May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. eyeliner…it is probably one special little thing that makes your eyes look beautiful when going out with your friends or just home without notjing to do. mine is usually black i dont think i loook well in anohter color black is the best and i can tell you i dont know how to wear it simply i just put it on the way i like it.

    By ana sofia on 05.05.2011

  2. my opinion is that my cousin uses way to much eyeliner and that people that use too much eyeliner are like gothic or something and they look like clowns.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 05.05.2011

  3. Eyeliner is a type of makeup that girls use on their bottom eye lid. It can also be put on the top of the eye lid. It can be black or other colors. But the usual color they use is black. Like me, I use black eyeliner on the bottom of my eyelid.

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 05.05.2011

  4. So I’ve had this eyeliner for a couple of years now. It was getting down to a nub, so when I went back to the store to buy a new one, they didn’t have it anymore. They had a “new and improved” one. But I felt that it didn’t work the same way. Now I don’t have an eyeliner. So I use eyeshadow instead. But I don’t always use it because its kind of a hassle.

    By Katie URL on 05.05.2011

  5. Eyeliner is the stuff girls wear to make them look pretty! OR if we are going to a dance or a special event! I know that Emo people wear eyeliner! It makes them look (scary)! FYI eyeliner is for girls not guys! But people have freedom of choice! Still I don’t like the way it looks on guys!

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 05.05.2011

  6. her eyes were dark with eyeliner, she looked like a raccoon… all googly eyed. then she started to cry and the eyeliner ran down her face.

    By shelley on 05.05.2011

  7. eyeliner is a type of make up that goes like around your eyes. it really brings out your eyes. but only girls should wear it because it lookd wierd on guys.

    By clair URL on 05.05.2011

  8. for your eyes its sometimes green and it sometimes makes your eyes water and when guys wear it it is called guylines which always makes me laugh. my friend jules wears it … he is a guy :P i wear it often in black and i always want to use a different colour but i never do :/

    By megan gairns on 05.05.2011

  9. You don’t need that, he told her. He told her, for it was true. You are so beautiful, he told her. He told her, for it was true. He tells her each and everyday. Yet each and everyday, she ignores him. She puts on eyeliner anyways.

    By leah URL on 05.05.2011

  10. It’s not there anymore. She used to wear eyeliner for me and now she doesn’t.
    Not that I care; I don’t think anyone should have to do what society tells them is aesthetically correct, especially women. But she used to wear it for me. And now, she doesn’t.

    By Aaron M. URL on 05.05.2011

  11. Through the thick smudge of eyeliner I could see the hurt in her eyes. This was a child. I couldn’t imagine a worse place for her to be in. Without thinking, I grabbed her arm and started to lead her to the exit. She resisted feebly.

    By M Daly URL on 05.05.2011

  12. my eyes don’t like this because they are prone to infection, but it sure looks good on other women. i hav some brown that i haven’t even tried, but wouldn’t that be nice to have a little help lighting up my face? it makes me think of cleopatra… with elizabeth taylor’s made-up face portraingying her.

    By carmen robinson on 05.05.2011

  13. eyeliner makes eyes look really pretty and when guys wear it it is called guyliner and it isnt only gay guys who wear it because that is just a steriotype loads f guys wear it. my favourite colour is green cos i like green but i always wear black :/

    By megan gairns on 05.05.2011

  14. I use it every morning. Making my look sexier, charming, more like me.

    By Macy URL on 05.05.2011

  15. Eyeliner is one of many beauty products that women use to promote their natural beauty. The popular product comes in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from liquid, mineral, or even a simple stick pencil eyeliner. Don’t get crazy though, or you will end up like Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra.”

    By Kirstie on 05.05.2011

  16. My sister started wearing it almost before I did, and she is three years younger than me. I don’t like the way it feels. I’m always a little bit scared of my reflection at first. I look like a raccoon! Then I take a step back and voila! There’s a beauty staring back at me, ready to charm the whole world.

    By Val on 05.05.2011

  17. What thuh? Done did it, Diddy.

    By Mr E URL on 05.05.2011

  18. The color blue was something that she slapped onto her face everyday. But today it was thick, black, runny liquid eyeliner. An unusually morbis color for someone with such light as she had. It was so awkward against her golden eyelashes. Unevenly lining her top lid with such determination. She bent over her bottom eyelid to spank it with more colorless make-up. Almost a punishment to her face. She blinked one long squint and realease and said…”There. Thats it.” In her eyes, she looked new, amazing, older. She was tired of being that cute little girl. She was ready to be a new woman. Someone who had been through a lot. Someone who knew life. At the early age of 13, she wanted to be 21. “Steve is going to think Im hot today.” She smiled as she grazed her mothers

    By Ashleigh on 05.05.2011

  19. I traced around my eyelid, but it slipped and poked me straight in the eye. “Damn it!” I yelled. Caleb laughed at me from his comfy position on my bed. “You are too graceful.” He smiled, and I involuntarily laughed back.

    By Marissa URL on 05.05.2011

  20. Her eyeliner was running down her face due to the rain. She was laughing as she danced through the breaking sky. She had once scoffed at the girl who did this, thinking that they looked like such messes with their eyeliner ruining their painted on faces, but now, she couldn’t care less, she knew how sparce these moments were and she didn’t want to waste them thinking about things that didn’t matter.

    By Vi URL on 05.05.2011

  21. you look like a damn panda, his father slams the door in disgust. he continues to bold the line that frames his brown almond eyes.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.05.2011

  22. It was a dark shade, but it helped her feel alive, making her forest green eyes more vibrant and alive. She smiled as she applied make up to the bruise on her cheek. Yes, she was leaving him.

    By Aislinn URL on 05.05.2011

  23. the eyeliner suddenly melt all the way down on the girl’s cheekbone. She wa so sad because of the things that were happening to her. Then the telephone rang, it was her mother, she invited her to have some coffee.

    By teresa URL on 05.05.2011

  24. fake. hiding. pointy. middle school. she always tried to fit in by putting on her eyeliner as thick as all the cute girls. she wore her band tees and her skinny jeans thinking she could get any guy she wanted. little did she know her extra twenty pounds would later be the end of her.

    By Kody URL on 05.05.2011

  25. My island: to live in this place one needs resilience, faith, internal resources….. and waterproof eyeliner

    By geraldine URL on 05.05.2011

  26. I hide behind the thick lines of pitch black eyeliner. My protection from the world, a barrier between myself and everyone else. With every blink my eyes disappear into the blackness, I disappear with them; an afterthought…something meant to be forgotten entirely. When I wash my face and look into the mirror each night it looks pale, plain; empty. I am nobody and I am no one. Amazing how 2 little black lines can make me feel more like a real person then the flesh of my very own face.

    By Lili on 05.05.2011

  27. My dad got mad at me once, when I walked in wearing eyeliner. I didn’t think he would ever understand, and I still don’t believe he would. The girls thought it brought out my eyes, but the men thought it was gay. I guess I can see where both sides were coming from.

    By Eric URL on 05.05.2011

  28. This is something that I really don’t need at all. Despite the common use, we actually don’t need makeup to be beautiful. It just happens.
    Anyway, I pride myself on being as natural as possible. I don’t straighten my hair or wear makeup because it feels like this grand lie that I’m telling the rest of the world.

    By Talia on 05.05.2011

  29. Darker, darker
    Smudged or not
    Hide yourself
    Nothing but a thought

    By Ashlee URL on 05.05.2011

  30. i hate my mornigns, they are always full of un made up eyeliner… but i still love that black liquid, if i could i’d get my eyeliner line tattoed, that would be pretty usefull though

    By Elia on 05.05.2011

  31. The eyeliner jetliner freightliner bilge pump of life remains the last holdout against sense in a nonsense world.

    By Baseballpajamas URL on 05.05.2011

  32. No! Don’t EAT the eyeliner, Michelle” Avery cried as she ripped the small pencil out of her grasp.
    “You put it on your eye, like this” Avery leaned over the mirror and demonstrated, rubbing it back and forth on the edge of her eyelid.
    “There. Perfect.”
    “And what about this? What doe this do?” Michelle asked, slipping out of her chair and running over to the dresser, picking up a small rectangular palate.
    “That’s eyeshadow; you put that on you eyelids to bring out the color in your eyes”
    “Well can you eat THIS?” She she asked, opening it up and sniffing the different colors with her cute little five year old button nose.
    Avery was growing tired of the kid’s questions.
    “Then its useless!” Michelle complained that annoyingly high pitched voice of hers.
    Michelle flung the eyeshadow back onto the dresser and continued her search..

    By SamaraBelikova URL on 05.05.2011

  33. stuff that makes people look ridiculous. although it can be helpful to improve aesthetics in some cases. for the most part it is a negative product of society’s emphasis on beauty. i don’t really know what else to say. do i keep typing? weird word to write about

    By davis on 05.05.2011

  34. She wore eyeliner like some sort of hooker war paint. she stood across the bar from me eying me like she was ready to attack, my wallet at least. I bought her a drink and helped her to her taxi. it was worth the 8 bucks to send her away.

    By gabe URL on 05.05.2011

  35. I bought an eyeliner, even though I suck at using it. I’ve seen many girls wear them and it seems to bring out the beauty and soul from their eyes. I hope that when I wear this, the same thing happens with me. Can I see my own beauty?

    By Irene URL on 05.05.2011

  36. makes me feel a bit insecure like my eyes are traped and when I see it on other people it makes them seem a little hostile, but used with taste it can be very elegant and offer a mysterious aura.

    By Sorina on 05.05.2011

  37. too much. wear it right, people! you could be beautiful if you would take off the stuff instead of caking it on. be different. stand out. don’t fit in. BE YOURSELF.

    By sally on 05.05.2011

  38. I put eyeliner on my eyes everyday; but only on the bottom lid. Usually a gray brown colour because my hair is blonde and black is too dark. Sometimes when my hair seems really blonde use this turquoise color and blend it with brown and it really brings out my green eyes. I sound really shallow right now but the truth is I just do not feel comfortable without makeup. It’s not that I wear a lot – I just need to wear some.

    By Kayla on 05.05.2011

  39. false enhancer or concealor of true beauty, probably bad for the eyes due to possible bacterial infections or tints, dyes

    By Trish on 05.05.2011

  40. Your scars are thick lines in caked eyeliner,
    Your river runs red with watery blood.
    Little do you know what I’ve seen from you,
    The eyeliner you use is made from mud.

    By Rae ovMoonlight URL on 05.05.2011