February 9th, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “coward”

  1. is someone who really scared to do something

    By shadowkisz URL on 02.10.2011

  2. a coward is not a nice word. Im not suppose to call anyone that cause its a mean thing. if some one called me that i would be very sad. i dont even know what thta means. why did some one invent the word cow and why did they invent ard?

    Cowards are mean ppl that don’t know what there talking about there so stupid to cause they blame things on other ppl. thats messed up.!!!!!!!!!!!

    When u hear coward go tell ur teacher.

    BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Brittany Riggins on 02.10.2011

  3. Cowardly people are pretty cool most of the time. But sure they can be annoying when they won’t do something like jump into a pool.

    By emmaliegh URL on 02.10.2011

  4. a coward is a person who is afraid of everyone. They say something like i am going to fight me and then chicken out of it. Because they are cowards.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 02.10.2011

  5. “We are not cowards if we move on from that which we run away from.” She said, staring distantly at the calm surf. With each ripple, a spark of moonlight seemed to dance from the heavens.

    By Hannah URL on 02.10.2011

  6. some one who backs down to some thing !!!!! Never Back Down!!!!!!!!!:)

    By stillmoon URL on 02.10.2011

  7. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a coward. I’ll do things that others consider brave, but I almost always second guess myself and wonder if I just happened to do those things by accident, or more likely, didn’t realize what was at stake. So am I ever brave?

    By Daniel URL on 02.10.2011

  8. I sometimes feel like a coward because I can’t always do what I think is right. In a bad relationship, it can be cowardly to stay and not face the fact that it is time to part. In other parts of life, you can be a coward when you don’t stand up for what you believe in. I wish I could always be the hero.

    By Andie on 02.10.2011

  9. I am not a coward. But maybe I am. There are things in life I wish I would have done better. Like love. But there are other things I have been brave at. Maybe though, love is the most important thing. Yes. I have missed out.

    By Alrightmates on 02.10.2011

  10. i dance in my shoes until someone shows up and takes me away from my fears and then i am free again to roam the streets of my memories and how the buildings give light to the trees they consume, over and over again, why then is it so hard to let go of these shoes, of these pains to be strong again, to be one with my demons

    By kasem kharsa URL on 02.10.2011

  11. the first thing that comes to mind is courage the cowardly dog, a cartoon bout a purple dog. i love this cartoon. it’s totally adorable. he hates muriel’s husband, eustace, and does everything he cane to save muriel from everything & anything he can.

    By LaChelle on 02.10.2011

  12. I am a coward, I have been hiding behind this wall all my life
    Time to gain courage, change the world together with my ideas and personal knowledge
    Time to travel the world and gain wisdom.
    Time to fall in love

    As a part of life, we have been given time
    Time to use it

    By Arran on 02.10.2011

  13. A coward is the person who doesn’t stand up for their beliefs. They simply conform and are merely sheep; they do not harm yet they do not affect. They are pathetic people. The worst thing you can be is a coward. A coward is easy to spot as well.

    By Jennie Romero on 02.10.2011

  14. Not able to face reality and that’s just lame. He won’t come out and face reality that’s creeping wildly in front of him. He wanted things to happen the way he pleases, but is not capable of embracing uncertainties.

    By ronida on 02.10.2011

  15. The coward is pitied by society because he is the man who is incapable of standing up for his beliefs. This is due to the fact that he has none. He is the worst kind of person because he is the classical conformist.

    By Jromzzz URL on 02.10.2011

  16. He shuttered in the corner. The people kept pressing in around the building. “coward,” he thought to himself. He hadn’t fessed up to his crimes and this was his punishment. Facing the music was always hard, but it was a necessary evil when dealing with this life.

    By baloofish11 URL on 02.10.2011

  17. Are you afraid? What exactly are you afraid of? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Some say that fear is the primary motivation in life; others say that ego or self preservation are what really drives a person’s actions. I’m not sure which it is, but sometimes things have to get done.

    By Christina on 02.10.2011

  18. A coward cringes instead of standing tall. She fears confrontation, standing up for herself, and worries about the opinions of others at the expense of her own self-worth. She accepts defeat instead of fighting for her own rights.

    By Marissa on 02.10.2011

  19. Difficult one this. I’m not sure I believe in cowardice – it’s such a short throw from self-preservation. Why heroic to stand in the line of fire and die, and cowardly to hide behind the bushes, stay alive and watch your children grow up. Makes no sense to me.

    By joey URL on 02.10.2011

  20. I am a coward, you are a coward. But you just hold yourself so high and look down upon me when you’re just as scared too… Such a coward for not wanting to fix things… Fix us… I wish you and I were as brave as we were. We were going to see the world together and hold each other every night, but now we cower. I guess this is goodbye.

    By Sara on 02.10.2011

  21. He was an idiot, to put it simply. Cowardly in his ways, awkward in his speech. A downright idiot, to say the least. But that didn’t bother him, no it didn’t bother him at all. And why should it?

    By Danica Maloney on 02.10.2011

  22. I’m a coward and I know it. Idon’t know how to be brave. I just know that I have to be sometime. I just don’t know when. How can you know?

    By Therese on 02.10.2011

  23. He was a coward. I realized, staring into the blue eyes that had once seemed so enchanting. A coward and a liar.
    I felt nothing for him but shame. He betrayed me, but I couldn’t hate him. He was to weak. (55 seconds)

    By Elizabeth Cullen URL on 02.10.2011

  24. people who are cowards dont do stuff. they stay at home and do nothing because they think everything is to risky. i find that stupid because you waste your whole life.

    By just582 URL on 02.10.2011

  25. I stared at that despicable, disgusting coward. He stood before me, facing me fully, and studied my stature. I studied his as well. “Coward…” I muttered. His face became saddened, his gaze towards the floor. He bit his trembling lip. “Look how pathetic you are, crying. You can’t face him,” I repeated, my lip trembling as well. I couldn’t help it then, I collapsed forward, falling to him, my fingertips gripping the mirror. I sobbed, he sobbed, the illusion was broken. I was alone again in my room, scorning merely myself.

    By hexmarkour URL on 02.10.2011

  26. A TV show that I saw while I was looking for something good was Courage the Cowerdly Dog. It looked like it was a learning show for little kids. I perfer SpongeBob.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.10.2011

  27. I’m such a coward! who knew that a lion form a magic land could be a coward. form the wizard of oz.

    By Anna on 02.10.2011

  28. Someone who is scared to do important things in his life. somethig that you could call fate. SOmeone who is scared of change and the future. A coward is someone who can not own up to his decisions and mistakes. A corwards is someone who always takes the easy way out, because they are scared of the challenges and consequences. A coward is someone who talks a lot of shit but doesn’t say it tho their face.

    By Hana on 02.10.2011

  29. Coward…I have no clue what that means being that i am only 11. I should know but I don’t…I think it’s a swear…cow…ard…I like the word…especaily if its a swear!

    By Baiey on 02.10.2011

  30. Who would have thought I’d have to face this – this soft dagger of doubt. Have I been wrong? Is this me?

    By Jackie on 02.10.2011

  31. that dang lion. Always complaining and moaning and rrrrr rrruffing. I want to hear some ROARS! Feel some braveness and PASSION! No one likes a lion who is a coward. Not no one.

    By Liza Joanne URL on 02.10.2011

  32. they fled into the crowd, as cowards do, suckling upon the teet of anonymity.

    By dominguez URL on 02.10.2011

  33. I felt like such a coward. I could have spoken up. I could have done something, but my hands and feet felt frozen to my side. My tongue stuck in my mouth. I could have helped. I could have stopped it, couldn’t I?

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 02.10.2011

  34. You’re suck a freaking coward, hiding behind your athletic’s-issue sweatshirt. You talk about queers and killing people for their sexuality and you make me sick. You make me want to strangle you with your own dirty jock strap. Insult my gay friends to my face and I’ll make sure you regret it.

    By Hyperbole URL on 02.10.2011

  35. myself. i am coward. i dont tell the truth. i hold back. i lie constantely. like all the time. alllllll the fuckin time. i am goinna die alone. its waht cowards do right. die and alone. be alone. alloneeeeeeee allll the time. all the fuckin time. i curse. im a slut

    By jessica on 02.10.2011

  36. Fearing the way to happiness, he preferred stumbling down dark corridors. No one saw him again. All that remained were a flickering lamp and a pair of skeleton keys.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.10.2011

  37. you wimp i can’t understand why you won’t come down to the basement

    By cady URL on 02.10.2011

  38. He was a coward. Coward for not saying those words he wanted to say. And those feelings, they were slowly killing him from the inside.

    He had to watch that beautiful creature on every day of his life, but he was not able to touch it. He was a coward for fearing he could lose that feeling, when that being watched him from afar, with those big, glassy eyes all watery and shining like small diamonds.

    But he knew. He knew – just like everyone else – that you should never reveal your admiration to a captured siren.
    But he was something different. He was a coward, but on some day he would tell everything to that creature, even though it could take his life.
    It was worth it.

    By piitou URL on 02.10.2011

  39. I’ve never really been brave. Every act of bravery I’ve ever committed has in fact been an act of cowardice. I was too afraid to fail and succeeded.

    By REKoch on 02.10.2011

  40. I’m not a coward, but I do hate life a lot. I don’t know if I really hate life or if it’s just the fact that I’m addicted to heroin and that I am a coward in the sense that I am running away by using heroin… Life is a mess… I don’t know what else to type because that was pretty gnarly as it is to think about… Oh well, life goes on…

    By Nate on 02.10.2011