May 2nd, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “bandana”

  1. I do not wear a bandana. I have never worn a bandana. A bandana is something you wear on your head.

    By Jpac URL on 05.03.2011

  2. I don’t like bandanas they mess up my hair all the time.

    By bananaphone URL on 05.03.2011

  3. Bandana? Well, I don’t think that we are allowed to wear Bandanas at school.I Don’t understand why. I mean, They don’t lead to Gang violence if they are colorful. Right? Just my opinion anyways.

    By Claudia on 05.03.2011

  4. Bandanas are awesome although they are not allowed at our school.

    By devin21 URL on 05.03.2011

  5. Some bandits wear bandanas around there nose and mouth.

    By Sam tate URL on 05.03.2011

  6. bandana’s are just really weird to me. all you do with them is put them around your head to either cover your head or to wear it…..

    By kimmy411 on 05.03.2011

  7. a bandana is like what gangs use as a “flag” to represent their gang.

    By josh on 05.03.2011

  8. She wore a red bandana to her favorite campgrounds. It smelled of once burning campfires. She held the bandana close to her face and smiled. It was time to have fun again. After so long.

    By Emily on 05.03.2011

  9. the name of the big music group.

    By carmina on 05.03.2011

  10. i like to have bandanas on the back pocket but not in my hair it messs it up. GIRRR!

    By anacaa URL on 05.03.2011

  11. I like bandanas!!!!!!

    By Brittany URL on 05.03.2011

  12. a bandana is something that goes around your head to keep you cold. or something that a cowboy would wear when they are robbing a bank in an old western movie.

    By chase URL on 05.03.2011

  13. I wore a red bandana that day. I was tired of people staring at my hair all the time. Like, seriously? So my hair’s a different color than yours; take a picture and move on. It’s not like being an albino defines who I am. So my hair is white and I’m sixteen years old. Grow up.

    By Jenna URL on 05.03.2011

  14. I got a bandana on my cruise. Everyone got one for pirate night. Girl Scouts sometimes wear bandanas. I do not like them. I think that they are uncomfortable.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 05.03.2011

  15. this is something that cool people wear on their heads, only i don’t think it’s that cool, or maybe it’s because i’d look stupid wearing one, it also reminds me of banana, which is some thing i like. mmm, banana. they are colourful and the one good thing about them is it reminds me of pirates.

    By david on 05.03.2011

  16. chemo beautiful. colorful. lively, to battle the unliveliness others might see. can i kiss the cloth like some holy icon? you are a madonna. i will weep at your feet.

    By bobo on 05.03.2011

  17. You wear it on your face, around your neck, on your wrists and on your head. It’s great to wrap your hair in, but it dries it out. Like people do when you have something they want.

    By roxan URL on 05.03.2011

  18. i had a bandana named banana who banged a chick named anna in a Caribbean cabana

    By T on 05.03.2011

  19. usually worn by people who don’t realize how dumb they actually look in them

    By beau heaton on 05.03.2011

  20. i used to have a bandana with those little beads inside that release water throughout the day.the dog next door to me wears a bandana.

    By just582 URL on 05.03.2011

  21. When I was in the 9th grade we had a student teacher by the name of Mr. Hacker. He was also our assistant Scholastic bowl coach. One day in practice he was reading questions and the question was “What is a vexillologist?” Well, that is a pretty obscure title and none of us freshman knew the answer. However, when he read the answer he said “It is a person who studies flags and bananas.” We were all like “Seriously??” He had misread the answer and had meant to say “Flags and banners.” However, the word bandana is a sort of mixture of those two words. And it always makes me think of of that story, and how me and the students who were there will never forget what a vexillologist is.

    By Kyle Burke on 05.03.2011

  22. I feel the wind blowing into my eyes and all I think is this glass cannot protect me so. I feel the wind blowing in my ever-growing hair and say to myself this cloth cannot tame it so. So we pull off and I blindfold you before we continue on. Such that at least one item serves a purpose. Grip me tighter, for this vehicle puts us in ‘it’ and with that fold over your eyes, I am all you have.

    By Jason URL on 05.03.2011

  23. i loved this girl, she was cute, her name was ana, she was in a band. . . . she stole my heart with a drum. She stole my soul with a kiss. i called her my bandana. . .

    By j on 05.03.2011

  24. the bandana feel from your hands.
    i watched as you walked away not even noticing that you drooped it.
    you didnt even see me slowly bend down and scoop it up.
    now i wear it every day, its a memory of what you gave up and what i put to use

    By katemcsprack on 05.03.2011

  25. hi. :) im happy. very! :) :) :) ::) :) :) :) :) :) :) oooh!! :( lol lol lol lol lol lol jk jk jk jk heee heee heeee!!!!! im sooooo happy!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ): ):) :):) :):):):)::):)):):):):):):):):): :) :) ): :(:) hewiehf ewiijw ooooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!! i

    By Bay on 05.03.2011

  26. Bandanas are a fashion faux-paux. I don’t care who you are, bandanas are not acceptable. There are two instances when I can handle seeing a bandana: One, around the neck of a teddy bear that is western themed. Two, when middle schoolers are involved in a field day or scavenger hunt and all want to match.

    By Pamela Jones on 05.03.2011

  27. bandanas on motorbikes with hard mannered scruffies with silly updos and lovely hairties, I wonder how many. how many I’ll see. with silly bandanas .

    By Maddy on 05.03.2011

  28. i wear bandans on sundays its really fun marco caserta had a bird on his head jason tienry is my spanish teacher i am in comp sci rob is fighting brad theres is seven million frogs in robs bag when it the 7 million forty

    By ghgf URL on 05.03.2011

  29. So I dropped my bandana in the mud while hiking up the mountains in Colorado, and when I went back to find it the next day, it was gone. I stumbled sadly down the mountain until I came across a patch of mountain goat manure (OK, does it come in pile form?), in which was buried — my bandana! Don’t ask if I got it back.

    By Wax URL on 05.03.2011

  30. My friends and I did something really stupid one time. They thought it’d be fun to drive around town in our bikinis and throw water balloons at people. To complete our “outfits”, we had to tie bandanas around our foreheads. We ended up getting pulled over. To this day, I can’t look at my white bandana without being slightly embarrassed.

    By Em S URL on 05.03.2011

  31. A bandana is a funny thing when it is wet. When it is dry it can be a good head covering, but when wet it can become a choking hazard particularly when combined with whisky and amusement parks.

    I’ve learned my lesson.

    By Jesse Walker URL on 05.03.2011

  32. Bandana is for guys that ride motorcycles with really thick beard. Bandana is for people that wants peace. Bandana represents people who wear them. Bandana will alway be on my head.

    By paul on 05.03.2011

  33. He looked up at the clear, blue sky. The wind rustled his clothes, and the smell of the salty sea was brought up to him. He saw ships on the horizon, and identified them as the enemy.

    By Fushi URL on 05.03.2011

  34. is see the red bandannas tied effortlessly around all the hipsters necks, arms, ankles…how effortlessly they glide through their selfish days, i miss that life. i hate being a single parent.

    By jody on 05.03.2011

  35. Boys wear bandanas, or biker chicks to I guess? I mean, other than the use cow boys had for them, the only thing they are good for is sending a certain image. Who wants that kinda image anyway? bad boys and biker chicks. I’m emo but i wouldn’t wear a bandana.

    By Jackie on 05.03.2011

  36. there once was a man who wore a bandana. it was a red bandana with white flowers. the mans daughter gave it to him a long time ago but now she’s gone. he lost her over 30 years ago to scarlet fever. he’s old now, and bitter. but he’ll never give up this bandana.

    By breayle on 05.03.2011

  37. what kind of people wear bandanas? cheerleaders wear then to show spirit and keep sweat out of their dainty acne covered faces. bikers wear them to look tough and keep bugs out of their mouths. Dancers might wear them as a sort of flare. Punk rockers wear them to hold their greasy hair back or many reasons for that fact..

    By michele on 05.03.2011

  38. Bandannas cover your face when your riding a motorcycle. They can keep your hair from blowing everywhere. Of course you should be wearing a helmet cause those that don’t end up hurt.

    By rachel on 05.03.2011