May 4th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “camp”

  1. word: plateau

    After his initial “near death” struggles in the gym, Roy noticed huge gains in fitness, endurance and speed. As the coaches looked on knowingly, he ramped up quickly towards the level of the other athletes. Yet after some weeks, as it seemed he was getting in a groove, the graph slowed down and his performance hit a plateau.

    By yetihk URL on 05.05.2011

  2. I love camping in call of duty even if it is cheating kind of. but I don’t like camping in real life becaue i am never been a fan of outside and shit. i like the envirment alright but i just feel like camping isn’t for me. some other people maybe but not my forte. i do like weed and that’s outside

    By sanders on 05.05.2011

  3. camp is the place where i set up a tent where the marshmellows are really gooey and oh there are boys and girls but mostly its just my family because that’s where we went on vacation once upon a time when we roved the usa for three months out the year when we lived in the grey country far away, across the big pond, when people payed us to live there, but they never payed us a lot, and now they don’t pay us at all hardly but thats okay because my parents are artists.

    By Ginny on 05.05.2011

  4. When I want to camp, I bring a lamp.
    Some food that could be cooked
    over wood sounds delicious.
    But, vicious bears tend to scare
    me away from these tasks.

    By =] URL on 05.05.2011

  5. laying under the stars, holding one another by a fire, joking, games, tea, cooking peanut butter and chocolate filled bananas wrapped in aluminum foil over a fire, escaping from the normal luxuries found at home to relax and be at peace with the simplicities and beauty found in nature, keeping each other warm through the night.

    By Delilah URL on 05.05.2011

  6. Ich war nie in einem Camp. Jedenfalls kein Camp an sich. Moment, doch. Ich war in einem Ferienlager, so mit Bungalows und Schlafsälen. Und von dort aus sind wir für eine oder zwei Nächte campen gefahren. Camp im Camp. Ich erinnere mich bis heute an die extrem aromatische feuchte Waldluft (es hat die ganze Zeit über geregnet) …

    By Eli URL on 05.05.2011

  7. the best place in the world, where as a child I was able to let my imagination flow and spend the majority of time with my family. The freedom I feel when I am at camp is amazing and opened me to understand myself. I cannot wait to go back in July to enjoy camp again.

    By Laura thomlinson on 05.05.2011

  8. The sounds of the stupid trumpet blaring through the microphone made me want to scream. Girls rushed around; getting dressed and getting ready for camp activities. As a girl from California; I DON’T DO CAMPS. Especially when I just ‘happen’ to step in whip cream that ‘mysteriously’ formed around my bed.

    By roxan URL on 05.05.2011

  9. I took one step into the camp. I knew from this second my whole life was about to change. Took by the hand forcefully I fallowed a man, about 6’4″, to a small cabin. It was filled with 8 bunk beds and smelled like mildew. He took my bag and told me to change into my boots.

    By Sarah URL on 05.05.2011

  10. It wasn’t what I had thought of, “camp.” I thought it would be fun, I thought we could all be together, they said that we would not need our things, that all would be provided for us. They said that we would be taken care of. I didn’t believe them. But I did. My mother said it would be okay.

    By Shea on 05.05.2011

  11. I’ve never even been camping before. I guess thet picture i have of the experience is the steriotypical one: Sitting around a campfire, raosting marshmallows. heck, i don’t even like marshmallows. I had too many of them once at a friends house and…..wellm yu don’t need to know the details, do you?

    By Sophie Panzer on 05.05.2011

  12. is fun and i love when we have it. It is always in the summer when its warm and green. i love all the things we learn, see and get to do. Camp is a special time of bonding and getting to know one another and the ones you love all over again. Camp bring new excitment to all and makes me look forward to the things to come. for me Camp is one of the best times.

    By jinger on 05.05.2011

  13. Thursday night, we played at the camp out. That was the last place I ever saw her. I was too busy wanting to be liked by the “big kids”- I missed out on all of those last giggles. Saturday morning she was dead.

    By bethany URL on 05.05.2011

  14. secret

    By zeyno on 05.05.2011

  15. it’s been so long since i’ve been outdoors. and in a society like ours it’s easy to neglect it. but camp, camp there is no possible way to avoid the sun, avoid the breeze, the trees, grass. camp is the one place you can be…

    By Adrienne on 05.05.2011

  16. Childhood memories of old wooden cabins; horses, a lake, and an archery field. Photos remain, freezing the moments in time, and will do so long after the camp is gone.

    By Hannah Burkett URL on 05.05.2011

  17. when i see this word the first thing i think of is a man who is ‘camp’ i’m guilty in thinking anyone i meet who is remotely camp is gay even though he might just be camp. also you can camp in a tent which can be fun.

    By hat URL on 05.05.2011

  18. Camp. Oh boy. When do I leave? I used to go to camp as a child. Why did I stop? Now that I’m a busy mom of three and wife, I could really use a week away. I could swim. Sail. Craft. Sing. Oh why did I stop going?

    By Kit URL on 05.05.2011

  19. I hate camping. Honestly, I love the idea of getting in touch with nature, and being inspired by natural beauty, and I have a great respect for people that love and know how to camp. But I’m not one of them. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to love sleeping in a tent, and hanging my food from trees in trash bags, and eating ramen noodles every night. But I just don’t have the capacity to appreciate it right now.

    By Veronica URL on 05.05.2011