September 5th, 2010 | 105 Entries

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105 Entries for “cousin”

  1. my cousins have been a little more than loving family members over the years, although i hold them close to my heart and will forever look out for them, up until now they have proven to be lying conniving, cheating, thieves who pillage through their own family members belongings to obtain anything worth monetary value

    By V. on 09.05.2010

  2. My cousin was a serial killer, although none of us knew it. I suppose there were signs, antisocial behavior and stuff but it really didn’t seem like he was much different than the rest of us. Of course, considering how strange my family is that might not be saying too much. For example, my mom’s a hooker, my dad’s a street musician, and my grandpa is a compulsive gambler.

    By Mairead McParsis URL on 09.05.2010

  3. My older cousin would always make me blow him.As a male myself,oral sex no longer frightened me because I know it wasn’t as unpleasent or as sinful as people made it out to be.I enjoyed to attention it gave me.

    By Dan on 09.05.2010

  4. My cousin is a wonderfull person. I really like her because she is one of my best friends ever. I love to spent time with her.

    By Ana Valinhas URL on 09.05.2010

  5. Trust is the cousin of deception. And dreams are the identical twin of stupidity.

    By Hyperbole URL on 09.05.2010

  6. is a word that recently became shortened to cuz. Which seems really stupid to me.Don’t call me cuz, brother.

    By nicole URL on 09.05.2010

  7. Cousins can be interesting. Jared’s oldest cousin was the one who’d taught him how to eat Jawbreakers properly. His youngest had taught him to fly fish.

    The middle one had taught him what a hangover was.

    By sagewolf on 09.05.2010

  8. Cousin… what an interesting thing to write about. I can’t even say anything for this, which is sad. I don’t have any cousins. I only have grandparents, parents, one uncle and a sister. Other than that I’m alone.

    By Danielle URL on 09.05.2010

  9. I love my cousin. He’s very a happy guy. I would like to take him to the beach. When we were kids, we looked at a lot of stars together. I wonder how he is nowadays. I haven’t seen my cousin for a long long time. How about you? Do you have cousins?

    By Valerie on 09.05.2010

  10. I didn’t know who she was.
    But her hair shone in hues of oak and warmth;

    Her smile’s familiarity was distant –

    A thousand feet between ours.
    I was then to be told she was my cousin.

    By guoshe URL on 09.05.2010

  11. flesh and
    but so separate
    we lead different
    lives that
    so often
    our realities are
    worlds full of
    different people
    and different
    but the same
    of eternity.

    By hannah on 09.05.2010

  12. The majority of people know their dogs better than they know their cousins, which is not surprising since they live with their dogs and usually do not live with their cousins. This means that we probably love our dogs more than we do our cousins.

    By Vicki on 09.05.2010

  13. My cousin is coming to bum a cigarette like she did about two hours ago. She wants to talk, she wants to listen. More often than not she talks and I listen. I’m not ready to talk right now, even though I want to be ready. There’s a bulwark of bottlenecked emotions that I can’t release. There’s a dual demon of pride and pain holding things back. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to admit inferiority. I don’t want to talk about it.

    By Derek on 09.05.2010

  14. sarah, tyler, camping and swimming, the lake, the rain, swimming in the rain. biking, trails, dog, aunts and uncles sarcastic

    By erin on 09.05.2010

  15. I saw him open the door, and thought I should know who he was based on the initially greeting he received from my parents and my aunt. I guess he is my cousin, but I never met him; just another person I know by association, but never interact with.

    By ben URL on 09.05.2010

  16. “My cousin” she said. “She’s in trouble!”
    It hardly surprised [M], it appeared. He’d known her for several years, and though she was pretty young, one could see from a mile away what kind of trouble people like her would run into.

    By Iker URL on 09.05.2010

  17. somebody related to you your aunts or uncles daughter

    By angel on 09.05.2010

  18. I have nothing to say about cousins.

    It’s family. What a fuzzy word. Almost opaque. Sad, shimmery, comfort?
    Can’t discern what there is to take from it.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.05.2010

  19. only have one. two years older. a foot taller. richer. the favorite. skinnier. but not smarter. thats my job.

    By h on 09.05.2010

  20. My cousin found a lump in her breast. I don’t know why she didn’t notice it until it was very large, or maybe she did notice it and tried to make it go away by ignoring it. My whole family tries to ignore things and hope they’ll go away. Some things do, some don’t. My cousin’s breast went away. But not by itself.

    By Kathy on 09.05.2010

  21. my cousin jen is one of the funniest people i know. she’s smart, a teacher in the bay area, and is always able to make me smile. she’s one of my favorite cousins…and i have a lot of cool cousins!

    By leah on 09.05.2010

  22. i’ve never been close to my cousin, i always felt like we should be yet there is this distance between us since childhood that has always been there and does not seem to shrink at all.

    By Delilah URL on 09.05.2010

  23. OH WOW. My cousin, Samantha. She’s my best friend ever. She is seriously the most amazing person in my life. I don’t know what I would do with out her. Samantha is my other half, my guardian angel, my light in the dark. :)

    By kelly URL on 09.05.2010

  24. His cousin was a an all-around moron. Stupid in everything he did. It made him feel bad that they were related at all, but good that they weren’t THAT related.

    By Ricardo URL on 09.05.2010

  25. i have got many cousins, with whom i’ve grown up whole my childhood. It was fun playing with them and being with them. Now life is not the same, i miss them so much. They are so very caring and lovable.

    By Rachit Mohta on 09.05.2010

  26. I don’t have cousins. I wish I did – familiar faces that contain the lines and features of my own. But I don’t have cousins, or siblings; I barely have a family. Some days, I force myself to be content with that.

    By Brittney on 09.05.2010

  27. The last time I saw her was ten months ago. She had a crew cut–God knows why. She was wearing a loose black t-shirt, olive green cargo pants, and military boots. I remember thinking how much she looked like a poseur then.

    By miatetangco URL on 09.06.2010

  28. i whispered in the ear of my neighbour at a lavish banquet filled with foreign assortments. She smiled and tapped her glass, drawing in the attention of everyone in the room.
    “I would like to toast my delightful cousin for her 15th anniversary on the earth. She has been like a sister to me, and brings comfort in any place that is new or exciting to me. We wish her well.”

    By sarah on 09.06.2010

  29. uncle’s son…

    By yogesh on 09.06.2010

  30. Cousin. That was all anyone ever called him; it’s what he was. He wasn’t related by blood, he was as distant as could be, but everyone knew him. If you ever called on him for help, he would come everytime. I just wish I was able to come when he needed me.

    By Vince on 09.06.2010

  31. No, we don’t need to have the same surname.
    And nope, neither do we have to have the same background.

    True love grows separately without growing apart,
    And thank you for being one I truly love.

    Thanks for everything, <3

    By Wang Yufei URL on 09.06.2010

  32. She had long hair and a lithe, slender body, my cousin. And I knew I shouldn’t look at her that way, but I did, and she saw me looking, and she smiled back at me, and I didn’t know where this was going but I wanted it to go there.

    By rtperson URL on 09.06.2010

  33. He was my cousin. We talked seldom, but he was still family. He was still blood. But, I guess he didn’t see it the same way. Or maybe he thought it had been too long for our blood to count. Either way, it obviously didn’t matter – I’d never understand the betrayal.

    By Vince URL on 09.06.2010

  34. Anna was always my favourite cousin. She was the only one of the thirteen of them who smiled at me whenever she saw me. But that day, as we stood in the crowded room, she stared coldly at me, and for some reason, that hurt more than the death did.

    By slighte URL on 09.06.2010

  35. The city was full of his relatives, both blood related and related by the same mindlessness that characterized his cousin whose name escaped him but whose face, body build and careless dress forever stood in his mind like that clown who used to walk around the all-you-can-eat restaurant, scaring the kids and making little balloon animals that only impressed the adults.

    By gino on 09.06.2010

  36. My cousins are in the military. I’m not sure how to feel about that. So I just never speak to them. Pacifism sucks sometimes.

    By Sam on 09.06.2010

  37. “Miley, you’ve got to see this!,” Ashely cried as she ran toward the river. “Wait up,” Miley tried to keep up with her older cousin but her shorter legs were no match for Miley’s longer, runner’s stride. She arrived at the river’s edge and stopped short in surprise. The nest they had being built all summer, and which had been empty the day before, now contained several small, light blue eggs.

    By Izolda on 09.06.2010

  38. Bellatrix stared at her cousin Sirius as he threw strings of curses at her. She stood and barely flinched at the harshness of the curses. She then hurled multitudes of curses back at him.

    By Ady on 09.06.2010

  39. Daniel Mirello cursed when he saw the thin stripe of light growing wider and wider on the horizon. He thought he’d had more time. Already he could feel his skin tingling beneath the weak beams. He turned his red gaze toward the deer, the leather handle of the knife still sticking out of its side. He wrenched the blade from its flesh and licked it clean. There wasn’t much time left for the ritual.

    By miatetangco URL on 09.06.2010

  40. It can’t truly be a sin…Or can it? I mean were distant enough blood that the bloodline shouldn’t result in any deformities…Please say i’m right! I do love her…or at least the pleasure.

    By Bligh on 09.06.2010