December 1st, 2012 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “cook”

  1. “But there’s no food waiting.”
    “That’s alright. We’ll just cook dinner.”
    “Cook dinner? What’s that mean?”
    “Well, dinner is food, and cook is how you make it.”
    “You can make food?”
    “Of course. Your mum cooks you dinner all the time, right?”
    “Uhmm … She calls for takeout a lot. Is that cooking?”

    By terradi URL on 12.01.2012

  2. She said she had nothing to cook, but there was the cat, of course.

    By lusmerlin on 12.01.2012

  3. Cook. Cool.

    By Pedro on 12.01.2012

  4. I have been staring at the word ‘cook’ until half of my time is already up. I don’t know what to say about the word. My mind is scrambled and I am definitely not feeling poetic or existential or intelligent. Cook is staring at me in large, black letters and I am left feeling useless. Nothing to say.

    By Tarryn URL on 12.01.2012

  5. I love to cook. It releases all tension from my day. I especially love to bake. The needed precision with ingredients and steps you must follow clears my mind relaxes me, centers me, and forces me to re-focus on everything around me. Then the reward. My favorite activity; Eating.

    By Anna URL on 12.01.2012

  6. I love to cook. And more than that i love to eat . Cooking is an art which catches all 5 sences of human body

    By Swapnaja on 12.01.2012

  7. It doesn’t help, knowing that she died in a fire. Some sort of cooking accident, her fiancé tells me as we stand around outside in the flickering semi-darkness. I know he tries to ignore the crackling sounds of the bonfire as best as he can.
    We all do.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.01.2012

  8. I hate cooking . its take time and i feel i lost all the knowledge i could gain in that time. But unlike me my mom loves to cook. He feel feeding us is the most important thing in her life.

    By Neethu on 12.01.2012

  9. cooking the red fish is making my mouth water. the pieces are cut – small one inch cubes just the way he likes it. they are seasoned with just salt and chilli powder too each in equal proportions. now they are sizzling on the hot stove and

    By lunaised on 12.01.2012

  10. “I can’t read this,” the cook yelled.
    “it’s spelled out perfectly, how can you not read it?” he

    By anthony URL on 12.01.2012

  11. I actually like cooking. I believe cooking is a necessary skill that everyone should have.It can be fun, save money, and be healthier.

    By Roger URL on 12.01.2012

  12. cooking is something that everyone has an aptitude for. As you cook throughout your life you learn to perfect your craft and gear it toward your taste buds. It’s not something that you really have as a talent, you learn it and it is a form of expression that varies person to person.

    By Dillon Gross on 12.01.2012

  13. my mom makes the money in our
    my dad stays at home and cleans
    and does the dishes
    and does the grocery shopping
    but my mom still cooks dinner

    By Emma on 12.01.2012

  14. In the kitchen, its where the minute matter. And today they mattered. The sweat made his shirt stick to his chest and it was only 9:35am, “todays gonna be rough.”

    By lucas on 12.01.2012

  15. Alaine was tasked to cook a meal for the Baron himself. She didn’t know what to do. Cooking wasn’t exactly her specialty. She took a couple of vegetables from the freezer and some meat too and dumped them all in the pot already filled with boiling water.

    By Steffi URL on 12.01.2012

  16. How can I get this order out? It was hard work this new job, and the boss… Well the boss was another issue. He stood over the grill and felt the stubble on his cheeks.

    By lucas101 on 12.01.2012

  17. boiling upon the stove
    the bubbles of another day gone by;
    and i,
    beside myself with rage,
    must restrain myself.
    the water boils over.
    there you have it:
    my fictitious calling —
    overnight ramblings in may.

    By Barebriar URL on 12.01.2012

  18. and it was me trying to cook a carrot.. how the fuck you cook a carrot, so i decide to cut it in little pieces and

    By Andy on 12.01.2012

  19. i like to cook breakfast, especially pancakes. Cooking is fun especially when cooking sweet stuff like cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. I love to cook. I’m pretty good at cooking I guess..

    By candice on 12.01.2012

  20. 1929. The time of her life.
    For some people, it is not looking good but for others, the only way to get through is to cook. It’s the thing she loved the most.

    By Yana C. URL on 12.01.2012

  21. Cooking is fun. I like to cook. Cooks can create beautiful dishes when they are at work. Cooking is also a great way to relieve stress. I enjoy well cooked food. Food is tasty when it is cooked right and horrible when cooked wrong. People who can cook well are known as chefs. Some are better than others. I enjoy chinese cooking. I wish that I could cook like Chinese people. I also want to learn to cook Japanese food. Cooking is something that makes me very happy. I wish I was better at dishes so that I could cook more. Cooking is something that keeps us healthy. Cook.

    By Shinu on 12.01.2012

  22. i like to cook food. food tastes good in my mouth, the tastebuds taste it and its good or bad
    i like it when its good sour and sweet
    why arent i using correct punctioandiofs
    sdnsd\dnow im vbeos
    ahhhh 5um

    By Andrea on 12.01.2012

  23. i like to cook it is my life. I am a good cook and I have made it my livelihood. all i do all day is cook cook cook and learn about cooking sometimes i learn about other things like wine and how to make money from cooking food and other things. I love to cook and I will be the best one day. the end. yum yum yum lets cook some lamb stew because i t

    By bobbie on 12.01.2012

  24. c.o.o.k could be the characters that feed a person alive, an island somewhere in this planet, or something great that is unknown.

    By Valen URL on 12.01.2012

  25. I don’t particularly like cooking. I feel like it has been prejudiced on women anyway, if I am girl and I don’t like to cook, that’s okay. If you are a boy and you like to cook, that’s okay too.

    By Kiley Chapman URL on 12.01.2012

  26. I can’t really cook at all. I try sometimes, and sometimes I wonder if Nick wishes I could cook more. I think I enjoy him cooking for me because it’s like he’s taking care of me. A lot of the time I feel like I do way more for him than he does for me- but cooking, that’s something he usually does for me. I like being taken care of like that.

    By Emily Deane URL on 12.01.2012

  27. I told him he couldn’t cook and he looked at me with a vicious stare.
    “I can make scrambled eggs.”
    “Yes,” I said to him, peering down at the poorly animated yellow matter on my plate. “But I asked for them to be sunny-side up.”
    He scoffed and turned abruptly to his still-sizzliing frying pan.
    “Third times a charm,” He sighed.
    It was a wonder how he managed to make three beautiful children, but he had yet to master the art of breakfast.

    By Mollie URL on 12.01.2012

  28. i love to cook! i feel so grateful to have the opportunity to go to culinary school to do just that! I want to learn everything there is to know about food. where food comes from, how it grows, what goes well with each ingredient, everything!!!

    By stephanie on 12.01.2012

  29. I wanted to be a cook for awhile, but now I’m lost and not sure what to be. I love cooks though, especially fat one. Um, my bestfriend wants to be a cook/baker thats fun. I still cook at home sometimes.

    By Jessica URL on 12.01.2012

  30. I enjoy cooking, I wanted to be a cook for a while. Then, I decided it wasn’t where my heart and soul are. I still don’t know. I also wanted to be a baker, like my bestfriend. I took some cooking classes. The end.

    By Jessica URL on 12.01.2012

  31. Mam was a good cook, it had to be said. Heavy, stick-to-your-ribs dishes in the winter, light and free things in the summer.

    Marion scraped another pan of something she burned.

    Well, at least she could sew.

    And dance.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.01.2012

  32. My father owns a restaurant in independence iowa where I work as a cook. Cooking is fairly easy for a job requirement of a high school degree. Simply just through chicken into the fryer and you have a chicken sandwich. cooking also calls for communication with servers. without it you won’t produce the right product to satisfy your customer.

    By Trent on 12.01.2012

  33. in the kitchen i can focus on just one thing, the end product. the day’s worries fade away and the focus becomes the palate. the energy transforms from chaos to beauty and tantalizing flavors. there is something sexual and empowering about being in control like that.

    By Lj URL on 12.01.2012

  34. She just wanted to cook him a nice dinner. It would be a nice surprise. It would be a nice reminder to herself that she could something, anything, correctly. But now the fire alarm was going off, makeup was streaked down her face with tears, and there was a knocking at the door; she collapsed into the fetal position on the kitchen floor.

    By April URL on 12.01.2012

  35. The smell of my mother’s cooking would drift around the house and make my mouth water: chicken curry, dahl, rice…mmmmm….
    Sometimes, it made me wish I could cook.

    By Clairako URL on 12.01.2012

  36. There are so many ingredients in this present time; we smell and shuffle around and taste and stir. We spend eternity, past death and the cooking of our recipe, swallowing mouthfuls of the flavours and spices we chose.

    By Saudade URL on 12.01.2012

  37. why do i just do this all the time.
    when meeting some guy.
    cook up some plan for us
    jane austen had it right when she talked about a lady’s imagination but
    seriously this is annoying
    at best

    By Liz URL on 12.01.2012

  38. A way of showing your mood, a way of expressions. An explosion of flavors, colors, feelings and smells. Someone ^.^

    By Milena on 12.01.2012

  39. There once was a cook. He loved making food more than anything. He loved carbs, and pasta, and broccoli, and love. And he just wanted to make the world a better place with food. And oregano. But he loved the world and wanted to show it

    By lanie on 12.01.2012

  40. cook good food cook all food cook for yourself or for others cook for a crowd cook to save lives cook to save a realationship cook when sad cook when happy cook when boerd cook when hungry cook everyti

    By michaela on 12.01.2012