March 4th, 2011 | 496 Entries

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496 Entries for “control”

  1. Control. Control can be a bad and a good thing. Everyone wants control. Control is scary. Nobody wants anybody else to have control. Control is selfish. People are selfish. Control feels nice when you have it, but when other people have it, it’s frightening. Control.

    By rhythmofcolor on 03.05.2011

  2. I’ve lost my sense of control. I’m not out of control. I’m just not completely in control. It’s my mind that strays from the controlled place I so trusted. It can defy me on a minute by minute basis. It used to be the one thing I could count on. Now my body is the only thing I have left to trust.

    By wemuma URL on 03.05.2011

  3. today control is the end of our tether with Earth’s fit of devastation such as poverty, natural disaster and war.

    By caroline on 03.05.2011

  4. I always feel like I need control. Control over my life. The Church says God should have total control, and he really does, so it’s not like I would really be giving anything up, but still, I feel like everything needs to be perfect, and the only way to do that is if I’m in control. Completely stupid, right? Because I’m not perfect. I can’t be. It’s physically impossible. I need to have control.

    By Shelby on 03.05.2011

  5. He wanted to have control, but she wouldn’t give it to him. When they laid in bed late at night he would often wonder where is life had gone.

    By anon on 03.05.2011

  6. I like to have control. I hate giving up control. When I don’t have it I don’t feel safe, I feel that it’s like for once in my life someone could actually have the power to hurt me or love me. I don’t like that idea of that somedays. Don’t lose control.

    By Jane on 03.05.2011

  7. Redesign me. Lose control. Erase me, replace me. Let me give into you as the wind does the waves. I want to be so brilliantly alive. Lets lose control.

    By olivia on 03.05.2011

  8. Everyone wants to have control, but few people really do. We live in a world where everything and everyone is out of control. Even when you think you are in control there is something you can’t control: food, drugs, alcohol, money, your family, the weather, life. There is no such thing as control.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 03.05.2011

  9. I’m reminded of how important control is in video games. Games that control terrible just don’t tend to be fun. However, a game that controls flawlessly is awesome (nothing quite like Mario for this.)

    By TTGG URL on 03.05.2011

  10. I have an extreme lack of self control. Constantly trying to avoid sin, but it feels so good. I get lost trying to stop myself. I want to change. Need to change. Am going to change. Today. For me.

    By Kendall on 03.05.2011

  11. control is the enemy of freedom. Control is anti free thought and movement. But without control we are wild animals without direction. But self control is also overrated. Control + X

    By Gordon Torbet on 03.05.2011

  12. Place where I live.

    By Susan on 03.05.2011

  13. i have control. i think sometimes i lose it when people want it more than me. i hate controlling people, i think men are scared of women because they think theyre going to end their control over that sex soon. and theyre right. i think i dont have control over what i say sometimes but i do have control over my body. i wish i los

    By rosa URL on 03.05.2011

  14. They say that control is important. One must never let it slip. I’ve tried so long to keep that up, but lately I’ve started to think… Why is it so important? Why can I not admit that some things are beyond me? I know why now. They’re scared. They’re very scared. I am not. I cannot control everything. Nor am I going to try. This is life. This is how things go… and that’s fine with me.

    By Stooshie URL on 03.05.2011

  15. Do you have control over what happens in your life? No? Yes? Do you have control over your thoughts? Yes. Always. You’re thoughts are not you. Take control and make a difference in your life. Control is yours. Make the most of your life.

    By Ilana Berger URL on 03.05.2011

  16. Control is many things. Negative and positive. I have control over my body, my mind, my consuming, my life. Control over another is the negative. Limit your control to you. The rest will fall into place.

    By Ilana Berger URL on 03.05.2011