July 9th, 2011 | 418 Entries

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418 Entries for “expecting”

  1. i wrote about expectations before, but the my browser didnt work so it got deleted. this made me frustrated, but in the end it proves my point. expectations, like expecting the internet to work, are pointless because in the end you are always left disappointed.

    By Carina URL on 07.10.2011

  2. The clouds rose on the horizon. Was God pleased with our actions? Would the drought end like the shaman said? Were the sacrifices going to work?
    We watched expectantly, waiting for a sign of God’s approval.
    That was when the lightning came.

    By thelonehuman URL on 07.10.2011

  3. ur my hero….i love u expecting somethng from u….with regards vsv

    By vsv on 07.10.2011

  4. I looked down at that stick; that damned, wonderful stick. I’d never experienced such a dichotomy of emotion before. I feared the change that that pink plus sing would cause, but somehow I couldn’t wait for it to come.

    By MaryAlice Larmi URL on 07.10.2011

  5. hopeful, pregnant, waiting, thoughts, positivity, time, journey,

    By elaine on 07.10.2011

  6. He was expecting so much of me. I couldn’t give him a chance. He loved me. But I didn’t. He wanted me to tell him “I don’t love you” or something, but I didnt’. I don’t know why. It’s just the way it is.

    By Sarah Herodler on 07.10.2011

  7. I guess even though you try not to expect too much out of someone, you still subconsciously do it anyway in the hope of them being what you trust them to be.

    By Patrick URL on 07.10.2011

  8. I am expecting you to be there for me, through it all. I’m expecting everything. Expectations are overrated. They only ever lead to disappointment. Fuck expectations. Fuck wishful thinking. Fuck hoping for what you’ll never have. Fuck it all. Expect nothing, and things are 100x better.

    By meg on 07.10.2011

  9. I’m expecting a lot from life. I want to be married, have children, run a successful drama school and be happy with the love of my life. I want to travel, see things that I want to see, experience theatre that changes people and defines a generation. I want to see change, to see growth and above all, see love.

    By Emma Churchland on 07.10.2011

  10. I was expecting her to come
    She never did
    What did I do
    She never was my style
    All she ever wanted from me was myself
    That’s all she was expecting

    By Jonathan URL on 07.10.2011

  11. I was expecting someone else. When you walked through the door I felt an involuntary spasm. You were wearing the same coat, the same scarf as that day by the river…

    By E.P. Hantera on 07.10.2011

  12. At night the air is pregnant with the expetation of something greater to follow in the monring. Outside a storm gathers and lashes at the window taunting me as I lay wide awake at 3am, expecting.

    By Dee on 07.10.2011

  13. I was expecting a gift for the last year and it have not arrive as yet. I am confident that my expectations will be fruitful soon.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.10.2011

  14. expecting big, expecting great
    but this is all i came for?
    i guess i’ll get along and settle in
    too late to not let it begin

    By herpity on 07.10.2011

  15. cold white floors. dark room. warm glowing hum of the ultrasound. my wifes hand in mine. eyes locked. expecting to hear if we’re expecting. thump thump goes my heart when i hear the doctor say that there’s not one, but two….

    By Ernie Halter URL on 07.10.2011

  16. I was always expecting it and now I am so happy.! Just as I had always expected. I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m sorry for not always being humble.

    By abra URL on 07.10.2011

  17. Whatever I was expecting I’m not sure if this was whatever it was I was expecting to expect. I expect many other people have expectantly waited for words too.

    By river on 07.10.2011

  18. There’s no translation in french. They don’t have the ‘expect’. The just say ‘attendre’, which means wait, which really isn’t the same. So I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for you to do this, etc. Linguistics, true.

    By Siobhan on 07.10.2011

  19. Expecting a miracle. Tarring in this city. Waiting to be endued with power from on high. Expecting divine might. Expecting signs and wonders to be released. Expecting Jesus to ride on like a man of war.

    By rain on 07.10.2011

  20. She looks at me with hard eyes, “Yes?” She asks me. I sneer and grab the sword before pushing myself off the ground. She gives a soft laughter, shame washes into my cheeks and I clutch the sword tighter in my hand. “Ready for round two?” She asks, happiness like I’ve never seen before, dances in her eyes at the idea of another tumblr in fight with me.

    By Violatrix on 07.10.2011

  21. This is why he gave himself away to a character lesser. He was waiting for the train, which was running late, like a drop in an ocean where what he was expecting of life, things, was betrayed. He cared not now, the last drop has spilled the water out of the glass. Might as well make a mess of it now. A fellow passenger shouted at him as he pushed past him, almost making another person or two fall. He couldn’t care less.

    By unkitjc URL on 07.10.2011

  22. I sat down and waited. I did not know what was to come, but I was expecting it to be good! Boy was I ever surprised and NOT disappointed. Through the open door, bounded the most gorgeous red goldendoodle puppy I have ever seen! I was overjoyed and started to cry tears of happiness.

    By WSH205 URL on 07.10.2011

  23. expecting it all to change now, the corner has been turned and it will never be the same, I faced the Chimeras, walked with narrowed eyes and tensed shoulders into the horror of it all and survived, I’m good at that, I’m deer-like and appear and disappear like fairy, hide a lot from an unkind world, but guess what, I’m the most terrifyingly tough person I’ve ever known, indestructible, tried tested and known to be true

    By geraldine URL on 07.10.2011

  24. A baby, maybe…
    Something extraordinary!!
    Truth; even if it hurts.
    Your full attention
    – And mine

    By visage URL on 07.10.2011

  25. the baby is coming!!!! hurry!!! you expect something, you believe it will happen, bujt when it doesn’t, disappointment looms over you until you can find something else to expect. And the chain moves on. Until something you do expect happens. Disbelief and relief follow. Big changes for just one word.

    By `` URL on 07.10.2011

  26. I was expecting to be happy, but I think I got better than that. Would you call it pleasantly surprised? Shocked? …hmmm, in love, perhaps? Nevermind that. Variety is the spice of life, but I’m not that type. So I was not expecting this. Not at all.

    Not that I mind.

    By EvenAfter on 07.10.2011

  27. I was expecting to go to the movies the next day with him, but then he sent me a text saying he has a chance to go to ohio but he has to leave tomorrow. he still hasn’t come back.

    By sami on 07.10.2011

  28. Pregnant. I wanna have a baby. My husband wants it so bad. I think maybe it would be awesome. But super scary at the same time. I’m scared to be responsible for a child! And I like to sleep in… I’m just not ready to be staying up to all hours of the night with a screaming child, to give up my date night freedoms, to have to hire a babysitter.

    By Emily on 07.10.2011

  29. Crea un mondo di aspetti e luci. Aspetti che svaniscono con la fine di essa

    By WirlMashPim on 07.10.2011

  30. something pregnant. that’s what expecting means. also I like words with an x, and words with EX. this word also means something exciting might happen – or at least I think its going to happen. kind of “what’s next”?

    By Jeff Siegler on 07.10.2011

  31. She patted her swollen belly. Something moved inside of her. A kick. She sighed.

    By Weiwen URL on 07.10.2011

  32. I had been expecting her to come. I waited for an hour, without any sign of her. Then there came a stiff man, with a letter in his hand, which was duly sealed with the Royal Seal.

    By suriti on 07.10.2011

  33. My sister is expecting her 4th child in the next year. She has three boys already, and is of course hoping for a girl this time. Sh works as a treasurer at an elementary school, so you’d think she’d be sick of kids by now! Guess not.

    By milaimys castellon on 07.10.2011

  34. Expecting a package,
    is like waiting for rain.
    You never know exactly when its coming,
    but most always be prepared for it,
    or you’ll be delayed.

    By milaimys castellon on 07.10.2011

  35. i am expecting this day to turn out beautiful and fun . i am going out with my friends and hope i enjoy it.wha

    By ss on 07.10.2011

  36. weel when i think about this word i think about how when i first found out that my cousin courtney was pregnant with her first born. she was born on velentines day of 2011 and she is the cutest thing ever. my mom takes care of her on wednesdays when i am also home (unless im out iwth friends or something) this makes me think about wether i should stop going with firends on wednesdays to spend time with her so that i wont feel sorry when she grows up and isnt small any more. hmmmm…. well i am also expecting my mom to not let me go to my firned birthday because my friends mom that she dosen’t know is going to drive back to her house that ive also lever been too… sigh…

    By Joe on 07.10.2011

  37. expecting in this world is tantamount to hoping. We can’t expect anything. We can only hope. Otherwise expectation becomes predidiction.

    By Kutchka on 07.10.2011

  38. I was ill last week. Very ill. In fact, I still have no idea what I had. But whatever it was, it sucked.

    One of my symptoms was diarrhea. Passing wind was a whole new experience. I tried to avoid it, but, couldn’t always. I learned there is a difference between hoping and expecting.

    Hope for the best solution, but, expect the worst, just in case.

    By Land of Dave URL on 07.10.2011

  39. Did you ‘ear – she’s expecting!
    Expecting what?
    A baby!!! of course
    Whose is it the?

    By Sandra on 07.10.2011

  40. you know you would think, after all these months, I wouldn’t still be expecting to ever see him again. But yet, he’s constantly on my mine, even if I’m not talking to him. It’s a terrible thing really, to still want him present in my life..

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.10.2011