June 10th, 2013 | 157 Entries

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157 Entries for “coach”

  1. Coach, inspire, direct, correct, instill, build, support, applaud, pride, mentor.

    By JDwrites on 06.11.2013

  2. The coach of the cricket team had given it his all. He went to extreme length to ensure that each member of the team was up to par with the opposing team, but in the end the players did not have what it take to hit the wining run.

    By victor URL on 06.11.2013

  3. It is just a letter and nothing special on that. And nice color combination. And when you look in to a word like that you can think lot of things. And you can dream about it. One is always one. And when you are alone you are always one.

    By Chalitha on 06.11.2013

  4. Coach me coach attitude. Those are the players you want to work with as a coach. The ones who have that hunger to learn. The ones that have that burning desire to get better.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 06.11.2013

  5. coach … the word that sounds like a roach simply because the coach is often a roach that feasts on the aspirations and hopes of young athletes. English is indeed a funny and rather perceptive language

    By saurabh on 06.11.2013

  6. A good coach is essential to life. He or she will reduce the learning curve and accelerate your progress, get you where you are going faster. Why travel the distance alone when you can ask for and get the help you need to make the journey so much better.

    By Tracey on 06.11.2013

  7. Life coach, career counselor, athletic coach. Helping others realize their full potential, helping to guide their way, shines back on the giver – nothing quite so rewarding as running into someone years later and they remember you,and they say “hey, thanks. You taught me a lot.” If only those lessons could also be applied to the teacher.

    By Ara on 06.11.2013

  8. coach is an expensive name brand, high fashion company that many women hide behind. It is a way for them to try and make themselves feel happy and feel like they are truly content with their lives, but in reality, they are miserable. They buy expensive things in hope that it will make others like them, and make them feel excepted, really, they just need to find themselves.

    By melissa on 06.11.2013

  9. He yelled out obscenities as crude as the hand-drawn diagrams he drew daily. They all looked on, their hearts racing in the silent tension before the whistle. This had to be perfect. It had to be done just the way he told them. Losing was only a minor consequence. Making him proud was all that mattered.

    By Soft URL on 06.11.2013

  10. The silent manner in which her coach stared at her for that moment made her cringe. She knew that she would never be able to match up to his expectations. The trainer sighed slightly, looking away, and finally breaking that freezing glare. There was nothing she could do to help this child.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.11.2013

  11. I’m thinking of becoming a cricket coach, teaching under thirteens the basics of the game, with a view to restarting junior competitive cricket at Hesketh Bank Cricket Club.

    By paul barton on 06.11.2013

  12. there was a man and a bag and a train the bag went on the train with the man – the man didn’t want anyone to see the contents of the bag. in it was all that remains of his life. the events that had unfolded in the last year of his life had destroyed all that he had ever known about himself and what remained of his past was contained in the bag.

    By Annabelle URL on 06.11.2013

  13. rusty endless at midnight It is rolling without stopping. You hold your breath and feel underwater in wooden box

    By VictoriaIsWaiting on 06.11.2013

  14. i would love to have a coach. team sports in school were not my thing so i never experienced having a coach, a mentor to support my strengths and help me work on my weaknesses. perhaps this is why i feel compelled to coach others, in professional or personal achievements.

    By l on 06.11.2013

  15. hes always there….giving us advice. No matter the outcome of the game or practice. He’s there to encourage us in our darkest times. And there to help us celebrate when the light shines on us.

    By Dayna(: on 06.11.2013

  16. a coach is a person who teaches sports to the players of said sport. i had a coach when i played basket ball.

    By emily on 06.11.2013

  17. What makes someone a coach? Is it a sports team? An athletic competition? No. It’s about being a mentor. That’s who a coach is. My coach currently is my supervisor. I’m having the roughest job search now that I’ve graduated with my master’s. He is my coach, my mentor. I would have given up by now if it weren’t for him.

    By Cecilia on 06.11.2013

  18. Ha – when I first saw this word I thought it said COUCH, which probably points up how tired I am and how much more I would rather write about someplace to sit down. I can’t summon the energy to write about sports or even a wheeled conveyance.

    By mrsmig on 06.11.2013

  19. the coach said that he was the one who did it. he hung his head and looked despondent. he said no more.

    the crowd started screaming in anger. his wife cried loudly, but still stunned.

    By elaina on 06.11.2013

  20. They’re supposed to give you one but they usually suck. You want a good coach, teach yourself by doing. Which is much easier to write down to actually accomplish. But hey, if you’re lucky enough to get a good one, you’re lucky enough.

    By Humanode on 06.11.2013

  21. Where does this all come from? Am I reaching for the stars or sitting here drooling into my bid while the coach travels to the end of the line. Does it matter?

    By Meredyth URL on 06.11.2013

  22. i need a life coach i guess. lol ….a life coach …yeah………what am i supposed to do next ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    By jewel URL on 06.11.2013

  23. ahhh, it changes daily. aight. already did this but why the heck not.
    Coaches are only good for you if you want to learn the sport, so in the end they can only help you help yourself.

    By humanode on 06.11.2013

  24. you can do it, just go a little faster, i will tickle your talent out of you, simply show some guts, son, its definitely in you, i have a sense for this kind of thing, believe in yourself but more omportantly believe in me, let me polish you until you will sparkle out there when the big day comes, just heed my every order and keep pushing, continue to exert your greatest effort

    By berenique on 06.11.2013

  25. “Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play.” Love that song. Brings back lots of good memories. Several good movies have that song in it. Used to love to sit at the softball field with my kids and watch their dad play. Ice chests. Swings. Watermelon. Ice cold water. Sweaty beer cans. Spitting sunflower seeds. Cheering. Hat, with my hair pulled through in a pony tail.

    By Coness on 06.11.2013

  26. The greatest coach I know is The Lord Jesus Christ. He gives constructive advise–not just negative but positive approach to live. Go. Listen. Seek Him. Let Him coach you in all the games thrown your way that are mostly losing battles. But with His great power–we win–every time!

    By JaniesGrace on 06.11.2013

  27. realize the potential in your inner subject matter the crank keeps twirling like its back and forward motion such is the name of perambulator that tracks our motion the distance between goals though life is all circles

    By reluctant URL on 06.11.2013

  28. What does the coach do?

    By Cleusanor on 06.11.2013

  29. There was a bus that took us to school every morning. It wasn’t fancy or anything; just a regular, plain, yellow school bus. Maximum capacity of 70 people. But when we went on field trips, or with a club to another place or school, then we’d get the coach buses.

    By Mic on 06.11.2013

  30. boring and rude. They always instruct you viciously without a thought as to your own opinions. Commanding and unfeeling, failed in their own attempts and so take it out on you because you’re better than they could ever be.

    By Katy Hart on 06.11.2013

  31. I rode the other day in a Coach bus. Coach bags where everywhere on this bus. I then arrived and called for my coach, who brought a horse and buggy, and took me to my house. I think Coach should make couches, they’d be very comfortable. I would put a

    By Timothy W on 06.11.2013

  32. i cannot be expected to teach
    a crash course of you

    By h. b. on 06.11.2013

  33. Big and red buses. Marching feet pound as they try to find their seats, being shoved and jostled. The part of the London experience.

    By Sam on 06.11.2013

  34. Phys. Ed., old high school . . . the guy with the gut, the coach, is also the gym instructor. His mission was to award the talented and berate or ignore those who weren’t a physical specimen. I fit the latter category. Now, a half-century later, he is dead, and I’m healthy and strong and fit.

    By Phillip Gary Smith URL on 06.11.2013

  35. I have a coach. He was a swim coach, but then he became the coach for the rest of my life. He’s helped me through a lot lately, especially when he helped me get into college for free on a scholarship to Harvard

    By Rachael Hicks on 06.11.2013

  36. You need a leader. Life is full of obstacles and very difficult endeavors that seemingly cannot be vaulted without the aid of someone to lean on and someone to guid you. Parents, family members, friends are great, but a coach is that truly gifted individual who has just one goal: to help you be the best at what your goal is.

    By Arjun Seth on 06.11.2013

  37. Bouncing on every rock and dip, the coach pulled forward, dragged by the immense force of six brown horses. Their sweat flying back, their whines echoed through the woods, their horseshoes clattered on the compacted floor.

    By umbazachika on 06.11.2013