August 11th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “answers”

  1. I don’t want this word again. I don’t know how I’m going to get through today. Or this weekend. When did my life become this crazed frenzy of “not enough time”??? I don’t get it. It’s scary and overwhelming. And I don’t know how to fix this because there are no answers. Ever.

    By Ouidah on 08.12.2011

  2. The answers I find at the back of textbooks and question papers do not exist. A figment. They are wrong answers. An existence of its own. Do not listen to this. This is not the right answer, and perhaps it is not the right question either.

    By Antonio URL on 08.12.2011

  3. i looked at the answers on the teachers desk memorizing them with every second i stared when i had them nailed into my head i went on to my desk and sat down i am guilty forever

    By Lauren on 08.12.2011

  4. I don’t know many answers. In fact, the older I get, th more I think I actually don’t know any answers. I think I know the answers to many math problems … but even that’s debatable. 1 + 1 is 2 only in certain dimensions. Wow. I need this link. I should do thi

    By Ouidah URL on 08.12.2011

  5. The answer just would not come to me. I sat, staring down at my paper, feeling sweat begin to trickle down my spine and fear pour into my stomach. The more I thought, the further away the answers seemed. I chewed the end of my pen and carefully looked around, my hopes drooping as I saw hundreds of other hands furiously scribbling. As my brain emptied all I could focus on was the scratching of nibs on paper, and the crisp blankness of my own, untouched lines.

    By SophieKate URL on 08.12.2011

  6. we don’t have them
    we babble
    never getting to what
    we want
    to have meaning for our lives
    things behind what we do
    will we ever get them
    will we ever know?

    — i’ve always wondered what it would be like
    if we never knew
    if we never cared
    if we were never told
    the answers
    to the questions
    we have

    By deb on 08.12.2011

  7. “Just give me one… please just give me a false sense of home!” His voice shook with desperation as he stared into grey eyes. The grey eyes that broke all he was. His own green eyes scurried back and forth from wall to wall as if the answers would be hanging there. The grey eyes looked down at the man that was once great, and they crinkled with pity.
    His hands shook as he cocked the gun. “I just need one answer to whatever question.” The grey eyes shook their head. “Please.”
    The grey eyes sighed as they looked at their pathetic man, the eyes couldn’t part from the gun so she gave an answer: “You know that place between sleep and wake, where you can still remember what you dreamt off. That’s where I’ll love you, that’s where I’ll wait.”
    As grey eyes walked away, the green eyed one, he dropped his gun and cradled himself in his arms. Rocking back and forth. Piecing together the answers.

    By Saskia on 08.12.2011

  8. something you get when you want to know something. Might not always get an answer. people are always looking for answers.

    By Jo on 08.12.2011

  9. there are answers in everything, and everyone wants answers. are answers ever truly answered? who decided that that one simple meaning is the one everyone has to go by? where is there a book of all of the “confirmed” answers? i want to know the facts, but be able to reach the opinions as well. answers. are there any? done.

    By Asia on 08.12.2011

  10. I wanted answers and I wanted them now. She refused to give them to me and I was getting annoyed. I was going to have to get them out of her the old fashioned way, tourture. The lights dimmed and the spotlight shown on me. The audience rose and started to clap. This was my big break, this murder mystery was going to get me known!

    By Malia J. on 08.12.2011

  11. “Why her..?”
    Britanny spoke, surprising herself. Ryan looked away, a sad look in his eyes. He wasn’t able to admit it.
    “Why cheat on my Ryan?” Brittany spoke again.
    “Brit.. she needed me..”
    “I needed you Ryan,” He noted the past tense. “I did. But I guess i’ll have to survive.”

    By Asia. on 08.12.2011

  12. answers are the end of questions.
    answers are knowledge.
    answers are…. debatable.
    answers are overrated.

    By wynne on 08.12.2011

  13. i wish i had some answers. they rarely come though. the only answers you will get are the ones you’re willing to figure out yourself. mostly i like honest answers but that’s another thing you will rarely come by. for me anyhow. there’s quite a lot to write about answers but i’m having a brain fart. answers on a test. life answers. i probably would have rather preferred to write about questions. i have a lot more questions than i do answers. and questions are generally a lot more interesting than answers as well.

    By Olive on 08.12.2011

  14. I already wrote this prompt once- I thought they changed every day! I want some answers on this people. I am sorta unhappy. Gosh darn.

    42, by the way.

    By Ella URL on 08.12.2011

  15. Answers smackers. no one really needs as many as they think they do. It’s all a game, and death is the prize.
    The prizes are really sucky at this game of life.
    Just one of those things you’ve got to get used to. Go with the flow is what I am saying. The less happy you are, the more up happy you will make yourself.

    By Ella URL on 08.12.2011

  16. the key to your soul and the the clarity in your heart, everything finally making sense in the world and for the first time you understand why things are what they really are and why they really matter to you. the answer you have been searching for is so close yet so far in distant future that it mocks your patience and you just want to know the answer to everything but what is an answer without the hard work of looking for it.

    By cassandra on 08.12.2011

  17. He was looking for answers, he had always been looking for them, his whole life was a mystery to him, and now, now he was ready to do something about it.

    It’s not an easy thing to do, we all wonder about flying away, having the guts to change something, but it always remains as that, as a wonder.

    By Jose URL on 08.12.2011

  18. Sometimes they’re right sometimes they’re wrong. Sometimes they are opinions of others. The truth lies in them and so do lies. No one has them all. everyone looks for them, sometimes they are easy to find most times they are hard to find. They can be complex and sometimes so simple. Most times we read more into them then they really are. Sometimes we don’t want to believe them at all.

    By Wendy Funk on 08.12.2011

  19. Everyone is looking for answers. There must be some out there. Right now people want answers about the riots. Are there more questions or answers in the world? Lots of questions have more than one answer but some questions have no answers at all. Are there any answers without questions?

    By person on 08.12.2011

  20. The answers to my problems are not in my own head. How can I go about understanding myself if I have no idea what I am? What do I do if I am lost in my own perceptions of what is. Answers is all I need to calm the disruption within my own mind.

    By Alyssa on 08.12.2011

  21. Nobody has the answers to everything, that much is true. Some may have the answers to their math problem, others to their relationship dilemma. I guess that’s the fun in life, huh? Figuring stuff out, not always knowing what to do. Not always having the answers. But sometimes, it feels like I don’t have the answers to anything…

    By Julia URL on 08.12.2011

  22. i wanted answers. whenever we hung out he would just look at me and smile. he would ask what i was thinking about. he would never let me know what he was thinking about though. he would take my honesty for granted and never give me the same truth. the truth of everything he thought and did not think he could share with me. i just wanted a simple answer to the question i never asked but the topic he brought up.
    did you love me?

    By Emily URL on 08.12.2011

  23. No one has them, it is a illusion to think that people do. what we think is the right answer is the wrong answer. The answer to all problems is Jesus. :D

    By Jason A. Thompson URL on 08.12.2011

  24. Being a solutionarry doesn’t always mean to have the answers. As long as you approach every problem as having a solution, that is the start. The answers may come to you in so many different ways – being open to them is the key to being a solutionarry.

    By Chris on 08.12.2011

  25. I can’t say I have too many of them. I try to go through life as it comes to me. If i am lucky enough to get a questioned answered its a great day.

    By J Luna on 08.12.2011

  26. “Answer the question Stephanie,” the gentle yet firm voice of my teacher boomed in my ear. I stared down at the desk, beads of sweat were forming on my brow. What was it? Hmmm… Man, i should’ve paid attention during class…

    By Serena on 08.12.2011

  27. She is the one who always has the answers, but the question is, are they the right ones? Takes me back to the day at the Natural History museum in Washington, DC where I overheard this conversation. Wife: Wow, this pendulum is really cool. I wonder how it works: Husband (in all sincerity) That is why it is here. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world, and no on understands why it does what it does….

    By Jamie URL on 08.12.2011

  28. Jamie always seemed to have an answer for everything. It was probably the most annoying part of his character, of which there were many annoying parts. The problem was, we all knew he was simply making up facts to suit his case. He couldn’t seem to help himself. In spite of this, we couldn’t help but love him.

    By will on 08.12.2011

  29. the valley looms iridescent green
    like a drawn curtain
    quickly into me

    i look for signs of you there

    blue petals under wet leaves
    the loud gush
    of a cold stream
    the joyful song
    of a wagtail

    By david URL on 08.12.2011

  30. I try to see through your eyes, find the answers that won’t escape your lips. No luck. But maybe my questions are meant to be discovered at a later time. Maybe the future holds what is unknown now.

    By Jelisa URL on 08.12.2011

  31. i want answers. i feel like she’s been keeping them from me. pretending they don’t exist. ignoring the fact that i asked the questions over and over again, like she doesn’t even care about how she hurt me. i want to know why she ignored me, why she screamed at me, what was the reason for those hurtful text messages. and yet she remains silent.

    By Emma URL on 08.12.2011

  32. Sometimes one word could be cut in half. You’ll never have a chance to say what you feel. So say what is real now so later when something is fake or a lie… you’ll be able to tell the difference.

    By Kayla Jasper on 08.12.2011

  33. I only give the answer I wish to receive. If you ask how I”m feeling and I say ‘fine’, it’s because I really jsut want you to be fine and cherish the life you have because you’ll never know when it’s erupted into a species split in two. Call me whatever you want, brand me a whore, a slut, a minx, but never ever ask me a question. My answers are always the same, “yes”.

    By missroman URL on 08.12.2011

  34. Everyone wants answers, but a lot of the time we don’t have them. It’s a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless. I want answers from my dad, my ex-boyfriend, those people who decide to hate instead of love. I hope one day I’ll get them, but I think I’ll just have to make up my own.

    By Phoebe URL on 08.12.2011

  35. questions. classmates with their hands up. tests. quizzes. studying to get the right ones. helping to understand, and erase confusion. NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN.

    By ali on 08.12.2011

  36. Answers are great. Answers deal with questions. There are a lot of answers in this world. There are a lot of unsolved questions, their answers are unknown. Answers has seven letters in it. There is an answers webpage called

    By Jessica on 08.12.2011

  37. “I just… wish I knew what to do!” She cried and laid her head on the old woman’s lap, letting her sadness pour out.
    The old woman caressed the dark, red curls with her silky hand and after a small while she spoke: “You want answers, but have you been asking the correct questions, my dear?”
    The girl remained silent, mulling over this. Maybe she had lost sight of her true purpose, maybe she had to ask herself what is it that she really wanted: freedom or love?

    By B.AM URL on 08.12.2011

  38. Does anyone know the answers? I know some answers but they never seem to be the right answers. Which answers do you have? Are they the same answers as mine? Are your different? does that make your answers right?

    By Sherri URL on 08.12.2011