May 19th, 2011 | 817 Entries

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817 Entries for “domestic”

  1. a home a safe place to settle down. not to settle but you choose to live here your family is here your pets are here you can raise a family and children her it is confetable

    By samantha URL on 05.20.2011

  2. I never knew that I had it in me to find comfort in a domestic life. Just enjoying staying at home surfing the net, writing poems/blogs or just watching movies snd preparing the popcorn. I am more of an adrenaline junkie, I have fun at parties, movies, adventure trails. I get bored easily when it becomes steady. But then again, what I’m doing now is FUN.

    By euraine URL on 05.20.2011

  3. it was nice, really, the way the acted so domestic. of course they were just roommates, but they looked after their home and each other with the vigor of a married couple. they also fought like a married couple, she with a sailor’s cursing and he with the quiet disposition of an angry bunny. it was no surprise that she always won out, and he always had to take out the garbage.

    By amy on 05.20.2011

  4. cats, dogs, animals, workers.
    are we domesticated, lol
    domestic abuse comes to mind. this is rampant in today’s society

    By Stacy URL on 05.20.2011

  5. i want to be domestic.
    my mother is a domestic.
    or rather,
    she is a domestic.
    the anti-feminist.
    which is ok – because she is still an insanely strong and independent woman.
    my father appreciates her that way,
    never takes advantage of her,
    never assumes things about her because she is a

    what does it mean anymore?

    By Rebekah URL on 05.20.2011

  6. Can you get domestic fox? Yes I think so and I am planning in doing so in the next few years because I have always wanted to adopt an extraordinary creature like a fox. It seems to me like people dont want to reach out to new possibilities and so therefore they stay with cats and dogs…pity.

    By Zuzanna Czerny URL on 05.20.2011

  7. Domestic dogs are cool. I’m pretty sure I’m using this right. I’m not a fan of wild dogs because they bite me and they have rabies. Rabies isn’t cool and it kind of hurts I think. I would need a lot of napkins all the time because I would drool 24/7 if I had rabies. That’s why I prefer domestic dogs over wild dogs. Domestic rabbits too. I think wild rabbits can also give you rabies so domestic is the way to go.

    By Caleb URL on 05.20.2011

  8. house, the home where you live, the people you live with, the place you share with others.. however can also be a place of solitude, a place to regroup if you will, no one can touch you there. it is YOUR place!!!!

    By shane on 05.20.2011

  9. A horrible horrible story. A hobbit. A small creature in the woods. Elfs. Rivendal. Horses. Gian men with swords. Chocolatte.

    By fabius on 05.20.2011

  10. domesitic violence, i dont know why i just picture women getting beaten which is so fucked up. like ridiculously. maybe im crazy for thinking that when seeing the word domestic….wellll i also picture sheep even tho they arent domesticated.

    By Sydney on 05.20.2011

  11. worldwide, there have been wars within countries and it is the indigenous population that takes the most damage out of it. We will send soldiers to maintain peace but instead, we carry more horrors.

    By Maya on 05.20.2011

  12. This is the same word as yesterday, and unfortunately I have a habit of associating it with women, so now what comes to mind is the Angel of the House, which is a term coined by some writer who I cannot recall at the moment (perhaps Virginia Woolf?).

    By Krystal URL on 05.20.2011

  13. It was a jungle cat with domestic realities. From a balcony he sat and watched the cement city fall asleep. He jump out and off he went, they jungle that lived in his head. Buildings turned to trees and roads turned to dirt.

    By Natalia on 05.20.2011

  14. It is the most classic word that describes what everyone wants. The classic family in the classic home with the picket white fence. It screams normality and everyone wants a piece.

    By Heather on 05.20.2011

  15. I think of you, the life we could have, and the people who would become our family. I think of the little chocolate lab only starting to grow, I see the white fence with the curious neighbors peeking over it, I see you and me holding hands and not caring who cared. I think of us.

    By Johnathan URL on 05.20.2011

  16. abuse. home, submissive. cookie cutter. tamed. broken. contained. deprived of creativity.

    By Amber on 05.20.2011

  17. any thing which is home grown..viz..a cricket tournament or any election for example…not given enough credit but it shoud have been…why forget domestic animals like cats and dogs..they are beautiful

    By Sumit Gunjan on 05.20.2011

  18. cats, my cat babington got away last summer. i thought i had really lost her. i thought that i had lost my little time with her in the morning and at night. but then my neighbor found her in his garage. tgfh

    By Julia Craig on 05.20.2011

  19. i like going on domestic flights because that means we are going out somewhere , which i love doing . i’m not sure if domestic is the far away one or the close one but either way it is amazing ! there is also domestic violence which is not good at all and i do not believe in at all . It’s not cool and people shoudlnt do it.

    By Tasha on 05.20.2011

  20. A blood-curdling screech was all I needed to hear before I called the police, but by the time they arrived, it was too late.

    ” How’d she die? ” I asked, remourseful I hadn’t rushed in to save her despite the shouts I heard.

    ” Puncture wound to the chest, the husband took a knife and stabbed her multiple times. Worst domestic violence case I’ve seen in years…” The cop replied, combing his fingers through his hair with a depressed look on his face.

    I cringed. If only I had noticed sooner. I’d been through this myself, and yet I couldn’t brave up and help my neighbor, despite knowing how painful it was. My fear overcame me, and so I did the least I could do, but the least was not nearly enough.

    By Arierue URL on 05.20.2011

  21. I can’t think of anything to write about except for Rocky Horror Picture show. Cause that one girl is called a domestic. I went and saw it at some theater last October. With my friend. She is gay and in love me. I can’t be her friend anymore and I regret it every day.

    By Madison Smith on 05.20.2011

  22. I was a domestic house goddess for two and a half years, since i’ve gone back to work, being domestic is the least of my worries. I miss it sometimes, but I enjoy being back in the job I have.

    By mayhemmoshes URL on 05.20.2011

  23. My mother. She is not. Not a cook, a maid, a servant. She is her own and domestic she is not. Maybe my dog is. That is all I know.

    By Savannah on 05.20.2011

  24. cat or a dog

    By mina on 05.20.2011

  25. Domesticated animals are often less savage than people.
    I guess you could say domestic violence is an obvious example of the brutality of humans. Those darned opposable thumbs.

    By Stephanie on 05.20.2011

  26. We only have one life in a domestic setting-best make it worthwhile! Everything reverts in some way to a domestic setting and the home life whether we want it to or not. My family is a wonderful group of extremely different people. While we may be al ost constantly at odds, there is still that strong bond uniting us and making us return to the domestic life.

    By Risa on 05.20.2011

  27. She sees his hands, she feels his breath. Hot lava down her esophagus. “Speak easy,” she begs. Find his lips like razor blades on her neck. Fire drowns the water. Too late e.

    By Brittany Bryan on 05.20.2011

  28. violence. blacks. racism. immigrants. Why does everything have to revolve around violence? Does it matter? In the world we live in now?

    By Veronica Michalek on 05.20.2011

  29. Home the place i am free. or is it where i am confined to. Something I use everyday, I feel, I know by heart. It’s not imaginative. It’s Domestic.

    By Milo Artwell on 05.20.2011

  30. The word domestic only reminds me of abuse. We need to change that. Domestic needs to be associated with its actual definition rather than abuse. What kind of world do we live in? I don’t know what else to write so I’m just gonna sit here…

    By Gina on 05.20.2011

  31. The kitchen wife. One of the oldest and often most admired roles in history. But what happens when such life goes awry. When that kitchen wife grows bored. She falls to murder. Such was the case with Gertrude. A smallish sort of woman who never complained about her lot in life, until that fateful day she snapped.

    By Anna on 05.20.2011

  32. She stood up and said, “You can’t hurt me anymore. This is my house. Get out.” but he only laughed and said, “You think you control me? Fuck you. You get out, bitch.” She couldn’t remember when she’d gotten herself into this situation. Her life had seemed so perfect before, and she was now a victim of domestic abuse.

    By no on 05.20.2011

  33. word: mahjong

    In imperial palaces during the Ming dynasty, it was common for nobles to play with jade carvings arranged in a rectangular board. Over time, this evolved to what we know of as modern Mahjong. What once was restricted to the elite subsequently spread through all of society, from rich trophy wife down to noodle seller on the street.

    By yetihk URL on 05.20.2011

  34. Tupperware parties. I was invited to one and I didn’t go. I don’t get along with other women and I sure as hell don’t want to attend a party after which I feel too guilty not to buy their plastic crap.

    By Lester Larkin URL on 05.20.2011

  35. It is the beginning of a life that is organized and has goals. Life is always filled with youth and activeness, but this is the start of the rest of the story.

    By olivia werderman on 05.20.2011

  36. My domestic life has ended. My parents are divorced, my mother cheated and my brother has moved across the country to get away from it all. I know they all love me, but I am alone in my misery.

    By Ariellle Conrad URL on 05.20.2011

  37. Life. Family. Happiness. Together. Grow. Children. Home. Love. Peace. Wife. Forever.

    By Craig on 05.20.2011

  38. Domestic goddess,
    Clothed in apron with ruffles and polka dots,
    Wielding her dustrag with a flourish
    As she vanquishes dust bunnies, fur balls, and chaos
    Into tidy piles to sweep away.

    By Sunshine Schuppel on 05.20.2011

  39. I feel like screaming when I think of domestication. My childhood seems like a lie now that I have found out my mother cheated on my father and left. I know they both love me but can my home be considered a home any longer? I am afraid to find out…

    By Arielle Conrad URL on 05.20.2011

  40. abuse this is horrible no one should ever abuse there partner, child, or anyone. it’s the worst thing ever to be created on this earth. who would’ve started abuse? why would you want to? if you wouldn’t have grown up with seeing it would you still do it? i don’t think you would no one should abuse!

    By Mary Kate on 05.20.2011