March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. The final destination was Mars. Or was it. Mankind has been redefining the word final. Is there a final destination? Perhaps not.

    By op on 03.04.2011

  2. I’m not really sure what I think of when I hear the word final. Although I do think of the movie Final Destination.

    By summer firm URL on 03.04.2011

  3. “Why did you pick today to talk about him?” I said finally, wanting to avoid talking about him myself. She gave me a look. Another look. I thought maybe she was going through some kind of mid-life crisis, except that it was a little late for that; she was 65 after all.

    By miki URL on 03.04.2011

  4. The final words, the name on the headstone. Stripped of all context, all memory and life; all that remains at the final tolling of the bell. Cold stone upon chisel, the cosigner of souls, the ghost writer closing every tale.

    By Eridanus URL on 03.04.2011

  5. Ah, the final exam. A last judgement, evaluation of knowledge. An end to the term. An ending, yet a beginning.

    By Christine on 03.04.2011

  6. the last exam at the end of the year. the end of a relationship. really being the finish of everything this time. the termination of a divorce. death. death is final.

    By Laura Encinas on 03.04.2011

  7. It was indeed my final day…they were there, cheering on. I couldn’t believe that a final is so final and can be felt so finally! No, there were no tears, no emotions, just a feeling of complete and final departure and detachment. I watched myself waving out, sighing audibly, repeatedly to get the effects required for such an event. Bye bye….

    By Kamalini on 03.04.2011

  8. final means the end. Nothing more can be done. It is the last thing that is an option. Finito. Last. Too firm a word, yet necessary at time. Final exams-Yuck

    By Beth Thompson on 03.04.2011

  9. the final task is a very good book. its about a dragon that has to go to ireland to save its family. but in the end the dragon died.

    By chase URL on 03.04.2011

  10. FInal is the last thing also know as the end. Or the final exam is what determines your grade.

    By devin21 URL on 03.04.2011

  11. I am having final exams next week. I had a final exam last week. Final is a hard word to use in a sentence.

    By Jpac URL on 03.04.2011

  12. its finally friday a have been waiting alll week lol i want it to be 3:30 know!!!!

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 03.04.2011

  13. I have a final a the end of the year for my classes!:)

    By just URL on 03.04.2011

  14. It is the end of something. Like if you are reading a book it gets better or bad. And you will wont to keep reading the book.

    By delgean URL on 03.04.2011

  15. Death, the last thing anyone ever thinks or sees before they expire from this mortal coil. A scary word, a word that terrifies me because I am not a fan of finality nor do I enjoy goodbyes. Final occasionally has positive connotations (I’m finally finished … etc but generally

    By J on 03.04.2011

  16. Final draft is never the way it’s supposed to be. We change everything, but make nothing better. The original idea is often the best.

    By mikeweavernnw on 03.04.2011

  17. final words, final grade, final breath, final state, final paragraph, finalize, final scheme, final day, final deadline, final anwser, final speech, final appreance

    By tomara on 03.04.2011

  18. This is it. I’m in the final days, and then after that–I wait.

    My anxiety will increase, my insecurities will try to get the most of me.

    But I have hope. I have a lot of hope.

    Please, please, please.


    By Joanna D. URL on 03.04.2011

  19. final we were about to end the finals and we were very happy…….to final ly end the finals

    By siria URL on 03.04.2011

  20. The last week of school should have been exciting. It really should have. We all should have been running around, having water fights, throwing paper airplanes and dancing up a storm. We should have been stoked for this week to come, but instead we were glued to our chairs in mental anguish as we took our finals.

    By MCMorris URL on 03.04.2011

  21. Students are sighing. Scratchy pencils on paper. One student is in the hallway. A refused cell phone, a smart remark. I am thinking of all the papers that I need to fill in my trunk. There goes Saturday night.

    By Ms. Gordon URL on 03.04.2011

  22. end job finish test lastno more middle beginning very last end beginning short fast last final spinal start story job

    By yoethan on 03.04.2011

  23. last finshed done stop end

    By Lewis on 03.04.2011

  24. This is it. One last test to make it count. I can’t fail. Wait, don’t think negatively. And I just did it again. Shit. Fuck. What’s the capital of Bangladesh again? God, I wish I studied. Just one more hour, please.

    Here we go.

    By Charlotte on 03.04.2011

  25. last place in a car race. the last one ever built. the only one left on earth.

    By Harrison "General Lee" Brady on 03.04.2011

  26. Final. It’s so very daunting. I mean when you really think about it, what are things in life that are really final? Divorces. Death. Legal battles. Death.

    By S.R. on 03.04.2011

  27. final boarding call no turning back
    get on the plane and don’t come back for who knows how long
    and it hurts
    and i cried
    and i just want you in my arms
    on my lips
    between my fingers
    want to smell you
    want to hear you
    got on the plane and who knows if i’ll go back

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.04.2011

  28. Everyone was sitting down. The time was almost here. He picked up his pencil and sharpened it one more time. The last final. After this… he would be free. Now he just had to ace it.

    By Kelene on 03.04.2011

  29. The last thing that ever happens – nothing comes after, unless you want it to. I have a final coming up soon, and I can’t focus on anything else, even the things that make me happy. I want this to be the final day before spring break, and I want this to be the final break down I ever have.

    By Maggie on 03.04.2011

  30. Nothing is ever final. Final is not possible. Everything is related and the energy spins into the next moment…all we really have is this moment,’s fleeting, it’s gone, what did I do with the time I had? Did I create something in that moment? Did it blossom into the next moment to become something of substance? Or did I let it fly, by, unused?

    By paulie aragon on 03.04.2011

  31. the end is quicklyarrivig, or so many believe. I revelty rad and artivler making the argument that women are moving into the majority in the work force. While this may be alarming to some, I see it as an opportunity for us to refous our morality to dall more closely in line with ourt ethics.

    By blah on 03.04.2011

  32. its the final day to turn in all your work for the quater.

    By Sam tate URL on 03.04.2011

  33. final cut is the video editing program we use at school olol. but final cut is also the last editing version of a movie. final is the last thing all in all. final story, final cut. the finals, its an exam. final is the very last o

    By Elena on 03.04.2011

  34. final cut is the video editing program we use at school olol. but final cut is also the last editing version of a movie. final is the last thing all in all. final story, final cut. the finals, its an exam. final is the very last of the last.

    By Elena on 03.04.2011

  35. final is the word where everything ends. i do not know what i am talking about. this is my first time here. what am i doing? is this final? oh well, it would be final for me . final sounds weird now. i should stop thinking about it

    By Angelo URL on 03.04.2011

  36. This is the very end. The very last thing. You cannot go back from final. Final is the finish line. Some people get there fast and others never make it. Some people only see one final. Some people see a thousand finals in their life time.

    By Madison on 03.04.2011

  37. He stepped into the room and sat down, his heart heavy and full of dread. He had stepped in at the nick of time, and just before the teacher sat down he was handed that one small packet of paper. It wasn’t long, maybe 3, 4 pages; but for him, it meant everything. He glanced at the clock and opened the exam… and panicked.

    By Courka URL on 03.04.2011

  38. The end. finals at college. at last. what? blue book exams. long tables. girls. anxiety. high windows. spring. late winter. winterim stretching out. filling out one blue book. snatching up another

    By tuttut URL on 03.04.2011

  39. Is that your final answer?

    By Brigitte URL on 03.04.2011

  40. today is your final day on earth you will die in 9hours and your famil will have their final mealu inre you will have your final kiss with your true love you never knew about, and now you regret never giving him a chance

    By marizel on 03.04.2011