January 14th, 2013 | 265 Entries

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265 Entries for “speech”

  1. fluid, unexplainable, phenomenon, revolutionary, evolutionary; the opposite of stagnant.

    By BMK on 01.15.2013

  2. A speech can play a powerful role in motivating someone. That motivation is different for everyone and largely depends one the speech. Look at Adolf Hitler, he motivated a whole nation to rise up against the world to eliminate the Jews. It’s not a proud part of our history but his speeches changed the world.

    By Beau on 01.15.2013

  3. In his peach of a speech, he continued to leech and beseech.

    By Marianne URL on 01.15.2013

  4. speech- is a stand to tell what you do what everyone would do

    By sophana phon on 01.15.2013

  5. I think of Martin Lurther

    By faiza nur on 01.15.2013

  6. i’d tell a speech about how the redcoats goes and does war across the whole country to take over even while having slaves. But look at the Patriots about how they save people in 13 colonies.

    By sophana phon on 01.15.2013

  7. Speech: discourt
    Parler, faire de la rhétorique… impressionner!
    Oh! comblons nos bien, bien(!)nos précieux instinct! Aimez-moi tous! Écoutez mon intelligence et mon humour! Je discerne 4 discourt parmi l’infinité de types qui existe(!): Divertissement-pertinent/ divertissement-impertinent/ enrichissant-pertinent/ enrichissant-impertinent.
    Et vous, quel est votre discourt favoris? Quel est celui qui flatte votre égaux? Quel est celui que vous avez le plus de faciliter a entretenir…

    By Sif on 01.15.2013

  8. My breath stopped. I couldn’t talk. My lips were sealed.

    They still are. I am silent. Muted for good and over with speech.

    They do not understand, yet, I am gone. Except to those that do understand my voice.

    By Avery on 01.15.2013

  9. I have to take a speech class today, and I don’t really know why it’s necessary. Speech should be something taken by people who are passionate about it or who need it in their future careers. I won’t need it because I won’t need to speak in front of people.

    By Regina Clark URL on 01.15.2013

  10. talking
    expressing ideas

    By Aryien on 01.15.2013

  11. she wrote in her sleep
    and every minute awake

    she wrote on me at least
    once every day

    with morse she used
    to bring me to climax

    or traced braille to mark
    the inside of my thigh

    she nibbled a poem
    right below my ear

    said it would be so
    won’t be tempted to read

    only mine, and
    mine alone, she swore

    but now she’s left
    and here you are

    deciphering the words
    of a love long gone

    (i’ve never met
    such loud hands.)

    By isa on 01.15.2013

  12. i dont want to use my words but i can use speech through my eyes and through my emotions or i can just talk fast and talk slow and talk long about something about you but really it’s all i can think about. i’ll talk about something that concerns me or something that i love. speech is not just talking. it isnt.

    By Maggie URL on 01.15.2013

  13. i cannot speak i only think i only listen. What good does it do anyways. I listen to you. i listen to me. but i speak of nothing. words come out of my mouth but lose their meaning in your head. i try.

    By Phena on 01.15.2013

  14. If I had to give a speech, I might be nervous, but I would try to talk about something I know. Some of the most powerful speeches were given by President John F. Kennedy. We will always know “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Also, during World War II, Winston Churchill motivated the citizens with his speeches.

    By Teresa Beasley on 01.15.2013

  15. Given her typical manner of speech, I would have never known she was breaking down until she told me. Until she told me, eyes wide, throat weak, hands searching all over the table for something else to think about. Then she left.

    By Kit_e_PARKS on 01.15.2013

  16. can convey what you truly think and feel if you are honest enough to expose yourself to those you speak with. Speech can be graceful, loving and kind. Or it can be mean and unkind. The choice is yours to make.. what will your speech be?

    By Sandey on 01.15.2013

  17. You can make a speech, which is usually some great thing with a great point. Or you can just talk a lot, spilling your brain all over everyone, which usually results in nobody respecting what you say, and by extension, your ideas, and thus who you are.

    By Jakers on 01.15.2013

  18. speaking
    the fucking presendent
    the fucking rules
    the days we live an we didn’t

    By yağmur milena on 01.15.2013

  19. i will tell you about the tome i had to get up in front of an adience who strad at me too gruesomly dead eyes are they real or is this just a surreal place tought up in my own imaginasion who knows this is such a real question in an unreal world

    By sascha on 01.15.2013

  20. I want to write a speech for you, one in which I tell you everything I am feeling and everything I am sorry for. You would hear it and you would understand. You would take me back into your life. Unfortunately, I don’t know the words to make this speech into something that translates, into something you would tolerate hearing.

    By M on 01.15.2013

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    By benjamin.verswijver URL on 01.15.2013

  22. Speech- being able total or say something. Ina America we have the freedom of speech and we can say whatever we want whenever we want with no one really caring LOL! Nothing really matters what you say unless you say it against someone or say something mean to someone else besides yourself WHO DOES THAT??!?! America is palace where you cans ay what ever you want whenever and i like that ability.

    By John URL on 01.15.2013

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    By benjamin.verswijver URL on 01.15.2013

  24. a word that is good. Shows a meaning full word. It is something that starts with an S. It is awesome, unthinkable! Every body needs there speech. It is important. there can be a part of speech. Such as a noun of verb. Or you could have your speech language! My language is English! Other countries have a different part of speech and speech. I think English is unique, because we have what we like to call slang in your speech. Speech is awesome and everyone needs it to write and to do other things. Speech is an important skill especially in writing. Speech is an amazing skill to have and so is writing, so learn the part of speech for the country that you are in!

    By nobody on 01.15.2013

  25. She wrote, erased, re-wrote, and practiced for weeks. Everything was going to go perfectly. She got one shot to impress everyone and deliver the graduation speech. She would be remembered if it was the last thing she did her Senior year.

    By ChangingMyName on 01.15.2013