September 18th, 2010 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “divide”

  1. leave me go ahead
    divide what i thought was so great
    what i thought was fate
    leave divide nothing

    By Ash URL on 09.18.2010

  2. They are the same, looking so alike in both physical feature and mentalities; literally a part of one another. They share the same heart. But they have been divided; torn into two broken pieces, wishing only to become one again…to sooth that burning ache which lies in their chests; so identical. But they don’t know how, and so they are left to long for each other in ways they cannot understand.

    By Breanna URL on 09.18.2010

  3. There is a line.
    There is a line that wasn’t there before.
    There is a line that wasn’t there before and you cannot remember.
    There is a line that wasn’t there before and you cannot remember what it was like before.
    There is a line that wasn’t there before and you cannot remember what it was like before the line was there.

    There is a line.
    And it is dividing you in halves.

    By sentinel's glory URL on 09.18.2010

  4. i divide myself between two personas. an alter ego, who is not myself, and the true person that i find hard to accomplish day to day. who am i really? it may take longer than expected to figure out. i am who i am. and i am what i want to be.

    By Casey on 09.18.2010

  5. a vision of division, through no slight mitotic excision. this is nuclear fission, the momentum of invented decision.

    By rAH!n URL on 09.18.2010

  6. When u divide u separate, when u separate u are alone.

    By marie on 09.18.2010

  7. Down the middle of the house
    His from hers, mine versus yours, incessant.

    Why will we break down this wall?

    By ObsidianSky URL on 09.18.2010

  8. divide the things you want and the things you need into groups of what you know and what you don’t know. divide the people you love and the people you like from the people you hate because they will be the difference between you are and who you could have been.

    By bella URL on 09.18.2010

  9. Divide? The Great Divide – read O Pioneers! by Willa Cather. The Genius of the Divide. What is she talking about?

    By witch baby on 09.18.2010

  10. There’s nothing worse than the pain of losing who you love. Nothing at all. It feels like you’re being torn to pieces, feels like a division of the heart. It feels like nothing can fix it, but in reality It can be fixed. It takes time, thought, and the ability to love again.

    By Stevie URL on 09.18.2010

  11. This is the word you give me? It looks like mathematics, even though it probably shouldn’t be. There’s this thing called a Legendre Symbol, which looks just like a fraction, but it’s about quadratic residues or something. It makes not much sense at all.

    By wobster109 URL on 09.18.2010

  12. How can you choose to divide a household? To make a child choose between parents, that’s crazy. You can’t expect a child to have the mental stability to stand up in court and say which parent they want to stay with and which they want to rip from there lives forever.

    By Jade G on 09.18.2010

  13. Don’t have any spare hearts left for you. So I’ll leave my last one here on the porch.

    By Jean Lucia URL on 09.18.2010

  14. The grey stone crumbled and she reached out too late. The chasm bridge crumbled between them and fell to the deathly height below. The distant, echoed crashes resounded between them as she looked away from the falling stone and up, into his eyes across the empty space between them.

    By Saronai URL on 09.18.2010

  15. The great divide cracks between us. Just as the chasm is spreading across the landscape, you say something. I don’t know what because the chaos around us is too much. I want you to be closer to me.

    By lyndsay URL on 09.18.2010

  16. divide is a shitty word because it involves math
    i hate math
    i also hate smelly blankets
    this blanket next to me smells
    fuck the free world.

    By jay garrish on 09.18.2010

  17. To divide is to separate what was once together. To create space that is either comfortable or risky. It can provide relief or hatred, but is sometimes necessary. To divide can be negative or positive.

    By Jasmine URL on 09.18.2010

  18. Take a heart and divide it in two. One piece is for me, the other for you. Only because I know I love you.

    By lareessahhh URL on 09.18.2010

  19. I have already divided, but have now truly seen what it is to divide. I have seen through the eyes of other writers, other humans. For the only true humans are writers. The only true humans are the animals who create, taste and breathe an artistry that is timeless.

    By Jasmine URL on 09.18.2010

  20. There are issues that divide us all into small groups. It is inherent in us to do this. Must be in our DNA, going back to tribal times. Sad really. We get along better when we try to share our differences instead of using them to push each other away.

    By Peaceable on 09.18.2010

  21. How does one divide the aspects of their lives that allow ecstasy and the need for responsibility to flourish…

    By Ben on 09.18.2010

  22. and on this divide we find ourselves perched, golden eagles, feeling the ruffling wind through our monumental feathers, through our piercing eyes and stone sharpened beaks. tomorrow we begin again, we begin at the divide.

    By Hatie URL on 09.18.2010

  23. The divide between the two lovers had grown far too great, and what first began as a pure, passionate romance culminated embittered hatred towards each other. They said their goodbyes to eachother whilst staring down the barrel of a gun.

    By Reza URL on 09.18.2010

  24. Across the great divide of emotion that connects us all, I plan one day to build a bridge. One so sturdy that anything can get across it. Pain, love, anger, and all the others deep and shallow. That’s the kind of divide I want to cross.

    By Laura on 09.18.2010

  25. Cells divide all the time. Right now, her cells were dividing inside of her. So, why should it be odd that she felt so divided?

    By Tea Demon URL on 09.18.2010

  26. Divide? I hate division. I hate math to be honest. Math in all of it’s forms, sucks ass. That’s what I think of when I see the word “division.” Fuck you division! I gave you some of the best years of my life!

    By Katie on 09.18.2010

  27. To divide from your loved ones is to divide your heart in two. it’s something i fear will happen

    By itsalex URL on 09.18.2010

  28. “We should keep walking,” Sam said, “the snow is just going to get worse.”
    Martha angrily yelled from thirty feet back, “You are the idiot that wanted to hike across the great divide. Romantic, you said it would be. Just us and nature, you said. Christ!”
    Sam replied, “How was I supposed to know our Tevas wouldn’t get us through the blizzard?”

    By richpee URL on 09.18.2010

  29. division is the way that we all do what we do. without it there would be no diversity and therefore no way to communicate amongst one another because we are all one being. to communicate with ourselves is considered crazy but is it really? in a world where nothing makes sense anymore, who are we to decide what is or isn’t crazy? i say let’s talk to ourselves and get it over with.

    By Jason Molina URL on 09.18.2010

  30. Divide. This is we. We are on separate planes, resistant to change. Are we indifferent? Are we immovable? We are divide.

    By pencilsharp URL on 09.18.2010

  31. conquer, divide
    initiate and achieve

    By Stephanie URL on 09.18.2010

  32. Divide. This is we. We are on two separate planes. Are we indifferent? We are divide.

    By pencilsharp URL on 09.18.2010

  33. “Are we going to let our differences tear us apart?!” Echo yelled above the loud arguments. Leiko and I tore our hateful gaze from each other and looked at him. He was right; we would never protect this island if we couldn’t get past our initial hate.

    By Marissa URL on 09.18.2010

  34. She’s scared, body trembling. She can feel herself breaking.
    ‘What’s going on?’
    She can feel herself tearing, becoming nothing but a shell. Her mouth opens to scream, but it is done. She is not whole, she is seperated. Divided.

    By Alma URL on 09.18.2010

  35. the international divide is in the us i think in SD or something around that area as i remember. To divide is to seperate and divide is to distance one from another.

    By Jason on 09.18.2010

  36. the world is so divided.
    the streets.
    the people.
    people are divided.
    by color.
    by race
    by everything
    even love.

    By Jobeth URL on 09.18.2010

  37. My heart
    That’s all.

    By Jobeth L URL on 09.18.2010

  38. divide the light to be bright.

    By reaple URL on 09.18.2010

  39. we are all divided, we live in plastic bubbles segregating ourselves from one another on due to the fact that were scared. we’re scared to get heart, we’re scared to explore, and we’re scared to love. so we divide. and we hide. we’re humans its what we do.

    By Marcus on 09.18.2010

  40. i find that what divides us are often beliefs, or preferences in different aspects of life. big or small.
    it brings on all sorts of issues, and regrouping and can often be the source of conflict.

    By boudy URL on 09.18.2010