May 3rd, 2011 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “dinosaur”

  1. I remember watching the land before time when I was little. That dumb bitch Sara the trinorasuasu was the worst. But the little cute little ducky was fantastic. ducks are nice too. there is this one video where a duck is chasing a dog!!!!!1 Dogs are wonderful. Like Harry Potter. And the the Wizarding world that I am secretly apart ofl

    By Kelly on 05.03.2011

  2. Spot, wasn’t a dog, though we fooled so many people with the doller store-head band of dog ears. I mean, dinosaurs are exticnct so, no one would ever even believe me if I told them the truth, and thanks to my boyfreinds genius (but secret) cloning device and a trip to the museam, spot was given life

    By Alyss URL on 05.03.2011

  3. “RAWR!” the little girl yelled. Her brother giggled. The girl raised her arms up as though they were claws and roared again. All seemed right with the world at that moment.

    By Tezcacoatl on 05.03.2011

  4. Dinosaurs are so cool . they can be any colour, and it doesnt even matter . i love them . they don’t judge each other – they never did . i think we should all be more like a dinosaur . especially the flying ones , mostly because those are rather badass. loolololol . ahh im so cool and i love them .

    By dani on 05.03.2011

  5. Dinosaurs used to rule the earth, but have long been gone from our lives. I really can’t think of what else to say other than they are big, scary and made killer movies.

    By Jeff on 05.03.2011

  6. prehistorical animal which has disappared from the Earth maaaaaany years ago. yeah. that’s all. T-rex.

    By Magda URL on 05.03.2011

  7. Dinosaurs lived a very long time ago. They are very beautiful. Some looked like birds– called Archeopteryx. He was the first bird. He had big feathers and was many different colors and very beautiful.

    By Hope on 05.03.2011

  8. I feel like this eating disorder is a dinosaur, threatening to attack. I feel like if I take one step further, it will consume every part of me and leave no remains. I’m terrified.

    By laughalot on 05.03.2011

  9. Dinosaur, hard green plastic and the new rubber smell, dots of white chipped paint teeth, a flexable jaw that’ll soon break at the jowls, the hollow belly of the triceritops.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.03.2011

  10. Humongous, frightening dinosaur.
    Large teeth, huge feet and wings of the dinosaur want to eat my cats.
    Hope your dinosaur is friendlier.

    By Lynnmarie URL on 05.03.2011

  11. Dinosaurs trigger something in his memory. His eyes widen, staring closely at the picture in the encyclopedia on my lap. Then he’s telling me a story from when he was five or six, learning about the ancient creatures in grade one. I’m filled with hope in that moment.

    By Veerin URL on 05.03.2011

  12. Mali didn’t know she had passed out until dinosaurs starting jumping around her on the creaky old motel bed. They were singing a song, she knew it was English, but for watevr reason she couldn’t understand a word they said.

    By cerri URL on 05.03.2011

  13. a massively big ting that roamed the earth when i was not even a consideration. it has survived the ages through concealed bones, and through modern technology has risen out of the ground and now a beautiful one stands at the National History Museum. which is sick. Jurassic

    By Emma on 05.03.2011

  14. those ancient beasts and once majestic rulers. smighted for the power they had. they had grown arrogant and weak in their civility. this would be their damning fate.

    By locke URL on 05.03.2011

  15. Synonymous with extinct, speaking of things that should be, I once heard about a museum where people of a particular faith posit that Satan put dinosaur bones in the earth to cause God-loving humans to question their faith. I dunno. If I were Satan I’d be more like “why beat around the bush?” I think demonic possession, a plague of Zombies, or letting the wealthy 1% get out of pay taxes they easily afford would be enough to cause anyone with eyes, brains, and a sense of social justice to question God or the meaningless existence of the Universe. (really don’t need religion for that last one.)

    By HelenGrant URL on 05.03.2011

  16. dinosAURS are BIG and scary!!! they can kill you!!! bewareeeeeeeee

    they are also not alive anymore…

    By Camila on 05.03.2011

  17. Dinosaur! I LOVE dinosaurs!They remind me of those innocent days as a kid where we used to be enamored with them, and spend hours playing and thinking about them. Also, geology. It reminds me of my lovely, wonderful minor that brought so much joy to my life. None of this Jurassic Park shit–just joy!

    By Maria Elisabetha Lammerhirt Bach URL on 05.03.2011

  18. The boy picked up his toy dinosaur, and waved it around in the air, making up a story about how it was the only dinosaur left, because it was genius and figured out how to survive the ice age. His aunt watched with a nostalgic smile. “Oh, I wish I could go back to those days. Nothing ever mattered then.”

    By Jessica on 05.03.2011

  19. i tugged hard on your brittle bones until they wore away in pieces.

    it was always a matter of what was worse: a cage or a display case,

    rust or silence.

    By invinculis URL on 05.03.2011


    The sound echoed threw the forrest scaring of the other creatures.

    By Wishing_star URL on 05.03.2011

  21. goddam you did it again. tomas screams in between huffs. they’re running across the great plain amongst a herd of other preys. can we like, grab one of these guys? xander suggest, jumping over a pile of something. the t-rex’s roar thunders over them. oh what the hell let’s do it!

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.03.2011

  22. Dinosaurs are amazing they are the coolest.

    By devin21 URL on 05.03.2011

  23. I tried to draw a horse today, but it turned out like a little dinosaur with quite a few extra legs. Little dinosaurs are really awesome if they are drawn right, but panthers are way better, because they are totally black, except their eyes.

    By Kolton URL on 05.03.2011

  24. I just fell of my pet dinosaur HAHA!! thats what brook said o put as my signature on my phone.

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 05.03.2011

  25. Devin is not a dinosaur because he is in the technological world. So am i but he knows a lot more about video games then me.

    By Ian URL on 05.03.2011

  26. My favorite kind of dinosaur is the kind that fly and the one that is very big but has very small arms. My little brother hates dinosaurs. Ke$ha sings a song called dinosaur my little cousin loves that song very much.

    By Chata97 URL on 05.03.2011

  27. Dinosaur, and obsolete creature that has left many traces of its existence behind. Such as fossils and the nightmares of jurassic park.

    By Alison URL on 05.03.2011

  28. RRRRAAAWWWWRRR-means I love you in dinosaur. I wonder what else dinosaurs could say, and how they died. Also if I could go back in time I would go back to the dinosaur ages :)

    By lizzy:) URL on 05.03.2011

  29. RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR it means I love you in dinosaur!!!:):) So RRRRAAAWWWRRR!!!!!

    By beanie URL on 05.03.2011

  30. Dinosaurs are my favorite. My favorite cereal is based on dinosaurs Fruity Dino-Bites all the way.

    By Michael Jordan URL on 05.03.2011

  31. I am a dinosaur. See me roar. Roar, roar, roar. Just because I am made of plastic and am wielded by the grubby hands of a seven-year-old boy does not make me any less scary.

    By fergusthepoet URL on 05.03.2011

  32. hobos are getting boring….now just because of this word i will now write about dinasaur.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 05.03.2011

  33. My friend, Becca… wants to be a pink dinosaur! How cool would that be? Pretty cool actually. Don’t you think so? I do! Bahaha! :D

    By Autumn The Great Wilson(: URL on 05.03.2011

  34. a dinosaur such as a T-rex would roar but a triceratops would sound like a little bleat when its a baby.

    By chase URL on 05.03.2011

  35. a dinosaur is an old animal that little boys and girls like to play with models of them and little kids beleive that they still exist.i think!!!!:]

    By clair URL on 05.03.2011

  36. My my, dinosaurs remind me of how iggnorant people can be. Emos with there rawrs and stuff. God, it makes my sick to get attention that way. Why? Are you not loved at home emo kids? You seem like it with all those expensive fancy clothes and makeup you got. Find someone to love you.

    By Chevelle URL on 05.03.2011

  37. Dinosaur are pretty amazing. My little sister has dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets at our house. They are so cool and yummy ! :)

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 05.03.2011

  38. all right i’m ready to go. we hopped on dino and he entreated as a puppy dog then we raced like a train to the designated spot. soon the serenity would disappear and the light would stay bright and hot almost melting.

    By ms pie URL on 05.03.2011

  39. my little toy dinosaurs go roar!

    By Caleb URL on 05.03.2011

  40. the dinosaurs were spectacular. they were gigantic and took up all the space on the earth. as they grew and developed they become some of the most powerful beings on the earth. they have massive muscles and ever bigger teeth. there skin was rougher than leather but still as smooth as silk.

    By Denzell Blackmon on 05.03.2011