August 9th, 2011 | 622 Entries

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622 Entries for “driving”

  1. I love driving because I feel like I am racing all the time, and when I pull up to red lights, I feel like everyone thinks the same thing. I once hit a squirrel while drive. Thats a lie. never happened.

    By Jhake Johnson on 08.10.2011

  2. I was driving down the road towards the end of world when it happened. I guess I should have expected it, being the road to the end of world and all. But yes, of course, the world ended. It was quite sudden. I was simply driving along, and then I wasn’t. Instead I was floating.

    By Heather URL on 08.10.2011

  3. Half awake, stumbling to the grey mini van. Mom will never know we left. Incoherent. Oblivious to the road before me, I hear the voice of my best friend but cannot make out what she is saying. My eyes are open but I see nothing, the world is a blur to my delirious self. Panic in her voice, “STOP, STOP!” I come to and swerve around the oncoming car, smash into a coquina rock, and continue. I learned that day the life I was leaving was a one way road and I needed to pull over.

    By stayseelee URL on 08.10.2011

  4. It was dark. Just maybe a little too dark, and the papers had been bothering me. Fourty five minutes. That’s all it was. No shadows whispering, nothing to remind me of what wasn’t left in the will. Just the signature… the trickling fog on the windows imitated mother’s penmanship perhaps a little too closely for me. That’s when I felt the ice on the road.

    By Jo Studdard on 08.10.2011


    By CHRISTINA RIZK on 08.10.2011

  6. today i went driving in my new car. driving around in a red car is amazing because you are the boss. when you go driving around in your red car, other cars stop their driving and just stare at you. whether your driving well, or terrible, everyone just wants to look.

    By spencer0sheridan on 08.10.2011

  7. Well… it really pisses me off when i see someone driving a vehicle when they shouldn’t. Specifically, midgets! Where do they get off thinking that they can do the same things as normal people? Sometimes I think that they’re probably responsible for the financial crisis too. I mean really? Gay marriage I can understand but the breeding of deformed gnome creatures is an abomination of our fore-fathers. They would never let midgets have the kind of control that they do now. Only if they were with us now.

    By Elephance Anonymous on 08.10.2011

  8. comes with stress.

    By Hannah URL on 08.10.2011

  9. I love driving. I mean, I fucking LOVE driving. I miss my car. I had a 94 ford ranger. Called him Iron Man. Shit rocked. Could have lost my virginity in that car. I’m 95% certain my brother scrapped it. All well. The machine spirit lives on inside me. FUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH machine spirits. I truly do believe in that. I sing to them. They speak to me.

    By Jake on 08.10.2011

  10. I failed my drivers test, like four times. I would love to have a volvo 244 dl. I know, I know. Old, and lame, and what not. But it’s boxy and I love it. Boxy, from youtube sucks. Yuck. But that is something else altogether. Dinosaur featehrs. Gotta work on tyoing I guess. i’m so not even thinking well

    By adrienne on 08.10.2011

  11. I’m pretty sure I’ll never learn to drive. You can have music in cars – and I definitely would – and music makes me lose control of my better judgement. I’d easily drive straight into a wall and end up dead. So instead, I walk everywhere. Sometimes for many miles. It feels like it’s good for me.

    By Chris Law URL on 08.10.2011

  12. I love to drive around my home country. To rediscover places, where I already have been. Or to find something new. I love to do it in a good company, because I need to laugh all the time. It is my oxygen.

    By Marju on 08.10.2011

  13. Driving is an existential experience to some, and a hassle to others. As we wind our way through the traffic of day to day existence, as we struggle to and from work, or as we curve through the hills and valleys of the realms outside our own suburbs, we find a microcosm of life. An analogy of our world is formed as we find the potholes and the pits of our lives, speckled through with the delight of fresh road and new opportunity before us.

    By Garren on 08.10.2011

  14. “Du musst doch aber fahren lernen!”
    “Jetzt hast du schon mal die Gelegenheit. Und die nehmen dich auch schneller dran. Das musst du doch nutzen.”
    “Wir bezahlen dir das auch.”
    “Aber so ganz ohne Führerschein – das ist doch nichts!”
    “Naja, überleg dir das noch mal.”

    By Lisa URL on 08.10.2011

  15. Not very manyt people think when they drive., I hate drive by myself. except when i have good music to listen to. I love riding in the care with my love of my live joe.

    By kaylee on 08.10.2011

  16. I was driving in the car, the windshields were a little skewampus, but other than that everything seemed fine. Just a rainy night to be driving along… the clouds ahead seemed to roil a little more in the sky than normal, or was that just my imagination? The streetlamp ahead illuminated the sky through the rain, making the droplets look like tiny, white bullets. It was difficult to see clearly, and there were no other headlights on the road.

    By Jessica Flory URL on 08.10.2011

  17. through the night, across europe….feels so pre-war, heading toward Vienna, so romantic….driving snow, the dark blanketed with a hurtling wall of white that seems to make it even darker, the whole atmosphere rushing past faster than the car can go….

    By georgie on 08.10.2011

  18. Indepence. Dependency that others have for you. Escaping. Following.

    By Ellis on 08.10.2011

  19. It scares the living hell out of me. I just started driving actually. It’s horrendous. I have nightmares about it. I could kill someone! Jesus, that would suck…I have to drive again tomorrow. I’m a little worried about it.

    By Lizzi on 08.10.2011

  20. I was driving into the forest to go camping with some classmates when the car broke down. We were stranded. Without proper precautionary measures, we began to worry. We went searching for a phone or gas station; anywhere that had someone or potential to help us

    By Westin on 08.10.2011

  21. Driving rain obliterated the view 5 ft in front of me. I felt I HAD t o pull over and wait the rain out. No matter how much I wanted to be on my way…It was too dangerous.

    By Gale URL on 08.10.2011

  22. When I drive a car I take my time to look around to see the beauty of nature. It’s more than it it is made out to be, driving, it’s an example of mankinds creativity and smartness. Driving is one of the smartest things invented but it’s just shrugged off as something that happens everywhere and all the time.

    By abi on 08.10.2011