May 4th, 2013 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “credibility”

  1. being reliable, helpful, having a strong reputation, people believe what you say, trustworthy,

    By Tom on 05.04.2013

  2. I try to trust everyone until they ruin their credibility with me in one way or the other. Sometimes it takes a long time, as I give them many chances.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.04.2013

  3. Ethos.

    By Evan URL on 05.04.2013

  4. The ability to prove yourself using facts, hard data. Unquestionable logic that lends its hands to your words and work. Credibility is the difference between being a loony or a genius.The difference between being locked out in the dismissive cold and sitting by the fire of the belief of others,even if it’s just one.

    By ella on 05.04.2013

  5. Her credibility was, at best, perhaps enough to trust her to do what you tell her– but even then, she probably wouldn’t. She was a rebel, a near criminal– you couldn’t simply tell her what to do.

    By Izabella on 05.04.2013

  6. She had this impeccable way of proving false credibility. Heck, she could convince you of anything if you sat in a room with her for more than a minute. She just had that aura about her, that trusting, true sort of vibe. Like she was one of the good guys.
    Except– she wasn’t. She was a lier and a cheater, never staying in one place for long. You might not even ever find out that she had lied, because she was gone within the next day.
    She was a runner. Domestic life wasn’t “her thing”. But what was her thing? It changed day by day just as the scenery around her did. Maybe she enjoyed being different people in different lives– or maybe, she just wanted to escape herself.

    By Izabella URL on 05.04.2013

  7. credibility could mean you are amazing and you may get awarded or your greatness and that could feel good because everyone would praise you and then you would be respected by everyone you see.

    By emily URL on 05.04.2013

  8. To gain credibility in her classmates’ eyes, Sylvia knew she had to make it all the way to the top. One sun-scorched, paint-peeled bar at a time, she pushed herself to the top of the junglegym. Her plastic baggy of yellow goldfish crackers clutched between her teeth, juice pack wedged precariously in her pocket, she would eat her lunch at the top, with playground royalty today.

    By Ama Marie URL on 05.04.2013

  9. It’s so important in surviving everything from business to relationships to have credibility. Without credibility you could be judged inferior or dishonest. Credibility sometimes is seen has being honorable and trust worthy.

    By Kayla Pfeffer on 05.04.2013

  10. It was all to him, every ounce of me and my life. I would’ve given myself some credibility but I didn’t. I loved him too much to take away his name from the thought that this was his. All of it. If I could, I would’ve given him the moon. But I couldn’t have fit it in my pocket. But I could fit the stars in my back pockets. So I reached up to the night sky a

    By lola on 05.04.2013

  11. I always knew that I couldn’t trust that nasty son of a bitch. From the very start, this partnership was doomed to fail. It’s kind of like getting the meathead bully for a science project partner. Completely unfair, but completely up to fate. Except this was my job. Which easily translated to this is my life. My job was on this line for this meathead. What the hell was I supposed to do but compel him.

    I didn’t mean to blackmail him. The blackmail was not part of the plan.

    Originally, I planned on talking to him. With my fists. In his face. And maybe with a knife.

    This was important to me. I had to do something.

    By Victoria on 05.04.2013

  12. Incredible. Credibility is the plural of all things good and infinity before another day. I don’t know what credibility means. I’m sorry. I can’t do this. Can I get a re-do? How about pseudonym? There’s a lot of magic in that. Omg. That sucked. Are you sure that wasn’t 15 seconds?

    By Pheona on 05.04.2013

  13. “Give me some credibility here, sweetheart,” he tells me, all perfectly coiffed hair and cocky smirks. “It’s not like I’ve never broken into a bank before.”

    By WearyWater URL on 05.04.2013

  14. You had lost all credibility even before you stepped onto that stage. Your incessant rants to journalists, leaning toward the objectively incoherent. The way your breath reeked of Chablis while on the Piers Morgan Show. Your complete denial of the many factors of life and its benefits that you used to held dear. Before you retreated. Before you tore yourself away from his embrace, saying your love wasn’t pure. You closeted bastard.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2013

  15. Citations make things credible. We need to prove what we know with credible sources. People are more trustworthy when they are consistently credible. Credibilitty is a positive and useful trait, something that is rare to always have. Sometimes it gets tiring to be credible.

    By Aseel on 05.04.2013

  16. Writing a research paper is one of the hardest things to do in university. How do you make yourself sound believable on a subject, when you’ve never even heard of it before? It’s mostly just creative making stuff up and posturing.

    By V. G on 05.04.2013

  17. He looked into my eyes. His iris’s dripping with pleading tears. I looked down on him, with a sharp tilted chin. My eyes shook their heads, a firm “No.” He had lost his credibility.

    By Bobbi B URL on 05.04.2013

  18. she looked to the jury on her left
    every eye on her
    she closed her eyes and took a breath
    (is this true)
    she smiled and nodded
    tears silent
    overflowing from her eyes
    (no further questions your honor)
    and a shot rang from the viewers

    By ahrima URL on 05.04.2013

  19. Credibility is based on honesty and intertangled with trust. Can’t they see that honesty is lingering away from us.

    By Danaé on 05.04.2013

  20. She walked into the classroom
    Silence filled the air
    And the classmates turned to stare
    A snicker
    A glimmer
    A flashing smile
    A pause
    Tears filled her eyes
    As she heard him speaking
    Filling ears
    With all of his
    Credible lies
    A high school reputation dies

    By caitymcc URL on 05.04.2013

  21. I have no idea what this mean. I can guess though. Does it make you incredible? Does it give you credit? I don’t really know.

    By Emmy Loo Hoo URL on 05.04.2013

  22. “Just trust us,” they told the child.
    “Why?” the kid retorted. “You told me that a morbidly obese eskimo was going to slide down the chimney and give me presents. You told me that I wasn’t going to get a shot at the hospital. You told me that a stork brought me to you. You told me that rabbits lay eggs. You told me that Brussels sprouts would taste good. Why should I believe you now? What credibility do you have left?”

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.04.2013

  23. C

    By yolo swag on 05.04.2013

  24. I think i want another word. I dont think credibility is enough of a word to spark me off. I’d rather be concerned with trust as a way of relating rather than credibility as a state of being.

    By Mona on 05.04.2013

  25. I don’t know what made me think I could believe him. He had never led me to that conclusion before. Still, my gut told me this time was different. I opened the door slowly and peeked around it. He was standing there with a dozen roses.

    By Tammi on 05.04.2013

  26. love, trust, importance in what they say and how they say it. if youve lied once before your credability is gone

    By Rosallyn Blanco URL on 05.04.2013

  27. my life is based on the credibility of my family. I wake up everyday wishing I came from somewhere else or really someone else.

    By ashley on 05.04.2013

  28. You have a lot of credibility with me!

    By Jason URL on 05.04.2013

  29. I already wrote about this word. Therefore, this site is losing its credibility… It’s too bad…

    By Fake Name on 05.04.2013

  30. Credibility? I have none. I failed my family. Joan saved them and yet I take the credit. No guilt, just a black heart

    By Caitlin Lamont on 05.04.2013

  31. You need to say the truth and built you credibility otherwise when you ARE saying the truth no one will believe you. Biggest error of most teenagers and then they expect hey parents to back them up when they say something it true. The truth will set you free!! =)

    By Ana Abraham on 05.04.2013

  32. The recognition of someone successful whom is also a role model to other people. Or, the noun for something iconic. People aspire to have credibility.

    By chelsea on 05.04.2013

  33. He stared at her. Could it be true?

    She seemed to be telling the truth, but he didn’t want to believe the words that had left her lips.

    They hung in the air, suspended. A suddenly insurmountable wall between them.

    He couldn’t speak. What if they were true?

    She looked away and out of the window.

    By Deanne Welsh URL on 05.04.2013

  34. are people credible? whatever they say is crap nine out of ten times. they exxagerate and basically its human nature to do this. we like to glorify and make things bigger than they seem solely because we are lovely or need to be heard. we live in a world where acheivements are measured by how much money you have not what you have achieved physically or mentally

    By thajba najeeb on 05.04.2013

  35. Wish I had it. So hard to gain it.No one seems to want to give it to others.We never want to give only want to receive. Seems that’s always our problem.Such a sad species we are. Looking to receive something from others that we ourselves don’t want to give.

    By Asheil URL on 05.04.2013

  36. what is it?
    i’ve been told to give credit where credit is due but what is it? who owns ideas, who owns words? my words are not my own…are they? I grive you credit? what do you do with it?

    By Krystina on 05.04.2013

  37. Incredulous with rage he screamed soothing sentiments into my ear-holes. They layered as sediments in the swampy thoughts of a hazed wasp. I believe you not to be entirely genuine in your affection. But somewhere deep the hope remains that I can one day pretend a credibility to your delusions at lust.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 05.04.2013

  38. honesty
    not true
    never means actually credible
    lots of darkness
    juxtaposition of the truth
    not real people

    By LM on 05.04.2013

  39. Do i have credibility in what I talk about? What I preach? Does my life exemplify what i say and what I believe? I don’t shove it down other people’s throats, but I definitely let my beliefs be shown. Do my words mean anything if my life isn’t lived the way I talk?

    By Emma on 05.04.2013

  40. Credibility? What the hell does that mean? Am I to believe your definition? I see no reason as to why your ramblings are more credible than what I see – what I think I see.
    I don’t know what to trust – and it’s all because of you.

    By melissa URL on 05.04.2013