March 24th, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “exquisite”

  1. The taste of the food was like no other. The explosion in my mouth felt like the Fourth of July was happening on my taste buds. It was something like berries, yet it had a faint taste of something salty. It was inexplainable, but delicious.

    By Julie M on 03.24.2012

  2. Her smile was exquisite. She seemed so carefree and full of life. But then I threw up all over her cat and he smile slowly faded into a hideous frown. The end. Her cat died.

    By Mmmyeah on 03.24.2012

  3. The dresses all lined up in a neat row, i grace my hands over the exquisite fabric. Draping it over my body getting that fashion-high.

    By Sarah URL on 03.24.2012

  4. She reached her hand out to the cup, say neatly on the saucer. The gentle chink of china as she lifted it from its home to her lips. Steam drifted up to mist the bottom of her glasses as she took a sip of her tea. Exquisite, she thought to herself.

    By Ian URL on 03.24.2012

  5. I see you laying there, exquisite beauty. I am so damn Lucky.

    By Crystal URL on 03.24.2012

  6. The most exquisite suits were on display in the great metropolis of Rathbone, and all the most noble suitors for the duchess’s daughter were sifting through the aisles for the best pick. Balzac de Grazi, the richest of the barons, was gazing at a bright red display, while a green embroidered black tailcoat caught the eye of Reginald Alviera.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.24.2012

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    By Mirko on 03.24.2012

  8. It is a magnificent word and I can never spell it properly.

    By Ela on 03.24.2012

  9. it is something that cannot compare. i person you love is exquisite to your soul. beauty cannot describe the feelings towards them, but this word hits the spot.

    By Mariah URL on 03.24.2012

  10. An exquisite visit. That’s what it was. He left feeling elated. Partly because he knew he’d never see her again. It was like they’d drunk the last bottle of vintage champagne. And that was that – the cellar was now empty. He knew it, and it felt right.

    By Hafada URL on 03.24.2012

  11. I think about food. French food. Maybe some good looking girl too. A model perhaps? I know this word does not describe my life. It also isn’t one you hear often. I should use it more

    By Maggie on 03.24.2012

  12. nice. french fancy pancy
    things that i can’t have because im not good enough for them
    good tasting; sounds (in the begining) like excercise weird
    anyway i dont think there is much more to say. someone who is good looking good at something in particualr

    By cassandra on 03.24.2012

  13. the exquisite man went shopping to see if his exquisiteness of the blouse he had on rendered women completely paralyzed. So, he checked his clock and it said 4 a.m. and realized he was actually in his room, and the blouse was someone else’s skin with the corpse in the corner of the room.

    By David Menchinger on 03.24.2012

  14. A fine taste of food is the main use for this word.
    People trying to sound more culturally knowledgeable then they are.

    By Johnny on 03.24.2012

  15. I think about the finer things in life. It sounds magnificent and pure, not a word I would use to describe anything now a days. This society does not deserve the word exquisite. It’s so pure, meant for finer and cleaner times. Where people were conservative and didn’t sleep around.

    By Jenna Boonie on 03.24.2012

  16. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever saw, her body like that kissed by the sun. Her hair more beautiful than any spring flower. Her lips more kissable that anything I had ever saw. She was perfect beyond anything exquisite I had ever seen in my entire life. I loved her.

    By kaley on 03.24.2012

  17. Elegant. Eloquent. She had her hair in a bun, a bow fixed delicately through her locks. Her dress looked expensive, cutting just below her knees, decorated with bows like her hair’s.

    By Emerson on 03.24.2012

  18. It’s tea time and we’re all awaiting our honorary guest- he’s late again so we sip our tea quietly and wonder if he even cares.

    By dream on 03.24.2012

  19. exquisite is as quite a know as the unquiet night, the most extravagant of all the exiting events in the world. what’s exquisite to you? art? economics? the perplexing dynamics of this fucked up system we call the globe? follow what you find exquisite and maybe your life will be exquisite in exciting consequence.

    By Mariah Tiffany on 03.24.2012

  20. It was an exquisite diamond necklace, that fancy Victorian kind like one might see in frescoes of the British ladies being carried through the jungles of South Asia on the shoulder of some half-naked, brown-skinned tribesmen.

    By Phil on 03.24.2012

  21. the skin on your arms,
    the wisp of your hair,
    the touch of your sweet breath on my shoulder
    what you offer my life, each day of you is exquisite

    By Barb F on 03.24.2012

  22. It’s beautiful…exquisite…the purest of the pure. Even I cannot tell it’s really there.

    By Kristin URL on 03.24.2012

  23. Your eyes are exquisite. Sharp, and beautifully shaped liked a precious gem. Also the reason why I can’t have you.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 03.24.2012

  24. when i look at a sunset or the ocean. My boyfriend, and how i feel about him. what i’d like to be described as but it also reminds me of some kind of artifact. Something beautiful and sophistocated.

    By liza on 03.24.2012

  25. She was exquisite once.
    But once is gone and now she’s just…
    Well I won’t tell you what she is now.
    She was beautiful once
    But something took that from her,
    Now she’s less than average
    And still crying over the same pain
    Every night, the same old thing.
    Everyone can see where her tears have eaten away at her cheeks
    And the laugh lines are gone,
    Rep[laced] with lines that only demons can read now.

    By Breezy.the.Brutal URL on 03.24.2012

  26. a fine and refined sort of unique delicacy seen by all, appreciated by few. beautiful and enchanting, yet refreshingly different.

    By Tyler Williams on 03.24.2012

  27. She wanted to blame herself for all of the sad souls to appear out of her palm. She created them; she made their smiles turn to confusion. Those exquisite slender fingers and beautifully unsure face could never forgive her brain. Even for the ones that dug deeper and inflicted their own pain–she knew she held the shovel first and planted the first twisted seed.

    By Marissa URL on 03.24.2012

  28. My eyes followed his fork slowly rising to the old man’s mouth. I knew he had just eaten his own son and I laughed inside. “Exquisite,” he said.

    By Cameron_Alexander URL on 03.24.2012

  29. lavish shiny sparkly pricey equisitepinneapple

    By annabel URL on 03.24.2012

  30. There’s something so crisp about that word. Something that makes it punch you in the face with a teacup in the other hand, pinkie up and all. It’s refined, you know, like a little lady glaring you in the face. There’s no other way around it, except to say it’s simply… exquisite. A work of art. Exquisite.

    By Toria on 03.24.2012

  31. Food can be exquisite. Exquisite reminds me of amazing and unforgettable. My trip to Spain was exquisite, and I still have the best souvegnier. I’m not supposed to think, just write, but I have no clue what to really say . I’ve got 60 more seconds. Whenever I have a time limit I seem to think faster and to be a lot more creative…well on tests. If i dont know an answer, sometimes I just write something on the essay questions.

    By Natalie on 03.24.2012

  32. I actually wrote an entry already. Something about teacups and pinkies and elegance, crispness which punches you in the face.

    That’s actually not very crisp, nor refined, but it’s the thought that matters, isn’t it? A moment suspended, the chain of strange coincidences, something that could be forever. A work of art, free and eloquent in the face of anything and everything. That’s what it means, I guess?

    By Toria URL on 03.24.2012

  33. Once upon a time I met a girl who’s soul matched mine. She could climb into my mind whenever she wanted without any choice or control of my own, and most often did so when I was alone. She curled then into my lips and made me smile for awhile. She is my one and only, the exquisite for my lonely.

    By Christian Holm on 03.24.2012

  34. The shiny bobbles in his hair left the seas breathing in bell-sounds, a whisper of a warning to the passing dolphins and gaggles of seaweed sisters.

    By N.J. URL on 03.24.2012

  35. Not many things in life are exquisite. I think of a very good meal, or piece of food, carefully crafted in look, taste, smell, touch… all senses have to be involved. Refinement.

    By Bron on 03.24.2012

  36. Exquisite. The word danced through my mind; the art purveyor had called my amateurish work exquisite! My heart was certainly about to burst; my feet were lifting off the ground in a sort of dance. And yet, something wasn’t right. Not yet- Gabe had yet to see this piece, the one he’d inspired me to paint… Once I was able to show him his gift, hanging in the gallery, I truly would have accomplished all I could dream of.

    By SkyeDreamer URL on 03.24.2012

  37. I do not have an exquisite anything. Not an exquisite body, not exquisite taste, not an exquisite life. I am unbelievably , inconceivably, average. But sometimes i am happy in spite of my averageness.

    By Amy on 03.24.2012

  38. it is a word meaning amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, describing something flawless effortless and down right perfect. Prononouned exsqisit SO yes i do not undersTAN this site i am scared……………………………. AHHH

    By bill on 03.24.2012

  39. This shrimp is absolutely exquisite! I can’t believe it! These rich people really know how to live.

    By Jordan URL on 03.24.2012

  40. diamonds, rubies, jewels, fortunes, sapphires, gold, shiny, pricey. silver, expensive, platinum

    By Michelle URL on 03.24.2012