February 8th, 2011 | 533 Entries

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533 Entries for “fragrance”

  1. Mmm…. lovely, heavenly, delicious smell. I love it, wear it, adore it, have lots and always have room for more…..

    By Elaine on 02.09.2011

  2. I hate it when I smell Old Spice cologne. It smells like you. I fall back, tricking myself that you’ll be right behind me waiting to posess and drive me to insanity again.

    By Rachel Elizabeth URL on 02.09.2011

  3. your body. i smell your sweet perfume and im on fire. i love the way the wind blows and i am swept away by your fragrance. i am addicted to that scent. and i am longing for it now.

    By Dd URL on 02.09.2011

  4. oh no, not fragrance. my roommate uses this word for vaginas and i would prefer not to think about that right now, not when i am floundering downward upside-which way for words, because i have to write a poem. i have to, have to, have to write a poem, and what do i have but chemical perfumes? ouch, eyes. things that make me feel watery and strange, sneezy and nauseous.

    By tree on 02.09.2011

  5. Her sweet fragrance still lingers on my skin. Her taste in my mouth. Memories of our time together last forever as her face disappears from memory. But her scent will always last, always remind me that we were here, and we made the world our bitch.

    By Justin Cargill on 02.09.2011

  6. I love the fragance of your body…It’s difficult to describe, but I can tell you that your smell drives me crazy…I also feel relaxed when I’m with you…I feel like I am at home…Oh the fragance of your body…

    By Latin on 02.09.2011

  7. Everyday in the station a fragrance infiltrated my nostrils, I look around trying to locate the source but I am never able to find it. I am sure that it is a woman.

    By Alexis Miears on 02.09.2011

  8. I found out that truffle oil is simply olive oil with a truffle like fragrance added. The chef indicated we could make our own oils by adding perfumes. I am going to trademark ChanOil.

    By Nickmas URL on 02.09.2011

  9. A fragrance is something that smells amazing .
    But some fragrances smell really bad so you have to be careful of what fragrance your about to smell(:

    -Kaytlynn Wood

    By kaytlynn URL on 02.09.2011

  10. It was a fragrant Arabian night. She wore her veil as usual, looking mysterious. The night sky was twinkling with stars and the air was filled with musk.

    By Reem on 02.09.2011

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