June 11th, 2013 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “decompose”

  1. The body started to decompose in the dirt, slowly caves in like an abandoned building. Falling apart where ever u looked. Everything was so sorrowful, everyone. It had been soso long, but not long enough. Nothing was the same when she died, th ere was noone to make everything extravagant and joyous anymore. When you turned the corner, her sparkling diamond blue eyes were no longer there to greet u with a warm welcome.

    By LonelyBlueEyes on 06.12.2013

  2. falling apart. ending. cleaning the bones. flies, maggots, rot, decay, stench. turning to dirt. becoming un composed.

    By lorrie on 06.12.2013

  3. people don’t (can’t) melt into each other; that’s for the
    romantics, for the poets who think that souls are puzzle pieces
    that can just /fit/ sometimes you have to saw off your edges.
    sometimes you have to pierce your skin. ( don’t, for your sake.
    don’t chop off your hair because he likes running his hands through
    your bottle-dyed strands ) diamonds last forever, but bodies don’t
    see if he’ll love you when you’re dust and ash, when your eyes are
    crusty in blurry early mornings, or when your voice shakes,
    shatters; see if he’ll love you when you cry and when you don’t.
    there’s no such thing as true love or fairytale endings ( not
    because love stories never end, or something someone bullshitted in
    front of their laptop ) but there is tenderness, peace, noticing
    the space in between your fingers and wanting to touch the corners
    of your mouth let him love you for being a person, not for being
    his savior.

    By F URL on 06.12.2013

  4. I decompose at the end of the day. I do not unwind. I break down until I no longer have a body that is mine. I am not alive. I am not dead. I simply am. I do not want to live. I want to be. And the way to do that is to decompose. At least when I am asleep I do not know of my body. I know of my mind.

    By Emily URL on 06.12.2013

  5. to let go to fall apart. When the world gives up clinging and let’s everything go where it must. To let gravity pull you down, to let entropy take its’ course, as your electrons spon and your atoms slowly decompose. To stop clinging, to stop holding so tight, to breathe out.

    By Ben on 06.12.2013

  6. Fall from the bone. Nibbled, away the flesh comes. Green and black and maroon where it should be red. This life has been taken captive by another lifeform, the young blood so much more powerful that the other. There will soon be nothing left – but this is not loss. This is a circuit that even the toughest skin cannot intercept. Continue, for lack of a substitute.

    By Tessa on 06.12.2013

  7. My mind decomposes with the days. I
    can feel its decay as I lay on the couch
    playing video games for hours upon hours
    and I’ll say what’s this life for?

    With one ear to the ground, it’s what we’ll
    soon become, it’s what we’re searching for
    six feet under,
    well we used to be
    on top of the world.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.12.2013

  8. Bacteria. Rotting. Death. A corpse lying on a ground, with flies swarming and worm entering every hole available in a human’s body.

    By ladilune on 06.12.2013

  9. To decompose is essentially to fall apart. I feel like falling apart right now. Decomposing reminds me of death. Death reminds me of myself. That is so terribly sad. I hate me.

    By Macy on 06.12.2013

  10. I think that if I have a better communication skill, my life will be much easier. Anyway, I will keep myself moving forward and

    By Thuong on 06.12.2013

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    By macy on 06.12.2013

  12. breaking down over the night, I become a dandelion spore floating absent-mindedly in the air. my gravestone is the grass and it is time for the leaves to die. mash them under your boot. I cannot breathe anymore if I am not going to sit under the sycamore tree with you today.

    By Katia URL on 06.12.2013

  13. Decomposition is a phrase I think is very crispy. It makes me think of dead leaves fallen around a tree, slowly wilting and becoming one with the Earth. It makes me think of beetles and worms making their way about the dirt, eating the fallen plants. Decomposition has a positive connotation to me, because it gives back.

    By Vanessa on 06.12.2013

  14. Composed. Whole, together, complete. Matilda was rarely anything other than perfectly composed, well-put together and the perfect lady. But now she was uncomposed. Lacking composure. No, decomposed. Breaking apart, disintegrating into nothing. Falling to little scattered pieces across the floor.

    By Megan URL on 06.12.2013

  15. the body began to decompose as soon as the sky turned blue. the planet was a hostile environment, not meant for any earthling… yet she stood, without any protective gear on herself.. enjoying the obnoxious surroundings as if it was a holiday resort.

    By saurabh on 06.12.2013

  16. Sifting through
    the muted colours
    searching for
    that silver
    of value
    as we

    worthless (we are)

    By YeSomebody URL on 06.12.2013

  17. She looked at the pile of journals, the random collection of napkins and newspapers edges, post-it notes, memo pad sheets, even inserts from purchased products. Her words clung to them with desperation resisting the demand to decompose in the light of life’s business. Little snatches of prose, observed rainbows, surprise fireworks shows viewable by highway, deer and turkey sightings along the road that chilled her driver’s heart until she passed. So many sights with hands on wheel she wanted to capture in the moment that she had to pass by in the need of the moment on her way home. Her inner writer demanded she scrawl a worded photo of the moment, even if only a few words touching paper could be done between gassing up to preserve the magic to relive later in the midst of everyday doldrums.

    By JDwrites URL on 06.12.2013

  18. They entered, even knowing the risks and were hit with a stench worse than fresh dead. Leon whispered the words of light and two orbs formed around around the group of six revealing the decomposing men at their feet. The monster had left them in its wake to taunt them on their journey.

    By Spirit-Writer URL on 06.12.2013

  19. i dont know what decompose means but if i my explenaition would be to unmake music.

    By Isolde Verspeeten on 06.12.2013

  20. When we thought that all was well in the district, after the fire and and the investigation that followed, we had to face the sight of a decompose body in the rubble of the building.

    By victor URL on 06.12.2013

  21. Every time I try to write a sentence, I backspace and start again. I guess I’m decomposing.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.12.2013

  22. This is what the body does after death. This is also what happens to your resume when you spend too much time doing shit you don’t want to do then decide after 30 to make a big change. Oddly one will lead to the other… Slowly.

    By Lofidelityrockr on 06.12.2013

  23. environment, compost, worms, die, nutrients, reuse, recycle, dead, body, dead body,

    By Usmi Chauhan on 06.12.2013

  24. Some live as though they can oppose
    That one direction in which time flows.
    They must think death picks only those
    Who acknowledge that life still comes and goes.
    It’s a desperate hope that death only knows
    Those of us whose awareness grows
    That regardless of what life you chose,
    All live and die and decompose.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.12.2013

  25. World is too complete.
    Everything is so ready.
    I want to decompose all.

    By Hannu on 06.12.2013

  26. it spoils the world yes plastic, as it is not easily spoils the earth.prevents water seeping in and hence dries out our future watr resources.

    By vijayalakshmi URL on 06.12.2013

  27. we can use bio degradable wastes to decompose and use them as natural manure which will save us from the chemical fertiliser ill effects.

    By vijayalakshmi URL on 06.12.2013

  28. The sun was bright and there was nothing around. The poor verment layed there lifeless and alone, slowly starting to decompose. YOu could see he had nothing left to live for. It was sad day.

    By Jackie on 06.12.2013

  29. In this moment, I could simply decompose. Just wither away and dissipate, my mind unraveling and coming undone at the seams. This melody is perfect enough to justify such a thing.

    By Alex URL on 06.12.2013

  30. She stared at the carcass that lay on the side of the road. Watching it slowly decompose as she walked past it each day was one of the only interesting things that happened in her life. It had been there for over a week now and the flies buzzed constantly around it, the stench of rotting meat rising slowly to her nose.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.12.2013

  31. Death dirt rot breaking up ground falling apart

    By Ginger on 06.12.2013

  32. Composted detritus of a life.
    Fermentations of eternity.
    I, we, decompose;
    even as we speak, breathe, live, die,
    and are reborn;
    to become as one,
    amidst the howl and moan
    of the cosmic quantum foam.

    By ukipuki on 06.12.2013

  33. “We should save our compost and use it in the garden,” my mother said. “gross!,” I yelled back to her. “That’s disgusting.” Then, my mother explained to me how the food scraps decompose and become food for the plants and flowers we planted last weekend. “Oh, that’s actually cool,” I decided and threw my banana peel into the green bin newly placed under the kitchen sink.

    By l on 06.12.2013

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    By Domo on 06.12.2013

  35. The time between autumn and winter when the bright leaves clutter on the damp ground and fade, their red and yellow and orange and green hues falling away to reveal the skeleton structure so humbly holding nature together

    By Natalie on 06.12.2013

  36. Sandy stared at the garbage truck. 10 years, 5 months, and 2 days was all wrapped up in a filthy blanket. As the truck drove away, she felt a peace wash over her. Her marriage had been dead long ago, and now, he was too.

    By Soft URL on 06.12.2013

  37. The carcass I buried in the garden last summer had evidently decomposed. I missed little whiskers. My first birthday present was that little rabbit and he was my best friend for a long time. After moving away for boarding school became inevitable, I had to decide what to do. I couldn’t take him with me so I had to give him away. Now I know though that if I had killed him myself, he would have been better off than being given away to the Turnells.

    The Turnells were never my favorite family-or anyone else’s favorite for that matter.

    By Writer on 06.12.2013

  38. when things decompose they stink. this is true of food, plants, animals and even thoughts. anything that starts to get old and decompose will start to rot. decomposition is death.

    By swati dagur on 06.12.2013

  39. there the leaves and fruit and egg shells rotted in the back garden it was moist and disgusting and the idea of sifting through it to retrieve my daughter’s frisbee disgusted me. it was only then that i saw the finger poking out of the semi-decomposed dirt.

    By Annabelle URL on 06.12.2013

  40. The heck with it. Do you think I am going to sit here and decompose while you perform random acts of kindness for strangers. Why do you think I want to wait while you offload some groceries to the old biddy and wheel out her garbage bin?

    By Meredyth URL on 06.12.2013