescue me to not stand there and watch me burn. I’ve been burning for months, a quiet and complete combustion until all that will remain is a pile of ashes. Can you see me? Do you want to save me? I can’t even tell. I don’t trust myself to make those judgment calls anymore. I was wrong once and it almost cost me everything. I want so desperately to confess it all to you. Sometimes when I’m with you, I feel like it might all come tumbling out of my mouth. But I clamp it shut, say something witty that sounds like sarcasm even though it’s truth and fuel the flames with each word unspoken and each thought unshared.

    By Kayla on 03.05.2013

  15. flames hot as can be
    the glow
    red, yellow, blue, orange
    im surrounded
    the heats is rising
    im slipping away
    this burning sensation
    Im engulfed in flames

    By patience gragg on 03.05.2013

  16. Suicide isn’t a victimless crime. You are not unloved. The damage that is done to a family, blood or otherwise, by your death is tremendous. It is like a fire, built so high and so thick it will smother them in its heavy smoke, and trap them in a shattered world until they meet you there in death’s flames.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.05.2013

  17. it burned. The flames – they burned my skin. I didn’t know how long I could handle it, how long I would wait for the firemen before I would start to choke on the flames, to start burning. I didn’t want to die – no one wants to really die. And it’s a shame because that’s where we all go in the end – we all die. It’s an end we cannot escape.

    By Claire on 03.05.2013

  18. in the city that’s lost
    where everyone wished they’re a liar
    it doesn’t matter who calls
    when you build your house
    wishing on those schemes
    when they set on fire
    flame’s worth the esteem
    you sound just like a great, long waste
    when you brag
    i think you invented the dream.

    By Matty M. on 03.05.2013

  19. My heart felt like it was engulfed in flames. They roared inside me, threatening to destroy me whole. There he was, my little brother, dead. Gone from me forever. I stare up into the eyes of the man and scream profanities at him. None of this makes any sense. How could someone murder a little boy? Why would someone murder a little boy. I pull the gun to my head, my only reason to leave at my feet, and full the trigger.

    By Steffie on 03.05.2013

  20. In flames was a metal band and the flame a lesbian bar. Both make me think of my brother Eric, but I dont want to think about him right now. He bugs me sometimes with his boundless creativity that keeps him crazy but has no real rhyme or reason to it. Can’t he just be a little more normal?

    By Laurel on 03.05.2013

  21. Where the flames were in the forest, something grew out of the ground like a figure, but she couldn’t see so clearly, being held back by the heat. The stepped back and felt the heat diminish, but not before she tripped back over a root and a branch pierced her left wrist. She looked up to the sky and saw stars, not knowing they were sparks from the fire.

    By Rmund on 03.05.2013

  22. Passion. Heart. Desire. Burn. Burning. Hurting. Leaving. Loving.

    By Bethany Bee on 03.05.2013

  23. I watch, hand in hand with her as the house goes up in flames. As the ancient structure collapses in on itself, she says nothing, only squeezes my hand tighter. Hours later, after the last spark dies out, she finally speaks- “Now, our life starts”

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca on 03.05.2013

  24. delicious fire lifted through the air the flames looked like waves in an ocean washing over a beach… the house was slowly burning to the ground. an entire history was going to be lost… a whole generation

    By Nina D Kiritsis on 03.05.2013

  25. Flames make me think of the hot stuff in life. What I mean by the hot stuff is the stuff that makes us angry, leads us to conflict, makes us feel dramatic. We don’t need flames, and flames represent the turmoil within us. Flames should be extinguished, whenever necessary.

    By Brian Cunningham on 03.05.2013

  26. Fire burning o so bright
    Burn away this dark cold night
    Bring me up to highest heights
    Burn away my deepest frights
    Flames licking at the stars
    Show me your face
    And who you are

    By Kate on 03.05.2013

  27. I’ll burst in flames if I don’t see you again.
    I’ll die to dust if I don’t see you anymore.
    Don’t leave, don’t go.
    Don’t let this love burn.

    By monicafh28 on 03.05.2013

  28. It took many an left many lost and alone. The work of a miracle saved a boy in his swimming pool. There is nothing now but they still need to move on.

    By reaso URL on 03.05.2013

  29. Flames ignite the passion that flows through my open heart: a love so deep so strong and futile that it SCREAMS “LET ME OUT”. It wants to belong to someone besides me, there is not enough room within my swollen heart to envelope it.

    By John Val John on 03.05.2013

  30. spitting fire, combustion, erruption. everything orange and red and yellow and black- charcoal filling my tired lungs and scratching my red red eyes. where to go? where to lay and die? this is the end. its here

    By John Val John on 03.05.2013

  31. kept rising. Higher than the wood pile itself. Higher than the bushes around it.
    The heat rose with it. Hotter.
    The colors changed. Yellow and red and blue and blue-green. They all make up the flames

    By Sheila Connolly on 03.05.2013

  32. leaving ashes in their wake but too beautiful to discourage, like the child with quick hands an a shining grin that does the talking for him, no one can deny the flames their prey, so warming is their light, so sickening their dance

    By Jane on 03.05.2013

  33. Flames eat the cactus despite its protests. Marvelous. I see how a sentient cactus could warrant such shameful treatment by a frightening element. When one stops to consider, all of the elements are frightening in their own right. Earth, water, sun, and the breath of Gods unnamed seek to kill us all. Bow.

    By Sean URL on 03.05.2013

  34. The fire burns at my insides. Is it what others are telling me or just myself? I look over the edge of a precipice of daunting tasks, and all I can think of is wanting to take flight like the smoke of the flame. Why stay, burning bright, when you can disappear somewhere else? I take one last look back, and leap.

    By FeLi on 03.05.2013

  35. Life grace lada summer s’mores camping fashion design lada camping Maine Olympics and fun. There are smiles in flames and evil in hades. Lucifer mythology pheonix

    By Sarah on 03.05.2013

  36. Flames again, huh? This is a fight, then. Ok. I can dig that. But it won’t be pretty, and nobody will be happy. Especially without me thinking. You wouldn’t like me when I don’t think.

    By Dan on 03.05.2013

  37. The comet streaked across the sky, flames leaping from its tail. After it was gone, all the islanders stared at the sky in wonder, unaware that the shock wave was about to hit.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.05.2013

  38. flames are hot, burning, destructive. burning a house or could be candle flame, on a birhtday cake. Celebration. flames in a fireplace – cozy warm makes me think of lying on the couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee

    By kim Kelly on 03.05.2013

  39. Flames shot high through the boat. Inside, he pulled his burning sleeping bag off of himself and scrambled for the hatch. The boat was old, and he couldn’t find how to open it through the thick smoke burying him.

    By Chuck on 03.05.2013

  40. Flames,
    envelope me,
    take me over.
    The pure fantasy turned nightmare caress me into the impossible.

    By D.C. URL on 03.05.2013