August 10th, 2011 | 524 Entries

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524 Entries for “elastic”

  1. The elastic in her hair broke with a pop. Her hair was too thick from having used conditioner for the first time in a long time. This is why she liked using only shampoo; It made her hair so much thinner & easier to maintain.

    By McKenna Louise URL on 08.10.2011

  2. rubber is elastic, i love balls and baloons, they’re elastic! i love rubber bands too.. i love rainbows too! i want a bag, with so many colors.. like rainbows! i wanna play and feel free!

    By gab on 08.10.2011

  3. elastic describes the property of a substance to stretch and bend. Elastics may move rapidly with momentum, and may cause awful harm to human beings. Elastics are common household items that everyone loves. They can wrap fat stacks of money/weed.

    By Kevin on 08.10.2011

  4. elastic? that’s the stuff old ladys use instead of belts. I could see myself as an old woman, with the denim pant with an elastic waist band. I actually shudder at the thought sometimes. Its just not a good look.

    By Kinu on 08.10.2011

  5. one two three… the words still together like glue. i hope you understand, i am coming too. the love that withholds the words that withstand…. four five six i am counting. you are the crease to my dimple that stands all of this.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 08.10.2011

  6. You again? Come back at me, like… like… hmm, what’s that word? Means springy, like a rubber band… in fact I think it’s kind of a synonym for rubber band. Elastic! That’s it. Sounds like ecstatic. To stand outside oneself. To stand… to dance. To weep.

    By Adam Strover on 08.10.2011

  7. Used to be around the waist of these dresses my mom used to buy, with the scratchy netting underneath. I would just wait til nobody was looking and would rip layer upon layer out from under it, but the elastic would hold the scratchiest parts in. Nobody knew.

    By Audrey Heffner URL on 08.10.2011

  8. elastic is so awesome. movie stars use it to make them skinny and other people use it to control their hair. lots of people use them to tie flashcards and pencils and paintbrushes together. elastic is like velcro. but different.

    By Madeline C. on 08.10.2011

  9. Elastic is kind of a funny word. Say it out loud and try no to think, who made this word? It’s weird right? I just thought that too. No idea what else to write.

    By Ashleigh URL on 08.10.2011

  10. it’s really stretchy. It makes me think of the fabric store, where you can buy it, usually in black or white. Reminds me of stretch pants. I wonder if someone was playing with stretch pants when they thought of the elastic man. Who would want to be a stretchy man. not the most attractive superpower.

    By Sam on 08.10.2011

  11. Her body was elastic. Moving in ways I never thought possible. I was in a state of trance. Watching her do things I could only wish. In envy i saw all the guys ogling her. I imagined twisting her flexible arm as far as it could go until hearing that satisfying crunch I longed for.

    By Anya URL on 08.10.2011

  12. Elastic. It symbolizes every pull we have for one another. My pull for you is more like the Bronte sisters; a string tied from my heart to yours. I can’t explain it. It happens every day, just like an elastic bond between us.

    By Flavia Carr on 08.10.2011

  13. I was walking along the street when I saw this piece of…what was it? Rubber. A rubber band. And with the rubber band. It snapped. I didn’t know what to do. So i threw it on the ground. The next day, I walked in the same spot and found that same band on the ground. Until this day, I’ll never know how that piece of elastic wound itself together again.

    By Angela on 08.10.2011

  14. hair ties. My grandmother combing my hair. Pulling on it. How come when I comb my hair now it doesn’t hurt? She used that gold tube of goop to make it easier on me. It didn’t work. She’d always end in a braid, always.

    By Sara on 08.10.2011

  15. Stretchy, pliable, returns to original shape easily. moulds to your desires.

    By Gary Hardman on 08.10.2011

  16. The elastic band gave way and the pants dropped. What are to do when that happens? When you loaded with groceries bags, your 3-year old is pulling at your arm for the chuppa chump you just bought and you’re standing on the train leaving Blacktown Station. Well I could only laugh, and laugh I did – the man across the aisle wasn’t very helpful deciding in hiding his smirk.

    By T Lister on 08.10.2011

  17. candy. rubber bands in my hair and I’m six and life isn’t what it is now, but for some reason, that’s okay. I’m growing up. not a kid. I don’t wanna grow up. I wanna be free. Freedom will kill me one day, but that is fine too. I’m okay with dying. I’ve accepted my fate. I’m about to die.

    By Raven on 08.10.2011

  18. Her brow furrowed as she focused her thought energy on the elastic band 50 cm away from her.

    Beads of sweat popped on her skin, and the air crackled with tension.

    “Snap,” she muttered under her breath.

    In her mind: “Snap!!”

    Eyes like daggers she threw her energy towards the elastic band, the roar in her ears drowned all sound when….

    *snap*…. the elastic band tightened, released…and skid across the floor.

    By Mama Singlet URL on 08.11.2011

  19. That’s what you are. You can tighten your grip on me and then just as easy loosen up and let me slip through your fingers. It doesn’t have to be this way. You could be comfortably snug and fit just right, but that’s too much commitment for you. You just have to be so unpredictable and free.

    By Lyndsay URL on 08.11.2011

  20. She scrunched the hair elastic tightly in her hand. She felt so tense like she would snap at any moment. She watched the girl flip and move seamlessly and she felt jealousy and rage only. She couldn’t bring herself to admire the girl’s flexibility and skill.

    By Lucy on 08.11.2011

  21. stretchy. Against the wind it does not buckle instead bends, bends then yields under my weight. Crowds wave and I return their appreciation. Back, back we go and then at last the release and I fly, the veritable human catapult.

    By Gary Hewitt on 08.11.2011

  22. Elastic. Like rubber or made in that strechable band coved with white thread. Elastic brings back the memories of the eighties when stirrup leggings and pants were in Vogue – wait. . . they’ve come back. Crap.

    By Sarah on 08.11.2011

  23. They say people are elastic, like rubber bands almost. They say we are resilient, more so than we can ever imagine. We have the ability to bounce back from pain and suffering and forge on with our lives. Humanity is indeed a marvelous thing. How is it we all still see the good in the world even after such suffering? It is truly amazing.

    By Richa on 08.11.2011

  24. hairbands, colorful stretchy painful bits of fun. silly patterns, silky flowers, wacky tacky hairbands. elasticity, flabby, fatty. stretchable, mold-able, pull-able, squeezable. adipose fatty cells coming to life. another weird Dr. Who-saves-London-from-fright. flubber and stay pufft marshmallow man, old cartoons, bugs bunny, rocky and that moose…
    elastic woman from the incredibles. her flaming baby boy. literally.
    i once tried to make a scrunchie around a hair tie. i didn’t take into account how stretchy it was. so there was not enough material around it to allow the elastic to expand…
    ah well. i was young and dumb. better luck next time.

    By sarah on 08.11.2011

  25. I do wish that the world was a bit more “elastic” – that it had more give to it. When we try to confine ourselves within boundaries, we limit how big our dreams can be. Life definitely needs to have a bit of that elastic quality to it!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 08.11.2011

  26. The way her lips pulled apart, spreading wide…smiling. They moved as though they could keep pulling apart, as though there was no end to the stretch of that wide smile, bringing new meaning to the saying “ear to ear.” She grinned, wide and wider, until her grin met at the back of her head and the top of her head rolled off, bouncing on the ground, and a smaller hemisphere protruded from her jaw, and it too was grinning, nightmarishly.

    By Lancir URL on 08.11.2011

  27. stretchy, band, pants, holding, pulling, keeping everything together by letting it move apart, clothes, the way i keep my socks on

    By fred on 08.11.2011

  28. Stretchy, stringy stuff which is so useful in so many situations, such as keeping your pants up, playing skipping games and holding a deck of cards together.

    By Lenette URL on 08.11.2011

  29. I loved to play elastics with the Vietnamese kids at school. They were always making long colorful ropes out of elastic bands. The band was moved from different parts of the body and you had to jump over it.

    By Debra on 08.11.2011

  30. One world is an awfully small place.

    What to do with it with so many people on it?

    Where to live and what to do with all the different and often conflicting ideas and plans?

    I like to believe that we can do better than this!

    By Dutch Bob on 08.11.2011

  31. like a relationship, always pulling and extending in all ways.

    By Candyman on 08.11.2011

  32. waste band on a fat persons pants

    By Dakota URL on 08.11.2011

  33. Elastic suspenders look so hot on girls, its instant sex appeal, more women should wear them, but, not to sound sexist, women need to expect to be noticed when wearing elastic suspenders. Elastic suspenders are made for taking off. I hope your not offended. But, I am a male and this is what went through my head. What a good exercise. Is my

    By Peter URL on 08.11.2011

  34. jumble lollipop froggy jelly fish meningful coward clocks messy tumblr bubble gum rice tape

    By Teodora on 08.11.2011

  35. Elastic band

    By Melissa on 08.11.2011

  36. Elastic. It will stretch to the point of breaking, but at the last second it will bounce back. Right into it’s original form. It has a state in which it belongs. Just like humans. We can stretch. We test are limits. The only difference is some of us know when enough is enough, but some keep going.

    By Savannah on 08.11.2011

  37. elastic is a sleazy word and a sleazy idea- that thinks can stretch and deform and become whatever they want, no limits, no rules, no walls around any thing, no safe place. Sometimes that’s great and sometimes that’s scary

    By geraldine URL on 08.11.2011

  38. elastic was the one thing you needed to join in my primary school group. We placed elastics at playtime and lunch, with the big band of elastic slung between the legs of tow girls, and the rest of us jumping in and out of the lines.

    By jenny squires on 08.11.2011

  39. tight

    what the”

    By chrisanne on 08.11.2011

  40. stretch then pull back then stretch then pull back then streeeeetch then snap! elastic is the best way to return to where you started.

    By jenny on 08.11.2011