May 6th, 2011 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “heel”

  1. the thing under a lady’s shoe that makes them tall enough to reach their dicks i mean husbands.

    By Syed M. Omar on 05.07.2011

  2. Under the weight of the world it runs, toughened by years of use and abuse. Where the toes lead, it follows. It moves with the pace of rhythm and the stride of purpose.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 05.07.2011

  3. I like heels. there are many different colors of high heels. they can be sparkly or plain. they can be zebra print or bright red. when people who have never walked in heels put on stilettos they look like baby giraffes learning how to walk.

    By Ilana URL on 05.07.2011

  4. I have heels, two of them.

    By regan on 05.07.2011

  5. Heel. I have two. Two heels. Not shoes. Heels… of my foot xP
    Tonight we’re going hard hard hard h-h-eel lol
    12:12pm I’m happy, prom is tonight and my date is wearing green heels I’m sure. I can’t wear heels… I’m a man that’d be weird.

    By /encode URL on 05.07.2011

  6. On my food, I run, track and field. I should have gone to track but i need to study maths on monday im scared i need the igcses I wanna be in england tobi liked a english uni onf fb im such a fb stalker i talk to logan on fb hes always high i chilled with dylan and maxi on fb

    By Maria on 05.07.2011

  7. foot

    By Jimbo Roach on 05.07.2011

  8. I love the shoes. ‘Too high, youll break your neck,@ mum had said. I frowned and wked out the door.

    ‘Would you like to come through,’ I smile sheepishly, its mum and the doctor who’s just fixed the bandage.

    By steph URL on 05.07.2011

  9. i walk in my heels low heels high heels.. let them guide me like a wheel to my new desitnation a new devistation. heart broken manifestation. i think more act less cause im always stessed my heels they guide me hope they wont deny my me rest

    By taylor on 05.07.2011

  10. height

    By ekta tyagi on 05.07.2011

  11. High heels make me stay above the ground. Allowing me to breathe the higher air above. Aesthetically and emotionally soothing footware :>

    By QueenKong URL on 05.07.2011

  12. heel

    By shahina on 05.07.2011

  13. high heels are good. but they can make you fall over. it’s hard to walk in them. stilettos are the worst, they bend your heel. head over heels. fallen in love. fell into a dark hole. alice in wonderland. follow the white rabbit. what’s the plural of rabbit? it should be rabbi. are rabbis like jewish priests?…. is that offensive?

    By Agnieszka on 05.07.2011

  14. heel, she said, just stop you fucking animal. heal, she said, quit whining with face your limbs.

    By [entury Goth|c Med!um URL on 05.07.2011

  15. leather high-heeled shoe, woven like a net, like an oven mit, slick black skin and a candy bar caramel lining, the heel juts out to a square foot the size of a dime.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.07.2011

  16. my heels are a little rough right now, I am working on getting those sexy summer feet but my heels are turning out to be something of a pain really, trying to maintain that nice soft heel look without the hard rough yellow skin that happens is tough and takes a lot of hard work on a lot of occasions. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I need to be doing.

    By sarah on 05.07.2011

  17. Sarah is not the tallest person around. She wears flats and it feels as if she is in a hallway of trees. But when she puts on her heels, she stands a little taller, her personality is brighter, and her confidence just boosts 100%. She feels like a model on the runway, being the one who all teenage girls look up to. She sees flashing lights in her mind, being a movie star on the red carpet. She feels like if she only reaches up to the sky a little bit, she can feel the clouds between her finger tips. But, alas, being a giant can only last so long; as she slips into her slippers and dreamily goes to bed, leaving her high heeled paradise under her pillow.

    By A.B. on 05.07.2011

  18. Well heeled ladies are walking across the street. Yellows, blues, blacks, browns mix. It’s the thing I notice most because it’s at eye level. I’m a cat.

    By Astra on 05.07.2011

  19. Her heel pressed onto his hand as she walked along the pavement. She immediately jumped back totally full of shame that she had hurt him. As he jerked his hand away to examine the pain, she kneeled down to see how he was. She smiled apologetically just as he said he was okay. She kissed his palm and stood up.

    By Ivy Noel on 05.07.2011

  20. why do we need heels to look our best? we know we are pretty well at least most of us. some of us think they are fat when they are 72 pounds and think they are to short to get boys. but what really counts is who we are on the inside.

    By taco on 05.07.2011

  21. The comes a time when there is nothing in the world that can stop you from thinking about the time when you bought your first par of shoes. The fleet no heel at all. They are wha

    By filip on 05.07.2011

  22. Heel, boy. I need him to follow me. Follow me down the street, past the store, past the corner where I can see her waiting. Because if I walk past enough, I can pretend that I don’t see her, and that I don’t care. I can move on and not look back.
    But of course, it’s not like the hundreds of training lessons taught him to just keep walking.

    By Julia on 05.07.2011