September 18th, 2010 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “divide”

  1. We were once together.
    Now there’s a divide as big as the grand canyon that separates us.
    I miss you.

    By Hannah on 09.18.2010

  2. The great divide.
    That’s an episode on the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    I really love that show, but no one else I know appreciates it like I do.

    By AmberLynn on 09.18.2010

  3. the rock divides the water

    By martin on 09.19.2010

  4. You and me are like long division. We’ll spend time on us for as long as it takes, and we’ll finish with a remainder.

    By Laura URL on 09.19.2010

  5. Divided
    between selves
    of two different natures.
    Two paths that might lead
    to the same place,
    get me where I need to go,
    like winding roads
    or round-a-bouts,
    ferris wheels
    or carousels.
    One might be flatter,
    made of gravel,
    the other might be
    like water currents,
    growing luscious green grass.
    Whichever one
    gets me to where I want to go,
    who I want to be,
    and I wonder
    if my enjoyment
    will differ any bit
    by taking the harder path,
    or the more boring path,
    or maybe,
    they’re all just the same.
    And I think I’m walking on a different road
    but I’ve really just came back to it
    all over again.

    By Scythe42 URL on 09.19.2010

  6. “Divide” he said. “Divide… and destroy…”. The phrase continued to blare over the speakers as i tried to make sense of the situation. It was theatrical enough to have us brought to this place, but for somebody to set up something like this, I was seriously questioning if we were really as secret as all that.

    By Iker URL on 09.19.2010

  7. The divide between Heaven and Hell. That is where i tumbled, never to resurface….

    It was really hot lol

    By NikiC111 URL on 09.19.2010

  8. divide is what is also called a part seperated from the other part

    By sachin on 09.19.2010

  9. Division is addition’s antonym.
    But it has vision.

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.19.2010

  10. She couldn’t reach him across the great divide that now separated them. “Really, Steve, I don’t know what to say,” Jenna said gently. “I thought we were friends. I hoped we might be more someday, but marriage? After our second date?” “What can I say” his tortured eyes accused her. “You’re my soulmate. I knew it the second I saw you, but if you don’t feel it, I guess I’ll have to go find the next one.”

    By Izolda on 09.19.2010

  11. just to share

    By LaLargaSombra on 09.19.2010

  12. Divide and conquer. Divided island Cyprus is now in its 36th year of Turkish occupation.

    By Andreas on 09.19.2010

  13. This divide, in the air, in the ground, in our lives. What’s the point? Lets just all be friends!

    By gnsjnfjnfd! Ahahaha on 09.19.2010

  14. The family stood divided. Each with his own intricate plan for the cursed inheritance. Blood is thicker than water, but money is more powerful than any.

    By Bamsareq URL on 09.19.2010

  15. Divided the two siblings glared at each other from opposite sides of the room. What had started as playful banter had ended in an all out tear the walls down brawl. The mother now stood between the two a tower picture of righteous indignation.

    By Evie URL on 09.19.2010

  16. i crossed the hill to see the divide. It spanned across many kilometres of plain.
    And I wondered what had caused such a rift of disagreement to occur

    By sarah on 09.19.2010

  17. When one single and another single come together and the match is so completely perfect, you can’t imagine the end. You can’t imagine that there could be an end. But there always is. And when that end comes, it seems as natural and as right as the original coming together. How weak a thing it is.

    By Amy URL on 09.19.2010

  18. Divide in two. take the piece of waffle and divide it in two. then The boy and the girl can have some. But is it still fulfilling? What if they had the urge to have the whole piece? Half isn’t good enough.

    By E. URL on 09.19.2010

  19. the great divide! when you say you love me and i say i how much i really like your shoes. that means i love you too, i think. maybe. you scream across the chasm i so carefully built – I LOOOVE YOUUUU!!!! i listen to it echo around me and bounce down down down into the black.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.19.2010

  20. divide and conquer. Division creates problems, but it’s normal. We divide, because community, though normal to the human species does not mean a global culture. We form tribes, we have smaller communities that we protect, and stay with.

    By Toni on 09.19.2010

  21. …and conquer. Lay tracks down across the whole world so I can travel from sea to shinning sea without fear of needing anyone by me. I am myself, nothing that needs division

    By JAG on 09.19.2010

  22. The green jello jiggled on the plate violently as the waitress weaved through the crowd in the packed restaurant. She held the platter gloriously over everyone’s heads, making the jello slip and slide every which way on the smooth surface of the plate.

    By miatetangco URL on 09.19.2010

  23. A house divided, etc. Without reasoning about it, I felt it. She might scream at me, but I needed to get it done. Without hesitation. It was cruel but we needed to move on. I flushed the goldfish down the toilet.

    By gnimbley on 09.19.2010

  24. To be or not to be divided
    Two become one and should not be divided

    By lars URL on 09.19.2010

  25. You and me, we became so far apart. She tore our world apart. The divide of our hearts, and mine is now broken. And there’s no turning back. I never know what to do with myself anymore.

    By Kayla URL on 09.19.2010

  26. Oh, getting ready for the great divide. No where I could run, no where I want to hide. I’m losing my self identity, and gaining my insanity.

    By Kayla URL on 09.19.2010

  27. Trying to be in two places at once, I tried to divide my time equally. But these things are never equal. Like the biblical reference of serving two masters, I came to love one more than the other. But when each of the women discovered the other, I lost them both.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 09.19.2010

  28. Divide is a math word. It divides a lot of things. If you divide the word you get the word, die, which is what happens to numbers when they are divided.

    By Albert URL on 09.19.2010

  29. She began to divide her things from his as fast as she could, for she knew if she didn’t do it now, ~ she would never get away.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.19.2010

  30. Divide the family. Bring in divorce, lies, cheating, and its a perfect recipe for a division of family. And it takes a lifetime and never clears up.

    By bobbi URL on 09.19.2010

  31. Divide and conquer a house divided. The human spirit should not know such torture.

    By Shawn Mullin URL on 09.19.2010

  32. Divide- the breaking apart of a connection. The rift, the disconnect, the tearing asunder of two beings previously linked together in a common bond. To divide is a violent act- I wonder if you’ll forgive me.

    By Althea on 09.19.2010

  33. I have mine, and you have yours. I sometimes buy plenty, and sometimes I do not. I know that you love me too, so lets just divide our things.

    By Mayra URL on 09.19.2010