January 13th, 2013 | 309 Entries

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309 Entries for “end”

  1. end pollution abuse hate. end bad vibes negative energy. put an end to fast food and bad habits. fight for what is right, till the end.

    By helena URL on 01.14.2013

  2. Is it the end of the relationship? Is that the end of the story? Will time tell? Or shall I just end it now, instead of waiting to see if time will tell?

    By Rochelle URL on 01.14.2013

  3. she ended it all. she was tired of him. tired of how he treated her. she could be alone. she knew it. even if she did try before and failed. oh, it was hopeless. she needed to be with someone. she was afraid of being alone. but, it could no longer be him. she turned on the computer.

    By Marie URL on 01.14.2013

  4. It was a Thursday afternoon when the first news story was finally broadcast. It explained why a field of cows had died in Texas and why 48 people had become sick with Spanish flu like symptoms. The people who were sick were later dying and more sick people were taking their places.

    It was that Thursday afternoon that everybody stopped and awaited the end.

    By Aria on 01.14.2013

  5. End can be two things. It can refer to what happens at the culmination, and it refers to that which we aim at. Too often we focus on what is happening now and fail to recognize the end, in both senses. But how are we to ensure that what we do is worthy of us if we fail to consider the end?

    By Denis A. URL on 01.14.2013

  6. There are very few expected endings: romantic comedies, bits of rope, that last bit of your chocolate birthday cake. Despite these expected endings, however, the letting go is not easier. The realization of departure, separation, or discontinuation is still ever as cruel when it is done in plain sight. ‘We know not what we have until it is gone’ or maybe we were too busy eating to care.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 01.14.2013

  7. sometimes i wonder when this is going to end.
    finally we’ve reached it
    at least i’ve reached it, i’ve had enough
    a whole year and more
    just to knot i am never worth it

    By peachtea URL on 01.14.2013

  8. He remembers a vague pain but that’s all.
    He is standing in front of a gate.
    He had studied so long for this.
    He had been so pure.
    He swung open the door.
    And inside
    No one was there.

    By Lyonel (Leon) URL on 01.14.2013

  9. the end of the world is coming so grab and umbrella and some big red rain boots. those things won’t really help you when we become engulfed in flames and swallowed up inside of the earth but it’s worth a shot, eh?

    By Selemne on 01.14.2013

  10. the end of a story is the end of eternity which no one wants and why does this website time you just to see what you write. this is one of the worst websites i’ve been on in a long time i mean seriously

    By cark URL on 01.14.2013

  11. The end is always upon us. Creeping on us closer and closer until we realize it’s right behind us, waiting to swallow us whole! But that’s alright, the end only brings the one aspect of life that is the same for everyone – change.

    By Ryan on 01.14.2013

  12. for every beginning you have it and it decides how was the beginning, and how it should be closed. It is the end which decides the reason and purpose of doing anything. It is always a mystery untill one finally sees it. And for those who are confident enough and sure that end will be as per their plan are considered to be great personalities long after they have gone.

    By ankush on 01.14.2013

  13. the end. the theme of christianity. but how can you live just for the end. christianity is so much better than holocaust though, i can at least do the readings. its challenging but not as challenging

    By Caroline on 01.14.2013

  14. This is the end of our days, the end of our dreams. It was never meant to last and every start must come to and end. Where were you at the end of the day? Where are you now? At the end of the road, waiting for me? To put an end to all of this, to the suffering of an undying love that was never meant to end?

    By Ana Isabel Gonçalves on 01.14.2013

  15. There were no stars that night; the day I died. My last breath was shallow and I was surrounded by coldness. I couldn’t even shiver. My life was so short, I realized, yet it had been beautiful. It was strange how I had always wished for something different, but now I knew it was perfect.

    By Hesychia on 01.14.2013

  16. the end. happy end. happily forever. ever. together. end of the story. happily even after. to the end of love.

    By nur on 01.14.2013

  17. our journey,
    our many trials,
    our many smiles and laughs
    and “i hate you’s” and “i’d rather not says”,
    this is how it comes to a close.
    The beginning is no more.
    The middle,
    no longer vogue.
    Now we come to
    our deathbed,
    you and I.
    And baby,
    it’s been a great ride.

    By NuSol URL on 01.14.2013

  18. “this is the end of my rope.”

    you say it with shaking hands,
    shaking body,
    dancing in your voice.

    i glance at you.
    back to the floor.
    my lines are next:

    “this is the end
    of everything.”

    By rachel. URL on 01.14.2013

  19. It’s the end of this… whatever this was.

    And I can’t help but feel relieved. No regrets. I tried so very hard. But I feel… good.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.14.2013

  20. something finishes, not always a good thing. Its definitive and cemented, once something ends there is no going back there is no way of getting back what you once had whether it be a person, love you shared or the end of an era.

    By RQ on 01.14.2013

  21. It’s the end.
    Finally, but it’s not over.
    The world has come to a close, but life has just begun.
    Without the gates to close, the door shall forever be open.
    But the angel’s carcass leaves a silver platter.
    Nothing but morsels to spare.
    The frontier of fragile shards leads the way to freedom.
    Let’s take the drop and leap of faith, the end is here.
    But the beginning is near.

    By Breezeway URL on 01.14.2013

  22. time is running out
    the end is near
    i don’t know what i’m going to do
    i wonder
    i wonder
    i wonder

    By Janaye on 01.14.2013

  23. The beginning of the end. The end of space and time. The beginning of eternity and the end of every race. This was not just the letter “e”, but a girl. A seemingly unimportant girl. Jocelyn Renner, the beginning of the end of the world.

    By Flaming~Pegasus URL on 01.14.2013

  24. End. It’s nearing. We all are nearing it. It… meaning, of course, the end. But, honestly, the end is really the beginning. Well, that’s what I strongly believe anyway. It could be viewed upon as a half-way point, but not so, for the 2nd “half” is so much longer than the first. This first half may end in 70 years on average, but the 2nd “half” goes on for eternity. :)

    By SareyZ URL on 01.14.2013

  25. The end of a story can be the best or the worst part of it. Depending on the type of personality traits that you have acquired over the years of living you will take this in many different ways. For example, some people prefer happy endings which can correlate with past events in a lifetime.

    By adam raymond on 01.14.2013

  26. At the end, there is no beginning. Unlike an end, the end leads to no more anything. The definitive makes it definite. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Definition? Go define the end.

    By John Komarek on 01.14.2013

  27. So this is the end, huh? Well, okay. I’d like to say I had a good time but… Whatever, man. Just… You know, let’s just get this over with then. I’ll see you around.

    By .Theo URL on 01.14.2013

  28. The end of time was near. He could hardly breath, could hardly struggle. He tried though, tried to reach out and grab her hand even though the end was so close…. Her fingers were ice as his own touched hers, sending shivers down her spine faster than his thrills. She only wanted to cry, only wanted to move, but the end of time was too close, and she couldn’t even kiss him goodbye.

    By Champ URL on 01.14.2013

  29. Al final encontraron sus cuerpos fusionados, unidos bajo el tronco y encerrados entre las dos espaldas.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.14.2013

  30. stories always end, i don’t know why but every story has an endding. how gread would it be to have a continuouse story which does not end? is that even possible? enddings are depressing.

    By xainab xai on 01.14.2013

  31. end. We all have an end, but my end is really just a new beginning. One of infinite and neverENDing love from my savior. John 3:16

    By carlie on 01.14.2013

  32. THe race was almost done. Jake could see the end in sight. He pushed himself one more bit to cross the finish line. Then it happened. He had felt his laces loosen during the race, and it was costing him now. He fell forward and the boy behind him passed him. He had lost the championship.

    By Justice URL on 01.14.2013

  33. end of the world maybe? or end of all relationships, or probably the end of a race or in the end by linkin park. dead end? :s happy ending.

    By siddharth on 01.14.2013

  34. The time had come. It was all over. I stood in shock. How had it come to this. The wasteland that lay before me. I was broken. But suddenly a new light grew. like a faint glow i saw the hope. It was no longer the end.

    By David Thompson on 01.14.2013

  35. The end is always hard. whether it be the end to a relationship, end to a job or career, or even the end of the road.
    How you handle the end is what makes you a strong person. Try looking at it in a different way not the end, but the start of something new.

    By Francesca on 01.14.2013

  36. The end can be a new beginning of something better for your life. It can be sad or joyous, it can be forever or not, it could be for love

    By Nelaine on 01.14.2013

  37. The end. The day we die. The day the earth explodes. No one likes to think about the end. Do they? No one does. But it is just part of life. So deal with it. Make the most of today.

    By Jodie on 01.14.2013

  38. The end. The day we die. The day the earth explodes. No one likes to think about the end. Do they? No one does. But it is just part of life. So deal with it. Make the most of today. We might not exist tomorrow. Live life while you can.

    By Jodie Da Writer URL on 01.14.2013

  39. Lets begin writing about the end. Or end writing about the begining. It is actually really hard to make a difference. One end is often the start of something else, would it be the same as before without what just ended.

    By Bedhed URL on 01.14.2013

  40. The way I’d like to die. I wouldn’t want to die but if I did I would like to die peacefully with no pain in my sleep. Sometimes I dream about dying this way. As long as I had a good life I wouldn’t mind.

    By Jodie Da Writer URL on 01.14.2013