September 4th, 2010 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “raise”

  1. She raised her eyes to the crystal clear sky above. God, it was a beautiful day. Cool, crisp. Fall was right around the corner. She felt that something new was coming. And she wasn’t sure if she was prepared for it.

    By Laura URL on 09.05.2010

  2. Higher than tree tops. Higher even than mountains. He soared ever upwards, playing among the clouds. This was freedom, above the cities and the people. He was utterly free, wings spread as he flew above the world.

    By Sabulana on 09.05.2010

  3. Raise, praise, maze.
    A mazing.
    A mazon.
    A woman.

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.05.2010

  4. The first thing I think of is Josh Groban’s song “You raise me up”. the word raise makes me think of things very inspirational – like the song. It also makes me think of church and God for some reason. It’s a powerful word

    By Lindsay URL on 09.05.2010

  5. Rabbit heart we Raise it up.
    We break down the barriers.
    They know we’re coming.
    They know we’re ready.
    Is it the fight they want?
    Or is it the victory?
    We know what we want
    and that’s their souls.

    By DannyJay URL on 09.05.2010

  6. I’m trying to raise myself. To bring myself up the the occasion. To expectations or maybe just an attempt at meaning something. But everyone knows everything means nothing. Right?

    By Tom Fall URL on 09.05.2010

  7. “Let’s raise the roof! Let’s raise the roof!” was the chant heard as the steady rhythm of rave music pealed through the PA system in the hallways of the mental institution. The orderlies were locked in the quiet room and the patients had full access. “Let’s raise the roof,” chanted Edgar amid the confusion. He had found a crowbar, while Sophia joined him with a box of dry spaghetti as they both headed for the elevator. Very little time before the orderlies got free, but they were certain their plan would work this time…

    By richpee on 09.05.2010

  8. People are always trying to raise themselves onto higher pedestals. We’re all born with pride. Pride always has her way of pulling out the red carpet from under our feet. Pride and summertime come before fall.

    By Yellow Submarine on 09.05.2010

  9. You raise me upppp. so I can stand on mountains, you raise me up, to walk on stormy seas, I am strong when I am on your shoulder… I can always only think of song lyrics…
    Josh Groban, wooh!

    By KJ on 09.05.2010

  10. take your feet out from under so you’re trippin up on that skirt. I put you deep beneath 6 feet of compact dirt.

    By rAH!n URL on 09.05.2010

  11. He looked at me with that same gaze I’d known for 30 years. I knew at that moment what he intended to do as he raised the glass to his lips. I was powerless, and it was over.

    By Ben Brewer on 09.05.2010

  12. I won’t get a raise
    Unless I get my masters
    Classes I can’t afford
    Time I might have
    Stress I’m not sure I can handle
    Where do I go from here

    By Amiee on 09.05.2010

  13. Raise your voice, if you feel the need. I’m not going to stop you. I know what you’re going to say, what you’re going to do, because I know you. You’re petty and immature and naive and I … I don’t know what I want from you anymore. You were my friend, right?

    By Jenny URL on 09.05.2010

  14. We raised up our arms, splayed fingers a jubilant greeting to a waking sun. No one smiled, no one laughed; we simply stood in the early sunshine, still cold, ignoring all else but the joy in something so pure.

    By Coral URL on 09.05.2010

  15. I can’t see anything. My world is blacking out. The darkness creeps into the corners of my vision, uninvited. I need just a little more time, oh my goodness, just a little more time. I need to raise my head and keep running. I need to keep going, never give up. Never.

    By JellyBean URL on 09.05.2010

  16. A child isnt something you just have, and then watch become another person making up the billions in the world. They are something you have to grow, nutrure, and raise to become everything they can be. It’s your job to make them a better person.

    By NellySupranim on 09.05.2010

  17. Raise up, finally. Ich bin upgeraister als ich es je für möglich gehalten hätte. Es ist nicht nur so, dass ich die Erwartungen anderer erfüllen könnte (in gewisser Hinsicht zumindest), sondern was “die anderen” erwarten ist mir sogar weitgehend egal.

    By Lisa URL on 09.05.2010

  18. it was september and high time to raise the timeworn question. Candy knocked back her shot and slammed the empty glass down on the bar, lined it up with the other four. she sucked down the last of her Budweiser and pushed a wad of cash toward the bartender. he winked. she sneered and swaggered out of the honkytonk. she drove a winding path home and blasted through the front door. ‘Hey Honey’ she hollered up the stairs. ‘Thanksgiving at my parents’ or yours this year?’

    By Miss Alister URL on 09.05.2010

  19. child parent sun education salary boss begging horns hair light dark employees

    By SimiSweet on 09.05.2010