May 5th, 2011 | 668 Entries

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668 Entries for “eyeliner”

  1. Is something that has always puzzled me. How can it make so much of a difference for some, and be practically unnoticeable in other people. It can give depth to a stare or the lack of it can make a face look uninteresting. And yet, sometimes it means nothing. You can’t even tell it`s there.

    By German Valencia URL on 05.06.2011

  2. She always applied eyeliner with less care than she should, then touched it up. It was the same with nail polish. It entailed more work, in the end, really, but it was habit.

    By Carolyn URL on 05.06.2011

  3. She drew the bright blue eyeliner around her eye.

    Maybe tonight would be the night.

    Maybe the rope would finally break.

    Maybe she could get away from this prison; the one at the top of the tent.

    By Paperball Potluck URL on 05.06.2011

  4. i love older women that uses eyeliner :)

    By aaa on 05.06.2011

  5. i dont really know eyeliners. I havent really noticed eyeliner on girls. i think eyeliner are put on above eyes by the girls. i dont know if eyeliner serve any real purpose.

    By Kunal on 05.06.2011

  6. Eyeliner. What a useless kind of thing. No man is actually judging a woman by her make-up. Period.

    By Dmitry URL on 05.06.2011

  7. Elaborates the perception of the eyes that behold your eyes. would you like to express something else or dramatize? What is eyeliner.

    By kelly on 05.06.2011

  8. make up !!!!!!!!!!

    By richardArrazola on 05.06.2011

  9. A pencil that is supposed to make you beautiful. Everyone wears it. Darkens your real beauty and transforms into someone new.

    By Kitty Knoch on 05.06.2011

  10. Eyeliner is a thing that you put on your eyes to make you look better mostly used by girls.

    By devin21 URL on 05.06.2011

  11. Eyeliner is stuff that lines you eyes.

    By connor URL on 05.06.2011

  12. It’s rather strange when people wear ridiculous amounts of eyeliner. I don’t really get the point of it. I mean, I can understand it when you’re in ancient Egypt and you use a mineral called kohl to protect your eyes from the sun. That’s about the only reason, though.

    By AshlyW URL on 05.06.2011

  13. Eyeliner is redundant for most people. Ridiculous amounts make people look bad.

    By Teresa URL on 05.06.2011

  14. eyeliner!!!!! i love eyeliner!!!!!!!!!! i usually wear black eyeliner………….. it looks good on almost anyone…. including my friend connor…………..

    By Bryanna URL on 05.06.2011

  15. The eyeliner ran down in the rain or tears, or was smudged by careless actions, or any of these trite overused tropes.

    By Hatsuzora URL on 05.06.2011

  16. I wrote about this yesterday. it had something to do with dinasaurs. if you want to see go check….

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 05.06.2011

  17. my friend wears eyeliner…………… its a dude………..yeah

    By koryo URL on 05.06.2011

  18. It is really not pretty when girls put a ton of eyeliner on, but it is super scary when a boy wear’s any.

    By billyboy URL on 05.06.2011

  19. Eye liner is redundant for most people, it is a waste of time, and makes people late for appointments, and important events.

    By Teresa URL on 05.06.2011

  20. I think it’s hilarious when people wear so much eyeliner, they look like raccoons. Honestly, you look better without it, honey. And some people tattoo it on their eyes. Permanent raccoons? Really?

    By Annie URL on 05.06.2011

  21. Lets compare the lives of boys and girls. Boys play football but girls do cheer(generally). Boys fight with their fists and girls with their words (again generally). Boys are daredevils and girls put eyeliner on in a bumpy car.

    By Alleycheer1997 URL on 05.06.2011

  22. I like it when girls wear eyeliner. I think that it makes them look pretty. BUT, I do not like it when guys wear eyeliner. It kinda makes me scared.

    By Kortney URL on 05.06.2011

  23. My eyeliner was dangerously low. I cant live with out it. Just kidding i could, but i don’t want to. Because i am cool like that.:)

    By Ashley wahl URL on 05.06.2011

  24. Is a wonderful thing that I never seem to wear. I love to look it provide. Come to think of it I think I know more men who wear it than I do. Eyeliner is just sexy make up. Well, unless you over do it and look like L… * I Digress*

    By IronicRookling URL on 05.06.2011

  25. I wear that sometimes but one time I poked my eye and well I didn’t want to use that
    any more……. you to be on the safe side. My eyes mean everything to me:)
    so when you put on eyeliner make sure your really careful because if your not well….
    you’ll want to be the next time!

    By ZO3Y URL on 05.06.2011

  26. Eyeliner I stole it from my sister one time…….. I got grounded but I looked so Smexy……. Ticky Ticky.

    By Slomo URL on 05.06.2011

  27. I line her eyeliner.

    By Marianne URL on 05.06.2011

  28. my mother, in time of crazy, in time of the newly gay. eyeliner and hair dye and she looked like she had been charged with matting the bathroom floor. i made her laugh and it made her look normal. my laugh, a cackle really.

    By barton smock URL on 05.06.2011

  29. Eyes stare back at me. They are large, oval. They have no white and no iris. Just an orb of darkness, stretching from thick lashes to thick lashes.

    By ArcticDragon on 05.06.2011

  30. she put the eyeliner on hastily. if it was on then she couldn’t cry. if it was on then everyone would see her tears trailed down her face. if it was on she could pretend to be strong. it looked tacky and vulgar, the harsh lines were crooked. they made the red tinting her eyes stand out.

    By Charlotte Lynn URL on 05.06.2011

  31. what on earth did you put all over your face?? Mom asked the 2 yr old, trying not to laugh.
    I’m pwetty mommy, pwetty girl. The little one replied.
    Mom wiped the eyeliner from the little girls mouth and the lipstick from her cheeks. Her hair would have to be washed, it has a copious amount of powder all through it. Maybe I should take a picture for the ‘wedding album’ she won’t want to see in 20 yrs….

    By cleany URL on 05.06.2011

  32. So I didn’t know how to wear makeup before high school. I almost refused. In 8th grade I wanted to wear make up and I remember for my 8th grade dance it took me like an hour and a half to put on my make up. It ended up looking pretty ridiculous. I mean I looked okay. I just used wayyy to much bronzer. Now because of colorguard I can put on my makeup any where, on buses, the best thing I Can do is put on false eyelashes while on a moving bus. I cal that talent.

    By JustMeAgain URL on 05.06.2011

  33. omg its so helpful:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrr i love eyeliner:) by the way it does not look good on conner…………………………..

    By ashley URL on 05.06.2011

  34. tim minchin wears eyeliner, so i guess that that’s actually guy-liner, a new and more increasingly popular way for guys to express themselves, I live in Beijing with a guy from school, he wore eye-liner to a party, he thought it made his eyes pop! So yeah…. embrace the guy-liner!

    By Sophie on 05.06.2011

  35. I have eyeliner on right now. I wear it everyday. I think it makes me prettier. But even if it doesn’t i can’t stop wearing it now….I think I look weird without it. Mine is black. It needs to be sharpened….

    By Mariah on 05.06.2011

  36. I use sharpie as eyeliner. Some people think that is an odd choice, but I like it. It works better than the pencil type of eyeliner and it also washes off relatively easily. It is pretty punk rock as well. Many people have expressed concern over the health of my eyes, but they are already pretty bad, so I am not too worried. Also it comes in many different and bright colors.

    By Niki on 05.06.2011

  37. her eyeliner was running down her face. she was sitting on the subway, crying and sobbing. mumbling some incoherent threats and woes about “some “boy. si didn’t know, but i felt like i did. i wanted to go over and give her a hug. whos knows what type of sadness she may be going through. maybe she broke up, or maybe even her husband died, leaving her with her 3 kids at home with a pile of bills on the kitchen counter.

    By alice17 URL on 05.06.2011

  38. She looked down the long isle. On either side it was lined with beauty products, or “beauty” products, as her dad would tell her. She smiled to herself and pushed her cart forward, thinking of the river and the mountains and the sweet smell of sunshine.

    By Sarah URL on 05.06.2011

  39. sometimes I poke myself in the eye but mostly I get it all around my eye. I sometimes look like a raccoon but I remove the majority of it. My philosophy is to put a shit ton on and then remove the parts I don’t want. Maybe that’s my philosophy on life. I feel like big things in our lives trickle into the little things. so me putting on my eyeliner like a retard maybe means I’m okay with making mistakes in my life, as long as I always have the option to fix them.

    By Monica on 05.06.2011

  40. Smantha was always very careful when putting on eyeliner. However it would always end up with Samantha trying to get rid of a unibrow made by eyeliner.

    By Linden on 05.06.2011