February 9th, 2011 | 598 Entries

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598 Entries for “coward”

  1. a person who lacks courage and responsibility. not just someone who is scared or easily frightened, but a person who is scared to take any risks. someone who does not step outside of their comfort zone, even if it could do them good in the long run. it’s a negative connotation, not just meaning a person who isn’t ‘brave’ or is a pussy.

    By Emily on 02.10.2011

  2. She was a coward for leaving him behind, she knew, but it was every man for himself around here. Did leaving him make her more of a man, she wondered, than he could have ever been? She clutched the sword she had stolen with a tight grip, ignoring the fire that licked at her feet, and never, not once, looked back.

    He got what he deserved, she thought.

    By catastrophic URL on 02.10.2011

  3. Standing in front of the mirror I hate myself. Can’t gather the courage to speak up, to express my opinion, always afraid of rejection, never able to be myself. I’m a coward and I fear that everybody knows.

    By Sydney Blake URL on 02.10.2011

  4. a coward is one that isn’t brave when they are faced with a dangerous situation. it’s one that fears to do something because they’re just too damn scared of all the pain that it might cause them. sometimes the right thing to do requires someone not to be a coward and yet they avoid doing the right thing.

    By julia on 02.10.2011

  5. “I’m a coward!”, he said as he ran into my office. And yes, he did seem afraid and body shuck with fear as the sweat ran down his wrinkled brow.

    By Gantt Carter on 02.10.2011

  6. “I’m a coward!”, he stammered as he ran into my small office. As I looked at him, standing there shaking and with the sweat pouring down his brow, he certainly did seem afraid of something or someone great.

    By Gantt Carter on 02.10.2011

  7. He lives in fear and loathing. A coward they call, he was afraid to pull the trigger. Now two men are dead. two men are dead because he failed to do his duty, is civil duty to protect this town. He was a coward, ever since he could remember, he never stood up for anything and frankly, how he became sheriff is another mystery.

    By Jables on 02.10.2011

  8. You. You are a coward. You hid behind your stupid lies and made me angrier and more hurt than I’ve ever been. You killed me. You told me you loved me. And it was all a lie. I hope you get hurt just as you hurt me. Thanks for nothing you worthless asshole.

    By Sara URL on 02.10.2011

  9. I’m a coward for not talking to my dad, for not attempting to tell him that “I’m sorry” for whatever it would be worth. But I think that he is also a coward for not trying to console his own daughter, to try to be a father to me. I think that he’s more afraid than I am of our dysfunctional relationship and how it will never ever work out.

    By Ramp URL on 02.10.2011

  10. i am a coward. i am afraid to do so much in my life that i would like to do because i am afraid of what other people will think of me because of it. but i also am afraid of what they think of me because i don’t do what i want. it is a cowardly bind that runs in circles and i hate it, but am too cowardly to do anything tangible to break out of the cycle. coward.

    By jharm on 02.10.2011

  11. Hah, that’s a word that actually totally fits to me today! I really want to be a coward and just skip this situation tomorrow, because it’s just freaking me out! I’ve never been so anxious about something and that will make it even worse! But i can’t. I have to go there and do it. Wish me luck!

    By Fredda URL on 02.10.2011

  12. Was it cowardly of me not to get involved? Can the judgments and rules of one generation bind the next? If we allow them to, then we’re not thinking for ourselves. The opposite of coward is courage.

    By ruth URL on 02.10.2011

  13. when ever I saw his face I just felt so disgusted. He was a coward, he hid behind others just to make himself feel safe. While others felt pity for him all I could do was form a searing hatred. Maybe thats wrong of me, but I don’t think that is. People like him are insufferable. Truly.

    By Stephanie Mided on 02.10.2011

  14. Cowards are coraugoues and they dont even know
    cowards are the grass under the snow
    cowards dreams and cowards die
    some cowards laugh and others cry

    By jamicheal griffin on 02.10.2011

  15. cowards hide in the face of danger. cowards watch from the background. cowards run away.

    By Michael URL on 02.10.2011

  16. Shepherds herd sheep. Maybe cowards could herd cows. No, that was a stupid idea. I just had to admit and accept what I was. Colin the coward. Cowardy, cowardy custard. Scared of his own silhouette on dark nights, wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. Who in their right mind would say boo to a ghost anyway? Ugh, none of I even mattered – the point was I had failed. I was afraid, so afraid, and I failed him.

    By fionars URL on 02.10.2011

  17. Cringing in the darkness. The drugs have fully enveloped the poor women. Her heart dies in her chest when she thinks about what she has done. Her own daughter, how could she? This monster, this coward.

    By Jables on 02.10.2011

  18. Face you can not erase from you memory.
    Faces of companies that hide behind lies.
    Far and few they are.

    By Suzy URL on 02.10.2011

  19. To be a coward is to be less than a human. To be a human is to do what is expected of you. Cowardice is a pathetic and horrible affliction. Sadly, many people suffer cowardice because of their lack of appreciation for the depths of emotion in life.

    By Lucas on 02.10.2011

  20. He’s a coward. He’s afraid of the truth, and he’s afraid of love. And I went on being strong for too long, and he didn’t deserve a single bit of it. He’s a coward.

    By briaballerina URL on 02.10.2011

  21. I am not coward. he is the coward person. I just hate coward person.
    I can’t even think of being coward. they never ever be appreciated. I am not going to talk such people. I can’t expect myself with them.

    By Rahul on 02.10.2011

  22. coward i think of a very mean unhappy person with no life

    By jamie:) URL on 02.10.2011

  23. I think the word coward isn’t a good word to use.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 02.10.2011

  24. i am never a coward i am a brave guy that fight i will never back down or give or with back up i come out with a bruised eye.

    By eman URL on 02.10.2011

  25. there a coward over there.He thinks he so strong. But it all talk. He always run away.

    By alejandro URL on 02.10.2011

  26. a coward is somebody with no courage. and is not brave and shy scared of ofther people

    By kaylob URL on 02.10.2011

  27. Instead of him they sent back a folded flag and when I was alone I tore it into a thousand little pieces. Everybody told me again and again what a hero he had been but I wish he’d been a coward. A coward I could watch smile again as he played with our children. A coward who’s body is not a bloody pulp scattered across the Afghan desert.

    By fionars URL on 02.10.2011

  28. Hi, bye. that’s the sign of a coward. Done.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 02.10.2011

  29. dont be coward.. stnad up for what you believe in. pussy, follower, no voice, mommas boy. Be real, be true be YOU.. stnad up tall chin high and chest out. Look coward in the face and punch him! dont be a coward, be a big boy, i know you can do it.

    By Amanda URL on 02.10.2011

  30. This really is a little something I need to do more research into, thanks for the post.

    By Bernhardine URL on 02.10.2011

  31. Me. Sometimes I am disappointed that I can’t stand up to people, when I can’t live life to the fullest. Of course, I also think of the lion, and if he was able to turn his life around, well maybe there’s hope for me too.

    By 10khillman on 02.10.2011

  32. lion, wizard of oz dorothy, brave, fear, not brave, friends, jumps, wicked witch,

    By yoethan on 02.10.2011

  33. i was a coward when i couldn’t say what i felt, when i denied it in the worst of terms — in front of myself. i was a coward all the innumerous times when i kept my mouth shut. but alas. i am a coward even thinking about it.

    By svetla on 02.10.2011

  34. Some people are cowards because they don’t do what there were told. The other thing to use coward is when they just leave.

    By smalls08 URL on 02.10.2011

  35. you call me a coward
    but i say you’re wrong
    leave me to be you temptress
    you keep me at bay
    i need to live
    step far from this mess
    leave me here to die
    just leave me alone

    By Jeremy Flick URL on 02.10.2011

  36. you are a coward for not saying what you mean
    what you want
    what you feel

    say what you mean
    say what you want
    say what you feel

    SAY IT

    By Sarah Peitsch-Tyerman on 02.10.2011

  37. coward is a not to easy word to spell fast.

    By Daniel URL on 02.10.2011


    By ella on 02.10.2011

  39. What sort of person is a coward? What sort of person makes another person a coward? In fact, what is cowardice? Cowardice is simple. It’s reluctance to do something because you’re afraid of the result. Even if the result is good, you’re afraid of it and for that reason, you refuse to take a risk and that makes you a coward. But the world needs cowards.

    By Elizabeth Radcliffe URL on 02.10.2011

  40. what’s up with being coward? i love harry potter. nothing beats slytherin though malfoy is a bit coward. but that’s another issue haha. cowardice is chuck to blair. i love gossip girl too much.

    By Angelica on 02.10.2011