August 18th, 2011 | 727 Entries

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727 Entries for “deer”

  1. I saw a deer in the headlights. Deer are cute, playful animals. Bambi.

    By Tessa on 08.18.2011

  2. There was once a deer.
    He was such a dear.
    I always held him near.
    Because he always had fear.

    By Marissa on 08.18.2011

  3. Today I saw the deer. It was that albino one again; the one that killed my father with the shotgun. Yes, it did all happen when the deer uprising occurred, and I still expect this one to become the supreme leader of the world. But when it happens I’ll be ready.

    By warman13x URL on 08.18.2011

  4. i am a deer in the head lights. i know i am not supposed to freeze, but i cannot help it.
    help me move. save me please.

    *i brace for impact.

    By a on 08.18.2011

  5. An animal that is both elegant and graceful.
    An animal that my friend and I love to skin.
    An animal that has delicious meet.

    By Emily on 08.18.2011

  6. The bright antlers above the crown, frosted with baby fur and the soft curved nose, slightly damp at its tip. Alone in the forest, deserted by its kind, doomed to wander a fruitless life of munching, walking, bounding. Running from people with guns and the hunters who come and kill for fun.

    By Mia on 08.18.2011

  7. There was a deer in the middle of the road. my eyes were stuck shut, I couldn’t move. I was stuck. BANG! it was over. I couldn’t move, my arms on the steering wheel. I was stuck. a dent in my bumper. A deer in the road in front of me.

    By blarff on 08.18.2011

  8. I love deer meat. I enjoy it in jerky form most. It also reminds me of bambi and what a stupid movie that is. whoever thought that would be a good kids movie is not an intelligent person. my dad is a bow hunter, which i think takes great skill to kill a deer that way.

    By Sally on 08.18.2011

  9. How many times do I have to write about deer?

    By Meagan McGraw on 08.18.2011

  10. I once knew a deer.
    He was such a dear.
    I always held him near.
    Because he always had fear.

    By Marissa on 08.18.2011

  11. She jumped out of the forest, quickly looking around, unsure as to what had just happened. She’d been running and running, unable to shake the strange sense that the trees gave her, the sheer exhilaration as well of the sense of being calmly watched. It was unnerving, but far from unpleasant.

    By Sara on 08.18.2011

  12. One day a deer was prancing around the forest in search of delicious food for breakfast. A fox came by and saw the deer as his first meal of the day. He waited and waited for his chance to attack the deer.

    By S on 08.18.2011

  13. The deer was on its side along the bank of the road. She knew the poor thing had to be dead. This time of year had a lot of dead deer that found themselves on the wrong side of a car. It didn’t matter how many deer crossing signs there were, the cars were going to come.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 08.18.2011

  14. i have deer in my backyard. theyplay games with me and give me loads of presents all of the time.. even when it is not my birthday. i love deer. they are a little daft, that’s true enough, but they are always so full of urprises and uplifting bits of wisdom. i swear, i never knew that deer had so many stories to tell! deer are just so grand.

    By ella on 08.18.2011

  15. home

    By Bell on 08.18.2011

  16. i love you so i bought a deer. Gorilla feet are good too babe. lalalalalala. love you honey.

    By Katie on 08.18.2011

  17. It was cold. Silver snowflakes whirled through the air, causing an intricate dance to occur within the confines of the forest. All the creatures were absent from this area that mere months ago, had been chaotically inhabited. She sat, breathing in the calm that unfurled in this bitter chill.

    By Sara URL on 08.18.2011

  18. In a quiet place t dusk no movement or sound just a still body that will run at any second but for a moment its just me..and him…no other thing in existence but understanding between life and creation from one being to another. It is survival.

    By Mackenzie on 08.18.2011

  19. I entered the forest with my brother and his girlfriend. The wood surrounded us. The bark rubbed up against my feet. The leaves kept brushing up against me more and more. I couldn’t breath.

    By Katie on 08.18.2011

  20. I’m always afraid of hitting a deer when I drive. There are a lot of them here in Wisconsin. Minnesota too. Their legs are just so skinny and I feel like they’d go right through your windsheild. Though I’m sure you’d hit them more from the side and they’d roll up your windshield on their back… whatever. They have pointy antlers too. Scary.

    By Mallory Jacobson on 08.18.2011

  21. just a bit outside the headlights, but curious. not totally taken in, a bystander, not quite committed to being a casuality.

    By mudskipper URL on 08.18.2011

  22. Driving in Wisconsin will always involve deer. Hitting deer and bringing them home to make in to jerky or stew or what have you is as much a part of Wisconsin culture as drinking beer and Super Bowl Sunday. During hunting season, entire families will take their kids out of school to go hunting. And no one ever questions it. It’s funny, but true especially in Wisconsin. Oh the Cheeseheads.

    By Rose on 08.18.2011

  23. Deer makes me think about John Deere. Why is Bambi the prince of the forest? why are lions and apes kings of safaris and jungles? The fact that Bambi is prince is just ridiculous.

    By Megan on 08.18.2011

  24. I saw it out my kitchen window..that damn deer was tearing up my garden AGAIN!!! Oh well, living in the country is interesting

    By Joy URL on 08.18.2011

  25. Deer? Really..hmm. Well I feel that this isn’t just an animal, I feel like it could apply to a person as well. We’ve all been in experiences with the whole “deer in the headlights” thing. We all have had surprising things happen, granted they aren’t all good surprises. And if you haven’t had a deer in the headlights reaction, you surely haven’t lived life much. It’s these little things that make life seem real.

    By MarissaRyan URL on 08.18.2011

  26. I think you are like a deer- You love me as well as I love your graceful matter.
    Don’t tell me to run with you, I can’t see anything going well,
    You run so much faster then me- I do not understand kind words that you speak,
    love me as I stay behind, and I let you run ahead- never for me to catch up.

    By Willow URL on 08.18.2011

  27. a small creature, brown, innocent. in woodlands across the world: big doe eyes, fast as light, shy and reserved, seen from afar.

    By claire hope on 08.18.2011

  28. i really dont know what to erite about a deer i just think its a very calmed animal, its very relaxing actually watching a deer hope i can be that relaxed onw day and just live the life as great as it is,

    By Antonio on 08.18.2011

  29. There once was a deer. She spent all her time frolicking in the woods, nothing else. But she realized, she was lonely. That deer wasn’t a deer, she was a person. She was me. Surrounded by trees that weren’t trees but other people. But she was still always lonely, she was always lost in thoughts she was too scared to voice.

    By Emma URL on 08.18.2011

  30. they have antlers i see them on the oad in highland heights htey are frightening they have stopped me when i was drunk they are like huge they deer in headlights i think the llive in forests in highland heights i dont know how they cna get around through all of the houses in highald

    By sarah on 08.18.2011

  31. They’re in my backyard, they’re all around my house. My mother names them, and they get silly names like “Strip face” and “Brownie”. But I like those deer… They have babies that look like gimpy dogs and they have deer fights over the corn we give them.

    By Hali on 08.18.2011

  32. They pranced across the field as if the world were made of clouds, bouncing around skillfully from grass blade to grass blade. They were like little dancers as they flew over to the asphalt. It was a short trip across, and darkness curtained them. But they needed to cross, so they went.
    They never got to see the other side.

    By Mary URL on 08.18.2011

  33. Dear, no deer. We saw a family of deer in our front yard a while ago. Five of them, so serene and confident. It made me stop and marvel. I saw an owl perched on a rock this morning. That made me pause too. I’m not an animal person, but animals in the wild force you to stop for a moment.

    By Jessie on 08.18.2011

  34. an animal who is very cool and brown and i dont like it because it remebers me when bambi died. if i once dream with a deer i wont be happy would you? if you say yes shut up.

    By daniela Franken Dominguez on 08.18.2011

  35. I was like a deer in the headlights. I was scared, and I didn’t know which way to go. If I keep going forward, I might get hit. If I go left, I may lose what matters the most. Now if I go right, maybe, just maybe, I will survive this. All I know is it is time to let survival instincts kick in, rather than follow my emotions.

    By Bethany on 08.18.2011

  36. it has antlers, the only on i knews was rudolph, he had a red nose. Some times they run across the road and u hit them and damage ur car but other times they fly with santa and save christmas! YAY! What can i say its a preddy boring animal to write about.

    By Anna on 08.18.2011

  37. The deer in the backyard were spotted and looked as if they were about to jump on a trampoline or something. Bounding with nowhere to go, directionless. I saw one of the deer cross the street and it seemed like he was going to get hit by a car, but he didn’t really care. Deer. What strange creatures. I wonder if I were a deer, I’d be a depressive one.

    By Amanda on 08.18.2011

  38. I almost hit one the other day. The same spot as my car accident the week before. It’s been an unlucky month for me – expensive, dangerous, and crazy. I feel like I’m bad luck when it comes to cars now.

    By Kels on 08.18.2011

  39. Deer? As in the animal? Okay. Let’s think. The first thing that comes to mind is that song you learn in music class in elementary school. “Doe, a deer, a female deer…” I’m fairly certain it’s in The Sound of Music. Our school did that for the Spring Musical. It was actually pretty good. And of course, I was interested in a particular actor. That’s personal though.

    By Lindsay on 08.18.2011

  40. I love deer. They always end up behind my house because there is a forest preserve. I always see more in the winter which is weird. Probably because I can see them better. Didn’t really start writing til half way through so that not the best

    By Zoe on 08.18.2011