January 12th, 2013 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “compass”

  1. It swiveled and spun, shaking his hand. It suddenly stopped and the boy looked in the direction of the pointing red arrow. It was time to take the first step in the new direction.

    By flutefrog on 01.13.2013

  2. My compass was broken. I was lost.
    I didn’t panic at first.
    Then the cold, hard reality hit me in the gut. I felt my heart race, my breath quickened. I started to run. Briars scratched my arms and face and tore through my clothes. I didn’t care, I was too numb.
    My run slowed to a jog and I grabbed my side, and screamed. Everything hurt.

    By Gaia Serene on 01.13.2013

  3. i looked at the compass and realized i was using it wrong the whole time. i was going in the completely wrong direction. i felt like a complete idiot.
    my grandfather had given it to me, when he gave it to me, he should have shown me how to use the damn thing.

    By Tiffany on 01.13.2013

  4. I have to be in the NE corner of the room by six o’clock, said the mayonnaise inspector, with a naughty gleam in his eye.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 01.13.2013

  5. A compass is a utensil used for directing the way in which you would like to go. Many people use compasses or wish they’d have a compass whenever they find themselves lost. I’ve personally never actually used a compass. In today’s society they’re kinda worthless now that we have GPS systems.

    By Brittany URL on 01.13.2013

  6. north? southeast? i dont understand man. roses! Where am i going with this?

    By shawn on 01.13.2013

  7. Compass. My dear friend. You direct me to the way in which my destiny ends. You are always there whenever I need you most, (due to the fact that I allow you to sit snug in my pocket.) Compass, you light my way, meteorically of course because you’re obviously not a light. :D

    By Brittany URL on 01.13.2013

  8. The compass dial spun, around and around never stopping. She cursed. It was supposed to point due north. Always north. Why would it not stop twirling in a circle? With a growl of frustration the young woman slammed the lid shut upon the malfunctioning thing and stalked off into the forest in a random direction.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.13.2013

  9. He wishes his internal compass could point north. That he could be one of those guys who’s a straight shooter. A good guy all around. But for some reason the compass is always pointing more so North-west. He just hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

    By Annie on 01.13.2013

  10. I don’t know what this word means. It kind of looks like come pass , like “come pass me” on the highway. It’s what the slow cars say to the fast cars.

    By Mark Michael URL on 01.13.2013

  11. She looked down at her compass. The arrow slowly moved from south to north. Then, all at once, it spun wildly around in circles, stopping nowhere. She closed the pocket-like compass and looked around at her surroundings. ‘Guess I’ll have to get out of this rain forest without it,’ she thought bitterly to herself as she blindly picked a direction and walked.

    By Mary on 01.13.2013

  12. A compass is a way in which we find things. Whether it is leading us home when we’re lost, or discovering a NEW place in which we can call home. A compass is a way to be found when we’re lost.

    By James Beckner on 01.13.2013

  13. But he really was my moral compass. Whenever I felt the urge to go nuts at a bar and get tempted to go out the door without underwear, he gives me a look of exasperation and then I remember.
    I remember in his eyes, I wasn’t good enough. Not really.

    By Amanda URL on 01.13.2013

  14. an object to help you find your way- if finding your way is even possible with something that actually seems ridiculous and meaningless when you look further into it. how can something metal, the size of a quarter, containing a magnet, really point us to where we want to go? nothing can really take us where we want to go but ourselves. lose the compass and follow what you want.

    By Ellie on 01.13.2013

  15. A compass is an amazing tool it can be very helpful and can be useful in countless ways. Say you are lost in a forest and can’t seem to find your way out, the only knowledge you have is the direction you need to go but where that is you don’t know exactly. What are

    By Mckenna on 01.13.2013

  16. I looked down at the compass that I was holding in my quivering hands. Looking down at my hands, I realized how filthy they were. Dirty and full of callouses. These hands are not what a lady’s hands should look like. Well, I guess I’m not a lady.

    By Julianna Pollicino URL on 01.13.2013

  17. Direction lost. This tool is no use. Simple materials are supposed to find MY way? Unlikely. You don’t know my heart. It hurts. My head aches. Everything is beating, pulsating. I don’t know where to go or, hell, even how to let go. But you dare to offer me direction? These are no woods, no forest. This is my life.

    By Krystie URL on 01.13.2013

  18. Compass the movie. gives direction. had a dream about it. apple app. north south east west. birds fly south. golden compass. nice movie. columbus used a messed up compass. lol compasses are cool

    By sandhya on 01.13.2013

  19. my moral compass guides me where I should go. It makes me. It drives me. The compass has a true north, an identity. That identity is logic and reasoning, not religion and reactionism.

    By Beezer on 01.13.2013

  20. there’s twin streaks from your reddened eyes
    like a map to your mouth
    no detours, no complications

    nothing but thin skin and spit
    keeping our blood from mingling
    – a taboo i want to share
    with you

    to everyone’s delightful disgust

    (has anyone told you
    that you are f-cking pretty
    looking like an ancient ruin?

    i always said in the back of my head
    you wear your sadness

    By isa on 01.13.2013

  21. I used a compass,
    2 days ago?
    it told me the way to a beautiful place.
    where trees are tall and the sky is the blanket
    keeping them warm.
    I didn’t get lost,
    instead I found out exactly where I am supposed to be.

    By Zhenya on 01.13.2013

  22. i was wondering through a wild forest the other day when i lost my compass on the ground. there were leaves, twigs, forestry all over and i couldn’t see it anywhere. so i began to hunt and eventually put it down to a loss and decided to explore the forest without it. i came upon a giant treehouse in the canopies and decided to explore that further. the floor was covered in beanbags of all colours.

    By natasha on 01.13.2013

  23. A compass is an instrument to measure the north, the south, the east, and the west. This is a very handy tool in case of emergencies beacause it could lead you to the place you want to go to.

    By Alejandro Downing on 01.13.2013

  24. It led me to you. Everyday that we were together, the compass in your heart brought me to your familiar love. It was safe, never dangerous. Maybe that’s why I left.

    By Susan Eastland on 01.13.2013

  25. He picks up the compass and remembers, all the moments that it had saved his sorry ass. After all the minutes that he would be clutching for dear life to a small piece of metal that has a mind of its own spinning and circling till it fines the way home.

    By Robert Costagliola on 01.13.2013

  26. The compass is an exceptionally useful device for figuring out which way the cardinal directions are. Of course, the compass is useless if cardinal directions aren’t known. Compasses are said to come in handy when lost in the wilderness.

    By Hope Gibson on 01.13.2013

  27. a compass can be used to find direction. it is a small gadget with the north south east and west on it. More of a compass is a moral compass which alot of people do not posess. this stops people from doing immoral or wrong thi

    By lara URL on 01.13.2013

  28. A compass waited cold in my hand. Little time was left and all I could do was stare at the piece of metal in my gloved hand. Here I was, isolated and desolate in the middle of the Arctic. The avalanche was coming and I knew it. I looked towards the mountain, the snow was barreling fast. I was struck with fear and couldn’t move. A wall of white was the last thing I saw…

    By Sam on 01.13.2013

  29. showing way. direction , north south west ……use it in the forest. round thing.

    By solvita on 01.13.2013

  30. I just got this word last time. Why? Is this supposed to be some sort of deep meaning? Compass: shows you where to go, even when it doesn’t have a clue about what you’ve already done.

    By Sam on 01.13.2013

  31. i ned a compass for direction. i need direction because i have no idea what to dow tih my life. college is kind of like a compass except i dont like where its leading me. i should drop out and move to europe where i’ll meet a rich, sexy european boy who will be my sugar daddy :D

    By fairy on 01.13.2013