April 28th, 2011 | 472 Entries

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472 Entries for “deadbolt”

  1. My mom and dad use a deadbolt to get into our house or to drive the car.We each have one just in case my parents are gone when we get home from school.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 04.29.2011

  2. I don’t know what a deadbolt is. Oh wait. Now I remember what it is. Nope never mind. I forgot again.

    By summer firm URL on 04.29.2011

  3. ill show you a deadbolt.

    By Wltbank URL on 04.29.2011

  4. Deadbolt was the name given to a flash of lightning upon being born, thousands of miles into the sky, and the name given to him upon his death, which happened on the ground where you are standing right now. His life lasting a millionth of a second, but brighter than anything else in the world.

    By Christine on 04.29.2011

  5. I had a deadbolt on my door and still got my home broken into. Deadbolts are not all they are cracked up to be. They give you a false sense of security.

    By Audrey Brown URL on 04.29.2011

  6. one word

    By niamh on 04.29.2011

  7. It was a dark and stormy night. Michale stood up and started pacing again. For some reason she couldnt stop herself from walking back and forth back and forth. The rain was starting to come in sideways and the smell from the fireplace indicated the fire was about to die. Then she heard the deadbolt turn.

    By Sybil on 04.29.2011

  8. what a name to call someone… and we judge when we have not met and we form opinions before we meet and it’s too bad because people really are actually very interesting and it’s the interesting things that make us who we are

    By Anna on 04.29.2011

  9. locks and keys and iron cells that lock out anything and everything… and this is where we store ourselves and protect ourselves and we think we are safe… but then someone has a key just like ours maybe a little like ours and the lock clicks and we find that maybe, just maybe outside is much better than where we’ve been

    By Anna URL on 04.29.2011

  10. This word sounds like a lock sliding into place for me. It makes me think about when you slid something into place to shut a door, like you’re locking someone out or forbidding them to venture through it. That makes me think of Rapunzel and her tower. Her stepmother, Gothel, must have locked her out before climbing down the stairs and I wonder how bad it was for Rapunzel each time she was locked out. If it was me, I think that every time that the door was locked to me, it would feel worse and would sound more foreboding. I can’t imagine sixteen years of that waiting for someone to get me! It would be easier to weave a ladder out of Rapunzel’s hair. It was certainly long enough! I recently saw the movie Tangled again with my sister. In it, Rapunzel escapes the tower with the help of a charming thief and finds her true parents, the king and queen of her city. I liked the movie Tangled because of the characters, such as Gothel being portrayed as a young, dramatic woman, and the funny characters in the tavern that the thief takes Rapunzel to in the beginning of the movie. This made the movie enjoyable even though it was meant for a younger audience.

    By Jamie URL on 04.29.2011

  11. a lock no way out. Lock the door extra lock

    By Ginger Kimbrell on 04.29.2011

  12. Stuck door, hacksaw, rainstorm, hail. Blistered hands, lightning, tears, panic, pain.

    By Baseballpajamas URL on 04.29.2011

  13. it’s everything you feel, know, sense, smell, it’s what your life is. It’s walking into a forest and seeing the trees with the damp ground after a long rainy day. it’s what you describe your life as to people. It’s the air you breath running down the road to hug your loved one. It’s crying over an effective moment. OneWord is who you are.

    By Casey on 04.29.2011

  14. The door is locked, and the walls are slowly closing in. The knob keeps slipping in my hands. The deadbolt won’t move, no matter what I try to do. My palms are sweaty, and my forehead is dripping in beads of my own perspiration. I can’t breathe. Will no one come to save me? Someone. Anyone. The walls are closing in.

    By Stila on 04.29.2011

  15. i would be afraid that they wouldn’t work properly, that they wouldn’t provide actual protection. all my dreams that involve them are of people trying to get me and the door not working, the lock not working, and me being caught by who ever is after me.

    By LeonaLee on 04.29.2011

  16. Deadbolt, again?

    By yetihk URL on 04.29.2011

  17. Deadbolts are locks. Without a key, they cannot be opened. On the door is where they are located. deadbolts could be used as a metaphor. a metaphor to des

    By Jordan Myers on 04.29.2011

  18. Word: Related

    The woman struggled under the burden of new families expectations. Being newly related to her husbands domineering family was proving difficult, indeed soul wrenching.

    By yetihk URL on 04.29.2011

  19. hmmm. Lock.
    knowing that you are protected.
    maybe deadbolting our hearts would be safer
    but then the rewards would be as great.

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 04.29.2011

  20. There’s a bolt of lightning in the distance, and it fades into the clouds quicker than you can track it with your eyes. A dead bolt, you think to yourself and laugh softly. Wonderful analogy, you think. Maybe.

    The clouds open and you let the rain fall down, running through your hair and cleaning your dirty face.

    By Savannah URL on 04.29.2011

  21. A deadbolt is a type of lock. It is impossible to open unless you have the code I deadbolted some of my possessions at the bank. Actually that is not true. Why am I lying? I don’t really know anything about deadbolts

    By Sarah on 04.29.2011

  22. one word onw se see hi me no you ghug dead bult wha am i writing i keep messing up what am i trying to fo i dont get it, is it a test or something is it a goal? im confused hekp me out here i keep mnessing up what the heack i dont kn ow im aloud to stop or what

    By kaitlyn on 04.29.2011

  23. and how descriptive it is. keeps one locked in, locked out. impenetrable. isolated. dead.

    By Robert on 04.29.2011

  24. i think of dead pirson that got shot by a guns bult.

    By samhara on 04.29.2011

  25. When i lock my door in my house at night i lock the deadbolt. The deadbolt makes me feel kinda safe. :)

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 04.29.2011

  26. As I screamed, the smoke filled my lungs, turning the smooth, shrill noise into a coughing, desperate whimpering that was lost in the roar of the fire on the other side of the door. Staying here meant suffocation, and breaking through the deadbolt meant fire wrapping itself around my limb and burning me alive.

    By Claire URL on 04.29.2011

  27. Locking doors is such a sad thought… mankind didn’t used to have to deadbolt doors, but we seem to have reached a point where no one is safe without them. Who grows up to feel that it’s acceptable to invade someone else’s space without permission and cause harm?

    By Lindsay URL on 04.29.2011

  28. what exactly is a deadbolt? i thought of A Christmas Carol when i read it, but that was a door knocker that showed Marley’s face. a deadbolt could be lots of things when you don’t know what it is, which i think is part of the beauty of imagination. if you don’t know what it is, then it’s anything. isn’t that a cool concept?

    By streamofconciousness URL on 04.29.2011

  29. door locked security multiple hurry up those people fear news loud news carrick at the end of the street money run home with the money lock the doors keep them locked they are after us close the curtains count the money do deposit

    By Noreen on 04.29.2011

  30. there was a dead bolt making me stop from op-eing the door. i needed to get in and there was no way that i could break it. my friend was inside and there was nothing i could do about it because of a deadbolt.
    i needed to get a deadblot because

    By tess on 04.29.2011

  31. Should I go back?

    By James on 04.29.2011

  32. I do not know what a deadbolt is. Deadbolt sounds like a cool word. I think a deadbolt is a bolt that is dead.

    By Jpac URL on 04.29.2011

  33. Deadbolt i have NO idea what that word means so i will use it in a scentence…. never mind.

    By just URL on 04.29.2011

  34. I think this word means something that I don’t know and I kinda don’t want to know what it means because I probably . Would not know what it meant .

    By nelle crandell URL on 04.29.2011

  35. deadbolts are so cool! like none can get into your house or if you have a deadbolt on you bedroom door that would be awesome!:)

    By kimmy411 on 04.29.2011

  36. Deadbolt is a type of lock that is the best one to keep your house safe.

    By devin21 URL on 04.29.2011

  37. Deadbolt is idk but it reminds me of deadmau5:D a really cool dj he is awesome.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 04.29.2011

  38. Most people have deadbolt locks on there doors………………………..

    By Sam tate URL on 04.29.2011

  39. It locks your door good so people well not get in to your house when your gone

    By delgean URL on 04.29.2011

  40. a deadbolt is a thing that can lock your door really good. its like a lock but you can turn them sometimes. they are also hard to lock-pick.

    By chase URL on 04.29.2011