September 19th, 2010 | 127 Entries

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127 Entries for “motel”

  1. we pulled up to the motel and i wondered for the sixteenth time what the hell i was doing. she was younger than my daughter and just as obnoxious.

    By shane patrick on 09.20.2010

  2. A morning song creeps throguh the grimy blinds of the old motel and greets her ears, a welcome noise. Her employer lays naked and sound asleep in the dirty bed to her left.

    By Jordan Sawchuk URL on 09.20.2010

  3. I slipped out of the hotel room and into the night. IN my hand i held an object heavy with anger – It dripped to the ground in black drops.

    By Luci on 09.20.2010

  4. i don’t know motel, it might be a car ? can u tell me its definition ? what is motel ????

    By knonk on 09.20.2010

  5. it was grimy and dirty and all I could think looking around it was this was hardly the place to be meeting someone. I knew what it would look like when she walked in, too. The guy behind the counter could barely contain his leer when he handed me my key. I know what he was thinking, but it doesn’t matter. Not really. What mattered was that she brought the information, and that the information was what I needed. Damn anyone else’s thoughts.

    By Michelle URL on 09.20.2010

  6. thats where i wanted to take you
    cheap with the scent of cigarettes
    cheap just like the love you gave me
    where everything was meant to be so real
    artificially i take you there
    and turn this love into something cheap

    By Just Jes URL on 09.20.2010

  7. Motel, no tell. I think of this every time I see a motel.

    By Peaceable on 09.20.2010