April 29th, 2011 | 398 Entries

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398 Entries for “chorus”

  1. chorus singing in the distance of a night filled with anger towards a begining of the century. there the song will sing itself with the chorus in the future.

    By Jacque on 04.30.2011

  2. The chorus sang through the night, lifting a jubilee of joy to the stars. On and on, through sorrow and elation, songs of love, light and harmony demonstrating mans ability to overcome all obstacles.

    By Jonathan on 04.30.2011

  3. I had no idea what he was talking about. And then, suddenly, with the intensity (and associated surprise) of a camera flash going off inside a closed closet with the lights off during a rather intense game of Seven Minutes, it hit me.

    “Of chorus!” I shouted.

    By j6m8 URL on 04.30.2011

  4. i sing along the whispering streets of my youth. Don’t let my backstage hecklers tell you otherwise, its my backup singers that will get this party started.

    By Harper BF on 04.30.2011

  5. singing, listening, reminds me of high school and all things I miss. My daughter sang in a chorus in high school. Lovely, relaxing.

    By Franca on 04.30.2011

  6. the chorus of birds sang overhead as the sun slanted through the greening trees. the song was joy and we were joy too, all joy in the early spring. The violets bloomed underfoot.

    By Elerah URL on 04.30.2011

  7. When one single person sings alone, it all depends on that one person to sound good or bad. But when you have a chorus, you have millions of possibilities, and that responsibility falls on so many people. When you have enough people working together for one cause, you can have something amazing.

    By Austin DeArmond on 04.30.2011

  8. my voice was very soft. and i could never be heard. i was always a part of the chorus as no one ever let me sing the difficult parts because i could never be heard. but i love to sing, why does my soft voice have to interfere with that?

    By RK URL on 04.30.2011

  9. sometimes there is a large mass that looks down upon me as I tensely look around. they peer over my head and as they do it, i feel a warm smoke settle on my neck, like it’s hanging off a precipice. they sing something smooth like honey and it rolls from my shoulders to the small of my back. but they are no angels. they tempt, and they sing oh so divine.

    By ina URL on 04.30.2011

  10. they sung to the high heavens, their voices, digging too, into the low hell
    soprano and baritone
    bare tones
    naked melodies
    songs from the ribcages
    of chests once heaving with sobs and shaking
    with mirthful laughter
    these are our songs
    these are those that echo

    By Sarah Bush URL on 04.30.2011

  11. It boomed through the hall

    The chorus of O’ Donaghue’s welcome

    Having emerged from his aquatic kingdom

    Sheltered at the bottom of the lake.

    By Gadtzgan Gadfreya URL on 04.30.2011

  12. a chorus of laughter has suddenly flown through my window
    now i can see them playing outside
    sun and flowers and everything else pink, they giggle
    catlike on my window sill, i turn back to my book

    By Noelle URL on 04.30.2011

  13. people are loosing their minds and they took some drugs to be upset about the world. everyone is singing the same song but no one knwos it, so one person records it and they know it just the day after, when they come down from the lsd effect.

    By gattume on 04.30.2011

  14. a chorus is a part of a song where they all sing and it sounds nicer than the rest of the song and then you can repeat it by yourself in bed or when you are walking your dogs. there is also a verse a bridge a breakdown etc. a chorus can also be a group of singers, the same as a choir. i used to be in a

    By george boorman on 04.30.2011

  15. When i heard that line
    i forgot all else
    who knew we’d make it through
    through all this mess?

    ups and downs
    the merry-go-round
    who knew, who knew
    who knew we’d make it through

    I never thought in the first place
    we’d ever be
    but all the shouts and whispers
    told me:

    That we would
    we would
    we would make it through
    this storie’s just begun
    this story of me and you

    The song played
    the world stopped
    we were all alone
    in your parked car

    we listened
    and we laughed
    who knew we’d make it through
    30 years went by just like that

    By B URL on 04.30.2011

  16. I used to sing in a choir once, it was very interesting. The word chorus made me think of it. Haven’t sung with them in years, wonder how they’re doing… Ah, well. Time goes on.

    By Emily URL on 04.30.2011

  17. i sing in a chorus – a wonderful choir. We have no auditions, so anyone can have a go. One of the tenors is deaf, but he can count so comes in at the right time, though his note can be anywhere. And an alto can be a bit hit and miss. But we love it, and even managed a creditable rendition of Mozart’s requiem!

    By joey on 04.30.2011

  18. i stand here, row upon row of people all singing in unisons and harmonies. i look down the rows of faces im not sure if i really know. how could i really be sure? i look until i get scolded then i must turn back in line to sing the same song over again

    By Aubrey on 04.30.2011

  19. simply 40 voices getting along

    By Al(l) is on(e) URL on 04.30.2011

  20. To sing in a chorus is to be a part of something else – something larger. Sometimes the outcome is fantastic. But, I have not often had such a great experience. So often I find it annoying to be another unheard voice. Another ripple in a sea of shouting waves.

    By Jordan Caroompas on 04.30.2011

  21. chorus, climes, defined to climb the scales of the rippling effect, the lizards wander to the beat of a luminous noise unheard that reaches to the conflagrations of men as the trap their senses to the beat, that which comes to repleat, again and again fulfilled, that apocalyptic nonesuch that defies meaning

    By Ryan on 04.30.2011

  22. Where we would nap and gossip, catch up on homework, make weekend plans, sometimes sing. Where we learned more than singing.

    By Lucille URL on 04.30.2011

  23. It was a loud, thundering cacophony of voices, all commanding the human vocal cords at levels no one has been able to repeat since.

    By Aislinn URL on 04.30.2011

  24. Singing in a chorus is fun. When I was in middle school I got kicked out because my voice was “sharp”

    By Mrs.D URL on 04.30.2011

  25. Chorus. Amazing. Refreshing. Boisterous.
    Togetherness. Forever. high. Low. Always there.
    Never Skipping a Beat. Never Missing a Note.

    By Sarah on 04.30.2011

  26. The catchiest part of a song. The one that you constantly sing in your head. Usually brings the verses and bridge together, along with the whole message of the song. Usually simple lyrics. Or like in school the kids who sing for concerts.

    By Christie URL on 04.30.2011

  27. Everyday people sing in chorus class. They are never happy to be there. They don’t like who they sit next to. They only take this class because it makes their parents proud. But, how will they pick what they like when their parents no longer have a say?

    By M on 04.30.2011

  28. like some royal loneliness, a chorus of birdsong;

    By robyn URL on 04.30.2011

  29. Singing songs!! I love singing~

    and sing just reminds me of the duet that Mike chang and Tina did for the ‘Duet’ ep.

    ‘We’ll i really couldn’t sing i could never really sing what i couldn’t do was SING~’

    By Pin xiu URL on 04.30.2011

  30. The repeating part of a song. The part that’s most liable to get stuck in your head. Well, now I know how to spell it.

    By Annabeth Patternson on 04.30.2011

  31. i was in a chorus for three years of my life and i hated it with a passion… especially the part where i had to sing. but i guess it was worth it in the end because now i can sing whenever i want and i’ll know what i’m doing. i’m an actress and musician now though. no more chorus.

    By Tamara Ilorah on 04.30.2011

  32. A chorus of rainclouds sang me to sleep, altos plunking heavily from tree branches, sopranos tapping on the roof. My heart tapped a rhythm for my breathing to follow.

    By emily on 04.30.2011

  33. a group of men, they are singing, a lot, why not. i’d like to be like him, it’s wonderful.

    By korrizza on 04.30.2011

  34. sometimes when you see people
    it’s a chorus of beauty
    a chorus of cadences
    that flow together
    to make a harmony
    a harmony of life
    beauty that strikes your heart
    and makes you take another breath
    just because of those people
    that crowd
    that unity
    that chorus.

    By Abby on 04.30.2011

  35. “The heavenly chorus seemed to be singing,” he laughed.
    “Yeah,” I agreed, smiling. “Interesting how these things work out.”
    I looked around, took in the bright green leaves and fluffy white clouds. It had come to this, hadn’t it? I felt like I should have been celebrating.

    By Sydney URL on 04.30.2011

  36. There was a chorus of angels singing the song to end the world. I lit my cigarette and wondered what to do next. Some problems just can’t be solved with a Magnum ’44. Or so they say, I’ve yet to find one. I carefully aimed and took my shot.

    By Data on 04.30.2011

  37. A group of birds shrilled out in unison.
    Their sharp colorful tones echoed through the misty valley.
    Were they attracting mates, or simply singing at the joy of being alive?
    Who knows, but it was a sight, and sound to delight in… a true chorus.

    By yetihk URL on 04.30.2011

  38. the chorus of the chirping birds outside her window sounded like a melody of the late night symphony her father often listened to on television. she wished she could be out there, in the silence of the night, perched on a branch letting out a tune so hollow yet full of sound.

    By Karina on 04.30.2011