September 17th, 2010 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “becomes”

  1. Professor Von Holsig put down his spell book and silver crossbow and turned to Helge. “I really don’t know what he becomes after the lycanthropy spell is broken.” he said. “Perhaps he moves to Salt Lake City and becomes a Mormon or a Wal-Mart greeter or something. It’s all mysterious.”

    By richpee URL on 09.17.2010

  2. What becomes of a man when he is thrust into the cold? How does one know, if he is ever to return? What cosmic forces bring us together in our hour of need? What calls to us when we are stuck in time?

    By Terran on 09.17.2010

  3. when it becomes beautiful there is no time but the present to appreciate the moment and what you have to learn from it, there is never a chance like the one you have now. Become thankful

    By Lyndi URL on 09.17.2010

  4. What becomes of us when we lose our way? How does the universe respond? Where are you right now? What becomes of me does not matter to you, and it should not.

    By Terran Trepanier URL on 09.17.2010

  5. Nothing really comes to mind with the word becomes. You can become anything you want.

    By Ashley on 09.17.2010

  6. A caterpillar becomes a butterfly. But they’re really two completely different animals. When the caterpillar goes inside its cocoon, it liquefies, and a few remaining stem cells start dividing and create a whole new organism. True metamorphosis.

    By Curiousgeorgie URL on 09.17.2010

  7. becoming something i would like to be is going to be a challenge but being that person i want to become will make me happy. you have to work hard for that and never give up that dream of become the person you want to be.

    By alex on 09.18.2010

  8. becomes describes a transformation, the growth or expansion of a creature or organism into another form, for better or for worse. it is a change in characteristics or mannerisms.

    By rachel jones on 09.18.2010

  9. one becomes but inviting in.
    invite music in and you become apart of the music.
    invite people in and you become loved.
    invited news words into your vocabulary and become better expressed.

    By abra URL on 09.18.2010

  10. Sinking with no oxygen sucked into your mouth, you pound on the tank with your fists fearful for your life,
    But everyone else is enjoying the party.
    Everyone else with their diamonds draped around their main arteries and atop their heads and their dinner attire.
    They don’t even offer a glimpse in your direction. What becomes of you now? What is your next move?

    By shere`victoria URL on 09.18.2010

  11. When the morning becomes fully day and is no longer daylight overtaking darkness, then will I open my eyes to see the destruction of the night creatures.

    By gino on 09.18.2010

  12. You drift closer and closer, you can see his eyelashes brushing against his skin. Your surroundings blur, fingers intertwine, eyes flutter shut and finally lips meet. It is seen as nothing but in that moment it becomes everything.

    By Alma URL on 09.18.2010

  13. everything becomes excessive after a while. Even the most wonderful and beautiful and delicious things will eventually become something bad.

    By Nate URL on 09.18.2010

  14. one stop solution company

    By asha URL on 09.18.2010

  15. A child becomes an adult. A friend becomes a foe. Life becomes different than we ever imagined it to be. Our perfect blueprint becomes a crumpled up piece of paper. A mistake becomes a lesson learned. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good. A rough road becomes a smooth road. A bud becomes a flower. Friendship becomes love. What you expect becomes what you least expected. But somehow in the midst of the crazy, rainy days, and beauty, it all works out, and it becomes clarity. A simple dream, becomes reality.

    By pinkberriez URL on 09.18.2010

  16. A child becomes an adult. A friend becomes a foe. Life becomes dif­fer­ent than we ever imag­ined it to be. Our per­fect blue­print becomes a crum­pled up piece of paper. A mis­take becomes a les­son learned. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good. A rough road becomes a smooth road. A bud becomes a flower. Friend­ship becomes love. What you expect becomes what you least expected. But some­how in the midst of the crazy, rainy days, and beauty, it all works out, and it becomes clar­ity. A sim­ple dream, becomes reality. What becomes of you? You shall decide.

    By pinkberriez URL on 09.18.2010

  17. Then the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly and I watch frozen as I have been ever since the caterpillar wrapped itself. I tried to move now that it was free but couldn’t.
    “I’m stuck here forever.” I realized.

    By Angie-bear URL on 09.18.2010

  18. “let’s [censored],”jessie whispered to me.I always loved [censored] jessie.she ripped my shirt off,”mmm,this new look becomes you.”…not that her wild erotic sexually always translated into the bedroom.There she seemed to just lay there,and became a minimalist.but i loved her…not that i could ever-again-tell her that.

    By Dan on 09.18.2010

  19. “What you become depends on your commitment to living,” he said, filling his mind with love and joy for everyone around me. When you put it that way, it seems so simple. Everyone should achieve their dreams. Yet some still crash and burn, lost in the world. Are you going to be one of those people?

    By Siege URL on 09.18.2010

  20. Become s.
    I tried.
    Now it’s your turn.
    Try to become s.
    I failed.

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.18.2010

  21. He doesn’t know what to think anymore when she becomes what she becomes — he is almost out of answers.

    By Nicholas Salcido URL on 09.18.2010

  22. Light becomes shadows and love becomes ashes. Merely shells are what remains.

    By Renata URL on 09.18.2010

  23. “And obviously, in this line, the author becomes a bit more reflective, using words such as ‘reflect’ and ‘contemplate’ to create a mood of reflection and contemplation. This sort of technique, this tone shift, is the most dramatic transition in the entire poem, and without understanding it, it is truly impossible to grasp the true sociological and geopolitical implications of this keystone piece of literature.”

    By vish URL on 09.18.2010

  24. the world as we know it will become a world which we know not
    Our friends will become what we most dread.
    And ourselves will become what we would never hope to be

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 09.18.2010

  25. Something fantastic becomes wonderful when you love someone. Something boring becomes exciting when you realize how it transforms you. Something sad becomes joyful when you’ve changed.

    By Brian on 09.18.2010

  26. is future planning thought dreams wish goals fullfill plans transforms grow learn

    By marilyn earle on 09.18.2010

  27. Things that become are everywhere. Everything becomes something. As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, ‘becomes’ will become an analogy for what becomes.

    By Sophie on 09.18.2010

  28. utuf
    oi sou lindoo

    By Jacobcullen URL on 09.18.2010

  29. I think of you, your stare. and It BECOMES you. It becomes US. We love love, in the brain. Seratonin overdose – we may die from. I love you. You know? I’m insane. As are you. We will go. and become what.

    By Maria on 09.18.2010

  30. Day becomes night, becomes day becomes night.
    The world continues to spin.
    My life continues to go and go.
    I age, but still feel the same.
    Where has the time gone?
    What have I become?

    By wduct40 URL on 09.18.2010

  31. What have I become? I have become an princess, and a knight, and a ballerina, and a madman, and a villian. So many things I have become……. What have you become?

    By Reilly on 09.18.2010

  32. What do I have to become? TO fit into a mold I don’t want to be in. Why? When? Where? How? SO many questions so little answers……

    By Reilly on 09.18.2010

  33. everything becomes on thing or another. my life becomes something new everyday.

    By Krista on 09.18.2010

  34. becomes unknown becomes lost becomes found becomes just a word that helps transitions becomes

    By ashley on 09.18.2010

  35. it becomes me, the music, it flows into me like a river flowing into the ocean. it becomes a part of me and i a part of it. as if beauty were something commonplace, we sink into the rivers. we join together, eternally, a mundane yet transcendent voyage that will forever change the person that i am and the person i want to be.

    By will drake URL on 09.18.2010

  36. my life becomes complete as i find myself sinking into something greater, something that justifies the actions that i have made up until this point. it is, of course, so very releasing, so reassuring, to know that i have done what is right. what is write.. music enters my soul and replaces all the gadgets that it finds, as if there is nothing to stop it… i dont know what to do, and i dont care, because i like it.

    By will drake URL on 09.18.2010

  37. What becomes is, is in itself about becoming.

    By shelton URL on 09.18.2010

  38. What it does. It becomes.

    By words URL on 09.18.2010

  39. what will i become? I know i am supposed to be a teacher– but what if that isnt my passion? I have never been in the classroom so how can i know? how will i know? I guess i will just be thrown in amongst the waves and see if i learn how to swim…

    By Keegan on 09.18.2010

  40. pain becomes torture
    as he slowly drive the knife in.
    piercing through your heart.
    killing you slowly.
    terminating your life.
    the world fades to darkness.
    as the life pours out.
    it is murder.
    no one will care,
    no one will notice.
    at least,
    there is no more pain.

    By Tammi Mounts on 09.18.2010