April 1st, 2011 | 544 Entries

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544 Entries for “ego”

  1. people who are fat dont usually have fat egos.. people who are thin dont usually have any fat on them.. egos are neither fat or thin, they are a rare bird that became extinct

    By Hannah URL on 04.01.2011

  2. And how far would our ego’s take us? like fire and ice we clash, but I always win and you never agree. But which of us are right but me?

    By Owari on 04.01.2011

  3. I know that I have one. It likes to be stroked, fed, and petted. I try to set it aside in my day to day life; nobody likes it when they interact with someone with an ego problem (such problems being defined as “his ego is bigger than I think mine is”).

    By David URL on 04.01.2011

  4. My ego sometimes gets the best of me. That is how I end up in the situations I often find myself in. I wish I coul diminish it sometimes, or just put is aside. For some reason it seems to always get in the way of my happiness. If I was to finally let go of it, and realize that even if it gets hurts I will stil be fine.

    By K. R. on 04.01.2011

  5. you have the worst ego i’ve ever seen. okay, you have no self esteem and it drives me fucking crazy. i want to break up with you simply because i can’t deal with your lack of atlest SOME ego….. LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE i can’t help you. why the fuck can’t you see that? just grow a skin and find some confidence already.

    By Ellie URL on 04.01.2011

  6. He had this ego about him, but she loved it when it came out. She loved how he was so romantic one moment then the next, egotistical. He didn’t do it to be a jerk or be mean, it was just naturally who he was and she was completely fine with that. She hoped his ego would stick around for a while…

    By Wendy on 04.01.2011

  7. it is something that can be good or bad it is a psychological term men have a bigger one them women actors have huge egos dog dont have one the bible says that they are a sin. Freud was the one who found them. I dont think we need it.

    By SandraBaugus on 04.01.2011

  8. the ego of man culminates and the end of his life. man takes and takes and never gives selflessly. ego is as ego does and a man shall always die because of it; either he have none or be full of it all, surely it shall end his life. Never a man has lived….

    By george t.c. URL on 04.01.2011

  9. ego is a product of love that exists in the minds of the individualistic and spiritual beings that don’t have to be human. Their life depends on their heartbeats even though they might not have a heart of a human being. Time is an egoistic thing too as it appears and pops up in the most inconvenient or joyful conversations of our lifetime.

    By esra saydam on 04.01.2011

  10. Your ego is a natural disaster. It’s like a seven on the Richter Scale or a Category 5 hurricane. It will destroy hundreds, thousands, and maybe millions. It will destroy me.

    By Lauren on 04.01.2011

  11. EGO:is it so stange to assume that out of all of the infinity of universes and dimensions that there would be one for the only thing we can absolutely prove that exists:the ‘i am’ we call ourselves?

    By The Fake Dann URL on 04.01.2011

  12. A steadfast seamstress alters the hems of egos.
    For the one she dons on Sunday is not the one she wears on Monday.
    But what remains the same?
    Whatever the common thread, it is only found in the borders of the fray.
    Which slowly unravels little-by-little with each wardrobe change.

    By HelenGrant URL on 04.01.2011

  13. Bloated up unnecessarily in some poeple. When kept under check can help get through difficult situations. I cannot stand people giving more importance to their ego even when they are in need!

    By Aditi on 04.01.2011

  14. I wish we could control it, but instead it consumes most of us. Sometimes you just want to let go of it and be but you can’t because it’s who you are and what you are. We have to figure out a way to make our egos not US because we are so much more than that little piece. We need to be more about the SOUL not the ego because the soul is our true nature, THAT’S really what we are and who we are, the ego is a false assumption and it’s up to us to be able to control that for ourselves. Remember: SOUL. Not ego. SOUL.

    By Rika URL on 04.01.2011

  15. It’s big, it’s small, it’s anything but non existent.

    By amy URL on 04.01.2011

  16. Your ego is a voice in your head. Telling you who you need to be, what you need to be, what you need to have or do to be considered a “good person”. An ego attacks every emotion you truly feel and turns it around to be something different

    By victoria jane on 04.01.2011

  17. want want want…now now. leggo my ego i want lots more of this pain no happiness lot’s of gain. what, why are you joyful…sick brain take main man stain. i have nothing

    By marina URL on 04.01.2011

  18. i hate people who have large egoes. it’s like, um, hello, you’re not that amazing and you know there are other people in the world who you could maybe just a teensy bit care about. just a thought. and they make other people feel crap about themselves, its like, “oh i’m so amazing” and then all these other people are like “oh, i’m not” and then they go cut themselves or something like that.

    By Katie on 04.01.2011

  19. I don’t like this word. Maybe it’s my ego speaking. Maybe it doesn’t want me to recognize its control over me. I recognize it.

    Now I’m in control.

    By Scott on 04.01.2011

  20. The ego makes me think of Freud. Freud talked about the ego and the super ego and the Id. The Id were all our desires which the super ego tried to keep under control.

    That’s all I can think about right now. This thing is a lot of pressure.

    By Sydney on 04.01.2011

  21. Egos. Man, do they suck. I don’t think I have a big ego. I have a very small one. And people who have big egos have big head. No HUGE heads. They think that they can do whatever they want. They can get whatever/whoever they desire. And the sad thing is, people keep feeding their egos until they get so wide they burst. That’s when it’s sad.

    By Lauren URL on 04.01.2011

  22. He had an alternate ego…always pounding inside his head, screaming, yelling like a madman, waiting to burst out to anyone brave enough to approach him. His schizophrenia was unbearable. The madman inside him, just waiting to get out…waiting to destroy everything in his path.

    By Misty on 04.01.2011

  23. Does it make you feel better to watch her body wracked with sobs? Do you enjoy knowing that you were the one to send those tears running tracks down her cheeks? I know you do, those questions are irrelevant, but one that you should answer is, why her?

    By Alexis URL on 04.01.2011

  24. ego is something that I just cant find. She has too much ego, and too much on her side makes too little on mine. Ego is a must, but to a certain extent, after that, you just hurt others, and you blind yourself.

    By Name Lastname URL on 04.01.2011

  25. He ran his hand over the leather, supple and worn, smelling of sweat and Montana sky and his father. Smelling of the ranch, 60 hands and 30 horses, 100 head or so of cattle he was to inherit. The mountains were his to behold, the cattle (human and bovine all) his to command, the vast sky his to daydream upon. He shrugged into the jacket, feeling the weight settle comfortably, his inheritance, his self, his new skin.

    By wulfcade URL on 04.01.2011

  26. I have no ego. Males have a lot of ego, sometimes i think they have too much, or is that confidence? I’m not sure? i think there is a new lip balm out called ego? maybe. not sure.. its shaped like an egg i believe. i saw it in a magazine, either self or shape. ego, do i have an ego? do i need an ego?

    By Sarah on 04.01.2011

  27. Inflate this!
    A push-pin in my back
    kicks me out the door
    and into perfect
    I don’t need this.
    I don’t need you.
    There are thousands
    of other restaurants.

    By Sam Wood on 04.01.2011

  28. your ego is like your self esteem.

    By McCrazy URL on 04.01.2011

  29. Some people have huge egos. Rich people sometimes have Very large Egos.

    By Teresa URL on 04.01.2011

  30. Uh, what is an ego? I have no idea what it means! Ahaha!! Oh well.

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 04.01.2011

  31. Hobos have no ego. This is because they have no job… they have no home…. all they have is a cardboard sign and their one pair of clothes

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 04.01.2011

  32. ego is how great you think you are and how cool you think you are.

    By devin21 URL on 04.01.2011

  33. Egos are like swaggers in a way. They are both ways of measuring self confidence . In most cases conceded and or vain but not always.

    By Alleycheer1997 URL on 04.01.2011

  34. I really, really, REALLY don’t like people with really big egos. They act like the world revolves around them and that nothing matters but them. They never stop talking and it’s just really annoying. I wish they could just be normal.

    By Annie URL on 04.01.2011

  35. Ego,? i have no clue what that is. But okayy uhm imma have to guess that it has to deal with people? Or possibly the economy. I dont know. Uhmm im going to stick with people. I guess they could have an ego or something along those lines.

    By Tori Rose URL on 04.01.2011

  36. ego………………. everyone has a huge freakin ego………. no matter who they are they all have a huge ego…….. it dont matter if they are a prep or an emo they are all ego filled!

    By Bryanna URL on 04.01.2011

  37. ego. egotistical bastard with the eye of a tiger. searching. bragging. pride. stripes of supposed wisdom slash through the orange skin. orange that is a disguise over the green envy. superiority masks the insignificance. lower lower. egocentric with their head held high. lion’s tail. swishing, flick. smack across the face.

    By Hayley on 04.01.2011

  38. Egos are usually largest in people who have not done well in life otherwise. It’s sort of like what I call Napoleon Syndrome, when people who are not very confident try to put other people down and think that they’re just the best people in the universe. People sometimes do this just to feel good about themselves. Actually, that’s always why they do this. This computer has a huge ego because it thinks I don’t deserve to post just because I don’t have a digital form of memory built in.

    By AshlyW URL on 04.01.2011

  39. Some people have such big egos hahaha i mean it could be a good or a bad thing.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.01.2011

  40. lego my ego???????? no thats not it

    By koryo URL on 04.01.2011