May 27th, 2013 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “delve”

  1. The matter at hand isn’t that I don’t care what you have to say.
    I really do. It’s just sad that I can’t do what I would like for you.
    Don’t make me dwell as much on this as I should.
    And don’t delve into why I did not give you what you asked.

    By Bradley Williams URL on 05.28.2013

  2. Delving straight into my tea and novel
    Soon I’ll see you again and when I do
    You’ll be the antagonist
    I’ll try to save you but I’ll fail
    Fail as miserably as I did trying to
    Save myself

    By Sarah on 05.28.2013

  3. boy if i had a cent for every time somebody felt inclined to share something with me —
    I’d still be broke.
    But my head’s filled, just filled
    I know every damn thing oh every thing, every one-
    except of this: you.

    By Lara on 05.28.2013

  4. delve I think think think think great good lol whut am I talking about what does delve even mean??!! I think delve is like really weird because its deep thinking why am I explaining what delve is anyway? and even if I am my explanation might not be correct will I be typing this forever? anyway I think I like delving into matters xD

    By LALA URL on 05.28.2013

  5. When I think of trying a new task, I feel delving is a good way to begin. Delve, to me, means that you’re carefully entering something that’s unknown or meaningful to you, while filled with excitement or curiosity.

    By Jeff Rueter on 05.28.2013

  6. Well i dont really now what delve means but i think its like ‘ delving into something’. like maybe a murder case and the detective needs to delve into the case.

    By flopsy on 05.28.2013

  7. delve, you are so such a delve person. I don’t know, this delve you is splitting the group apart! I hate you! Could I delve you? No, that’s pure delve, inhumane and cruel.

    By AC URL on 05.28.2013

  8. The silence gave me some time to delve into my thoughts. What was at stake here? My pride? Or her? The answer seemed obvious enough, but it was harder to say it than I’d expected.

    The silence was getting uncomfortable. I had to give an answer anytime soon.

    “I’m sorry.”, I finally said.

    By Nyan on 05.28.2013

  9. du wirst mir nicht entkommen
    einmal hatte ich dich schon
    lauf nur hinfort, vollkommen benommen
    vor dir zu knieen ist mein ganzer lohn
    entfliehe in die tiefe, ich versinke, ertrinke in dir.

    By berenique URL on 05.28.2013

  10. Delving into you
    Our minds, our bodies one
    You are my ocean, wrapping me in ice
    Shivers down my spine
    A pleasure so intense it hurts
    You are my only, my one
    I never want to surface

    By Dani on 05.28.2013

  11. going into the darkness, digging deep, tunneling into an abyss. The dwarves delve deeper than any before them, deeper than any shall again. They become one with the darkness and they revel in it. They are the shadow in the deep! They are the the thing that envelops all..

    By helen finnegan on 05.28.2013

  12. She wanted to delve into the smooth, dark water, and lie at the bottom wrapped up in silence.

    Sometimes the other swimmers dropped things down there, like hair ties or nose clips, and she liked being down there, alone, among everything else long forgotten.

    Everyone feels forgotten sometimes.

    By Simone URL on 05.28.2013

  13. I delve into the book, with utter amazement. The plot was just the way that I wanted it to be. Now this is what I call good writing. laying all the fact bare and giving you the chance to be apart of the story.

    By victor URL on 05.28.2013

  14. I delve. And delve some more. The flight of a single leaf drifting on a gentle cool breeze marking the beginning of winter calls my name. It says, ‘Fuck you, winter’s coming.’ The pain of the aforementioned knowledge stirs feeling of loss. Loneliness. Longing.

    It’s not actually the cold that hurts. It’s the knowledge that without a warm body to hold me at night I won’t wake up with a smile. Every morning will be a challenge to make the most of a day, on my own. It’s the beginning of a season of self doubt and sadness.

    By Claudio on 05.28.2013

  15. Delve. Not the same as “dive.” To delve into it, I intend to go just as deep as if diving. But without the help of gravity, only my own drive and momentum.

    By Scott Garland on 05.28.2013

  16. Lets delve into this a little further. You can’t write when there’s a baby on your lap. It makes writing difficult. The baby sitter is late so I have to delve into holding the childs.a/sdjk.ksajnm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m,m

    By Rover URL on 05.28.2013

  17. I dont understand this word. It might mean to dig, to dive down into the dirt that is life. What is life? Should I delve into the meaning of it? or would I get lost in it? I would become consumed by the meaning of this word, and yet I would still not understand. It is because my mind is primitive, because I am human. It is my nature. But is it not also my nature to delve? So many rhetorical questions and not enough answers.

    By Sarah on 05.28.2013

  18. i delved on the fact that she had forgotton her homework on the bus and forgot to type her ten page paper.

    By XLPCCB URL on 05.28.2013

  19. I don’t know the difference between delve and dive. I am wondering whether they are perfectly substitutable. One difference is dive is used in more physical situations, while delve seems to suit more abstract situations and make it sound like you are using a metaphor about diving.

    By gaussian URL on 05.28.2013

  20. Delve? What the hell does that even mean? I definitely don’t have time to Google that given the circumstance.

    By Chelsea on 05.28.2013

  21. “I remember saying that,” he said. “But I will probably be gone by July.”

    Why delve into the mystery. I smiled when he made the offer and that should have been enough. The emperor’s clothing he wove for me with his promises even then did not stop me feeling the sharp cobbles under my feet or the cold of the approaching winter. The same lessons don’t need to be learned every day.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.28.2013

  22. i delved into the work even though i question the outcome. who put me in charge? suddenly, it is my responsibility to work through the entire business plan, do the research, and write it out.

    By l on 05.28.2013

  23. It was far too far down. I hated it. I did not want to DELVE. Whose idea was it to DELVE in the first place. Oh wait, I know, my mother. Oh my god mum, why? What got it into your head? I mean, really?

    By Thatpurpleflower on 05.28.2013

  24. Delving deeper beneath the surface of her discontent, hoping for an easy answer (and therefor an easy fix) there wasn’t one single element, one point where it all went wrong. “It’s everything,” she said, smiling sadly. “It’s everything.”

    By Ara URL on 05.28.2013

  25. As I delve into my pockets of my coat, I find treasures from all of my recent adventures. A shell. A map. A coin. A daisy chain. A receipt. Everything reminding me of that one place. That one time. A happy moment simply summarised by delving into the pockets if my favourite coat reminds me to be happy.

    By Cora Marr on 05.28.2013

  26. Without hesitation, she delved back into the process of typing up everything, finding her storylines and plots and twisting them into the places she wished them to be. Obviously she could not trust her players to run her game for her, so now she must truly write the story herself. It was going to be a difficult process. And an annoying one.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.28.2013

  27. Sam was delving through the crowd, which was now getting irritated with the sudden pushes and nudges. As he finally escaped the chaos of the commotion, he noticed Demi looking at her watch impatiently. He hurried to her and washed a sense of relief onto her face.

    “Why hello, Demetrius. I know you’ve been waiting for me..” he flashed one of his silly smiles at her.
    “No time for names now, boy”
    For once, she didn’t seem to mind his annoying jokes.

    By OneJen URL on 05.28.2013

  28. into this my man. Look deeply into the matters at hand – not the periphery, not the edges, but deep inside this mystery. to whit which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    By Lee URL on 05.28.2013

  29. Jump into the abyss, the deep blue hole that consumes all and makes the blackest hole alive in your mind. What is it that we can’t see yet we fear? Is the a god? Does he delve into our subconsciousness? And why? Delve into your own mind, mine what you see.

    By Jonny Barrett URL on 05.28.2013

  30. Take a deep breathe and prepare emotionally, sit yourself down and get ready to see. We dive in the deep murky waters of memory, for to delve in my mind is to exist in the essence of me. Currents of conflicting energy, patterns of thought form waves that crash upon the ever-shifting shores of self identity.

    By Johnny boy URL on 05.28.2013

  31. Should I delve into the darkness of my desires? Or should I stay in the light of safety where all is calm and peaceful and where I know my life will remain unchanged?

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.28.2013

  32. When you delve, you dive. Dive sounds a little bit like delve, however the two can have very different meanings. When one dives, they can dive into water, they can dive into a project, they can dive into an abyss. When one delves, I think it is more plodding, more purposeful. You dive when you want to crash into it, and you delve when you want to dig into it, more slowly, with more attention. At least that’s the way I see it. And that’s the only way I can see it.

    By dan on 05.28.2013

  33. I do not leave my house at night.

    I have not in many years – not because I fear the dark or any excuse so pathetic, and I do not live in a particularly dangerous area, but is more so fear of myself. Fear of my own delicate sensibilities that are reawakened on the winds of summer evening. Fear of nostalgia; of memories long past and a childhood so precious.

    I am not brought to such tears by a streelight at the end of a dark road, nor even the sight of the moon, shining brilliantly past the clouds deprived of rain in the Louisiana sky. No, what has gotten me – and will always break me – is the scent of the night.

    I swear to you, there is something, something that rises out of the emerald pastures of the evening: an ancient odor of the past, a deep, luscious smell that immediately calls to mind images of grass cutting bare feet, of long haired children running through fields of grain alight by the open heavens, guided by the orchestra of stars – where the only fears that we had were whether or not mother would call us in too early, to steal us from those moments, those nights, of the purest childhood freedom. Too few were those nights.

    I do not allow myself to delve into these memories, to indulge in the stale romanticisms of youth – first kisses under bales of hay, exploring the seemingly endless wilds of our backyards…

    I do not leave my house at night. For fear of being ensnared by the beauty of the past, of not being able to come back.

    By T. on 05.28.2013

  34. Boxes. Full to the brim with trinkets and souvenirs, precious and unthinkable. The further you delve, the further you fall, deeper into a state of magpie-like desperation.

    By Eilidh on 05.28.2013

  35. I have NO idea what delve even means. It kinda sounds like elves though. So maybe they are dude elves. See absolutely NO idea whatsoever.

    By Madison on 05.28.2013

  36. no sword or fire
    magician’s handkerchiefs
    but icicles
    as he held his breath
    they melted away

    He suffocated
    the day she left him
    an icicle hardening in his throat

    By gsk URL on 05.28.2013

  37. Thinking about reading, and books, and what they mean to me. How much of a role they have had in my life, and how much of a role I want them to have in the future. They represent a better place, a universe where being me is fun, exciting, and worthwhile.

    By Cookie on 05.28.2013

  38. Delve is to dig deep into something. Whether that be internal, intangible thoughts or feelings, or something more concrete, such as delving into the bottom of my bag for a pen or a quarter. To delve is to go beyond casual searching, but in depth, heart wrenching, soul searching. Not on the surface, not trivial. Real, deep emotion. Searching for something long lost. Jumping headfirst into a project that has been shelved for some time. Delving into history to uncover hidden truths. Reaching deeply for a known, lost item. Or an unknown. Surprise when you find what you’ve been delving for! Pulling what has been buried to the surface to examine it more closely.

    By Coness URL on 05.28.2013

  39. Delve into your work. Delve into art. Delve into life. Delve into all that you can. Delve into your partner. Delve into the pool. Delve into summer. Delve into me.

    By Dana on 05.28.2013

  40. I delved into the book, drawn into the mysterious world that almost felt like home. It was my sanctuary. However, it wasn’t real. Regardless of how magical that place was, it was never going to be able to withstand reality and protect me from the world indefinitely. When I closed the book again, I would be back in the middle of a storm beyond my control.

    By VanessaTechlan URL on 05.28.2013