May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. She looked into the mirror as she applied the last bit of eyeliner. She had to look perfect, everything about tonight had to be perfect. She was seeing him again, for the first time in over three years. She knew they had long since lost the flame that use to be there, but maybe, just maybe she could rekindle it. She missed him more then she could possibly ever say. What could she do without him? She was nothing, if not with him.

    By Jessica on 05.05.2011

  2. dark stylish defining symbloic cute girls guys adam lambert prom formal eyelashes mascara nails beuty friends guys dates impressing hopeful trying trampy young lively tired

    By Alyssa URL on 05.05.2011

  3. Stinging the eye, a mascara tainted tear overflows edge of eyeliner like a dam. It slashes the perfectly composed makeup. Needless to say, the evening was not perfect.

    By mochi♥face URL on 05.05.2011

  4. I love the sweep of the black against the lashes, the clear definition of the shape of the lid in relief against the blue eye. When on the very edge, it makes the eye look primal, like a wild thing, glowing and glistening and bright. But I cannot wear such eyeliner. It makes my eyes ache in reaction and revolt.

    By maritov URL on 05.05.2011

  5. cant live without my black eyeliner, i feel super sexy when its on, and my mom taught me how to put it on

    By jessica spencer on 05.05.2011

  6. I found some once when I was young. It was sitting there on the end table looking back at me begging to be used. So I did. On the walls, on the floor, along the drapes. The room was much improved.

    By Mr E URL on 05.05.2011

  7. this morning i put my black eyeliner on. I was hoping for today to be a good day. One of those days where i’m confidente and i know that i’m pretty. The eyeliner made me look prettier than i was. The eyeliner hid what was me on the inside. And i liked that. So from that day on i wore my eyeliner everyday.

    By Lindsey Lampman on 05.05.2011

  8. something that girls wear. personally i don’t, though i think my friend has put it on me once.

    used in moderation is nice. it brings out people’s eyes, which is the point of it. but if you use too much, it looks superfluous and unnatural. though i guess if you’re going to a party, that’s what some people do.

    not much of an opinion on makeup, cept i don’t use it.

    By pan URL on 05.05.2011

  9. Eyeliner is the most amazing thing. I generally use it when I want to reapply my whiskers. No respectable glamour cat should go without having whiskers at all times of the day. It is a necessity.

    By Travis on 05.05.2011

  10. She left a message on a dinner table. Then she left. Now he keeps an eyeliner she left in a safe place.

    By Dmitry URL on 05.05.2011

  11. girls wear eyeliner to bring out their eyes, right? they want people to notice them. they want attention… to feel loved. we think that wearing makeup makes us look better; it helps us impress others. but really, don’t we want to associate ourselves with people who accept us for who we are?

    By Jenna Benoit on 05.05.2011

  12. eyeliner comes in blue black grey green brown and tons of other colors. it is used on a daily basis by many girls teens women and even some men

    By jordan katx on 05.05.2011

  13. Eyeliner…it my favorite cosmetic. Make-over is never complete without it. It make my eyes stand out even if m not wearing any make-up. I love it in black color coz it complements my eyes best. But i also love it in silver and blue. I think its any lady’s best friend. I always carry it in my handbag.

    By Maimoona on 05.05.2011

  14. Her eyeliner ran as her tears plummeted to the ground. How was this possible? Why did this happen? What was going on? Her mother, who always stood so proud, wept openly.
    “You father is dead, Gabriella.” She repeated and she felt a hole punch it’s way through her heart.
    “H-how?” She managed to stutter, not sure she wanted to hear the response.

    By justjess1001 URL on 05.05.2011

  15. she got to the mirror and cautiously put on her eyeline. it will be a good day she told herself and she walked out, tossing the eyeliner into her bag and locking the door behind her

    By jordan gerrish on 05.05.2011

  16. She’s even beautiful in smudged makeup. Smeared mascara and eyeliner streaked down her soft cheeks. He loved her even through the tears.

    By Katie URL on 05.05.2011

  17. It was a mask she painted on her face every day. It hid her true self from the light of day, from all the stares, from all the people judging her. She slowly, calmly traced her eyes with the black eyeliner, then fluttered her lashes a bit.

    There. Perfect.

    The perfect mask.

    By GloriousClio URL on 05.05.2011

  18. I can’t ever get it on with my mouth closed. I only put it on for boys. My eyes look like a raccoon’s in the morning. Sometimes faster than that. When I wipe the tears from my eyes, it wipes too.

    By Lucille URL on 05.05.2011

  19. It’s that thing girls spend so long applying and yet a man will never notice until you wear too much. Or too little. Or a strange shade. Hmmm…it’s that thing that goes straight to the hindbrain, and makes a man think “beautiful”, without knowinwing why

    By Drog on 05.05.2011

  20. put onto ones lower eye. can be used on top in the form of liquid, a popular idea developed in the 50’s, used amongst many beautiful women including audrey hepburn. shes a doll, isnt she?

    By Emma on 05.05.2011

  21. Sometimes I wear it
    But it’s a pain in my ass
    Makeup? Not my thing.

    By Wayward Girl URL on 05.05.2011

  22. The mask of natural human beauty. The cover up of human flesh. The thing woman put on themselves to make themselves feel pretty, when they already are naturally.

    By donutbird on 05.05.2011

  23. I love to wear eyeliner. And I like to see some guys wear guyliner, but not all guys, you really have to have the right personality to pull that fashion statement off!

    By paulie aragon on 05.05.2011

  24. I just love eyeliner. My eyes look so empty without it. I always carry eyeliner with me in my bag. If anyone ask me to choose one thing out of all sorts of cosmetics, i’ll choose eyeliner.

    By Maimoona URL on 05.05.2011

  25. i wear eyeliner everyday. there are several colors of eyeliner. there is liquid linser, liner sticke, and pencilliners. i love eyeliner. i cant live without it. it is awsome.

    By kmc on 05.05.2011

  26. Today, I have not put on any eyeliner. I didn’t put any on because i stayed home “sick”. I hate school right now, I can’t wait until its over. Three more weeks!

    By nadia URL on 05.05.2011

  27. Um. ya. i don’t know what to write about this. something chicks use.

    By Kolton URL on 05.05.2011

  28. eyeliner is what girls use when they put on make-up. I really don’t like eyeliner because it smells.

    By chase URL on 05.05.2011

  29. Thick black line under the eyes makes her eyes look small. Her eyeliner is too thick and dark. She’s going for that goth look and overdoing it something crazy. Better than red eyeliner, though.

    By Lisa on 05.05.2011

  30. You put eyeliner on the bottom and part of your eye. You apply it under your eyelashes.

    By beanie URL on 05.05.2011

  31. Devin chooses to wear eyeliner, and that is his decision. He likes the smell of bat poop on his face.

    By Ian URL on 05.05.2011

  32. I use eyeliner all the time it is my favorite is just completes my look it is amazing.

    By devin21 URL on 05.05.2011

  33. Eyeliner is my favorite I use it all the time it compliments the way i look and it brings out my eyes.

    By Michael Jordan URL on 05.05.2011

  34. Eyeliner. I’m sure alison is going to right about what it is made out of. But no matter how many times she tells me what it is i will still wear it. :)

    By lizzy:) URL on 05.05.2011

  35. dinasaurs dont wear eyeliner becaus they didnt know what it was. maybe they wore mud for eyeliner and but then they would be japanese.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 05.05.2011

  36. eyeliner is the stuff that girls like mikayla brannon use. all the time. (dope)

    By Awesome URL on 05.05.2011

  37. It was stupid to me but molly was obsessed with this new brand of eyeliner. I didn’t quite understand but Molly love make up and especially the different colored eyeliner. She wore a different color every day. Brown on sunday, blue on monday, orange on tuesday, purple on wednesday, red on thursday, silver on friday and classic black on saturday.
    It was an interesting stage.

    By Sayge URL on 05.05.2011

  38. Eyeliner is one of the many products used by girls, well most girls. I believe makeup hides who you are even though it only improves your appearance. Still i believe makeup is a cover up to your true identity.

    By Alison URL on 05.05.2011

  39. Its makeup.

    By alena URL on 05.05.2011

  40. You put on eyeliner to outline your eyes. I don’t really wear it often. It makes people look like raccoons if they put on too much. It’s not made out of bat poop I don’t think. Not quite sure what it’s made out of. And I don’t really care much. I’d still wear it. I mean, some people eat bats.

    By nikki URL on 05.05.2011